Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-10)


Kinjal gets a call and she goes downstairs.She says i am ready to go.Kokila ask her where is she going.Kinjal replies she is going to library and leaves from modi mansion.

Kinjal reaches to a shopping mall and thinks that she is so intelligent as she fooled kokila. She smirks and goes inside.

Urmila taunts her maid that she can do everything except household work.She orders her to make khaman dhoklas.Jeetu(Rashi and gopi’s father) calls her and says her business trip is at the end and he is coming within 2-3 days.He says urmila not to inform this to her daughters as he wants to surprise them.Urmila gets happy and says ok.Urmila cuts call.

Gopi is checking files.Ahem comes and ask her that is she ok.Gopi replies yes sir.Ahem talks with gopi about a business meeting that he have to go to city mall to meet some clients.Gopi answer ok.Ahem bids her goodbye and leaves.

Rashi calls gopi and asks what is she doing now.Gopi says obviously work rashi ben and laughs.Rashi ask about ahem.Gopi feels shy and says rashi ben did you no work now.Rashi laughs.Gopi says rashi ben i am busy now pls. can i talk to you later.Rashi says no.Gopi says what!!! Rashi laughs and says ok and cuts call.Gopi also cuts the call.

Ahem comes to city mall(same mall were kinjal is!!!??).Kinjal is shown with her boyfriend Umang eating coffee at caffeteria.Ahem meets his client and ask them lets discuss about the project at caffeteria.Clients agrees.They goes.

Kinjal and umang are doing romance with each other.Ahem comes with his clients next to kinjal’s sit.Ahem orders for a coffee.Kinjal sees ahem and gets shocked seeing next to her.Umang says what.Kinjal ask him to shut up!! Bhai is there.Umang ask whose bhai.Kinjal says Omg duffer ahem bhai.Umang gets shocked.Kinjal worries and reminsces about her new hair wig and sunglasses.She wore’s it(The weak was so funny…it was a purple colour wig??).Ahem turns and sees a woman in purple wig.Kinjal starts drinking coffee.Ahem thinks the lady is so weird and tries to laugh but concentrates on project.Kinjal says hush!!!Scene freezes on kinjal’s funny face.

Precap-Ahem is going through lift and sees kinjal in same wig.Kinjal gets shocked seeing ahem.Lights gets off as the lift stops.Kinjal screams and her wig falls.Wig falls on ahem shoes.Ahem feels something on shoes.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Umang Kinjal saw Ahem.Kinjal’s wi saved her from ahem.But in d precap her wig fell down in ahem.Will ahem find out that it was kinjal in wog?

  2. Hi guyz…i will publish my nxt. update at tonight….

    1. Thank you so much.plss update regularly

  3. Soon there will be a very big twist will come in the track by which ahem n gopi will come closer….but there will be no leap…

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