Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-21)


After 2 days

Ahem and Gopi comes India.Ahem drops gopi to her home.Gopi says goodbye to ahem.She blushes and goes home.Urmilla hugs her and says now will get married soon.Gopi says mom…she gets shy and goes room.Jeetu laughs seeing her.

Ahem comes to modi mansion.Kokila hugs her says congrats you are getting married soon.Ahem shys and says i am going to get fresh.He goes to his room and thinks about their hong kong memories.Gopi reminsces the same.

Rashi comes from washroom and hugs gopi.Gopi says how are you rashi ben.Rashi says leave me…now i am thinking about you.Rashi says well gopi…tera toh shaadi seh pehle honeymoon hogaya…Gopi says rashi ben.Rashi laughs.Rashi says gopi you get fresh i am going for clicking pics. in a small village.Gopi says you are going alone.Rashi says no no i am going with jigar.Gopi teases her by naming jigar.Rashi says you go and get fresh and flees from there.Gopi laughs.

Jigar takes rashi via car.Rashi and jigar arrives.Rashi sees the sceneries and starts clicking pics.Jigar and rashi does a lot of fun there.Rashi clicking pics of jigar by keeping a background of mud houses.Some people discusses about a well there.A lady says you know what…someone fall in that well and cannot survive long.She gossips with those people.Jigar hears their conversation and worries.Rashi clicks pics. of old trees,mud houses,mandir and that well also.Jigar says not to go backwards as there is a well but rashi didnt hear his words and continues clicking.Suddenly rashi slips by muddy water and shouts.Jigar screams rashi.Rashi falls on well.Jigar shouts no…rashi.

Jigar madly shouts for help.Villagers get shocked and screams how dod she fall.Jigar says she slipped by mud.Some woman oh no its question how long she will survive.Rashi shouts jigar ji….jigar ji pls. save me.Jigar shouts dont worry you will be alright.Jigar calls ahem.Ahem receives and gets shocked.Jigar says you pls.come fast.Ahem says i am leaving now.Scene freezes on jigar’s face.

Precap-Ahem says gopi…Gopi grabs ahem and says what???? what happened to rashi ben.Ahem says rashi falls on awell.Gopi gets shocked

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    RaJi village scene was so nice.but unexpectedly Rashi fell in d well.hope jigar saves her

  2. jasmine Rahul

    plz have a look at my ss ye dooriyaan

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