Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-23)


Jigar jumps in the well.All get shocked seeing him jumping.Gopi prays to kanha ji for some help.A village man comes with ladder.Ahem sees the ladder and stuns he thinks it will be helpful.Ahem throws the ladder in well and ask jigar to climb.Jigar sees rashi unconsious and carries her in his back and climbs slowly.Jigar gets success and he gets out of the well alongwith rashi.Gopi thanks kanha ji.Urmilla and other comes near rashi and jigar.Jigar sees rashi fainted and tries to wake her up.Jigar calls rashi….rashi but do not respond.Gopi says we have push rashi ben’s stomach so the water can come out.Jigar pushes rashi stomach and water gets out and rashi too get sense back.She hugs jigar and thanks him for saving her life.Jigar says not to say thanks or sorry.And saves he loves her and can give his life for her.Rashi shocks as jigar confesses his love.Gopi and ahem smiles.Jigar says yes rashi i love you.Sanam re plays…..Rashi says i love you too and they have an eyelock.Urmilla cries emotionally and smiles.Kokila and hetal smiles and says i was thinking about this proposal but you two confesses so i will surely fix your marriage.Kokila says that means my two sons will get married and i will get two daughters.She laughs.Gopi says i am very happy rashi ben today.Ahem says me too.Rashi and jigar hug each other.Villagers also get happy seeing the seen.

After 1 day

Modi mansion

Pandit ji comes.Modis and shahs welcomes them.Pandit ji says tomorrow 16th may is a auspious day for engagement.They all smiles.Kokila ask and pandit ji wedding for both couples.Pandit ji says there is are two mohurat one is at 28th may and another is at 30th december.Hetal says then the first date should be confirmed.Kokila says i have no problem motabhabi.Ahem,jigar,gopi and rashi smiles.They have sweets and snacks.

Kinjal hears the conversation and decides that i will not allow gopi to be the daughter in law of these house.Kinjal says i have to plan an idea.She comes towards kokila and says congrats.She acts as she is very happy.All sees kinjal’s behaviour.Gopi says thanks kinjal and hugs her.Kinjal irks but acts as she is smilling.Rashi says kinjal’s behaviour is weird.Kinjal says i am so happy mom.Kokila ask did you say me mom kinjal.Kinjal says says my darling mom.Kokila gets emotional and hugs her.Kinjal thinks its just a trailer picture has not started yet.Jigar says lets take a groupie.They all take groupie.Kinjal smirks.

Precap-Kokila says this is the ring for my daughter in law and shows to hetal.Hetal says very nice and kinjal sees all.Kinjal goes to kokila’s room.She opens the wardrobe and steals the ring.She puts a fake ring and throws the fake ring in a lake.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Not a fake ring but the original ring she throws….sorry for the mistake….

  2. jasmine Rahul

    jigar saved rashi n confessed his luv 2 her.then eye lock with sanam re romantic.gohem n raji 2 get married soon.will kinjal separate Gohem?

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    Good one, raji scenes are so nice

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