Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-24)

Its morning…..

Gopi wakes up and thinks today is their engagement day.She goes to washroom.Rashi wakes up too and thinks today their engagement.Rashi smiles.Gopi comes from washroom and says rashi that very soon i will be your jethani and you will be my devrani.Rashi says gopi of course.Gopi says then its an order of her jethani that she has to clean the room.Rashi says gopi.Gopi laughs.Rashi says i will not spare you.They have a pillow fight.

Kokila goes to jewellery shop and mall and buys an expensive diamond ring and shagun for Gopi and rashi.Kokila comes home and shows the shagun and engagement ring to hetal.Hetal says your choice is so pretty.Kokila thanks her.Kokila shows it to baa.Kinjal sees their conversation behind the wall and starts plotting.

Kinjal goes to market and sees same looking ring but its fake.She ask the shopkeeper about the price.Shopkeeper says says mam its only of Rs.200.Kinjal buys it.She goes to a lake and takes out the original ring from her purse.She reminsces how she steal the ring.

FB is shown.After hearing their conversation, kinjal goes upstairs.She sees kokila keeping the ring in her wardrobe.After kokila goes…kinjal opens the wardrobe and steals the ring.FB is ends.Kinjal sees the ring and gets angry.She throws it in the lake.She smirks and goes from there.Kinjal comes to kokila’s room and keeps the fake ring.Kinjal turns and gets shocked seeing meethi.Meethi says kinjal ben do you want something.Kinjal says yes and orders her to bring cold drink in her room.

At Evening…..

Gopi and rashi is shown getting ready.Gopi is shown in a light pink lehanga wearing diamond jewellery set and having step curly hair.Rashi is shown in a gold lehanga wearing gold jewellery set and long straightened open hair.Urmilla says”tumlogo ko kisi ki nazar na lage”.They both hug urmilla.

Modi house

Parag and chirag are welcoming guests.Ahem and Jigar comes both shown in Sherwani.Kokila says they are looking handsome.Both shys and smiles.Gopi and Rashi arrives in Modi house.Ahem and jigar stares Gopi and rashi.Kokila welcomes them.

After sometime kokila goes to bring the ring.Kokila opens the wardrobe and takes out the ring.Kokila gets shocked seeing a fake ring.Kokila thinks how did these happened.Kinjal smirks thinking about the ring.Kokila comes downstairs and her removes her diamond ring and puts in the ring thali.Hetal gets shock seeing kokila putting her own ring.Hetal tries to explain but kokila stops her.Hetal stops.Kokila says to start engagement ceremony gopi wores ahem the ring and ahem wores ring to gopi.Everyone claps.Jigar wores ring to rashi and rashi wores jigar the ring.Everyone claps again.Kokila says congrats now you two couples are fiance and some after some days you will be husband and wife too.All four smiles.Kinjal gets angry and thinks how is this possible.She goes to her room.Ahem hugs gopi and jigar hugs rashi and scene freezes.

Precap-Meethi says kokila that she saw kinjal in her room.Kokila confuses hearing it.Kokila goes to kinjal and ask her about the ring exchange.Kinjal says do not know anything.Kokila suspects kinjal.

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