Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-14)

Gopi wakes up and sees flowers and stuff toys.She wakes up rashi and both get surprised and happy.Both goes downstairs for breakfast.Rashi ask urmilla about their room decoration.Urmilla smiles.Some one closes rashi and gopi’s eyes.They says dad!! Jitu is shown smiling.Both hugs jitu and ask for their gift.Rashi gets an encyclopedia collection and gopi gets an blue churidar dress.Jitu worries for gopi’s accident.Gopi says she is ok now.They does breakfast.Gopi leaves for office.

Ahem comes to gopi’s cabin.He says that today we are going for an important business project.Gopi says were.Ahem says Hong kong.Gopi says wow hong kong!! Ahem smiles seeing her.He says we are going on today’s evening flight.You can go now and pack your bags.Gopi goes.Ahem thinks its a good oppurtunity to get close to gopi.

Gopi calls everyone and says that she is going to hong kong along with ahem.Rashi says wow hong kong.Jitu gives gopi permission.But urmilla worries.Gopi goes to back her bags.


Rashi and gopi reaches airport.Ahem informs kokila that he is going to hong kong.Kokila says ok but she also gets worried for both ahem and gopi.Jigar is with ahem.Gopi and jigar goes checking.Some mysterious people are coming out from airplane.They are checking is finished.Gopi bids adieu to rashi.Rashi says her goodbye.Gopi and ahem goes and sit.Flight arrives.

Rashi and jigar sees some people gathered.Rashi goes their and sees a lady crying.Rashi says mam why are you crying??…She says my husband…my mother in law…Rashi gets confused.A man says some terrorist had planted Bomb in flight no.35 MUMBAI-HONG KONG.Modi house and shah house diya blows.Urmilla and kokila both get worried.Special effects are shown.Rashi screams no….gopi!!! Jigar holds her.Rashi cries gopi!!!.The scene freezes on rashi jigar’s shocking faces.

Precap-An announcement happens in plane.Pilot says that this flight has a time bomb.Gopi and ahem gets shocked.Passenger starts shouting….Gopi hugs ahem tightly

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gohem going 2 hong kong.but terrorists placed bomb in d flight.oh…how will gohem escape?

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    Nice twist, it’s good that you added the time bomb and not the hijack drama. Very nice story. Keep it up.

    1. Actually i was thinking abt. The hijack drama but i thought it will be common these days as most of the shows lyk dabh,yhm had shown this….

  3. Plz update next episode today itself

    1. I am sorry but due an error my ff is not published today….i will update it on 6th may….sorry

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