Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-31)

Everyone comes outside the venue.Urmilla cries.Kokila and hetal says that we are taking your daughter as our daughter.Urmilla hugs rashi and gopi and they cries a lot.Urmilla says them to call her twice in a day.Gopi and rashi agrees.Kokila gets emotional.Jeetu hugs them too.Ahem and jigar relaxes gopi and rashi.They goes to sit in car.Kabira song plays….Gopi and rashi bids adieu to urmilla.Urmilla sit an cries on floor.Jeetu cries too.

Ahem jigar gopi rashi reaches modi house.Kokila does their gravapravesh.Gopi and rashi kicks the rice bowl and puts their feet on kumkum thali.They all enters.

They have a ritual of taking out ring from the milk water full of rose petals.Gopi tries to find the ring but ahem catches her hand.Gopi shys and she gets the ring.Gopi smiles.Ahem smiles too.Kokila says then gopi will rule on ahem’s life.They all laughs.Rashi and jigar does the same ritual and rashi finds out the ring.They all does fun.

Kinjal gets up rashi and gopi and says today is your suhagraat.Rashi and gopi shys.Kinjal puts them to their respective rooms.Gopi sits in bed quitely.Rashi sees her room and sits on bed.

Ahem and jigar comes to their respective rooms.Gopi smiles looking at ahem.Ahem says i love you gopi.Gopi says i love you too.Ahem removes gopi’s jewelleries and they consummate their marriage.Rashi and jigar silently have a romance and jigar and rashi confesses their love towards each other and consummates their marriage.

2 years later…

Gopi and rashi does Aarti and sings Hey gopal krishna….Gopi is shown as pregnant.Gopi gives prasad to all.Kokila and hetal says we had got two worthless diamonds in disguise of gopi and rashi.Baa blesses them.Gopi and rashi hug each other.Ahem says gopi that they will never seperated…ahem’s words echoes…Jigar holds rashi and says we all will never get seperated.Saath nibhana saathiya song plays… kinjal takes a groupie of the whole family.

Precap-Leap happens…Gopi is shown as a CEO of modi industries….A girl comes and says mom i got 1st prize in debate.Gopi hugs her and asks what was the title darling…She says “Mere Papa”…gopi gets emotional hearing that and looks at ahem’s photo….

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    ring ceremony was nice.SR was romantic.Ahem Jigar tell gopi rashi that they will never b separated.butreading d precap i doubt if Gohem RaJi got separated.waiting

    1. I will update my ff season 2 before 6 pm tonight

      1. I forgot to mention its the last ep.

  2. Precap was so nyc I was excited and can’t wait for it update it as soon as possible

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    Leap is not expected but that’s fine, good one

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