Saathiya from the beginning (Ahem and Kokila’s view)


The story starts with a 24 year old business freak (Ahem) taking blessing from his mother (kokila).His mom tells him that she is going to look for a girl for him .Ahem says he is not ready.Koki says she is just going to look he does not have to marry now.He says ok and goes to office when he reaches there he sees his girlfriend Anita waiting for him .Anita(his girl friend) asks “why are you worried?”Ahem tells her everything Anita asks “why do’nt you tell your mom about us we love each other and what more is needed in a marriage.”Ahem tells her that is not that easy . Anita runs out in anger.

Mean while kokila reaches a chowl and goes to chowl and goes to Urmilas house Urmila greets her with arti plate and flowers .Kokila looks arked with Urmila.Urmi asks koki to sit. Urmi asks Gopi (who is dressed in indain clothes) to bring Rashi.Gopi brings Rashi out of her room while Koki asks Urmi about gopi .Urmi tells her that she is her husbands sisters daughter ,Koki eats the Khaman ,dhokla and Gulab jamoon made by gopi .When Gopi and Rashi are crossing the hall to go to Kokila , Kokila shows Urmila 2 dimond bangles/kangans and says she will give them to her to her to be daughter-in-law when Kokila looks at rashi she gets up and goes towards her with the bangles Rashi smiles seeing the bangles Kokila walks and walks (which seems she is walking forever)and passes Rashi and takes Gopis hands and put the bangles in them everone get shocked .Kokilasays she has choosen Gopi as her bahu .Urmila says but…..Kokila stops her and pulls Rashis saaris palu .Rashi spins and her saari falls off and she falls down .Kokila asks urmila to see her daughter she wrapped a saari on skiny jeans and a shirt.Kokila leaves thinking who will marry this Rashi craeture .

Kokila raeches modi manchine and tells every the good news and says they have to take shagun tommorow. Hetal gats happy .A young 22 year man is shown flirting with a old lady.

Credit to: Kishor

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  1. sorry everyone my name kishori not kishor galti se kishor likh diya tha if you like the story then tell me. otherwise i wont write any more

    1. nice story kishori. i like to read it so continue ur story with lot of fun n twist. good wishes for u stay blessed

  2. This storylines are not even close to the real ones. No bueno.

    1. right john uncle but please don’t be so rude atleast someone try to do something different n new n we should appreciate her

  3. Yes…please continue

  4. This is not new or different story…this is exactly the first episode of the actual saathiya serial…isnt it??

  5. By the way is this a fan fiction or the serials’s written update from the start??

  6. Its like the first epi
    it reminded me of the first funny rpi. of sns
    Keep writing dear
    Liked it

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