Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 2

Dadi is tensed from seeing Kokila at the party. Her secret had to be hidden. She feared Gopi would bring Kokila back to the Modi house. Dadi had to destroy the Modis before Kokila returns back to the Modi house.
On the other hand, Gaura is also worried about Gopi and Kokila. She felt lonely since Shagun had done her bidai and gone to her in laws. Niharika comes into her room. “ Mom I need to speak to you about something.”
“ Kahye, tell me. What do you want to share with me today?” Gaura asks.
“ Mom, I like a guy but hes from a middle class family.” Niharika says.
“ So? This is good news. Finally you will get married off and will have to live with dirty middle class people.” Gaura asks.
“ Mom stay in your limits. I love him.” Niharika says.
“ No, I am not saying anything wrong. I just feel this marriage is best for you. You need discipline and you need to stay away from all of the luxuries that us upper class people have. We will go in the weekend for a proposal.” Gaura says.
“ Thank you Mom.” Niharika says and she leaves the room.
The next day, Gopi and Rashi are coming back from college. Rashi drives the car. “ Rashi behen drive carefully. There is a lot of traffic.”
“ Ok Gopi. I am a better driver than you. I know how to drive.” Rashi says. Suddenly, a truck comes and rams their car.
“ Rashi behen!” Gopi screams. Gopi falls out of the car and Rashi’s car hits a tree and crashes. Gopi falls unconscious.
Ahem is with Vikram in car and is shocked seeing the accident. “ What happened here?” Ahem says.
“ It looks like a big accident.” Vikram says. Ahem and Vikram come out of the car. Ahem is shocked seeing Gopi on the floor. Ahem picks up Gopi. Gohem love tune plays.
“ Gopi open your eyes. Vikram we need call an ambulance.” Ahem says. Gopi doesn’t wake up and Ahem gets worried. Vikram goes to Rashi’s car and sees Rashi badly injured.
“ Ahem! This other girl is bleeding so much! I’ll call the ambulance.” Vikram says. Vikram calls the ambulance and the ambulance arrives and takes Gopi and Rashi to hospital.

At the hospital, Ahem is with Gopi. “ Doctor, I have an important meeting. Please inform when both girls are ok.” Ahem tries to leave but Gopi grabs Ahem’s hand. Saath Nibhana Saathiya song tune plays.
“ Please don’t leave me.” Gopi murmurs. Gopi closes her eyes again and falls unconscious again. Ahem releases her hand and gets emotional. He leaves. Urmilla arrives along with Karan (Harshad Chopra). Urmilla starts crying.
“ My both daughters! Where is the doctor?” Cries Urmilla. The doctor arrives.
“ Mrs Sharma, Gopi is out of danger but Rashi has been badly injured. We are performing her operation and we are trying our best to save her.” The doctor says. Urmilla continues to cry.
“ Maa, Rashi will be ok.” Karan says. “ Let us go and meet Gopi behen.” They go and Gopi is conscious. Urmilla hugs Gopi.
“ Gopi you are ok. I told you girls to drive carefully.” Urmilla shouts.
“ Maa, we were driving carefully. A truck rammed into our car. It wasn’t our fault. How is Rashi behen?” Gopi says.
“ She is going through an operation.” Urmilla sobs.
“ Maa, calm down. Kahna Ji will save her.” Gopi says. Urmilla and Karan wait outside. The operation stops and the doctor comes outside.
“ I am sorry Mrs Sharma. Rashi is out of danger but we couldn’t save her face. Her face was badly damaged and we had to perform plastic surgery on her. In a small amount of time we had left to save her, we had to give her a new face.” The doctor says. Urmilla breaks down and Karan tries to comfort her. The next day, Urmilla, Karan and Gopi enter Rashi’s ward room. The nurse releases Rashi’s bandages and everyone is shocked to see Rashi’s new face (Amrapali Gupta). The nurse shows Rashi a mirror and Rashi starts crying seeing her new face.
“ Maa! What has happened to my face?” Rashi cries.
“ Rashi beti, calm down. You are still beautiful!” Urmilla says.
“ Ha Rashi behen. You just have to get used this new face.” Gopi says.
“ Excuse me, you have to leave. I need to run a few tests on the patient.” The nurse says. They leave.
“ Maa, Niharika’s family was coming to meet us today.” Karan says.
“ You take Gopi with you. Gopi’s choice is my choice. She will decide what is best for you. I will stay with Rashi.” Urmilla says. Karan and Gopi leave.

