Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-22)


Ahem cuts the call and goes towards door but sees gopi standing.Ahem says gopi.Gopi says sir you are talking about rashi ben right.Gopi says sir what happened…is she ok.Ahem gets nervous.Gopi says what happened why are you not saying anything…say pls.Ahem says gopi.Gopi grabs ahem and says what…what happened to rashi ben.Ahem says rashi has fall on a well.Gopi shocks.Gopi screams no…it cant happen and starts crying.Ahem calms her takes her alongwith him.

Jigar shouts rashi…rashi.Rashi cries jigar ji me…pls.Jigar says i will not let you happen anything and says ahem bhai and gopi bhabhi is coming.Rashi says pls. do something.Jigar phone rings.He receives it.Kokila says jigar were are you.Jigar informs kokila everything.Kokila gets shocked and scolds jigar for all this.Kokila calls hetal and says everything.Hetal shocks.Hetal says to call urmilla “bechari first gopi and and now rashi”.Kokila cries no how i will say her…she will be devastated.But kokila calls urmilla.Urmilla’s phone rings and says “namaste kokila vevan”.Kokila informs her that rashi had fall in a well.Urmilla shocks and cries no.Kokila says you get ready we are going there.Urmilla says okay and cries.Jeetu hears all and they goes.

Ahem and Gopi comes.Gopi shouts at jigar and asks where is rashi.Jigar points towards well.Gopi goes near the well and shouts rashi ben…are you okay.Rashi says its gopi…gopi she shouts.Gopi calms by rashi’s voice.Gopi and ahem says rashi that we came here to save you…dont worry.Rashi shouts do fast.Kokila,hetal,parag,urmilla and jeetu reaches.Ahem says jigar to bring a thick and long rope so that they can save her.

Jigar says its in your car.Ahem says yah!! Urmilla and hetal shouts rashi…kokila says ahem shall they call police.Ahem says no mom police will 1-2 come here.Gopi shouts were is the rope.Jigar brings rope.Ahem and Jigar throws a rope to rashi and asks to hold it.Rashi holds it but sees the water level is increasing.Rashi shouts no…water level is increasing.All gets shocked.Rashi somehow holds it but the rope starts getting wet.Rashi climbs half of the rope.ahem and jigar pushes the rope.Rashi says now i will be allright.But rashi’s foot slips.Her hand looses and she falls on water and screams.Jigar shouts.Gopi and all screams.Rashi falls on water and level of water increases.Rashi starts getting unconsious.Gopi cries.Ahem says no.Ahem scolds jigar for being irresponsible and yells at him.Gopi says the same.Jigar shouts stop it.He goes towards well and jumps.Ahem shouts jigar.Gopi shouts too.Kokila and Hetal screams.Scene freezes on ahem and gopi’s faces seeing the well.

Precap-A villager brings ladder.Ahem says jigar to climb up.Jigar puts fainted rashi in his back and climbs.

Credit to: Rianaa

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