Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 4

The Sharmas and Mehtas arrive at the Sharma house. “ Gopi listen to me.” Urmilla shouts.

“ Please Urmilla let her rest.” Nani says.
“ No maa, today I am going to speak to her. When your father was alive, we had high hopes for you. We dreamed you would get married and have children. But no! You want to destroy our dreams.” Urmilla cries. Nani comforts her.
“ But maa, Ahem Modi isn’t a good man.” Gopi pleads and goes to her room. Kokila hears the conversation and goes to Gopi’s room.

“ How could you say that Gopi? I gave birth to him. You have faith in me. Eventhough I never brought up Ahem, I gave birth to him.” Kokila says. “ You know there is a strange connection between me and you. Maybe Krishna Bagwan wants you to become my bahu. Maybe you will solve everything.” Kokila cries.
“ Maasi ji please.” Gopi says.

“ Gopi please marry my son and save him. Only you can save him from Gaura.” Kokila begs. Gopi gets emotional and finally agrees.
“ Ok maasi ji. I promise you. I will marry your son. If Kahna Ji wants this, your son will return to you. He will call you maa for the first time.” Gopi says. They both hug.
At the Modi mansion, Dadi comes in Ahem’s room. “ I am very disappointed with you Ahem today.”
“ Dadi?” Ahem says.

“ What Dadi? You said you were going to marry Gopi? You could of spoke nicely to Gopi and explain to her but you shouted at her. You know if your grandad was alive today, he would have been heartbroken. He had hopes and dreams that you would always be obedient and make our name more greater. But chi, you disappointed us.” Dadi fake cries. Ahem gets emotional.
“ Oh please Dadi forgive me. I will marry Gopi. I promise. I will call Gopi now and we will go on a date and settle everything.” Ahem says. Dadi smirks.
“ That is my grandson. Ok I will leave. You call Gopi na.” Dadi leaves the room. She hides outside the room. Vamp tune plays. Ahem calls Gopi.
“ Hello?” Gopi says. “ What is it Mr Ahem Modi?”
“ Gopi. I thought we should settle our differences. Can we meet tomorrow at 1pm at the Okra Restaurant?” Ahem says.

“ Ok, we will meet then. Bye.” Gopi puts the phone down. Gopi thinks that Ahem Modi is just a strange man. Dadi gets happy hearing the conversation and she goes. Dadi goes to her room. She sees her husband’s portrait.
“ Me? Care about you? I am going to destroy your family.” Dadi says to the portrait.

Dadi’s real name was Kalyani Devi and she became Kalyani Modi after her marriage. She was 14 years old when she was married to Shashank Modi, who was 40 years old. Kalyani was from a poor family. Her father married Kalyani off to the Modis for money. On their sughaat raat, Shashank raped Kalyani and they had a son later on called Chirag and after that, they had another son called Parag and a daughter called Indira. When Kalyani was 17 years old, Shashank brought another girl in to marry. He was going to lock up Kalyani and lie to everyone that she died.
“ Kalyani, come with me!” Shouts Shashank.
“ No!” Screams Kalyani.
“ I will lock you up and make you suffer for the rest of your life.” Shashank says. Kalyani pushes her husband and gets a shotgun and shoots him.

Dadi goes outside the mansion and opens a basement door. She goes inside the basement. She sees a skeleton in chains. She laughs evilly.
“ The truth is that I shot you but you were still alive. So I locked you up here and you died here as well. Nobody heard you screaming. In your absence, I will make this family burn. You took me away from my family so I will ruin your family. I wont let your spirit rest peacefully. You will suffer forever.” Dadi laughs.
In the morning, Dadi wakes up. She calls the reporters to arrive at the Okra restaurant at 1pm. Dadi thinks that Gopi and Ahem had to meet today no matter what.
Gopi goes inside the restaurant. She sees Ahem. “ Oh Mr Punctual.” Gopi thinks. Gopi sits down on the table.

“ Hi.” Gopi says.
“ Hello.” Ahem says.
“ I will order first.” Gopi says. “ Waiter, I wants samoasas, palao rice and gulab juman please.” The waiter leaves.
“ You eat so much.” Ahem annoyingly says.
“ Excuse me, have you seen yourself? Skinny as a stick. Doesn’t your Gaura maa feed you?” Gopi says.
“ Yes she does feed me. You look a bit fatter than before. Has your mother fed you a little too much?” Ahem says.