In Rashi’s room, Rashi gives money to the nurse. “ Thank you so much nurse. You have done so much for me.” Rashi says. Rashi phones someone.
It is revealed that Dadi is the one Rashi calls. “ Ha, is the job done? Does everyone believe you are Rashi?” Dadi asks.
“ Ha, madam. They do not suspect that I am not Rashi. Thank you. Despite you coming from the Modi family, I am happy you are helping me. Your family destroyed my family.” The imposter says.
The girl’s sister is raped by Jigar. The girl loses the court case against the Modis. The girls’ parents commit suicide. The girl’s sister is being tortured in a mental asylum.
“ Do what you wish to this family, Sindoora. I am not concerned. My only family was my son and husband. I do not care for my grandchildren or bahus. Destroy them completely.” Dadi evilly laughs.
“ I pray to Mother Durga that I will punish the Modis for ruining my life. I was abroad when my sister and parents suffered but now their biggest storm is about to arrive.” Sindoora says.
“ All you need to is marry Jigar and finally you will live amongst your enemies.” Dadi says.
“ How about Gopi and Ahem? What if they become close?” Sindoora says.
“ I will make sure Gopi gets married to Ahem. Once Gopi has become Modi bahu, you use her to get married to Jigar.” Dadi says.
“ Hats off to your plan Dadi. At an old age, you are a dangerous lioness.” Sindoora says.
“ A lioness never ages. She always becomes queen. I will always rule like a queen of the Modis.” Dadi laughs evilly. Vamp tune plays.

At the Sharma house, the door bell rings. “ Bhai, they must be here. I will open the door.” Gopi says. She takes the veneration plate. Gopi opens the door and is shocked seeing Gaura, Niharika and Ahem. She drops the veneration plate.
“Gopi! You? And is this how you greet your guests? It is abshagun to drop the veneration plate.” Gaura says. Karan comes.
“ Gopi behen what happened?” Karan says.
“ Niharika comes from this family, Karan? These people.” Gopi says.
“ Listen Gopi, Karan and Niharika love each other a lot.” Ahem says.
“ Oh you just shut up Mr Modi!” Gopi shouts.
“ Gopi please I understand there was a lot of misunderstandings before but we want to start a new beginning. I care about my daughter’s happiness.” Gaura says.
“ Ok come in and be quick. If maasi ji comes and sees you, she will cause another problem.” Gopi says. The three Modis enter. They all talk and Gopi happily agrees. “ I am very sorry. I misunderstood you all. Niharika seems like a good girl.”
“ I have one condition though.” Karan says.
“ Which is?” Gaura asks.
“ The wedding wont happen until Gopi isn’t married off.” Karan says. Gopi is stunned.
“ What are you saying Karan?” Gopi says.
“ Yes. I want you to get married before me.” Karan says.
“ Ok Gopi we need to leave before Kokila arrives. Please inform me when Karan is ready.” Gaura says. The Modis leave.
Gaura sits on her sofa in the Modi mansion. Dadi arrives. “ Did they agree?”
“ Yes they agreed. It was Gopi’s brother. But Gopi has forgiven us. The problem is, Karan wont get married until Gopi does.” Gaura says. Dadi gets excited.
“ Why don’t you get Gopi and Ahem married?” Dadi says.

Precap- Gopi creates drama in the Modi mansion shouting that she doesn’t want to get married to Ahem Modi because he is ruthless and immoral. She further insults Ahem.

