Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 15)


Recap-jigar evil deeds….modis admits meethi to hospital…kokila n rashi eager to meet aarav…

The episode starts with kokila and rashi sitting on sofa.Paridhi is on her phone.She sees rashi n kokila in sofa asks madhuri who are they??…Madhuri says they came to meet aarav.Paridhi goes to them and greets them.Kokila greets her too.Paridhi says he had gone to his restaurant…Kokila thinks ahem had owned a restaurant.She smiles.Rashi says your introduction.Paridhi says i am Paridhi kapoor aarav’s sister.Rashi thinks that post jiju’s missing…these family cares him a lot.

India….Hetal talks to the baa that whats all going with our family…how did meethi came in this situation.Baa calms her and says to have faith on god.Meethi’s operation is going.Doctor comes and says patient need blood.Hetal says whats the blood group.Doc says O negative.Hetal says i have O negative blood.Doc takes her for donating blood.

Urmilla house…Aashni is shown sitting in a sofa and playing cards with her vulgar friends.Aashni says yes…i won Rs.50,000.Her vulgar friend tries to deny but aashni snatches from her.She drinks wine and laughs.She throws money in air and acts as she is so rich.Saurav comes and shouts whats all this.Aashni drunked says come on baby!!…cant you see i am playing cards like what i play in USA.Saurav says but it is not USA.Aashni smirks and ignores his words.Saurav thinks i did a big mistake by marrying this lady…she is so cheap…Saurav murmurs and leaves.

London…Gopi is shown talking to urmilla.Urmilla hugs her and says everything will be allright.Gopi cries and says i hope so…she asks where is maaji and rashi ben???….Urmilla ignores her question as kokila told her not to tell gopi where are they going…else she will be worried.Gopi asks mom…what??…where are they??…urmilla says they goes for shopping.Gopi listens.

Paridhi continuing talking to rashi and kokila.Madhuri and kamala(maid) serves them snacks.Kokila was just about to eat suddenly aarav comes.Kokila gets shocked seeing aarav.Kokila reminsces ahem’s face.Rashi shocks too and smiles.Aarav cannot recognise kokila.But kokila slowly goes near him and touches his face.Aarav feels awkward but feels a motherly affection.Kokila cries ahem dikra and hugs him.Aarav feels weird.Madhuri and paridhi shocks.Rashi too comes near ahem and cries jiju.Aarav feels weird again.Kokila breaks her hug and kisses on ahem’s forehead….and says dont leave me ever beta…Aarav shocks and screen freezes.

Precap-Madhuri says that we got aarav 10 years ago.Kokila says we lost him 10 years ago…he is my son.Madhuri and paridhi shocks…….Meethi gains consious.Police asks who stabbed you.Meethi hesitantly says jigar bhai.Hetal badly shocks.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    aashni is doing gambling.omg..gud that saurav regrets marrying her.he is changing 4 good.kokila rashi aarav scene was so lovely.precap is rly exciting

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