Saath Nibhana Saathiya (One shot)-Decision yours

Hi Guys..Shakaib here. I’m writing a OS on SNS. Its not OS from any track. It is based on a social issue. You will decide who is real culprit..And its totally different one. I’ve write it in summarized way. I hope you all will like it. So, Let’s start.

The story starts with a woman been sitting on floor and crying continuously….She reminisces…. Flashback….

Mumbai is shown. A newly wed couple comes Mumbai for their honeymoon. They are Our Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and Ahem (Mohammad Nazim). They’ve some romantic moments.

At hotel….
A room is shown being decorated. Gohem have some cosy moments there.

Next week….
Delhi is shown. A Mansion is shown. Gohem come. A lady does their aarti. She is Mrs. Modi(Shahnaz Rizwan). She showers love on them. Meanwhile, a man comes. He is Mr. Modi(Kaushal Kapoor). They four have a huge family gossip.

Time passes….
Its hospital….
Gopi has given birth to a baby boy. Dr. tells this news to family. Ahem and Mr. Modi smiles. Mrs. Modi is little sad but later becomes happy.

3 years passes….
Gopi is shown cooking food in kitchen. She feels unwell, She was to fall but ahem holds her. Mrs. Modi sees and calls Doctor.

Dr. checks Gopi and informs that Gopi is pregnant. All cheers up.

Time passes….
Gopi has given birth to second baby girl.

Mrs. Modi comes to her room angrily. Mr. Modi comes to her. Mrs. Modi shouts Can’t they see? Are all of you blind..?? Gopi can’t give birth to a boy. She is inauspicious. Mr. Modi comforts her. Her anger got a little less.

Mrs. Modi warns If next time, it will be girl…. I’ll make ahem remarry. Understand..?? Mr. Modi says but…. Mrs. Modi interrupts saying that We’ve so much property…. If we’ve no heir than others will snatch property….My Ahem’s struggle will get waste…. and I’ll never let this happen. Gopi overhears that.

Time passes….
During this…. Mr. Modi suffer with a major heart attack and dies. Gopi become pregnant for 3rd time with twins.

Mrs. Modi calls Ahem and says If Gopi have not a boy this time…. Ahem has to divorce Gopi and remarry. Gopi who was passing by there, overhears that and gets shock. She recalls her love marriage with ahem.

During Gopi’s pregnancy…. Mrs. Modi used to insult Gopi for not having a baby boy and threats her. Gopi gets worried.

She comes to her room. She gets teary eyes. She wipes her tears and says No….I’ll not let my love go….!!!! It will be baby boy this time.

Time passes….
Gopi’s 9 months get completed. Gopi gets labor pain. All takes her hospital. After operation…. Dr. informs that Gopi has given birth to baby boy and girl. All cheers up.

Mrs. Modi congratulates Ahem and Gopi. Mrs. Gopi thanks Gopi for giving her baby boy.

Time passes…. Gohem has named their son, Sahir. Sahir is grown up now. One day….While Gopi gets busy in work. Sahir while playing falls down from stairs. Mrs. Modi and Gopi gets worried and takes Sahir to Hospital. Ahem comes there.

Dr. tells them that it has bleed so much….they need blood and that type of blood isn’t available in our blood bank. Gopi asks Gopi to check their blood group. Dr. agrees and test their blood to check whether blood group matches or not. Dr. informs Modis that Blood Group didn’t match.

Meanwhile…. Jigar(Vishal Singh/Ahem’s cousin, he used to visit at modi house sometimes) comes. He meets them and asks what the matter..?? Ahem tells Jigar. Jigar says I also ask Dr to test my blood. Dr also checks Jigar’s blood group. Dr. tells that Jigar’s blood group has matched with Sahir’s blood group. Jigar donates his blood for Sahir.

After Donating blood drama….Jigar leaves. Dr tells Modis that they have to keep Sahir with them for observation for two days. Ahem stops at hospital.

Two days later….
Ahem comes Modi house and shouts Gopi. Gopi comes and sees Sahir and showers love on Sahir. Mrs. Modi comes. Ahem slaps Gopi. All gets shocked. Ahem shouts Sahir isn’t my biological son. Ahem tells them that How doctor tell him that One of Baby’s parents’ blood at least match but here that doesn’t happen. He further tells that Doctor has done DNA test also. He throws reports on Gopi’s face. Gopi cries. Mrs. Modi says Gopi…Is it true..?? Gopi shouts Yes…It’s true. Ahem says and Sahir’s blood group has matched with Jigar…So that means…. Gopi shouts no..!! Mrs. Modi scolds Gopi a lot. Mrs. Modi then asks ahem to remarry now..!! Ahem agrees and says yes, looking at Gopi. Gopi gets shocked. Ahem asks Gopi to sign on Divorce Papers. Gopi signs. Ahem also signs. Flashback ends.