“ Enough! We came here to talk about our differences!” Gopi shouts.
“ That is what I am trying to do but your Mother India wont listen to me!” Ahem shouts. People start looking at them.
“ You called me fat!” Gopi shouts.
“ Please calm down Gopi. Here the food is already here.” Ahem says. Gopi eats and she gets stains all over her face. Ahem looks at her in disgust.
“ What?” Gopi asks.

“ Cant you eat properly?” Ahem says. “ Eat with a knife and fork. You eat like an animal.” Ahem sneezes. Ahem quickly takes tablets.
“ What are those tablets for?” Gopi asks.
“ My allergy tablets. Oh no these are tablets for migraines. Here are the dehydration tablets. Aha here are the allergy tablets.” Ahem says.
“ You are a weird man. Who carries around so many tablets?” Gopi says.
“ A person who takes care of their health very well.” Ahem says.
“ Whatever. Look Ahem, I think we shouldn’t marry. We are already fighting over small things.” Gopi says. Gopi drops her ring on the floor. Gohem love tune plays. Ahem kneels on the floor and picks up the ring.
“ Oh my God, hes going to propose.” A woman says. Reporters come and take pictures.

“ No listen, it isn’t like that.” Ahem says. Ahem leaves with Gopi. They arrive at the Sharma house. “ Listen Gopi. Sorry about the trouble back there. I will go and tell my family and you go and tell your family that this wedding will not go on.”
“ Ok. Bye.” Gopi says. Gopi goes through the door. And Urmilla runs and hugs her.

“ Oh Gopi Gopi. You made me so happy today. You have finally agreed to marry Ahem!” Urmilla says. Urmilla grabs Gopi’s hand and takes her to the TV. Gopi is shocked to see the news showing Ahem proposing to the love of his life. Urmilla dances with Pairdhi and Mandira. Gopi is emotional seeing her mother so happy.
“ Ha Maa, we agreed.” Lies Gopi.
“ I will call Gaura straight away.” Urmilla says.

At the Modi mansion, Dadi calls Gaura. “ Ji saasumaa?”
“ Look, Ahem is on the news.” Dadi says.
“ Oh, of course he is going to be on the news. He is Ahem Modi.” Gaura says. She looks at the TV and is shocked. Ahem proposed to Gopi?
“ I am so happy Ahem listened to my word.” Dadi says. Ahem comes. “ Ahem, I am so happy what you did today.”
“ What did I do Dadi?” Ahem asks. Ahem looks at the TV and is shocked. Dadi smirks evilly.
“ Ha Dadi. I decided to propose to Gopi today. Make it official.” Ahem says. Vikram arrives with his wife Neha.
“ Ahem, you didn’t tell us you were proposing to Gopi?” Neha says.

“ It was a surprise.” Ahem says laughingly.
“ Stop joking around, I thought you were supposed to share everything with us. But no, you getting married now. You don’t need us. Gopi is going to take care of you na?” Vikram says.
“ No, have you guys lost it? I always need you guys.” Ahem says.
During the evening, Dadi calls Sindoora. “ Suno, after Gopi gets married, only then we can start our plan. You know Sindoora, my husband made me suffer so much and it is hard to believe that his grandson made your sister suffer. Me and your sister share the same fate. That is why I am helping you Sindoora. I want you to destroy this family so I finally have peace.” Dadi says.
“ Sure. Me and you are a team. I am Durga and you are Kali. We have both joined together to get our revenge.” Sindoora says. Gopi enters the room. Sindoora puts the phone down.
“ Rashi? Who were you on the phone with?” Gopi asks.

“ My friend, she just put the phone down now.” Sindoora says.
“ Ok, maa was just making soup. She was asking if you want any.” Gopi asks.
“ No, its fine. Im not hungry.” Sindoora says. Gopi leaves the room. Sindoora thinks that she cant wait for the day she is finally at the Modi mansion.
At the Modi mansion, Gaura is tensed. Gaura calls Shagun. Shagun is lying down on her bed having a manicure and nail varnish.
“ Hello?” Shagun says.

