Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-12)


Kinjal says she is not my mom and i hate her.Since childhood she had forbade me to do anything what i like.Kinjal badmouths about kokila.Ahem stops her but kinjal leaves ahem’s hand and runs upstairs.Kokila cries kinjal and tries to go upstairs but ahem stops kokila and takes her to her room.

Kinjal comes inside the room and reminsces today’s incident.She slowly moves towards her dressing table and thinks that how unlucky she is! She shouts i hate u kokila i hate u…She takes a paper weight and breaks the mirror.She screams no…and throws stuffs on floor.She reminsces about her birthday incident and cries i hate u all…She kicks the sofa and breaks a centre table.Ahem and kokila hears the sound.Kokila worries.Kinjal is devastated.She berserks her book shelf and shout kokila….Kokila calls kinjal.Kinjal hears kokila and ask her to get lost.She breaks a lamp.kokila repeatedly calls kinjal but she denies to open the door.Kinjal comes near her bed and throws the bedsheet and mattress.Kinjal cries a lot.Kokila cries kinjal.Kinjal says just go.Hetal comes to kokila and say leave kinjal alone.Kokila says motabhabhi how she is destroying things if anything happens to her.Hetal comforts her.Kokila goes to her room.Kinjal breaks a flower vase and cries.

Ahem worries for kokila and kinjal.He gets a call from gopi.Ahem ask yes gopi.Gopi says i had made the presentation that you told.Ahem peeps.Gopi says sir what happened why are you peeping.Ahem informs gopi about kinjal drama.Gopi says sir let her leave alone.Everything will go well when time will pass.Gopi worries for ahem.Humdard song plays…Gopi cuts call.

Kokila takes lunch for kinjal and goes to her room.Kokila knocks the door but sees the door open.Kokila shocks seeing kinjal’s destroyed room.Kokila calls meethi and ask her to clean the room.Meethi starts cleaning room.Kokila calls kinjal but she is not in the room so she finds kinjal.Kinjal is on the stairs.Kokila comes to her and gives her lunch.Kokila smiles.Kinjal takes the lunch and throws it from upstairs.Everyone comes outside.Kokila shouts kinjal.Kinjal drags her and brings her down.Hetal shouts at kinjal for throwing food plate.Kinjal ask her to shut up.Jigar shouts.Parag comes and scolds her.Kinjal argues with parag.Ahem stops kinjal.Kinjal calls kokila a b*t*h.Kokila starts getting angry.Ahem shouts.Kokila shouts why did you throwed the lunch and insulted goddess lakshmi.Kinjal ask her to stop her rubbish and tries to go.Hetal whispers to ahem this is not right kinjal should be stopped any how.Kokila turns kinjal harshly and gives her a tied slap.Kinjal shouts how dare you.Kokila shouts kinjal and gives her a tied slap again.Kinjal falls down.Whole family gets shocked.Kokila says sorry to parag for being harsh to kinjal but she should deserve this.Kinjal acts as she is crying.Kokila ask her shut up.

Gopi prays to kanha ji for ahem and modis problems.kokila says to kinjal that as i love you too because of that i cared for you and became possessive for you.But you dont deserve this.We are elder and more mature than you.So we can say that you are right or wrong.But you will not understand.Kokila orders kinjal to go out from these house then you will understand what is family.Everyone gets shocked.Kokila kicks kinjal out of the house.

Precap-Kinjal files a case against kokila.Police comes to modi house to arrest kokila.Ahem ask inspector that what case did kinjal filed.Inspector says kinjal lodged that her STEPMOTHER always tortures her and kicks her out of the house.Modis gets shocked.Kinjal smirks.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. One slight problem with Kinjal’s plan- what proof does Kinjal have that Kokila is her stepmother?

  2. jasmine Rahul

    kinjal’s tantrums r unbearable.kokila threw her out 2 make her understand family value.butprecap is shocking

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