Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-2)


Gopi argues with the staff and says you all should be ashamed as you all are mature but behave like kids.Shalakha gets irked and says behenji.Gopi goes for interview.She goes and sit.She introduces herself as Gopi shah.Interviewers ask her business related questions and she confidently answers it.Interviewers says you had passed in this interview.Gopi gets happy hearing this.Interviewers says your salary will notified later on.

Gopi goes out of the cabin.She thinks i should thank kanha ji and family members who had supported me getting this job.Ahem crosses the corridor and sees her from backside.Ahem says your clothes are indian which are not allowed in this office.Gopi hears that and gets annoyed.She turns and says what?Ahem sees her beauty and stares at her.Bheegi si bhagi si instrumental tune plays….

Urmilla says maid to cook food for lunch.Maid says ok mam.urmilla sits in sofa.she thinks now rashi and gopi both are not in house so she should put it out.She took out a chips packet which she had hided in the sofa.she starts grabbing it.she says yummy i love this italian flavour.urmila gets a call.she receives and says hello.Kokila urmila’s best friend calls her.kokila is shown in a silk saree with light makeup.They both greet themselves.kokila ask if she is busy.Urmila says no and stop eating chips.They start talking to each other.

Gopi wonders if he is a staff member.She plays chutki and brokes ahem’s eyelock.Gopi says excuse me who the tell are you to tell me what i have to wear or not.He says i am the owner of this office where you are standing.He says you have to follow the rules else you will be fired.Gopi gets shocked and hesisantly says hey kanha ji,sir i am extremely sorry.She flees from there.Ahem says wow what a girl she is.Gopi and ahem both are shown and the screen freezes.

Precap-Rashi calls gopi and ask for gopi’s interview.Gopi says i am passed rashi ben.Rashi says wow thats great.She is going to cross the road and then suddenly a truck comes.A stranger rescues her.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Gopi got the job.Ahem told her 2 wear western clothes,so she shouted at him without knowing who he is.knowing who he is she is embarrassed.Koki Urmila close friends?That itself is unique.Is Gopi Gia or Devoleena?

  2. You write really well. Keep it up. I think the stranger is Jigar.

  3. Good epidode ,i think stranger is ahem…

  4. plsz keep it devoleena wid ahem

  5. Love it!

  6. nice update…
    gopi gets d job..
    gohem meet…
    ahem tells indian dress not allowed..
    gud one…
    now time for raji meet…
    update soon..

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