Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-27)


Doc checks kinjal and says the sister to get blood bank from somewhere.Sister nervously says doc. unfortunately our blood bank is empty.Doc shocks and says we have to save her.

Kokila is in a devastated state.Gopi is holding kokila’s hands and praying to god.Doc comes outside and says patient has a major blood loss and our blood bank is empty.Kokila ask about kinjal’s blood group.Doc says AB positive.Kokila says my blood group is O positive.Doc says then you are an universal donor.Hetal pats kokila with hope.Doc asks her to come.Kokila goes and donates blood.

After some hours….Kinjal gets consious and thinks i am not dead….why…she cries silently.Doc informs that kinjal is allright now.Kokila rushes towards kinjal and hugs her.Kinjal stares at kokila.Kokila says i was so much worried do you know that.Kinjal breaks the hug and silently says her to stop this drama.Kokila get teary eyes and leaves.Doc says you are very lucky your mother had donated blood and saves your life.Kinjal shocks hearing that and turns into a stone.

Kokila comes from kinjal’s office and rushes towards pooja corner in hospital.Kokila sits and cries.Gopi calms her.Gopi says one day she will accept you as a mother.Kokila hugs gopi and cries.Kokila breaks the hug.Gopi takes kokila to emergency ward.Ahem asks if she is ok.Kokila says i am ok.Doc says tomorrow kinjal will get discharge.Kokila smiles.

Its Morning….They takes kinjal to modi mansion.Kinjal comes to her room and stuns seeing her clean room.Kokila says i had told meethi to clean it.Kinjal politely ask kokila to come in her room.Kokila goes inside.Other family members watch the seen outside the room.Kinjal says did you save my life??? Kokila says what are you saying kinjal.Kinjal says yes or no.Kokila says i had saved your life because you are my daughter.Kokila says i dont know kinjal whats your thought about me but i can say that between mother’s relation there is no step or biological mother.Every mother has a care for her child and if she doesnt care she is not mother.Kinjal listens to kokila.Apne toh apne hote hai song plays…….Kinjal touches kokila’s feet and ask her forgiveness.Kokila says what is she doing and gets her up.Kokila hugs kinjal.Kinjal bursts into tears and hugs her emotionally.Ahem jigar hetal gopi cries seeing this.Kokila says do you understood what i said.Kinjal says yes now i understood the meaning of your divine words.Kinjal slaps herself and says i had always been wrong thats why i had faced problems…pls. forgive me maa.Kokila cries maa.Kinjal says shall i call you maa.Kokila hugs her.Song ends.

After 2 days……

Hetal,Kokila and kinjal is shown doing pooja and sings Aarti kunj bihari ki song plays…..Ahem comes and greets kinjal.Kinjal greets him too.Kokila says ahem did you invited all guests.Ahem says yes mom i had called many guests and specially my friends and close business partners.Ahem says gopi had also called her friend and friend’s husband.Kokila says good.Kinjal says today is the sangeet we will all enjoy it.Kokila holds kinjal hand and says we all will dance today.Kokila starts dancing with kinjal.Ahem,jigar and hetal laughs and scene freezes.

Precap-Sangeet ceremony is started.Gopi introduces her friend Ishita and her husband Raman kumar bhalla(Yhm)….Ahem introduces Sanskar his friend and his wife Swara(Swaragini)…and his close business partner Ranveer and Yuvraj and their wives Ishaani and Suhani(Matsh and Ssel)…and Rashi introduces her friend Akshara and her husband Naitik(Yrrkh)…..

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    kokila donates blood n saves kinjal.knowing that kinjal melted.loved kokila saying that in mother relation there is nothing like step or biological.hats off 2 u 4 that sentence.kinjal apologized 2 kokilan their mother daughter scene was sangeet.cant wait 4 d sangeet epi.lots of famous tv pairs r coming 4 sangeet.plz upload it soon

  2. it is really nice , actually this is the first time I am commenting in ur ff . please check out my ff lovely sathiya , which is an ff after the leap of 8 years , I have updated only intro and first epi

    1. Thank you for commenting

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