Saathiya….Companion RiKara FF Part 5

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Saathiya….Companion Part5
The next day….

Omkara opened the door hearing the calling bell.
He saw Gauri smiling there.
Gauri:Yes.Won’t you welcome me inside?
Om:You…you emotionally blackmailed me to stop drinking and…
Gauri:And you really stopped drinking?

Om remained silent.
Gauri:That’s cool.I think the cold water I poured on your head has good affect.
Om grinned his teeth.
Gauri:Guess still you are angry.No problem.I have a solution for that too.
Gauri got inside pushing him aside.
Om:What the hell!

She took iceccream pack out of her cover.
G:Ice cream.Have it.Your hot temper will vanish.
Om:I don’t want icecream.
G:Why?With Gautami you used to have icecream.Right?

Om:Don’t remind me anything.
G:You don’t have to forget those beautiful moments to be normal Omkara.You cherish those beautiful moments ever.Along with that you enjoy the present moments too.If you do so you will be very happy.
Om:You and your stupid philosophy.You think I will obey you?
Gauri took a spoon of icecream and extended it towards his lips.
G:Have it.
She tried to feed him forcefully.
He made a big fuss.
Finally she managed to put icecream inside his mouth.She pasted some icecream on his cheeks.

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum

Gauri giggled:Now are you feeling cold?
He stared at her.
G:Anyways you look funny.Look at the mirror.
He looked at the mirror.He saw his face full of icecream.Suddenly he took icecream and put it all over Gauri’s face.She was stunned.

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum (x2)

They both looked at the mirror.They looked at each other and laughed.

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya

Gauri was lost in his laughter.

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya

G:Feeling nice to see you laugh.After a long time you laughed.Right?
Om became emotional.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya

G:Now can’t you have icecream?Please Omkara..
Om:Ok..I will have it.Only because you brought it.
It touched Gauri’s heart and looked at him emotionally.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya

Om:Because you are my best friend…long lost best friend whom I got after a long time.
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya

Gauri gave him the icecream bowl.He started having it.Gauri smiled.

Baadlon mein
Ghul na jaayein

In between he took a bowl of icecream and gave it to her.
Om:You too have it.
She smiled and started having it.

Hain jo naghme thehre thehre
Do dilon mein jazb karle

She remembered her and Om having icecream together in the school canteen.

Saare jazbe gehre gehre
Kal kya pata milna miley

Om:Are you thinking of something?
G:Ya…our childhood moment of having icecream together.
He smiled:That was so cute.

Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya
Kal kya pata milna miley
Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya

She smiled:I am happy that you remember it.
Om:I remember everything Gauri.Even if you forget I won’t forget.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya..

G:But you behaved as if you don’t remember anything.
Om:Because of the bitter moments of my life I could’nt think of the nice moments also.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya..

They washed their face.
Gauri looked at Om.
G:Please don’t drown in pain Omkara.It gives pain to others who love you.Don’t you think Gautami deserves to be happy at least in heaven?

Om became upset:I will try my best.

Milke tumse khush hoon lekin
Dil hai phir bhi, uljha uljha

Gauri smiled.
Om:I am sorry for being rude to you.I should be thankful to you for trying to correct me.But instead of that I tried to blame you.I am sorry Gauri.

Door kar de, paas aa kar
Kal humein na koi lamha

G:No need of saying sorry.But please change yourself Omkara.Don’t be like before.Please keep smiling.We miss your smile.

Pad jaaye na, dil pe kahin
Gham ka nishaan o sathiya

Om nodded emotionally.Gauri smiled emotionally.

O saathiya saathiya
saathiya saathiya..

Kaal took Avantika to the dining room.
She saw her favourite sandwich on the table and got excited:Sandwich!
Kaal:These days you are worried about Gauri.So to cheer you up I made sandwich.

Tere Naam La La La… Tere Naam La La La…
Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam

Avan:That’s so sweet of you Kaal.

Hooooo Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam

They both sat together.Kaal fed her sandwich.

Pyaar Bahut Karte Hai Tumse, Ishq Hai Too Hamara Sanam

Avan:As usual it’s superb.Your sandwich is awesome.
Kaal smiled .

Ho Ishq Hai Too Hamara Sanam
La La La La La La………..

They both ate sandwich together chatting.

Tere Ishq Ne Saathiya, Tera Haal Kya Kar Diya
Tere Ishq Ne Saathiya, Tera Haal Kya Kar Diya(Tere naam).

Gauri read about a famous painter’s painting exhibition.
G:Wow…Omkara will be happy to go there.
Gauri went to Omkara’s house.
G:Omkara…there is a painting exchibition in Toun hall.Let’s go there.
Om:No Gauri.I am not interested in painting these days.
G:Omkara…you promised me that you will try to change and be active like before.But now you are changing your word.Very bad.
Om:Ok ok…I will come with you.
Gauri smiled:That’s like a good boy.

Omkara Gauri went for the exhibition and saw paintings.
G:How are the paintings?Enjoyed?
G:You should resume painting.
Om:I don’t think I can.
Om:Nothing can inspire me to paint.
G:Because Gautami was your greatest inspiration?
Om kept quiet.

G:Omkara…I want to see your workshop.Please take me there.
Om:I don’t open it these days.
G:But open it for me.
Om:You are very stubborn.
G:You are also stubborn.That’s why you are not willing to open it.
Om:Oh no….

Omkara took Gauri to his workshop.Gauri was lost seeing his old beautiful paintings.She saw a big painting.It was a beautiful lady.
Gauri:This painting?
Omkara’s eyes became wet.

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