Gopi thinks I can’t loss ahem…. She cries….Flashback….

In Gopi’s ward….

Dr tells Gopi that she has given birth to a baby girl….and…. Gopi asks What..?? Dr says and a boy…. Gopi gets glad. Dr says and a boy who has born dead. Gopi gets shock.

Gopi tells Dr about Mrs. Modi and pleads her to help her for a boy. Dr smirks and says You’ve to give me money…. Then I’ll…. Gopi says I’m ready…. But boy…. Dr tells that Some poor people want to sell their baby boy…. for money….due to poverty. Gopi agrees.

Dr deals with Poor people and gives them 50,00,000. People leaves. Dr. smirks and says They are now lakh patis but I’m…. Crorepati…Oh…..Crorepatni..!! She laughs.

Dr. gives baby boy to Gopi who has born just that day….Dr. asks Gopi for 20,00,00,000. Gopi gives her money. Flashback ends.

Gopi has written all this on paper. She thinks Now…I’ve to die…. There is no meaning of my life….My life is meaningless..!! She cries.

In hall….
All are enjoying Sangeet. Ahem is a little sad but her would be wife, Meera(Mahira Khan) makes his mood. Gopi messages ahem to come to hr room. Ahem, Meera and Mrs. Modi comes to Gopi’s room. Ahem sees a paper having paperweight on it. Ahem takes it to read. He reads and gets shock…He reads….Ahem…I love you…. I wish you live happily with Meera… and I son want to be thorn of you both life and for that…. I’ve to die….I’m going…going from all of far…I’m going to commit suicide from cliff…..Goof bye….You loving Gopi..!! Meera and Mrs. Gopi gets teary eyes.

Ahem, Meera and Mrs. Modi arrives at Cliff. Gopi is shown going to edge of cliff. Meera, Ahem and Mrs. Modi shouts Gopi..!! Gopi turns to see. Ahem says Not do this… please Gopi…. I love you…. Gopi nods no and moves backward. Mrs. Modi folds her hands and says No Gopi….Not do this….I beg you…. please forgive me..!! Gopi says I’ve already forgave you…. and don’t stop me….please….. Gopi says and Meera….promise me…. after me….you’ll take care of my Ahem and my kids. Meera says Not Gopi….Not do this….you’re a good mother…good bahu… good patni….. please….. Gopi gets teary eyes. She moves back and reaches at Cliff’s edge. Gopi smiles. She falls from Cliff. Meera, Ahem and Mrs. Modi runs to cliff’s edge. Gopi is shown falling.

SLOW MOTION AND SPECIAL EFFECTS ARE SHOWN. Gohem love tune plays….All cries.

5 years later….
It is revealed that Meera and Ahem has get married. Ahem and Meera has also start loving each other. But ahem sometime remmber Gopi. Mrs. Modi has realise her mistake. It is also revealed that Meera has miscarriage an can’t be a mother again. Mrs. Modi now don’t care of Baby boy as she repenting still. Meera also loves Gohem’s kids as her own.

The End.

Now you tell, Who was real culprit in this matter..??

• Gopi..?? Who bought a child because of social forcibly and fear of second woman in her life…. Hide her child’s death fact and gave pain to his husband’s trust.

• OR Ahem….Who did not give her wife a chance to say from her side…. and think her wife criminal due to his wishes’ forcibly.

• Or THEN Mrs. Modi…. who threat and insult her Bahu for that desire which was in Lord’s control.

• OR THEN THAT Doctors…. who being proved in playing such dirty tricks.

• OR THEN THOSE POOR PEOPLE HOUSES…. Who sold their kids for just some rupees because of poverty and become criminal.

• Who is real culprit…. Can you decide..??

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  1. Isaaq

    This is like a law problem? Can I do some research on this? I actually like this question you’ve asked us. I want to prove my argument for each culprit and then I will decide the true culprit.

    Does it have to be on the basis of English Law or Indian Law?

    1. Shakaib

      Actually di…its base on social issue of saas Bahu. In which…sagas threats Bahu for grandson… Else she will do this..she will do that…I don’t know about basis of law. Suddenly this idea come in my mind and I take pen to write it. But if you want to research on it…you can…but I don’t know about law. Thanks for comment.

