Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 1

The city of New Delhi was lively. Today, there a beauty pageant registering going on. A young woman rushes to the queue to register her sister to join the beauty pageant. She reaches the front of the line. “Madam, you don’t look like a model? Are you sure you want to participate in this beauty pageant?” The lady asks.
“ Are you crazy? No, I am writing my sister’s name down. Her name is Rashi Sharma.” The woman says. Her face is shown (Devoleena Bhattacharjee). Another woman is in the taxi. She is arguing with the taxi driver.
“ Eh, do you know who I am? I am Urmilla Sharma, Rashi Sharma who is supermodel, her mother. I should be in limos and Mercedes. Chi, if you are asking for more money, I’ll give it to you.” The woman’s face is shown (Vandana Vithlani). “ Gopi! Where are you?”
“ Maa I am here!” Gopi says.
“ Arey, have you registered Rashi into the competition?” Urmilla says.
“ Yes, but where is Rashi?” Gopi says.
“ I am here!” Rashi says. She is shown (Rucha Hasabnis) Rashi tune plays- (Din din tharara din din). “Your beauty queen is here!”
“ Eh, I am the only beauty queen here! Who’s daughter are you? My daughter!” Urmilla says.
“ Ok mama, can we go inside now, I am getting late.” Rashi says. They go inside the studio. They get Rashi ready. Urmilla looks at Gopi.
“ Gopi, Rashi is going to be a very rich supermodel and marry a rich man but you? I always worry about you. When will you get married?” Urmilla says.
“ Maa, I am fine. I don’t need to get married. I am happy like this. Ok mama I need to go to teach my lectures to my students.” Gopi says.
“ You promised to be help Rashi today and you are running off to your classes? Chi.” Urmilla says.
“ Mama, I have to go. I promise as soon as my classes are over, I will come back.” Gopi says.
“ Are you sure?” Urmilla says.
“ Ha baba, I will come back. Bye.” Gopi hugs Urmilla and Rashi and goes.

In Malaysia, in a business meeting a man is introduced talking to his foreign delegates. His face is shown (Mohammad Nazim). “ Ok men, the meeting is over.” The man walks out of the office alongside his best friend, Vikram (Jai Kalra).
“ Ahem, do you realise its Shagun’s wedding tonight and we have to be there?” Vikram says.
“ Of course. I am her big brother and I arranged everything. I have to be there for Shagun.” Ahem says. Ahem calls Shagun.

In India, Shagun (Anita Hassanandi) is shown in a bride attire. She picks up the phone. “ Hello bhai! I am missing you!”
“ Shagun, how are the preparations going?” Ahem asks.
“ Very good bhai! I will give the phone to mama.” Shagun says. She gives the phone to a woman who was sat in hair rollers in her head with a face mask (Vandana Pathak). Her name was Gaura. Gaura groans in disgust when Shagun tells her Ahem is on the phone.
“ Oh hello Ahem. How was your business trip?” Gaura asks.
“ It was really good maa. We got a really good deal.” Ahem says. Gaura gets excited of the fact that Ahem will be bringing in more money.
“ Very good. Well, please come quickly to Shagun’s wedding. We need you here. Jaise Krishna.” Gaura says, she puts the phone down.
“ Bhai always annoys us.” Shagun says.
“ He is a stupid duffer. I cant stand him at times. But what can I do. I cant kill him because he is our money making machine. I hope he never makes it to the wedding.” Gaura says.
“ Maa, don’t spoil your mood because of him.” Shagun says. A phone rings. Shagun picks it up and gets shocked. She gives the phone to Gaura and Gaura fumes. Gaura goes outside Modi mansion and meets a woman (Rupal Patel).
“ Kokila, bechari Kokila. Why have you come here? You are lucky your son Ahem isn’t here. He would have been furious seeing your kagdi face here” Gaura says.
“ Please Gaura. I want to meet Ahem just once.” Kokila pleads.
“ Eh kagdi. What did I just say? Are you deaf? He is not here!” Gaura shouts. “ If I see you here again Kokila I will get you arrested. We are powerful people and we can get you poor people behind bars so easily.”
“ Please.” Kokila pleads. Gaura tune plays. Gaura grabs Kokila and throws her out of the gate.
“ Get out! Your husband Parag divorced you and he died years ago. You have no place here. Only I have right over Ahem. You are just a shadow Kokila. A dark shadow in our lives. Now go before I call the police!” Kokila goes. Kokila walks on the streets. A car is about to run her over when Gopi runs and saves her.
“ Aunty are you ok? Eh cant you see the road properly?” Gopi shouts at the driver who apologises. Kokila feels a strange connection with Gopi and gets emotional seeing her.
“ I am ok dickri. I wasn’t watching the cars going past.” Kokila says.
“ No you look hungry and you are not wearing clean clothes. You are coming with me to my house. I have just come back from school. I was just heading home.” Gopi says.
“ No I am fine. I will go.” Kokila says.
“ No I wont let you.” Gopi says. Kokila laughs.
“ Ok, if you insist. I will go with you. What is your name?” Kokila asks.
“ Gopi Sharma. What is your name?” Gopi asks.
“ Kokila Desai.” Kokila replies.
“ From now on, I will call you maasi ji.” Gopi says. Gopi takes Kokila to her house. Nobody is at home. “Looks like papa and bhai are not at home.” Kokila suddenly faints and Gopi panics. Gopi calls the doctor. Doctor comes out of the room and approaches Gopi.
“ Doctor, what is the matter?” Gopi asks.
“ She fainted due to starvation. She has not eaten in days.” The doctor says. Gopi is shocked.
“ How about her family members?” Gopi says.
“ You have to call the police to find out about that but one thing madam, Mrs Kokila Desai is not registered on medical records or any records at all. She hasn’t eaten in days. I think she is homeless.” The doctor says.

