Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-17)


Kokila gets a call from jigar.At the same time Urmilla gets a call from rashi.Rashi and jigar says that they got the news that ahem had torn thw bomb wire and the bomb got diffused.Rashi says mom ahem and gopi both are perfectly alright.Kokila and urmilla relief and get happy.Kokila gives this good news to modis.Urmilla gives this news to jitu.Jitu and urmilla cries in happiness.Hetal and kokila thanks god for saving ahem and gopi.

Airplane is shown, Everyone thanks ahem and hugs him.Some people says you are not a man but a god’s messenger.Thankyou so much for saving our lives.Ahem says its my pleasure.Gopi looks at ahem and says sir you are the best and hugs him.Ahem smiles.Gopi looks at him.Ahem stares too.Saath nibhana saathiya title track plays….

Kokila ask jigar were are they now.Jigar replies within 2 hrs. they will reach Hong kong.Kokila smiles.

Hong kong

Ahem and gopi comes to hong kong airport.Hong kong is shown.Hong kong airport staff welcomes them.They travels via taxi.Gopi sees hong kong.Ahem touches gopi’s hand.Gopi feels it but gives no gesture.Ahem removes his hand.Gopi shys.They reaches to hotel.Hotel staff welcomes them.Manager gives the keys to ahem.Ahem says i had booked only one room for you and me because in this hotel only one room was empty.Gopi agrees and shys.They comes to the room.Gopi sees the flowers and smells it.Ahem stares her.Gopi says when is the meeting sir.Ahem says tomorrow morning.Gopi says okay.Ahem says gopi that lets go to view hong kong.Gopi shys and agrees.Scene freezes.

Precap-Ahem and gopi is roaming outside in hong kong.Gopi holds ahem’s hand(Ilahi mera jiya re plays….)

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    luckily gohem r safe.they reached hong kong.they r in one room.gohem moments were romantic.hoping 4 more romance in d upcoming parts

  2. jasmine Rahul

    i’ve updated ye dooriyaan pt2.

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