  2. Riana

    Hey Shakaib…Its Marvellous….I truly lov it???…I got emotional at gopi’s death scene???….Yah but in my opinion….all are equally culprit!!!…Thats bcoz Gopi is pregnant and Mrs. Modi forces her to produce baby boy…and thats very bad…So Mrs Modi is the culprit….Gopi who beared Mrs modi all tortures n she too did crime by taking a baby boy from evil doctor by paying money…So Gopi’s is also a culprit…Doctor did all this to come a billionaire…actually he was so selfish n greedy that he didnt care for his hospital patientsn their siblings…So doctor is also a culprit….Ahem too did a bad thing by not trusting his wife…So ahem is also somebit culprit….And those Poor people are the most worst culprit…BCOZ THEY SELL THERE CHILD FOR MONEY….Thats Ridiculous!!!??….Overall you very well???

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you Riana di.

  3. Mansi

    Awesome OS u have done a really gd job??in my opinion all are culprits..But the first and foremost culprits are the poor people who sell there children for money if they only don’t do this then any parents,mother-in-laws,doctors could not take advantage of them and become a billionaire or a mother-in-law who only wants a boy to take care of thr empire or a woman who loves her husband and can do anything even giving money and taking another’s child..But they are not entirely to blame the ones who should be blamed are the poor people who only give them a choice to take advantage of them?u hv raised a vry gd question keep it up??

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you mansi.

  4. such a sad story but happy that meera is taking care of gohem’s children as her own children . everybody is a culprit here , cant decide one among this , because each and everyone have played dirty tricks and brought gopi to the level of attempting suicide . the os was awesome , with a nice message .

    1. Shakaib


      1. yes , ur choice is really good , mahira khan is really good for the character of meera

    2. Shakaib

      Thank you for liking mahira khan.

  5. Jasminerahul

    very sad os.surprised to see bhallas as modis here.y u chose them instead of parag kokila?sad that Mr.Modi died.sad to see Mrs.Modi blaming gopi 4 not producing baby boy.(But u have written that gopi gave b’th to a baby boy.Was it a mistake?)4 a boy she wanted ahem to remarry.foolishness.bcz tho God gives us boy/girl its the man’s body which decides the s*x of the baby,not a woman;s uterus.most of d ppl r unaware of its the man who has to be prevent Ahem’s remarriage gopi bought a baby boy.but sahir’s accident exposed gopi n modis got rid of her.very gopi committed suicide in front of painful.this opened the eyes of Ahem n Mrs.Modi.but good that god punished them.Ahem’s wife Meera had miscarriage n cant conceive again.Good that Meera loves gohem’s kids.but i wish ahem met with an accident n became sterile n meera left him.bcz a spineless guy like Ahem n his heartless foolish mother deserved a better the main culprit is mrs.modi who asked his son to ditch his wife just bcz she gave b’th to girls.Ahem is equally horrible to obey his mother blindly.gopi did that to save her tho she is at fault she can b 4given.dr is at fault as he took advantage of d situation to make money.poor ppl r disgusting to sell their own child 4 money.i duno if they have to b blamed or not as they did it out of poverty.but its ahem n his mother who irritated me the most.hats off 2 u 4 writing an os on this social issue though u r not a girl

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di for a beautiful super long comment. Yes, it was mistake, first time, Gopi has given birth to girl. I choose Bhallas as MODIS because when I start story I thought of some actresses and actors, who get fit into these roles, so I use them. Yes, you’re right, its man body who decides about the s*x of the baby. We were in 7th standard, when our science teacher tell us about it a little on s*xual reproduction. BTW. How was my choice of using Mahira khan as Meera..??

      1. Jasminerahul

        Mahira suits the character.even bhallas suited the characters

    2. Shakaib

      Thank you di. I will think of bring Mahira in my other story too.

  6. The doctors they should have been like no but instead they were too greedy for money.Awesome os.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Rani.

  7. Hey shakaib! Great story! You did the right thing at end by showing meera cannot be conceived again…the whole family deserve this punishment for their sins…ok in my point of view, the main culprit here is gopi and ahem…because you said they did love marriage…so they must be understanding and supporting each other in all times..but they failed to do here…gopi didnt tell ahem about her problem of her saas (his mom) is threatening her…and ahem didnt trust gopi after sahir’s blood donation…whatever circumstances they are,, due to family,,doctor,,outsiders,, poor people,, rich people,,etc…, anyone cannot come in between a husband and wife’s love and break their trust…these people are nothing important if the love and trust between a husband and wife stands strong…here it is failed between gohem…so they both are the culprits…when they cant trust each other and talk their problems out and find a solution, its better they get separated.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Nandhini di.

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