Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 5

Sindoora lied to the Mehtas and Sharmas that she was going to meet her friends. Sindoora goes to the mental asylum because the doctors told her that her sister was having a seizure. Sindoora runs to the ward room. She cries seeing her sister (Bhavini Purohit) in this state.
“ Didi, its me Sindoora. Don’t be scared na Im here.” Sindoora cries. Her sister hugs.
“ These people are hurting me Sindoora behen.” Sobs her sister.
“ Radha, these people are helping you. They are my friends. Come on go to sleep. Otherwise I will be very angry with you.” Sindoora says. Sindoora puts Radha to sleep and kisses her forehead. The doctor comes and shows her a picture.
“ Sindoora, she reacted due to this picture. It is a picture of a man.” The doctor says.
“ The reason why Radha is in this state is because of this man.” Sindoora says and then she leaves. Sindoora thinks that she wont spare the Modis any longer.
Mr and Mrs Mukherjee plead to Gaura to listen to them. “ Please, your son destroyed our daughter. Our Radha has been shattered. We are telling the truth. I am only a factory worker.” Mr Mukherjee begs.
“ So? It is not my fault you are a factory worker. You need to understand your position. We Modis are here, right at the top and you are here, right at the bottom. Your daughter tried to trap my son Jigar. The court had given its decision that Radha was guilty of falsely accusing my son. Radha admitted it herself. So why are you coming here and disturbing my peace?” Gaura shouts.
“ Our Radha isn’t like that. Please have mercy on us. Here is our other daughter Sindoora. She is only 10 years old. Imagine what she is going through.” Mrs Mukherjee says.
“ This little girl will grow up to be just like her disgusting sister as well. Eh chukri, your sister Radha is a disgusting girl.” Gaura taunts Sindoora. Sindoora fumes.
“ You will be punished soon. You wait and watch Gaura Modi.” Little Sindoora says. “ One day we will meet again and you will be on your knees.” Gaura laughs evilly. Gaura tune plays.
“ Tu chokri is going to defeat Gaura Modi? Never.” Gaura laughs.
“ You’ll see Gaura Modi.” Sindoora says.
Sindoora thinks that has been 7 years since she promised Gaura Modi that she will face her once more. In a few months, she will fulfil her promise of destroying her and the Modis.
The next morning, Shagun and Gopi meet up at a café. “ You know Im glad I get to spend time with my brother’s future wife. I need to get to you know you.” Shagun says.
“ I’m going to order coffee. Im not that hungry.” Gopi says. They order.
“ So Gopi. I want to know more about you. What’s your favourite hobby? Favourite food? Music? Fashion?” Shagun asks.
“ I like reading books. Romantic novels. My favourite food is samosas. I like traditional music and I’m not interested in fashion.” Gopi replies. Shagun yawns.
“ Oh sorry I’m little tired. I couldn’t sleep much last night.” Shagun says. Shagun thinks that Gopi is such a boring girl. What was Dadi thinking? “ So have you had any boyfriends in the past.”
“ Boyfriends? I don’t know. That’s a bit private. And plus, ex boyfriends are the past. I’m marrying your brother now.” Gopi says. A girl (Ekta Kaul) arrives and sees Gopi.
“ Gopi? You here? Oh I forgot that you marrying into a high class family and you need to start to adjust to places like here.” The girl says.
“ Shruti, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Gopi says.
“ Oh please. We are not friends anymore. Do remember that you cheated on my husband with another man.” Shruti taunts.
“ Shruti shut your mouth!” Gopi shouts.
“ I never knew you could stoop so low and go after rich men as well now. Chi!” Shruti says.
“ Listen Gopi. I think we need to leave. This girl is causing a lot of drama.” Shagun says.
“ Ok.” Gopi says. They leave.
“ Yes go Gopi. Go and enjoy your rich lifestyle. When your future in laws find out about your past, they will kick you out!” Shruti shouts.
Shagun drops Gopi at the Sharma house. Shagun calls Gaura.
“ Mama, I have excellent news.” Shagun says happily.
“ Kya, bol. What is the great news?” Gaura says.
“ I know Gopi’s past. A very dark past that could possibly stop this wedding. You know, she has cheated on a man before.” Shagun says.
“ What? Do you understand what you are saying Shagun? Who Gopi is like this? Who is this man?” Gaura asks.
“ All I know that he is Gopi’s old friend, Shruti’s husband. I will find her address.” Shagun says.
“ Excellent. You are indeed my daughter. Bring the man to the engagement ceremony tomorrow. No way will this wedding happen any further.” Laughs Gaura. “ Ok I will put the phone down.” Gaura thinks that finally Gopi and Ahem wedding wont happen now. She praises her daughter. Dadi was listening to the conversation. Dadi fumes.
Dadi goes to her room and calls her goons. “ Suniye, my granddaughter Shagun will be going to some woman’s house. I want you to kidnap her. If we cause her accident, then everyone will rush to the hospital. I cant let her reach that woman’s house.” Dadi says. She puts the phone down. Vamp tune plays. Dadi thinks that she wont let Gaura win so easily.
Urmilla and Sudha are getting Gopi ready for her engagement. “ See Urmi, my branded makeup is better. I am also glad I gifted her jewellery.” Sudha says.
“ Ha, your things are always better. But at least my Gopi is wearing my choice today. She is looking so beautiful today.” Urmilla cries.
“ Maa, why are you crying?” Gopi says. “ You wanted me to get married and now you are sad I am leaving.”
“ Beta I am happy seeing you like this. This was my dream to see you as a bride.” Urmilla says. Urmilla hugs Gopi. The Sharmas leave for the Modi Mansion.
Shagun is driving to Shruti’s house until a car is blocking the road. “ Arey, what is this?” Shagun says. Men come out the car and drag Shagun out of the car. “ Leave me alone.” Screams Shagun. The men tie Shagun and put chloroform on her mouth. Shagun falls unconscious. The men throw Shagun at the back of the car.
At the Modi mansion, Gaura gets message from Shagun saying that Shruti and her husband were out of town and that she was going back to her in laws. Gaura gets frustrated that her plan failed. Dadi smirks evilly as she was the one who just messaged Gaura.
Gaura and Shagun are talking. Shagun gets up. “ Ok mama, Im going.” Dadi bumps into Shagun and their phones fall on the floor. Dadi switches the sim cards.
“ Sorry Shagun, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Dadi says.
“ Its ok Dadi.”
Dadi calls her men. “ Keep her with you till the marriage is over. I don’t want anyone stopping this wedding. I will deal with her myself tonight and then she will stay with you happily.” Dadi says.
The Mehtas and Sharmas arrive at the Modi mansion. Gaura comes and greets them. “ Aiye aiye. We have been waiting for you for so long. Gopi, I will call Ahem down soon. You sit there.” Gaura says.

