Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 3

“ Gopi and Ahem’s marriage? Are you serious?” Gaura says.
“ Yes. Ahem needs a wife. You need a bahu in this house. You have become far too old. How long will Ahem stay like this?” Dadi says.
“ But you know how he is. Gopi isn’t his taste. She is a middle class girl. His previous girlfriends have been upper class modern girls.” Gaura says.
“ I will speak to him. He will listen to me. Gopi is a good girl and Im sure she will look after us all.” Dadi says.
“ Ok, but if he shouts at you, don’t blame me.” Laughs Gaura. Gaura is worried. Shagun comes.
“ Maa, why are you so worried?” Shagun says.
“ Your Dadi has just suggested Gopi and Ahem’s marriage.” Gaura says.
“ Gopi? That middle class girl? Has Dadi lost her mind?” Shagun says.
“ Duffar! If Gopi becomes my bahu then Kokila will also come here. Gopi and Kokila have become attached. I cant let Kokila come back here.” Gaura says.
“ Maa, but Niharika wants to marry Karan and Dadi is the elder here. We cant go against her word.” Shagun says.
“ We have to stop this wedding. I wont let Kokila come back to this house. Shagun I need you to spy on Gopi. Find out about her past. Go to the Sharma house.” Gaura says.
“ But Maa, my in laws must be waiting for me. I cant just go and spy on the Sharmas.” Shagun says.
“ Your in laws can go to hell! Main teri maa hu. Listen to my command!” Gaura shouts. Shagun goes.
Dadi knocks on Ahem’s door.
“ Come inside.” Ahem says. Dadi opens the door.
“ Jaisekrishna Ahem.” Dadi says.
“ Oh Dadi, you don’t have to knock. You are elder here. Come come. Do you want any water or juice?” Ahem says.
“ No no, I came here to talk to you. I can ask Gaura to give me juice later.” Dadi says.
“ Go ahead. What do you want to talk about?” Ahem says.
“ Tumhari shaadi.” Dadi says. Ahem gets annoyed.
“ Dadi please. I am happy with my single life.” Ahem says.
“ Please just listen to me. Look at your mother Gaura. She is becoming old and she cannot look after this house all the time. She needs a bahu. Ive decided to get Gopi married to you.” Dadi says.
“ Gopi? The same Gopi who brought Mrs Kokila Desai here and insulted me?” Ahem says.
“ It isn’t like that. Gopi doesn’t know about Kokila’s past. Once she comes here, we will tell her about Kokila’s true nature. You know Gaura is your stepmother but she still looked after you. Kokila left you and Gaura brought you up. I promise Gopi will take care of you. I will make sure she will. And also remember that Karan wont marry until Gopi does. For Niharika happiness, please agree to get married to Gopi.” Dadi says.
“ Ok, but only for Niharika. Tell the Sharmas we will be coming for a proposal.” Ahem says. Dadi gets happy.
“ I knew you would agree. I will tell Gaura to call the Sharmas.” Dadi says. Dadi thinks that her plan was successful. Nobody could stop her now. Dadi leaves the room.
Shagun arrives at the Sharma house. She bumps into an old lady (Sarita Joshi), who was waiting with a woman (Shoma Anand), man (Deepak Duttha), 2 young girls(Lovey Sasan) (Sayantani Ghosh) and a young boy (Anshel Pandey).
“ Cant you watch where you are going?” The old woman says.
“ Sorry forgive me. Actually, I am here to meet the Sharmas. Is this their house?” Shagun says.
“ Yes, I am Urmilla Sharma’s mother. I am Godhavri Thakur. This is my daughter Sudha, her husband Jai and my lovely granddaughters Paridhi and Mandira and my grandson Rahul.” Godhavri says.
“ Oh nice. I get to meet the whole family today.” Laughs Shagun. They ring the door bell. Gopi opens the door and gets happy seeing Godhavri.
“ Nani! Oh I missed you so much.” Gopi hugs Nani.
“ Gopi beta.” Sudha says. Gopi hugs her.
“ Maasi ji. Maa will be very happy to see you all. What a pleasant surprise.” Gopi says.
“ We heard Karan was getting married. And your mother was telling me that Rashi got a proposal this morning” Nani says.
“ Yes, they called this morning. I am so happy.” Gopi says.
“ Gopi behen!” Says Paridhi and Mandira. Gopi hugs them both.
“ Whenever I see you guys, I feel like a little girl again. I missed you two so much.” Gopi says.
“ We missed you too Gopi behen. We have lots of stuff to gossip about later on.” Mandira says.
“ Arey Rahul, you’ve grown so much. How are you.” Gopi says.
“ I am ok Gopi behen.” Rahul says. Gopi sees Shagun.
“ I’m sorry, I didn’t recognise you. Arent you Gaura’s elder daughter Shagun?” Gopi says.
“ Yes, nice to meet you. I am Shagun. You came to my wedding but we didn’t meet. I came to meet you all.” Shagun says.
“ Yes please come in. Our home is your home.” Gopi says. Shagun thinks that she has to sit in this stinky middle class house. Shagun curses her mother for sending her to this horrible place.
Urmilla sees her mother, sister, brother in law and nieces and nephew.
“ Urmi!” Nani says. “ Look at you. You have become a buddhi. Look at your sister Sudha. She still looks like a supermodel and you have gone so fat and old.” Nani says.
“ Maa, you always do this.” Urmilla says. Urmilla hugs Sudha.
“ How are you Sudha?” Urmilla says.
“ Main teek hu. Urmilla, why kind of sari you are wearing? It is old fashion.” Sudha says. “ Look at this diamond jewellery. Jai gifted it to me on my birthday.”
“ Yes it is very pretty.” Urmilla says. Sudha smirks. “ Arey Paridhi, Mandira, Rahul, why haven’t you greeted your aunt yet?” The children hug Urmilla.
“ Urmilla, maa told me that Rashi got a proposal from the Modis?” Sudha says. Shagun is shocked.
“ Wait a minute, a proposal for Rashi from us?” Shagun says.