“ Kya hello! You kamini! I have been calling you since yesterday. Why haven’t you been picking up my phone calls?” Gaura shouts.
“ Maa please. I thought Rashi and Ahem were getting married so I thought that you must of done a plan. But I was wrong as I saw on the news that bhai was proposing to that Gopi.” Shagun says.

“ Ha next time ask me before going off. You were so eager to go to your in laws na?” Gaura shouts. “ These days, your in laws are more important than your own mother?”
“ Ok baba. I will call Gopi and tell her to meet up with me at cafe. That way, I can easily get information from her. I will call you back when I have the information?” Shagun says.
“ Ok, but if you don’t call me, I will come myself down there at your in laws and beat you so much.” Gaura says. Shagun puts the phone down and curses her mother.

Precap- Gopi and Shagun are confronted by Shruti, Gopi’s old friend. Shruti taunts Gopi and insults her by saying that years ago she cheated on her ex boyfriend Ronit and now she is going after rich men. Shagun thinks to call Gaura about this good news.

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  1. Isaaq

    Guys do you think Dadi should die? What do you think of her character? She suffered child marriage. Does she have the right to torture the Modis?

    Since Dadi is a extremely dangerous vamp who tortured her own husband for so many years, it won’t be easy for Gopi to defeat her. It took 63 years to defeat Sindoora in Gopi Destiny. Dadi is a more evil vamp. She’s like Kali who will go to any extent to destroy her enemies.

    I want your views. Should Dadi die or should she live longer in future seasons? If she lives, she won’t let Gohem live peacefully.

  2. Dadi should die in the second or third season

  3. Jasminerahul

    Kokila pleading gopi to save ahem from gaura by marrying him was touchy.such emotional scenes should have been there on balh.dadi’s past was shocking.she was tortured a lot n it turned her into a camp and she even tortured and killed her husband. Shocking.for her husband’s sin torturing his innocent family is wrong.i think dadi should die atleast when gohem reach middleage.because its not possible for an old lady to have such a long life time.Gohem date was funny.loved the dialogues.the reporters mistook that ahem is proposing gopi.Ha finally I guess gohem have decided to get married.

  4. Isaaq

    Gaura to die at the end of season 1! It will be inspired by Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi where Dadi will kill Gaura. Gaura and Gopi will share a last Saas bahu bonding where Gaura will request Gopi to switch off life machine and end her life. Gaura begs Gopi to forgive her for her sins. Gopi forgives her and Gopi switches the life machine off to end her suffering.

    Gopi will be proven innocent but the Modis will hate Gopi for what she did. Ahem will kick Gopi out of the Modi house. Kokila will also hate Gopi. Gopi will be pregnant and will bring up Meera. Dadi will win her battle against Gopi.

    Season 2, 15 years later, Meera has grown up and Gohem will reunite again.

  5. Isaaq

    Rashi will be Ahems new wife after the leap. She will be a grey character who will be obsessed wit money.

    Dadi will remain as the main vamp.

    Sindoora ran away with Meera twin brother. After the 15 year leap, Sindoora will be a big business woman and manager of a big actor. The actor will be Gopi son. Sindoora and Gopi will confront when they meet in Australia.

    So Sindoora and Dadi will be the main vamps in season 2 as well. Gopi son and Rashi will be additional negative characters. Gohem will face 4 enemies in season 2?

  6. Isaaq

    I hope you guys love Dadi as the main vamp. She’s so evil and she’s traditional. My previous vamps like Sindoora were very modern.

    Dadi is very conservative. In the next few episodes, she will even try to do black magic. Dadi will be like a living demon. All she knows is destruction.

    In all my stories, my villains my greatest creations. Because evil is so strange. Evil shows us how weird humanity is and how easily people can become corrupted.

    Dadi will the demon that will try to separate Gohem. She will be Ravan that will separate Ram and Sita. She will take the form of Kali to destroy her enemies. But she will fail. True love will always win.

    I can’t wait when Gohem are finally together and she loses. Even as a writer, I can’t wait until she’s defeated.

  7. Riana

    Awsome ep…waiting for the nxt???

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