Precap- Shagun is shocked to see that her kidnapper is Dadi. Dadi threatens to kill Shagun if she tries to stop Gopi and Ahem’s wedding.

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  1. Isaaq

    Just to reveal, Radha will return in season 3 as a vamp played Shubavi k who played Meera in Kyunki Saas and Juhi in Bade Ache Lagte Hai.

    I loved Juhi and Meera as vamps so I thought she will play Radha as the main vamp of season 3.

    1. Isaaq

      She will become the new enemy after Dadi that will try to separate Gohem. She will also try to separate the other couple Priya and Prem, Gohem son and daughter in law.

  2. Jasminerahul

    though vamps sindoora radha scene was very emotional.fb was very cruel to i feel sindoora’s revenge on modis is justified.but if u can plz dont turn sindoora into a complete vamp like ur previous ff.make her like durga fighting 4 justice instead of turning her into evil.surprised that radha will turn evil n come back in juhi’s role.So shagun gopi met n sruti came accusing gopi of cheating her hus who was supposed to be Gopi’s ex bf.Is Sruti cooking up stories or is Sruti misunderstanding Gopi bcz her husband poisoned her mind against Gopi?Surprised to see Ekta Kaul in Sruti’s role.Do u have plans to present Sammy Pihu Suhani luv track in this ff?if so plz unite Sammy Suhani n plz don’t turn Suhani negative like in d show.they spoiled sammy suhani’s beautiful luv story.gaura shagun planned to stop gohem wedding using sruti n her hus.1st time dadi did a good thing by kidnapping shagun n spoiling her plan of stopping .shocking that shagun will come to know that her kidnapper is dadi.Will shagun hide the truth from all?

    1. Isaaq

      I’m sorry but Sindoora is evil. She saw her own parents die and her sister suffer. I need Sindoora as a vamp.

      Ending of season 1 will include Sindoora and Dadi arranging Gaura death and Gopi switching off life machine to end Gaura suffering. Gopi will be sent jail but we eventually have an accident and everyone will think she died. There’ll be a 15 year leap and Gopi was pregnant with Meera.