“ Ha, your mother called this morning.” Urmilla says. Shagun thinks that this must be mother’s plan. Shagun thinks that if Rashi and Ahem are getting married, she doesn’t need to spy on them.
“ Gopi, aunty ji, I have important work. You know, my in laws are calling me. I need to leave sorry.” Shagun says.
“ Ok, your mother invited us to the Modi mansion during the evening. Please do come. We will speak there.” Gopi says. Shagun leaves. Gaura calls Shagun but Shagun angrily switches off her phone.
“ Kamini! How dare you ignore my call?” Gaura says. She throws her phone. Gaura thinks that she needs to do something now. She doesn’t need anyone elses help.
At the Sharma house, Sindoora arrives home. Sudha and Nani are confused seeing her.
“ Urmilla, who is this girl?” Nani says.
“ This is Rashi.” Urmilla sadly says. Urmilla tells them the whole story. Sudha, Nani, Paridhi and Mandira comfort Sindoora.
“ Don’t worry Rashi behen. You still look like a model.” Mandira says.
“ Ha Rashi behen. You don’t need to feel sad. I like your new look.” Paridhi says. Sindoora thinks that these Mehtas are as foolish as the Sharmas. Sindoora smirks
During the evening, the Sharmas and Mehtas arrive at the Modi mansion. They ring the doorbell. Gaura opens the door.
“ Come come, jaisekrishna. Arey, Urmilla, who are these people?” Gaura says.
“ This is my mother, sister, her husband and children.” Urmilla says.
“ Jaisekrishna.” Gaura says to Nani and the Mehtas. “ Rashi, sorry for the loss of your old face. You still look pretty though.”
“ Thank you.” Sindoora says. The Mehtas and Sharmas sit down. Dadi arrives. She greets everyone.
“ Where is Gopi? I cant see her.” Dadi says.
“ Gopi was still getting ready. She will arrive soon with Karan.” Urmilla says. Karunesh arrives and greets everyone. He follows Gaura to the kitchen.
“ Karunesh, why are you annoying me today?” Gaura says.
“ Gaura, what is this? Gopi and Ahem’s marriage? I think you’ve lost your mind these days.” Karunesh says.
“ Shut your mouth. I too don’t want them to get married but do you know, my saas wants them to get married. Ahem agreed too. I sent Shagun to spy on the Sharmas but she didn’t listen to me. I swear ever since she has gone to her in laws, she has forgot her mother.” Gaura says.

