Saath Samander Par Tera Saath – Episode 3

Epi 3:


kidnapper ‘s boss arranged a ship that took the girls to Iran for sale. Ayat ‘s family terribly worried for her.


Ayat ‘s Aunt: “Khuda kare Ayat ki izzat mehfooz ho…agar use…”

Ammi: so???

Aunt: “agar uski izat mefooz na hoi tw us k ghar wapis any ka kya faida”.

Papa: this is all bcz of you(ammi). your limitless love spoils her habbits.

Ammi: No…your cruelty ?spoils her life. there is not my fault anymore understand. daughter is not here so i m not your wife anymore. i only bear your curses bcz of my daughter.

Papa: i ‘ll see you later. when my daughter come i ‘ll give your divorce.

Ammi: ohhh really….but now i want divorced from you right away.

Uncle: ohh? one sec…plz…you both are gone mad…your 20 years relationship…

Ammi: i bear all of this bcz of my daughter bhai jaan…but not my daughter then why him?

Aunt: calm down.

Papa: ok..fine i ‘ll give you divorced , when my daughter comes.

In ship….

Ayat: what can i do….how can i escape from here.

Kidnappers comes. he takes food for girls.

Kid..: come on girls take it.

Ayat: excuse me…may i go for toilet plz.

Kid..: (comes to her , smiles and touches her face) of course my dear. but let me remind you.”yaha bhagnay ka koi raasta nahi hai. yeh oil tanker ship hai is me koi passanger nahi hai siwaye workers k r yeh sare workers hamare log hai…so you go”.

Ayat goes washroom. Kidnappers take eye on her.

In washroom…

Ayat: i m not a thing to sale. i must escape from there. but how?

she sees from window every where is ocean.

Ayat: “water” yes…”A Allah ab tu mujhe zinda rakh yah apny pas bula le mere lia is k siwa koi raasta nahi hai…r yeah agar khudkushi h tw is ko mujh par halal kar de”.

She gets out from washroom , runs and jumps into water. everyone sees her. They cannot able to save her bcz waves of water is on high and she drowns.

what happens next…is Ayat dead or not?.
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