Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Khushi and Anjali Part 1


“ So Gopi, you have brought Rashi with you as well, good. I asked you for Rashi in exchange of her daughter.” Radha laughs.
“ I’ll do anything for my daughter, where is she?” Rashi Jr screams.
“ She’s in a safe place.” Radha says.
“ I said where is she? Where is Khushi?” Rashi Jr shouts.
“ Gopi, tell this manhoos to shut up and come with me.” Radha shouts.
“ Calm down Rashi, everything will be ok.” Gopi assures. Rashi Jr goes to Radha, Radha grabs her throws towards the edge of the cliff. Gopi gets shocked.

“ Gopi! Years ago you saved Rashi and tried to kill me! Now I will kill Rashi and you will not save her.” Radha screams. Radha picks up a trishul and tries to stab Rashi Jr, but Gopi comes and stops her. Radha slashes her with the trishul, Gopi falls down. Radha stabs Rashi Jr and throws her off the cliff.
“ Rashi!” Gopi cries. Gopi gets angry and comes to strangle Radha, but Radha gets out a gun.
“ Don’t come closer to me Gopi. I killed my daughter and I don’t care if I kill my sister.” Radha warns, she runs to the car where Khushi is revealed to be in. Radha goes and drives off. Ahem arrives in his car.

“ Ahem Ji, follow her, she has Khushi.” Gopi screams, Ahem and Gopi get into the car and follow Radha’s car. Radha’s car ends up falling from the cliff, exploding into pieces. Gopi is shocked. She comes out of the car, she looks at where the burning car is the forest. Radha and Khushi were dead. Gopi breaks down. “ We lost Rashi and Khushi today. Ahem I have lost. I came back as Durga to punish Maaji’s murderer but Maaji’s murderer has killed two others from our loved ones. I have lost.” Gopi cries. Ahem comforts her. Ahem and Gopi go back home to reveal the sad news.
They arrive at the Modi house, where everyone is waiting for them. Meera comes. “ Maa, where is Khushi and Rashi? Where are they?”
“ Dead, they have left us forever. Radha killed them and Radha herself is dead as well now.” Gopi said. The Modi family cry in agony over the loss of Khushi and Rashi. Adam comes to Gopi.
“ You are the real murderer Gopi. Because of you, I have lost my wife and daughter. Why did you even come back as Durga to save us all? If you never came back, my wife and daughter would be alive!” Adam shouts.

“ Mind your language!” Ahem shouts.
“ He is right Ahem Ji. Because of me this family has suffered a lot. I have no right to live here as I could not save Khushi and Rashi.” Gopi cries. Rashi Sr comes.
“ Gopi don’t leave please. 18 years we were broken without you. Don’t leave.” Rashi pleads.
“ I am sorry. I will stay with the Agarwals from now on. Everyone was happy when I was there.” Gopi leaves the Modi house.
10 years later
In Jaipur, there is a powerful family of the Chandras. They were the richest family in Jaipur. The ruler of the Chandras was a woman called Sanjana Chandra. Sanjana is walking down the stairs, when a young girl comes in the house. She just came back from a party. Her name was Anjali, Sanjana’s granddaughter.
“ I told you that you were supposed to come back from your party at 10. It is 11 right now. You foolish girl.” Sanjana shouts, revealing her face. It was Radha, with another new name.
“ Everyone is asleep though. Come on Dadi, you love me so you will forgive me.” Anjali hugs Sanjana. Sajana kisses her forehead.

“ Go to sleep and wake up the gawar. I need her to do some work.” Sanjana orders.
“ Ok.” Anjali walks off and enters a room with a girl sleeping. “ Get up, you stupid girl!” Anjali screams. The girl gets up, confused.
“ What happened?” The girl asked. She comes out of her bed.
“ Dadi is calling for you. You are supposed to do work for us. I have a party tomorrow as well and I want you to do all the arrangements. Don’t mess everything up. Dadi has arranged for some boy’s family to see me for marriage and I don’t want you to ruin everything.” Anjali orders. The girl walks out her room and walks down the stairs. Sanjana is waiting.
“ When I brought you into this house, I didn’t keep you here so you can be lazy. You are a servant here that’s it. Anjali probably told you about tomorrow, do what she says.” Sanjana says.
“ But is Maa’s birthday tomorrow. I wanted to go the temple.” The girl says.
“ Khushi, your mother and father are dead. Why would bagwan care about an orphan like you? You are a manhoos. If I wasn’t so nice, I would thrown you into an orphanage 10 years ago. Now start the arrangements. You wont sleep till the party is over.” Sanjana says and she walks off. Khushi cries, remembering her times at the Modi family.

