Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-16)


Ahem’s says gopi that there is the bomb under your seat.Gopi panics and screams.Ahem says gopi if you wake up from your seat then accidentally the bomb will blast.Gopi shocks.

Modi’s and shah’s prays to lord krishna.Kokila sings O palanhare….lord radha krishna idol is shown.Urmilla sings the same song.They prays.Rashi and jigar is shown sitting on yhe airport.Rashi cries and jigar calms her.Song ends.

Airplane is shown.A man says i know how to defuse bomb.Ahem says why you are still there.The man comes and says sorry but i met with an accident and my two hands are broken.Ahem says then you guide me.The man agrees.Man says ahem to bring a plier.Airhostess brings a plier.Ahem takes it.Man says there are three wires red,green,yellow….dont cut red wire then the bomb will blast.Ahem says then which one i should cut.Man says to cut the yellow wire.Ahem cuts but nothing happens.Gopi panics.Ahem says its going on.Man says okay then cut green wire.Ahem cuts but gets shocked seeing that the bomb is not stopped but the timer is elapsing rapidly.Everyone shouts.Ahem says now what…he shouts.Gopi shouts.Man says now no path left you have to cut the red wire.Ahem but it can blast.Man says you have to do something.Ahem panics.Gopi screams.Passengers shouts.Ahem starts getting nervous and tears all the wire.Special effects are shown.Modi house diya starts blowing.Kokila holds the diya light.Urmilla starts crying.Rashi and jigar fears too.Kokila says krishna bhagwan to save ahem and gopi.Scene freezes on radha krishna’s idol along with diya blowing.

Precap-Jigar calls kokila.Kokila gets expressionless.kokila falls on sofa.Modis get stunned.Urmilla gets a call from rashi.Urmilla gets shocked.

Credit to: Rianaa

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    oh…what will happen…will gohem escape

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