Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-15)

Rashi cries vigorously hugging jigar.Jigar calms her.Rashi says i have to call mom.Rashi calls urmilla.

Urmilla receives a call.Rashi informs urmilla about bomb.Urmilla gets shocked and her phone falls on ground.Urmilla screams gopi.Jeetu comes downstairs and sees the phone on ground.Jeetu says what happened urmi….urmilla says no…it cant happen…Jeetu picks the phone.He sees rashi no. and calls her.Rashi cries dad gopi’s plane has bomb.He stuns hearing that and cuts the call.

Kokila switches on the tv to watch a cookery program.She sees news channel instead.Kokila is going to change the channel but suddenly she hears the news.News reporters says today’s breaking news-Some terrorists had planted a time bomb in flight no.35a33b21 MUMBAI-HONG KONG and says that they heard that Business tycoon Ahem modi is also in that flight.Kokila hears all and shocked.She calls jigar.Jigar replies that yes the news is true…Kokila shouts motabhabi,Baa,Ahem’s papa.They call come.Hetal says why is she shouting.Kokila informs everything they all get shocked.Hetal tries to calm her but kokila faints.Hetal shouts kokila.

Airplane is shown.Gopi and ahem are in middle
Row.Pilot gets an important msg. from control room that terrorist had planted bomb in their plane.Pilot shocks and informs to his co pilot.All staff gets alerted.An announcement plays that these flight has a time bomb which will blast if we get landed on hong kong airport.Everyone screams.Gopi and ahem get shocked.Gopi prays to kanha ji.Ahem hugs her tightly.Gopi says we all will get rescued…i have faith on god.Everyone reliefs little bit hearing gopi’s words.Ahem says that we have to find the beep sound of bomb.Airhostessess agrees.Ahem says gopi not to wake up.Passengers alongwith with ahem starts finding it.Ahem gets shocked hearing the beep under gopi’s sit.Scene freezes on ahem’s shocking face.

Precap-Modis and shahs are praying to god.Ahem says gopi not to wake otherwise bomb will blast.Gopi screams.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    oh no..bomb under gopi’s seat.hope they will get rid of d bomb.bomb is nice as hijack is common on tv now.
    i’ve started my 1st Gohem ss Ye dooriyaan.plz have a look

    1. Yes ofcouse…

  2. Pls update next episode fastly plz

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