Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-26)


The episode starts with kokila slapping kinjal and kinjal falls ground.Hetal shouts what are you doing.Gopi says why did you do this maaji.Kokila turns at gopi and says her that i slapped her because she had throwed your engagement ring.Gopi says what.Ahem says what are you saying mom.Kokila says i am saying the truth.Kinjal gets up and cries why did you slapped me mom.Kokila says her to stop her rubbish.Kokila informs family members that gopi is wearing my ring and informs everything to the family members.Gopi gets shocked.Kokila grabs kinjal and orders her to tell the truth.Kinjal hesitantly says the truth.Gopi says kinjal.Kinjal shouts shut up!! I hate you.Gopi shocks.Kinjal starts throwing cushions and breaks a vase.Kokila stops her not to break things.Kinjal says i hate you and i will not listen your hell words.Kinjal rushes towards her room.Kokila goes to her room and locks it from outside.Kinjal shouts to open the door else she will destroy everything.Kokila says whatever you want you do.Kinjal reminsces kokila slapping her….gopi holding her stands…ahem grabs kinjal and bring her room.She shouts why my plan always fails.She screams i will…i will break everything….everything!! Kinjal throws stuffs and breaks lamp…flower vases…mirror.She berserks her book shelf.Kokila starts getting worried.All family members rushes towards kinjal’s room.Kinjal throws mattresses and bedsheet….she opens her wardrobe and starts throwing clothes.She tears the curtains.Kinjal has gone mad she continues breaking things.She breaks a photo frame.Kinjal shouts i dont want to live…i dont.She opens a drawer and takes a paper cutter.Kokila shouts ahem we have to break this door.Kinjal comes and slits her wrists and starts bleeding.She falls unconsious on ground.Ahem and jigar breaks the door and sees kinjal on ground.They all shocked and shouts kinjal.Kokila cries call ambulance.

In hospital….Kinjal is shown in a strecher.Doc says we have to shift her in emergency ward as soon as possible.All get shocked.Gopi informs urmilla about kinjal attempt to suicide.Kokila screams it all happened because me.Ahem cries dont like this mom.Gopi comforts ahem and kokila

Precap-Doc. says kinjal has a major blood loss and our blood bank is empty now.Kokila ask about kinjal’s blood group.Doc. says its AB positive.Kokila says my blood group is O positive.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Very soon kinjal tantrums will end…..and there will be a sangeet ceremony…..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    kinjal is she tried 2 commit suicide.oh kokila is so guilty.sad 4 them

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