Saath Nibhana Saathiya + Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Kaisi Yeh Kahani) Episode 1


Episode 1:

“Meera…where are you beta?” A lady shouts, she is seen cooking in the kitchen wearing white saree, she looks up and her eyes are shown, her lips are shown and she says “Vidya beta…?” A girl comes out wearing a Orange Anarkali suit with blue leggings and blue scarf pinned to her shoulder. It is none other than our Vidya, “Maa, Meera Di is still sleeping…what to do?” Vidya says while smiling at Gopi…yes the women in White saree is Gopi, “Offo, go wake her up…hey Bhagwaan, yeh ladki bhi na…(oh god, this girl…)

Then another women comes out wearing black and blue saree,
“Is she awake?” The lady asked while looking at Gopi, Gopi nods no. “let her sleep, she came back….” The lady bites her tongue and stops. Gopi looks at her, “Vo…” Before the lady could complete her sentence, Gopi says “She came late at night..? Oh god, where does this girl disappear to?” Gopi huffs and walks towards Meeras room.

The lady is shown and it’s none other than Ishita (she’s in Ishitas new look(now)) “Gopi….” Ishita says while looking at Vidya. Gopi opens the room door and looks on surprised, Ishita and Vidya follow, they also look on surprised. They see Meera sitting in front of the mirror and brushing her hair while Amaya(Ishitas daughter) is taking selfie. Then the bathroom door opens and they see a girl coming out wearing pink knee length skirt with loose white shirt and open hair. Ishita looks at her and says “Ruhi…?” Ruhi(Ishitas daughter) looks up and says “Sorry Amma…I was just trying out…” “I have been calling you…” Gopi said looking furious.

Meera while brushing “Sorry Mamma….I was brushing.” Gopi nods her head and heads out.
Ishita: Gopi…you’re worrying too much…sometimes you need to relax.
Gopi sits down on the chair and Vidya goes inside, Meera shuts the door and let’s put a sigh.
Gopi: 15 years…it’s been 15 years and today is his barsi….
Gopi gets teary eyed and so does Ishita.
Ishita: And today was the day when we got separated.
A boy comes from behind and hugs Ishita, Ishita wipes her tears and smiles. Gopi also wipes her tears.
Ishita: Adi…?
Adi comes forward,
Adi: How do you always guess it Mamma?
Ishita: I’m your Mamma…
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: Chalo, have your breakfast we need to drop you, Meera and Vidya to college and I need to go clinic.
Gopi: I’ll make the breakfast.
Gopi stands up and goes to the kitchen.

Meera looks at Ruhi, Amaya and Vidya, “Thank you Ammu, if you didn’t come on time then Maa would’ve had a go at me…” Meera releases a breath of sigh.
Vidya: But Di…it isn’t good…you came late at night which worries Maa and…
Meera: Oho Vidya….please Haa, ab tum mat shuru Ho jana….(Nle you don’t start….)
Amaya: Di…you’re so rude…she’s only helping…
Meera: What help? Oh god…I’m so tired…
Ruhi: Oye…Ammu, pass my other dress.
Amaya: You have your own legs, go get them. Thank god that it’s a holiday today….
Amaya sits on the bed.
Vidya: Shall we go? Chitti (Ishita) must be waiting and Bhai….
Meera: Oh Haa.
Ruhi walks to the wardrobe and takes a dress out, she goes in and gets changed.

Meera and Vidya open the door, they see Ishita and Adi at the dining table talking,
Adi: Kaki…how long?
Gopi: Wait beta…I’m coming….
Meera and Vidya then walk to a photo, Meera smiles and Vidya gets teary eyed. The photo is Ahems, it has Varmala on it.
Meera: Why did you leave us Dad? I miss you so much….Dad…Daadi kicked us and Mamma out….and..and we had to leave the house and no one cared for us.
Vidya: Di…relax.
Meera gets angry and teary eyed.

Ruhi comes out wearing a long yellow knee length dress with yellow leggings and Amaya is wearing black shirt with black leggings with her hair tied in a ponytail.
Meera and Vidya wipe their tears and they all head to the dining table and sit down.

After a while they finish eating,
Amaya: Kaki…we are staying home to give you company…I promise you wouldn’t get bored….
Ruhi: Obvio…she has me…that’s why…
Amaya: Sure…she has me…
Gopi: Bas…Tum dono bhi Naa….I have both of you…happy?
Ishita smiles.
Adi: And me…?
Gopi: Haa you too.
Meera: What about me and Vidya?
Gopi: You too.
Ishita: What about me?
Ishita smiles and Gopi looks at her,
Gopi: You too….
They all share a laugh…including Gopi.
Ishita: Okay…come on Bacha party…sorry adult party…you all are getting late.
Meera stands up and Gopi looks at her clothing, Meera is wearing blue skinny jeans with thigh length black baggy shirt…she is wearing blue converses.

Meera, Vidya and Adi head out and Gopi looks on, then suddenly her eyes falls on Ahems picture and she gets teary eyed, she gets flashes of images and voices echoing…. Voices are saying “You killed him! Because of you he died…you’re a murderer! Get out!” Gopi closes her ears and says “I’m not a murderer, I didn’t kill my Ahem Ji…I didn’t….” Amaya ans Ruhi hear this and look at each other in a shock.

Precap: What happened 15 years ago… Ishita and Gopi met….

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Vidya – 18…. Gopis daughter…Meeras sister…(Vidya from SNS)

Thank you for reading…I hope you like it and do comment if you like it…if not then I would not continue but no harsh comment….thank you ? This is different from the original plot…I hope the upcoming episodes reveal the past…

I will reveal my name on the Last episode….

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    yhm n sns 2gether.this was a new experience.when articles r there abt ahem’s death u came with a ff where ahem has died n gopi n daughters r kicked out.why was gopi blamed 4 ahem’s death n how cud kokila blame her n kick her out with her daughters…will ahem come back from death…gopi,meera n vidya staying with ishita,adi,ruhi n sweet.why were ishra celebrated…liked their bonding.plz update regularly.
    y r u not revealing ur name…

  2. Its an awsome ff……you have to continue….its very very good…one thing i love that ishita n gopi both stay together….as both r my favourite…….

  3. It sounds interesting….. Beautiful blending of characters….. But eager to know the past… Y ishra separated…..??? How ahem died???

  4. it is really nice . update next epi soon


    it is mindblowing how often will u post?

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