“ Oh Gaura calm down. Your elder brother is here to help you. I will help you. We are a team and we will both make sure that Gopi and Ahem wont get married. Your saas wont suspect.” Karunesh says.
“ We will see. That old woman gets on my nerves.” Gaura says.
“ Which old woman Gaura?” Dadi says. Dadi enters the kitchen.
“ Dadi, me and Karunesh, we were talking about the drama serial. The new vamp, the one I told you about. Shes so evil you know. She is getting on my nerves.” Gaura says.
“ Gaura, I told you to bring food, not stand here and talk about drama serials! And you khuttiya! Go and do some work! Whenever I see you, you are being a lazy dog!” Dadi shouts. Dadi leaves the kitchen. Dadi heard Karunesh and Gaura conversation. Dadi thinks that she will never let Gaura succeed in stopping the wedding. Vamp tune plays.
Karan and Gopi arrive. “ Look Gopi and Karan have arrived!” Nani says. Dadi gets excited.
“ Call Ahem down.” Dadi says. The Sharmas and Mehtas get confused. Ahem comes down and greets everyone.
“ I want gift our future bahu with a necklace I brought.” Gaura says. Gaura approaches Gopi and tries to tie a necklace on her. The Sharmas and Mehtas are shocked.
“ What is Urmilla? I thought Rashi was getting married to Ahem. Here, Gopi has got the proposal.” Nani says. The Modis get shocked.
“ Gaura, what is this?” Urmilla says.
“ Urmilla, I called for Gop’s proposal, not Rashi. Gopi and Ahem.” Gaura says.
“ No way I am going to get married to this man. Forgive me Gaura maasi, but I cant get married to a man who hates his own biological mother.” Gopi says.
“ Gopi, just listen to me.” Urmilla says.
“ No, maa. I wasn’t even happy of Rashi getting married to Ahem so why would I be happy? This a ruthless man and immoral. I have never seen such a disgusting man in my life. I am sorry but there is no way I can spend my life with him.” Gopi says. Ahem fumes and gets up.
“ Excuse me, you are not a beauty queen yourself. Have you seen yourself? You go around shouting at people. First you come and try to ruin my sister’s wedding and now you creating drama here? Do you know what? I think you and your family purposefully did this to insult me.” Ahem shouts.
“ What? I am sorry but I don’t do things like that. I am telling the truth, I did not know that the proposal was for me.” Gopi says.
“ Oh please don’t lie now.” Ahem says.
“ Gopi please calm down. Ahem is the one who saved you and Rashi during the accident.” Urmilla says.
“ Ok I am sorry Mr Ahem Modi. Thank you for saving my life, but sorry this wedding is cancelled.” Gopi leaves.
“ Gopi!” Urmilla says. Gaura gets excited and Dadi fumes when she sees Gaura get happy. “ I am sorry Gaura behen. We didn’t know.”
“ It is ok. Please convince Gopi. Jaisekrishna.” Gaura says. Ahem fumes and goes upstairs. Sharmas and Mehtas leave the mansion. Dadi is worried.

Precap- Ahem and Gopi are on a date and they still hate each other. Gopi drops her ring and Ahem picks it up. Dadi sends reporters and they arrive and say that Ahem Modi is proposing to the love of his life.

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  1. Jasminerahul gaura n shagun want to cancel gohem wedding.wonder what they will do.On BALH Ram didnt have gfs.but here ahem had gfs in d past.y did he break up with them?will they return?but sharmas thought d proposal was 4 Rashi.oh…dadi has convinced ahem 2 marry gopi 4 niharika.but gopi has rejected will she agree to marry Ahem?eager to know.poor ahem got insulted.

    1. Isaaq

      He broke up with them because he didn’t like them. Anita was his previous gf and she cheated on him. It was because of Anita, Ahem doesn’t love anyone anymore. Gaura will bring Anita to the wedding to stop the wedding. It’s Dadi vs Gaura during this track.

      Shagun was supposed to spy on the Sharmas. Now Gaura will do it and she will find out that Gopi was to get married to her ex boyfriend but her best friend Shruti ruined their marriage. Shruti told the whole society that Gopi was having an affair with another man. Gaura will use this secret to break the wedding.

      Gopi and Ahem will get together, only for their happiness. They will fall in love towards the end of season 1.

    2. Isaaq

      Dadi wants Gohem marriage only so that Sindoora can marry Jigar and destroy the Modis. Dadi would of got Sindoora married to Ahem but the Sharmas wanted Gopi to get married first. So Dadi decided to get Gopi married to Ahem, so her fake sister Sindoora could get married to Jigar. Dadi is doing this so Sindoora can access the Modi mansion and live there.

      Dadi just wants to see her own family burn. Her husband and son died. She doesn’t care about anyone else hence why she is letting enemies in her house.

  2. Jasminerahul

    On balh apeksha ahem’s ex gf Anita.why does Dadi hate her family this much?

    1. Isaaq

      That answer will be revealed in the next update which I’ve just published. I’ve done two updates today. Part 4 will be up soon

  3. This reminds me of early SNS

  4. Riana

    Really a funny cum dramatic episode….loved the scene when gopi insulted ahem…waiting for the nxt upload soon…???

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