“ We need to find out. I wonder what maasi ji’s story is.” Gopi says.
Back at the Modi mansion, Gaura is still furious and Shagun is trying to calm her down. “ Maa, bhai isn’t even in India. Don’t worry.” Shagun says. Gaura tune plays
“ That Kokila is becoming more dangerous Shagun. What have we not done to her Shagun? We made stole her land and made her homeless. Did you see how crazy she was to meet her son? She has gone mad after the torture we gave her!” Gaura says.
“ Eh we? It was my plan to steal her land. Thank God her mother and father died of old age and Bagwan finally took her parents. Once they died, I thought of a plan to make her suffer a little more.” Shagun says.
“ Yes of course. You are my daughter. You get the cunning mind from me. Understand?” Gaura laughs. “ Your plan was mind blowing. You should of seen her state!” Laughs Gaura. “ Bechari looked hungry and her clothes were dirty.”
“ Maa, it was the best idea. She is suffering more on the streets than jail or mental asylum. Don’t worry, we are Modis and she will never be dangerous for us.” Shagun says.
“ You don’t know Kokila as much as I do. Once she gets her strength, she becomes a lioness. This is just her weak state. It took me so many years to brainwash Parag. It took me so many years to destroy Kokila. If Kokila gets her strength back anyhow, we will face big trouble.” Gaura says.
Back at the Sharma house, Kokila regains consciousness. Gopi gets happy. “ Doctor, she has woken up.” The doctor comes and examines her. He writes a list of medicine and gives it to Gopi.
“ Here a list of medicine Mrs Desai needs. Ill be setting off. If you need anything, please call me.” The doctor leaves.
“ Maasi ji, you are ok now. I just need to give a few medicines to you.” Gopi says.
“ Nay Gopi. I need to meet my son Ahem. I wont be ok until I meet him.” Kokila says.
“ Your son? Ahem? Please tell me why are you in this state? Do you have a home?” Gopi asks. Kokila cries and tells her the whole story.
“ My husband left me for Gaura and I was left single. Parag took custody of Ahem and I have lived 10 years without my child.” Kokila cries.
“ This Gaura? Who was she?” Gopi asks.
“ Gaura was my childhood best friend. We were like sisters. 21 years ago, I got married to Parag and I left my village. Gaura was really upset when I left the village. Then a year later, Gaura’s parents died and Gaura and her brother Karunesh were left orphans. I requested Gaura and Karunesh to come and live with me at Modi mansion. Gaura and Karunesh agreed. Once they moved to Modi mansion, Gaura became obsessed with luxury that she plotted alongside Karunesh to trap Parag. Gaura and Parag had a child called Jigar when they were having an affair. When Jigar was born, Parag divorced me and I was kicked out of the mansion. Ahem was only 1 years old when Parag took his custody and Parag died 6 years later. I returned to my maternal home and only 5 years ago, my parents died. Gaura’s daughter Shagun and Gaura plotted against me and they claimed my land. I have been homeless for 5 years.” Kokila cries. Gopi sobs as well hearing Kokila’s sad story.
“ 21 years you have suffered and you still have strength to live and endure your pain. I promise you I will take you to meet your son. Where is Modi mansion?” Gopi asks. Kokila tells her the address. Gopi and Kokila go to the Modi mansion.

