Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-11)


Kokila is making lunch.Hetal comes and ask kokila that did she spoked to ahem about the marriage proposal.Kokila says i will say him face to face when ki comes.Hetal says ok and helps kokila in making food.

Ahem is busy in discussing project whereas kinjal is trying to flee from caffeteria with umang.Kinjal and umang somehow tries to flee from there but waiter comes and ask about the bill.Kinjal gives him money and flees with umang.They goes inside lift.Ahem says he will discuss the project by email as now he has some important work.Clients agree.Ahem goes from there and goes via lift.Kinjal gets shocked seeing ahem coming and ties her wig.Ahem comes and the lift goes downwards.Umang whispers kinjal what we will do now.Kinjal ask him shut up!!! just wait and watch.Ahem receives a msg. from gopi that she had completed checking files and doing some other work.Ahem msg. her good.Suddenly the lift shakes and stops.Lights goes off.Kinjal screams and her wig falls.Ahem hears a scream and ask the lady to keep calm.Kinjal gets shocked seeing her wig on ahem shoes.Kinjal sits and tries to take her wig.Ahem thinks that its a technical issue and feels something on her leg.Ahem on his phone flashlight and sees there a wig.Kinjal gets frightened.Ahem ask if somebody had this wig and reminsces the same wig on a lady’s head.Ahem flashes the torch towards the lady.He recognises kinjal and gets shocked seeing with her umang.Lights goes on.And the lift starts.

Jigar drops rashi home.Rashi goes inside the house.Rashi sees urmila grabbing khaman dhoklas.Rashi says mom you are eating this alone.Urmilla gets shocked seeing rashi.Rashi laughs.

Ahem gets angry and ask kinjal what is she doing with this guy.Kinjal says bhai let me explain!! Ahem says no.They comes from lift outside.Ahem drags kinjal towards his car and leaves.Umang fears.

Ahem brings kinjal to modi house and shouts mom,kaki,baa…. kokila says what happened ahem!! You and kinjal together is everything alright.Kokila ask kinjal what happened.Kinjal cries.Ahem explains about the mall incident.Kokila scolds at kinjal for lying and going outside with an unknown guy.Kinjal ask her to shut up and do not say anything about her boyfriend.Everyone shocks.Ahem slaps kinjal for her arrogant behaviour towards kokila.

Precap-Kinjal goes inside the room and starts breaking things.Kokila worries for kinjal.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    ahem found kinjal with umang.kokila also scolded her.but kinjal is so arrogant that ahem had 2 slap her.precap is also kinjal’s tantrums.this kinjal is hopeless

  2. Sarayu(honey)


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