      Gopi and Ahem will reunite after 15 years. But Gopi will be shocked to know that Sindoora is Ahem new wife. Rashi will be Jigar wife. At the end of season 2, Sindoora and Dadi truth will be revealed.

      However at the end of season 2, Radha will enter and cause accident of Gohem. Both Gohem bodies will go missing for 7 years.

      Season 3, Gohem love story will start once again where both Gopi and Ahem have lost their memories. Radha finds out that Gohem are still alive and will prevent their reunion.

      Also in this season, Sammy and Suhani love story will start. Meera will be in love with Sammy and she will sacrifice her love. Meera won’t be like Pihu because Meera lost her parents in season 2 and became the new guardian of her newborn sister Vidya her new mother. That motherly love made her a good person.

      Gopi will be living at the same house as Priya, who will eventually become Prem wife, prem will be Meera twin brother. However Radha daughter Kaushika will try to separate Prem and Priya.

      Season 4 will focus only on Priya and Prem who will be played by Sanaya Irani and Barun Sobti.

      1. Isaaq

        Radha will be like Meera from Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi. Meera arranged the accident of Savita Tulsi saas

      2. Isaaq

        Radha will look like this. Meera was so cruel in Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi, I can’t believe she killed Savita- for me she’s the most evil vamp.

        I hate Mandira as well?

      3. Jasminerahul

        Sindoora’s family got destroyed because of gaura and jigar. Then why does she have to turn evil and destroy the good people like gohem?that’s why I don’t want sindoora to turn evil completely.

        Happy that Sammy suhani will unite in your ff. Who are going to play Sammy suhani?
        They spoiled kartik natasha love story too.please don’t turn kartik negative in your ff

    2. Isaaq

      Shruti husband poisoned her mind. Shruti husband will be revealed as Radha and Sindoora brother!

    3. Isaaq

      Youre right. But Sindoora won’t listen at all. She wants to kill Gaura and Jigar and Gopi will be against this. Sindoora parents died because of Gaura and now Sindoora wants Gaura to die in front of Jigar eyes and make him suffer like she did. Gopi won’t want this to happen and she will try to stop Sindoora but Sindoora won’t listen to her. Hence Sindoora and Dadi will arrange Gaura accident. Gaura will beg Gopi to end her suffering and then Gopi will help Gaura die.

      To save herself, Sindoora will turn the Modis against Gopi. With Gaura death and Jigar suffering, she had to get rid of the only person who could stop her and hence Sindoora got Gopi kicked out of the Modi mansion.

      Radha revenge story will be different. She will try to separate Gohem because they sent her sister to jail. She believed that whatever Sindoora was doing was right. Although Gaura was dead and Jigar was in jail, Radha will be alone and will blame Gohem for her misery.

      Radha will be after Ahem as well. She will love him. Radha was Gopi best friend. It is also revealed that Radha was Ahem ex girlfriend. She will blame Gohem for sending Sindoora to jail and she will also hate Gopi for taking her Ahem away from her.

      Hence she will cause Gopi and Ahem accident and both will lose their memories. Gopi will go missing.

      7 years later, Gopi will re enter The Modis lives in a new avatar and Gohem love story will begin again

  3. Riana


  4. Shakaib

    Hi isaaq di, first of all, sorry for not commenting, I jut read part 3,4 and 5.You’re really awesome, thrilling,fantastic writer…. So, after the accident, rashi was replaced by sindoora on dadi’s order. Shocked to know about dadi’s past. But why she is againstof her own kids. However, kids are of her husband also. Goehm’s fight was awesome. Waiting for more Gohem scenes in you fan fiction. OMG! Dadi is so evil..!! She even don’t spare her own blood or granddaughter. Radha as sindoora’s elder sister was surprising, please tell, when are you bringing rashi back, because without her, fan fiction is seeming to be that something is missing. Please make her re entry soon, or show where she is..?? FlashBack was emotional. But it will be not good to spoil gohem’s love, because sindoora want her revenge then why will she destroy good persons’ lives. Waiting for more updates and how your exams are going on..?? Take care.

    1. Isaaq

      Rashi will return in her new avatar in the middle of season 1. She has lost her memory. It will cause confusion as Gopi won’t know who is the real Rashi.

      My exams went well. There were only 2 exams and the rest are in the summer.

  5. Issaq di I read this in the school liabary but I couldn’t see Radha avatar since they had blocked it!

    1. Isaaq

      Just search up Meera Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi. That’s Radha avatar

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