Precap- Khushi comes to serve the drinks to the boy’s family. The boy’s mother says that she likes Khushi and would like her as her daughter in law. Anjali and Sanjana are shocked.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. I hope you all like it. This FF will be never ending and I hope to bring different tracks. Right now I am following how SNS started. Khushi will get married into the Dixit family, Anjali will make her married life hell. This FF will probably last for a very long time as my focus will only be on the lives of Khushi and Anjali. Anjali, under her grandmother’s influence, will be the main vamp. Many twists to come…

  2. Modis wont appear in my FF until very long now. In SNS, Gopi found her family after a year and a half. Khushi will also find the Modis after a year and half.
    I am sure you all are fed up of Gopi and the Modis drama because I keep repeating it. So I thought I would leave the Modis out for a long time. Now it will be about Khushi’s and Anjali’s married life in their in laws.

  3. There will be less evil scheming as I have shown enough of that in my previous stories. Now it will be family drama and feel free to give any ideas for tracks in this FF.

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Radha killed her own daughter cruel.She stabbed rashi n threw her off cliff.Is Rashi jr really dead?Since she fell off cliff i’ve some hope.Hopefully she will make a grand come back.Radha escaped with khushi.but seeing d burnt car they were assumed 2 b dead.Adam blamed gopi 4 that.the guilty gopi left modi house.Radha is living as Sanjana now.Khushi is like her slave now.This reminded me of YHM.Y is radha telling khushi that her parents r dead?Is Adam also dead?Sanjana’s grand daughter is spoilt Anjali?how is Anjali Radha’s grand daughter?Can u plz tell me how Anjali is related 2 Radha?I thought Daljeet is Anjali as Sanaya as Khushi is there.But its Anita n i’m happy abt it.I loved her as Anjali in Kavyanjali.Waiting 2 c the boy’s family.So Rashi-gopi track begins again thru Khushi n Anjali.its becoming interesting now

    1. Anjali is step granddaughter of Radha. They are not related. Adam is alive and Rashi is alve too. Khushi has grown up believing that her parents are dead and Radha is her only family and the Modis do not care about her. Radha has lied her because she doesn’t want Khushi to leave her.

      1. jasmine Rahul

        Step grand daughter means?Did Radha marry again?Is Anjali her new husband’s grand daughter?

      2. Umang will be confirmed to be alive. He faked his death Tripti never killed him- it was all a plan to make Radha evil.

      3. No no actually Anjali is Umang’s illegitimate daughter before he died. She took Anjali to her late mothers family in Jaipur.

      4. She is the daughter of Umang’s illegitimate daughter

  5. Hey khushi n anjali’s part was more like yhm when niddhi n ruhi have a car blast….by the way its awsome….i love your ff…pls. comment in my ff(saathiya ek nayi kahani sesaon 2)…and pls. Continue it for a long time…

    1. Sorry khushi n radha

    2. Ok I will do. And I will continue this for a long time. This is like a new drama series now- SNS has started again with Khushi and Anjali.

      1. Yh my inspiration was YHM. I was planning to make Gopi commit suicide and survive but Gopi has already faked her death in my previous FF. Rashi Jr instead was ‘killed’ but really she is alive.

  6. Current track-( probably last for months)
    To make the story interesting, I will take inspiration from Saraswatichandra- there will be a similar storyline. To keep you all interested, I will start a love story between Khushi and Karthik. Khushi and Karthik will struggle to stay together as Anjali prevents them from getting married.
    Fortunately, Karthik and Khushi will get married, making Anjali plan to get married as well into the Dixit family.

  7. Nandhini

    Yeah! Radha’s dialogs as sanjana has reminded me of urmila at the beginning of saathiya serial…and also some parts of nidhi from YHM…only one request from me….you can continue dis ff from kushi’s and anjali’s perspective….but pls kill dat radha (sanjana)…i dont want this nasty evil thing alive anymore….plzzzzz…..

    1. Maybe Radha could die on Anjali’s wedding… I will think about it

    2. I think she needs to die- she’s done a lot of stuff- thrown Meera from the cliff, molested Jigar, tried to kill Rashi, killed Kokila and now shes kidnap Khushi.
      Yes she is very evil and deserves to die.

    3. I want Anjali is the main vamp so I will probably kill off Radha. We don’t need Radha anymore. Anjali will be a better vamp

    4. Radha will stay alive in this current track which will last for a few months. I will then decide on what to do to her character. Don’t worry Nandhini, Anjali will be the main vamp so we will see less of Radha.

      1. Nandhini

        Thanks a lot Isaaq for hearing out my wish!!???

  8. Ragini

    Why does radha love anjali when she does not have any blood relationship and can u expalain how anjali has relation ship with radha.

    1. Anjali is Umang’s granddaughter that’s why. Before Umang died, he had a illegitimate daughter. 10 years ago, Radha found out and went to Jaipur to find Anjalis daughter and her family, only discovering Anjlalis mother was dead. So Radha married Anjalis stepfather. She loves Anjali because she is blood related to Umang.

      1. Anjalis step grandfather*

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