At the Modi mansion, Gaura is shouting at the decorators and caterers. “ Meri beti ki shaadi hai, do you understand? Everything has to be perfect!” Another girl enters the house wearing western short clothes.
“ Maa!” The girl says. Her name was Niharika (Krystle Dsouza). Gaura fumes seeing her western clothes.
“ What have you worn? Your elder sister’s wedding is in an hour and you have worn these dirty clothes?” Gaura shouts.
“ Oh maa, I will go and change. It was a fashion show today.” Niharika says.
“ Bas! Tu humesha fashion fashion karte hai and you don’t bother about anything else. Now go!” Gaura shouts. Niharika goes. A man (Salim Shah) bumps into Gaura half drunk.
“ Eh cant you see where you are going buddhi?” The man says.
“ Buddhi teri maa! Karunesh it is Shagun’s wedding soon and you are drunk! Listen, I don’t want anything to go wrong today. Already Kokila came earlier and caused a lot of drama.” Gaura says.
“ Kokila came here! Humari Kokila?” Karunesh says.
“ Of course humari kagdi Kokila. How many Kokilas do you know?” Gaura says. “ She wanted to meet Ahem but I kicked her out of the gates.”
“ Brilliant! You have gone on me.” Karunesh says.
“ Uff I forgot Parag’s mother is coming! Meri saas! What will I do?” Gaura says.
“ The buddhi is coming today?” Karunesh panics.
“ She is coming in 5 minutes.” Gaura says. She shouts at everyone to keep everything tidy. “ The old witch is going to make my life miserable today.”
“ What did you call me Gaura?” An old woman (Kalyani Devi) enters. “ Which old witch?”
“ Nay saasumaa. I was talking about this new drama serial and there is a new vamp entering the show. I was just telling Karunesh how the vamp’s entry is going to me miserable when I watch it tonight.” Gaura says.
“ Khuttiya, is she telling the truth?” Dadi says.
“ Ji maasi. Gaura was just upset about her drama serial.” Karunesh says.
“ Eh Gaura, sometimes you should focus on your housework rather than sitting watching drama serials. Look how fat you have become Gaura sitting around doing nothing. At this age, you should be exercising so you live a longer life.” Dadi says. Dadi sits on the sofa.
“ Maasi, do you need anything?” Karunesh says.
“ Go and get me a drink!” Dadi shouts. Karunesh runs to get a drink and comes back. “ Gaura, why are you standing there? Massage my feet!”
“ Sorry saasumaa. I will massage your feet.” Gaura says. She massages her feet.
Kokila and Gopi arrive at the Modi mansion. “ Is here maasi ji?” Gopi asks.
“ Yes, this is the house.” Kokila says. Karunesh comes out of the mansion and sees Kokila and Gopi.
“ Kokila here? Who is that girl with her?” Karunesh says. “ Guards, get those two women and bring them here.” The security guards run after Kokila and Gopi, but Kokila and Gopi hide. Karunesh runs inside and tells Gaura.
“ She is back here? Again? And a girl is here along with her as well. I wont spare this girl as well!” Gaura says.
“ Gopi, there are security guards everywhere. How will we enter inside?” Kokila asks.
“ Maasi Ji, we will wear burkhas and enter the house. We need to distract the guards.” Gopi says. She goes across the street and starts a fire. The guards run to the fire. Kokila and Gopi enter the mansion wearing burkhas.
Inside Modi mansion, Shagun and her groom Eklavya (Rishi Dev) are sitting at the mandap. The priest tells Gaura to call the bride’s elder brother. Ahem steps forward.
“ Jigar beta, you go.” Gaura says. Jigar (Karan Wahi) does the ritual. Ahem is upset. Gaura and Karunesh giggle at Ahem quietly. Gopi and Kokila are looking for Ahem.
“ Maasi ji, where is Ahem?” Gopi says. Kokila sees Ahem near the mandap. Kokila goes to approach him. Gaura detects a strange woman going towards Ahem. Gaura walks in between.
“ Eh where are you going? Who invited you here?” Gaura says. The Modis and guests look. Gaura lifts Kokila’s veil and everyone is shocked. Ahem is stunned seeing his mother.
“ Please Gaura I want to meet my son.” Kokila pleads.
“ Kabhi nahi Kokila. You entered in these clothes to sneak into my house and destroy my family’s happiness today? Tumhari himut kaisi hui!” Gaura shouts.
“ Gaura please.” Kokila begs. Gaura raises her hand to slap Kokila but Gopi comes and holds her hand. Gaura is shocked. Gopi removes her veil.
“ Don’t you dare harm maasi ji?” Gopi says. Gopi releases Gaura’s hand.
“ Or what? Who are you? Are you also a gareebi aurat who has come along with Kokila to steal here?” Gaura asks.
“ My name is Gopi Sharma. I found maasi ji and she told me to bring her here to meet her son Ahem. Why kind of aurat are you to separate a child from his mother?” Gopi says.
“ That is my real mother you are talking to Gopi Sharma!” Ahem shouts. Ahem approaches Gopi.
“ But maasi ji is your mother? Gaura is your step mother.” Gopi says.
“ Who are you to decide who is my real mother in my family? This Kokila Desai left me when I was one years old. When she left me, then maa came and brought me up. Maa has every right to keep Kokila Desai away from me!” Ahem shouts. Kokila breaks down in tears.
“ The woman who brought you into this world, you hate her?” Gopi says. The guards arrive.
“ Guards remove these two women from here. They are ruining my sister’s wedding.” Ahem says.
“ Curse men like you! You rich men are all ruthless. You don’t understand any mother’s love at all. I hate men like you!” Gopi shouts. Gaura approaches Gopi.
“ Eh Gopi. I don’t know you but don’t become an enemy in my life, do you understand? If you bring Kokila here again, then you will end up just like her.” Gaura warns Gopi. Gopi takes Kokila and leaves.
Gopi and Kokila arrive back at the Sharma house and there is a party going on with all of Urmilla and Rashi’s friends. Urmilla opens the door. “ Gopi where were you? And who is this?”
“ Mama, I was with Kokila maasi. Maasi Ji, this is my mother, Urmilla Sharma.” Gopi says. Kokila greets Urmilla.
“ But Gopi, why have you brought her here?” Urmilla asks.
“ Mama, her family has kicked her out and she has nowhere to live. I’ve decided that she will live with us for the time being.” Gopi says.
“ Sure, we always welcome guests.” Urmilla says. Urmilla takes Kokila to the guest room. Gopi brings flowers to Rashi.
“ Rashi behen, I heard you won the beauty pageant. Congratulations!” Gopi says.
“ Thank you Gopi. You are so sweet!” Rashi says. Rashi tune plays.
“ Rashi, is this your sister? Shes so plain and simple. I could never believe that she is your sister. No wonder nobody wants to marry her.” Rashi’s friend says. Rashi says shush. Gopi pretends she doesn’t hear and goes to the kitchen. Rashi feels bad.

