Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-20)


Gopi and ahem is in a meeting.Gopi directs their project with ahem’s help.Mr.Chang says well Mr.Modi congrats you got the contract.Ahem thanks him.Gopi thanks him too.Mr.chang says well Mr.modi your attentant has done a great job.Ahem says Mr.chang she is would be wife and we are getting married soon.Mr.chang congrats him and leaves.

Ahem ask gopi for date.Gopi agrees and goes with him.Ahem and gopi goes to a lovely restaurant.He had already booked a table.Gopi sees the decoration and blushes.Ahem and gopi chats together.

Urmilla calls her relatives and informs them about gopi’s marriage.She says ok and cuts call.Jeetu says you urmi we have to find the date of their marriage.Urmilla says then i am calling pandit ji tomorrow.Jeetu agrees.

Jigar and rashi are shopping for the engagement of ahem and gopi.Rashi buys a suit for jigar and jigar buys a lehanga for rashi.Jigar plans a movie and they goes to watch movie.

Gopi and ahem is going to do dinner but unfortunately ahem gets a call for a party invitation.Ahem mood spoils.Gopi laughs and says lets go there.Ahem and gopi reaches to a 5 star hotel.Mr.Singh comes and says ahem and gopi thanks for coming.Gopi says its our pleasure.Gopi says sir…sir…ahem says yah.Gopi says Mr.Singh is waiting for you.Ahem says hello and passes over there.Mr.singh says whats wrong with him.Gopi says actually Mr.singh we were just going to do dinner in a restaurant and he get your invitation so his mood is littlebit cracky…i hope you understood.Mr.Singh says i am extremely sorry for spoiling and laughs.Gopi says its okay.Mr.singh says you please enjoy the party and i have something special for you two.He goes.Ahem comes and gets crackingly i are you enjoying this party.Gopi laughs and says yah..Ahem says yes??.Gopi says yah.A waiter comes an gives them drink.Gopi and ahem drinks it.Mr.singh had mischief with them as its an alchoholic drink.Mr.singh says enjoy.Gopi and ahem ask for more drink and starts getting drunked.Ahem and gopi dances.

Ahem and gopi comes to their hotel.Ahem sensually kisses gopi’s forehead.Gopi kisses in his hand and cheeks.Ahem starts getting romantic.He lift gopi in his arms and seduces her and puts her in the bed.Ahem removes his shirt.Gopi feels littlebit uncomfortable but blushes.Yun hi re song plays….Ahem and gopi have a liplock.Ahem removes gopi’s dress.They get intimate and candles blows.Scene freezes.

Precap-Rashi and jigar are clicking pics.Rashi goes backwards to a well.Jigar alerts her but she takes pics.She slips and falls on well.Rashi screams.Jigar shouts rashi.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Sarayu(honey)

    I don’t like the last scene. Sorry of it hurted you

    1. No problem i will keep it in my mind for next time…..thanks for commenting

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Gohem n RaJi date was sweet.At d party Gohem got drunk n was unexpected.hope gohem never gets separated.Whats happening 2 RaJi?hope Rashi is fine.

    Plz have a look on my gohem Raji ss Ye dooriyaan part 3

  3. Sosa Ashok ??

  4. ye bilkul shi nhi hai dukh dukh tk hi dikhana chahiye it’s not good

    1. What dukh dukh….

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