Saathiya….Companion RiKara FF Part 18

Saathiya….Companion Part 18
Dedicated to coolhi1998 who wants GoGi romance in their work place.Special thanks to her for giving jodi name to Mayank Riddhima-RiddhiYank

Gauri became emotional. love me this much?

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum (x2)

Omkara nodded emotionally.
Gauri:For getting me back you did so much.

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya

Om:I can do anything for your love Gauri.

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya
Kunal Shrenu
They embraced each other emotionally.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya (x2)(IB RiKara song).

Indravadhan:If Gauri has become normal it’s only because of God and Dr.Mayank and Dr.Riddhima.

Kaal:Yes.Dr.Mayank and Dr.Riddhima need a special applause.

Avantika:Because of them a miracle happened and our Gauri became normal like before.

Gopi:Right.Because of them our lost hopes about Gauri regaining memory came back.
Jaggi:We can’t thank Mayank and Riddhima enough.

Om:I am the one most grateful to Dr.Mayank and Dr.Riddhima.Actually they gave me my own life…my Gauri.

They all went and thanked Mayank and Riddhima.
They were also surprised.
Mayank:Our aim was to save Gauri from complete brain damage.But this wonderful twist was unexpected.
Riddhima:Yes.We are really happy that our surgery turned out to be magical and Gauri became completely healthy.

Omkara folded his hands before them:I don’t know how to thank you both.It’s only because of you both I got my Gauri back.Every moment I was living in the fear of losing Gauri because of her short term memory loss.But because of you both we can live peacefully that nothing can separate us.

Mayank:It’s your love that cured Gauri.
Riddhima:Thank God.He is the one who valued your love and cured Gauri.
Om smiled.

Mayank Riddhima went near Gauri.
Om:Gauri…these are the doctors who cured you.
Gauri smiled.
May:How are you Gauri?
Gauri:I am fine.Thank you so much.Because of you both only I am with Omkara now.
Riddhima:Enough of thanking us.We did our duty.You both make a sweet couple.That’s why God did this miracle.
Mayank:All the best for your future.Have a grand wedding and a colourful married life like us.
Arjun Bijlani Jennifer Winget

Omkara Gauri smiled.
Gauri:Dr.Mayank and Dr.Riddhima…you both are a sweet couple.
Mayank Riddhima smiled:Thank you very much.
Gauri:You both should attend our wedding.
Omkara:Without you both our wedding won’t be complete.

Mayank:Sure.We will be there for your wedding.
Riddhima:It’s our pleasure.

Mayank Riddhima were in the car.
Mayank:Feeling tired after a risky surgery.Want to relieve stress.
Riddhi:Me too.
Mayank:Shall we go and drink coffee?Like this way we can have a coffee date too.
Riddhima smiled:Date?
May:Of course a romantic date with you.

Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan
Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan
Ishq Mein Jiyoon
Ishq Mein Maroon
Ishq Hi Mera Bhagwan

He pulled her closer:After all we are a romantic couple.
She blushed.

Hai Rabba
Tu Hi Meri Jaan
Tu Hi Jahan
Tu Hi Meri Manzil
Tere Ishq Mein
Mein Qurban

Mayank Riddhima went to a Cafe and sipped coffee from the same cup without caring about the surroundings.

Ishq Mein Deewangi Ki
Hadse Guzar Jaoon
Tere Pyaar Mein Aaj Mein
Jikar Maar Jaoon
Ishq Mein Jalte Hai Hum Raat Din
Ha, Yeh Mera Dil Na Maane
Tere Bin, Tere Bin

They had a romantic eye lock.

Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan
Ishq Mein Jiyoon
Ishq Mein Maroon
Ishq Hi Mera Bhagwan(DMG song).

Jaggi got break time.
Jaggi smiled thinking of Gopi:I will go to see Gopi.
Jaggi went to Gopi’s room and saw her reading something.
Jaggi:I thought I will spend time with you during beak time.But here you are busy.
Gopi:Sorry Jaggiji.Actually I am reading the report of the patient of room no.33.
Jaggi:Oh…Let me also read it.
Jaggi sat closer to Gopi and looked at the report.Gopi was engrossed in reading.Suddenly Jaggi pecked her cheek.Gopi was stunned.She smiled blushing.

suraj ke sang kiran
deepak sang baati hain
Nazim Devoleena

She looked at Jaggi.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

saagar ke sang lehar
aise hum saathi hain

Jaggi:You know this is…
Gopi:This is romance.I know.But this is hospital.Not our bedroom.
Jaggi:So what?This is our hospital.We can romance freely.And should I look at the location to romance my wife?
She blushed:Jaggiji…
He smiled.

oo mere sanam
ho khushi ya gham
naa churana humse nazar
sang rehna umar barr

Jaggi:Anyways this is break time.Let us have food together.
She nodded smiling.
They both eat food feeding each other.

saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa(SNS song).

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