Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-25)


Engagement party is over.After all guest goes kokila starts discussion with family members how did the ring get lost.Hetal says if someone steals it then.Meethi brings juice for family members.Meethi says kokila that she saw kinjal in her room.Kokila confuses hearing it.Hetal says kokila if kinjal did anything….kokila goes to kinjal’s room.

Kokila asks kinjal if you no anything about ring incident.Kinjal puzzles and says no…i dont no.Kokila suspects kinjal’s attitude.Kokila says kinjal to sleep and goes from there.Kinjal starts getting nervous.

Gopi and rashi sees the ring and reminsces ahem and jigar.Gopi recalls how ahem proposes her.Rashi reminsces about jigar saving her life.They recalls their first meet.Ahem and jigar reminsces too.

At morning, Kokila is shown sitting in a chair near the same lake where kinjal throwed the ring.Kokila recalls meethi’s words.She wakes up and goes near lake.Kokila says how the ring is vanished.Kokila sees a dog coming towards her tries the move but slips and falls in lake.Special effects are shown.People starts shouting.Kokila shouts for help.Ahem and gopi is in car going to office.Gopi sees a lady had fall on water.Gopi stops car.Ahem asks what happened.Gopi says that a lady had fall in the lake.Ahem and gopi comes near lake and gets shocked seeing kokila is that lady.Gopi shouts maaji.Ahem shouts mom.Ahem jumps in the river and takes out kokila from there.Gopi takes care of kokila and they all reach modi house.

Gopi and ahem brings kokila home.Hetal and baa shouts kokila…what happened to you.Gopi informs all.Hetal shocks and says are you ok.Kokila rises her hand and says i am ok motabhabi.Kokila gets shocked seeing the ring in her hand.Kokila opens her eyes and watches the ring clearly.Kokila shouts where is kinjal.Kinjal comes and shows her fake concern towards kokila.Ahem and gopi sees kinjal’s fake behaviour.Kinjal says if something happens to you…i will die and thinks why didn’t she died.Kokila comes towards kinjal.Kinjal tries to hug her fake but kokila pushes her.Kinjal gets shocked.Kokila gives a tied slap to kinjal.Kinjal falls on ground.All gets shocked and scene freezes on kokila.

Precap-Kinjal cries why did you slapped me mom.Kokila says to stop her rubbish and how she dare to throw the engagement ring of gopi.Gopi shocks hearing that.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Gud that kokila got saved by ahem.she got d real ring like that n came 2 know of kinjal’s true colour.Kinjal wanted her 2 cruel.Kokila slapped kinjal.she deserved more.
    i’ve commented on pt24 too.plz check

    1. Thanks for commenting..

    1. Thanks for commenting

  2. Sarayu(honey)


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