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  1. Has gopi destiny ended

    1. Isaaq

      Yes Gopi Destiny ended with Sindoora death

  2. Isaaq

    I did a shorter part today. I’m busy studying for my exam which is on Wednesday. Finally Dadi true colours are revealed. Sindoora has made her entry. Rashi has been kidnapped by Dadi. Rashi is in coma and will return towards the end of season 1.

    Will Sindoora and Dadi succeed in destroying the Modis? Will she separate Gohem? When will Gaura realise that her mother in law is evil? Will Gaura eventually turn positive and bring Kokila back to the Modi mansion?

  3. Awesome update isaaq di, I think you’re fan of ek hassina thi also. It was thrilling show. A sister foughting with her enemies to get justice for her sister’s rape case. So, after today’s update, I think rashi(rucha) will be back. Right..?? You have move story so fast. Hats of to see that you’ve make harshad chopra as karan. Precap is giving anxiety as gopi will first time insult ahem. Waiting for more exciting updates. Who will play role of sindoora’s sister..??

    1. And yes all the best for your exams.

    2. Isaaq

      I don’t think the story is moving fast. Even though another vamp has entered the show, Gohem wedding is still left. Gohem will still try to not get married as they hate each other but eventually they will get married.
      Then Gopi will get married and she will be treated as a servant by Gaura and Shagun. Dadi will pretend to side with Gopi. Gaura will plan evil schemes against Gopi.

      Sindoora secretly will plot against the whole family. Just like Durga plotted against each Goenka member, Sindoora will do that. Both Gopi and Sindoora will be the main heroines of season 1 until Sindoora eventually turns against Gopi.

    3. Isaaq

      Radha will be Sindoora sister played by Bhavini Purohit.
      Radha will enter the Modis lives during season 2 for her revenge.

  4. Riana

    Wow….the storyline is twisted now….First i thought gaura will seperate gohem but now Sindoora n Dadi will seperate them…interesting!!!…Well Is dadi Surekha sikri??…

    1. Isaaq

      Yep Dadi is surekha Sikri. She is an evil woman. She always wants power. She likes playing around with people and treating them like her slaves. Dadi is a conservative woman who is very traditional. Gopi will challenge this power and Dadi will decide to oust Gopi out of Modi mansion. It is youth vs old. Modern vs traditional.

    2. Isaaq

      Summary of seasons is below

  5. Jasminerahul

    i was waiting 4 this ff daily.good that gaura supports niharika karan relation tho karan is middle class as she wants her daughter to have discipline.surprised to know that karan is harshad BALH kartik became grey later.hope karan remains good like this.shocked abt rashi gopi’s accident.gopi in unconscious state telling ahem not to leave her alone was lovely.i was sad when Rashi had plastic surgery n became Amrapali.but happy that actually she is sindoora n d real rashi is kidnapped by dadi.So sindoora has come to take revenge on Jigar 4 raping her sis.reminded me of Ek hasina.Did Jigar rly rape sindoora’s sister?wonder how Jigar rashi will unite if Jigar is a rapist.i don’t understand y dadi does’nt bother about her own grandchildren.loved these dialogues-At an old age, you are a dangerous lioness.” Sindoora says.
    “ A lioness never ages. She always becomes queen. I will always rule like a queen of the Modis

    finally gopi accepted niharika karan relation.karan is such a nice brother to think of gopi’s marriage dadi wants gohem 2 get married 2 help sindoora.curious to know how the same dadi will decide to separate gohem.

    all d best 4 ur exams.hopefully after exams u will update regularly

    1. Isaaq

      Karan will remain positive as I don’t want to ruin his character- I really liked Karthik and the cvs had to ruin his character.
      Rashi will get married to Ahem during 15 year leap like Aisha and Ram did in BALH.

      However after Gopi return, Rashi will eventually be paired with Ahem younger brother who will be played by Vishal Singh.

