Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-1)


Hi guys my story starts with a new beginning…pls. share the comments below…


Gopi is shown in salwar kameez and getting ready for her 1st interview as she wants to become a business women.Urmila gopi’s mother is shown in a heavy sari with jewellery calling gopi for breakfast.Gopi says coming.Gopi comes through stairs,the house is shown she comes hurriedly and was about to fall but holds the railing tightly.Urmila says are you okay.She says yes and prays to kanha ji for being passing in her interview.she thanks kanha ji and comes to the dining table.Urmilla says i had made your favourite breakfast,eat fast and go.She says i am getting late and eats an apple.She is getting out of the house but bumps over Rashi gopi’s sister.rashi is shown in an indo western dress and wearing sunglasses.Rashi scolds gopi for being hurried.Rashi hugs gopi and says her best of luck.Gopi says thanks rashi ben.
Gopi rides her scooty and get locked into a traffic jam.She says hey kanha ji what i will do now there is only 20 start my interview.Vehicles starts noise .Gopi gets an idea and she takes her handbag and walks between the jammed cars some how.
Ahem modi the owner of the company gets out of his car and enters the office.Office staff greets him.
Gopi enters into the office hurried and thinks only 5 mins. left.She falls in the lobby,some workers laugh and taunt her.Shalakha ahem’s secretary laughs at gopi and says see guys behenji came for interview.Gopi stands up and says mind your own business.Scene freezes with gopi’s anger expression.

Precap-Gopi confidently answers all the questions of interview.Ahem sees her and says indian dresscode is not allowed in this office.Gopi gets annoyed by ahem’s words.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Nice keep it up

    1. Thanks for commenting

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Gopi as urmila’s daughter itself is a unique nice feeling.Her sis Rashi is having good relation with her.Tho Urmila n Rashi r fashionable Gopi is simple.Gopi comes 4 ahem’s interview.nice.continue soon

    1. I will keep in my mind

  3. Is Gopi played by Gia Manek or Devoleena?

    1. That depends on your imagination…Gia manek is more preferable

  4. This is really good. Continue.

    1. Thanks

    1. Thanks for commenting

  5. I personally prefer Devo over Giaa. So I shall imagine Devo. Hope it’s ok with you guys

  6. wow rashi-urmi loving gopi.. urmi is gopi’s mom & rashi is her sister..
    this is amazing…
    gopi to go for interview but since morning she is abt to fall coz of her hurry.. finally she falls in ofc lobby..
    all laugh & make fun of her…
    gud one..
    continue soon…

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