      Sindoora will return in season 2 along with Gopi long lost son and twin of Meera. Inspired by Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Gopi son Prem will be negative when he returns.

      Meera will also be grey like Pihu did. She will be having an affair with Varun (Rohan Mehra).

      Dadi will still be the vamp during season 2 and she will be behind everything.

      Towards the end of season 2, Gopi will give birth to Vidya and then later on, when Varun commits suicide, Gopi will go into coma and Ahem body will go missing. Meera will take the responsibility of Vidya and will take the mother role. After this, a 10 year leap will happen!

      So very exciting seasons coming in the show. Sad thing is, Dadi will never lose until the end!

      1. Isaaq

        Yes Meera will fall in love with Vikram son (it’ll be a happy track) there’ll be no Suhani at all to interfere between Meera and Vikram son. Meeras life will be settled in her in laws and she will continue to be positive- it’ll be emotional for Meera to leave Vidya as she had raised her for 10 years like a mother.

        Prem will be evil for quite some time. However he will turn good and fall in love with a rich spoilt girl. This spoilt girl will become Gopi daughter in law. The spoilt girl will be like Komolika.

        Prem real lover will be Priya played by Suhani from BALH. Prem and Priya will become the new Gohem. After Dadi defeat, Prem first wife Komolika will become the new vamp. Komolika will try and separate Priyam as she is after Modi property. Prem will be played by Vikas Sethi. This will be season 4 story and from season 4, Priyam will become the leads whereas Gohem will be given less importance.

    2. Isaaq

      Rashi will play a similar role to Aisha from BALH, Sampada and Aparna from Kasauti Zindagi Ki. She will try to separate Gohem
      in season 2. Negative Rashi to return!!! We haven’t seen a negative Rashi for ages since early SNS 2 years ago

      1. Jasminerahul

        Rashi was never negative on sns.she was just grey.she was only obeying her mother. But she used to help gopi in all her difficult times though she always troubled gopi due to jealousy when gopi was happy

    3. Isaaq

      I agree with you that Rashi was grey. Rashi in my ff will also be grey(which is what I meant)
      Season 3 will probably be my favourite season as Gopi will wake up from coma and see that her evil son Prem has taken over Modi property and Ahem has gone missing as nobody could find his body. For 10 years, Meera has taken care of Vidya as a mother. The evil Dadi will still be living with the Modis as nobody still knows her secret.

      Meera has become positive after the accident and her affair with Varun after 10 years. Her love story will begin…

      1. Jasminerahul

        is meera’s love interest vikram’s son like in BALH?
        Prem too was only grey in KZK.He turned positive on KZK n had a beautiful luv story with mukti,shivani n prem is evil or just grey n will have love story?

    4. Isaaq

      Not sure what will happen to Gaura. Gaura might die like Niharika did in BALH

      1. Isaaq

        And Kokila will return to the Modi house and take Gaura place. Dadi won’t like this as she always wanted Kokila to be away from the Modis

    5. Isaaq

      Jennifer Wiget to play Kaushika, Prem first wife and the new vamp after Dadi. She is very stylish so i chose her as the new vamp.

    6. Isaaq

      Actually I changed my mind. Priya and Prem will be played by Arnav and Khushi from Iss Pyar Ka Kya Naam Doon. They’ll
      Become the new leads in season 4 with Kaushika(Jennifer Winget) as the main antagonist.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Who is Priya?i did’nt recognize her.

    7. Isaaq

      Priya will be played by Sanaya Irani who will be Prem second wife and love interest. Barun Sobti to play Prem.

  6. Riana

    Isaaq n Shakaib whats all this??…You didnt commented in my phone yet??

    1. Riana


    2. Riana

      I mean in my ff

    3. Isaaq

      Lol sorry. I’ve been studying for exams

      1. Riana

        Its okay??…bst of luck for exams

    4. Isaaq

      I’ll comment now actually

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