Precap- Gaura, Niharika and Ahem arrive at the Sharma house for a proposal for Karan, Gopi and Rashi’s brother. Gaura, Niharika and Ahem are shocked to see Gopi.

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  1. Isaaq

    Finally! My Bade Ache Lagte Hai inspired fan fiction has begun. I know I brought suspense in the very first part. Ive introduced the main vamp Gaura and the heroine Gopi who has become attached to Kokila.
    Gaura in this ff is as evil as her character in the show. Gaura without any reason other than trying to live a wealthy life, ruined her own best friend’s marriage. But unlike her character in the show, this Gaura has motherly love and that his her only positive trait. She is somewhat a grey shades character. There is a bigger vamp than Gaura in season 1 which Gopi will expose. A vamp involved with the Modi’s past- it is up to you guys to guess who is the mysterious vamp.

    Gopi and Ahem hate each other but they don’t know that they are soul mates. Karan will request his parents to get Gopi married before he gets married to Niharika. Sharmas will get confused that the Modis have brought proposal for Rashi but will be shocked to know it was for Gopi. Gopi will be angry and insults Ahem’s character. However, eventually fate will still bring them together. After their marriage, Gopi’s efforts to bring Kokila back to the Modi house will make Ahem fall in love with Gopi. Because of Kokila, the two soulmates will unite. However, Gaura will become the obstacle in their path and she will decide to oust Gopi out of the Modi mansion.

    So the mahabharat of Gopi in season 1 is to bring back Kokila into the Modi mansion and defeat Gaura Modi!

    1. Isaaq

      I really want to tell you all who is the mysterious vamp behind everything. Can anyone guess?

      1. Isaaq

        They’ve already been introduced in this episode…

  2. Isaaq

    Ok i cant wait any longer loooooooool. The mysterious vamp is Dadi. She wanted Kokila out of the Modi house. She killed Gaura’s parents and she persuaded Kokila to let Gaura live with them. Dadi brainwashed Gaura to ruin Kokila’s marriage with Parag.

    Dadi then tried to kill Gaura as she didn’t need her anymore. Parag finds out the truth and sits in Gaura’s car, which was to have an accident. Parag dies from the accident.

    Gopi will be in big danger as she tries to find out the truth behind everything. Dadi will be a dangerous vamp and for the first time I am using an old woman is the main vamp.

    This will be Dadi’s look-

  3. Chithu

    Very well narrated Issaq. Gaura as evil vamp is introduced in very first episode. Wow dadi as powerful vamp its one of the kinds. By best wishes for this ff. Awaiting to read next episode

    1. Isaaq

      Yh Dadi is one of a kind. These days vamps are always so glamourising and modern. I want Dadi as the first main vamp because although she is very old, she is dangerous like a snake. She is a naagin who silently destroys her enemies. She will be an interesting vamp as she will trouble Gopi for so many years in this ff

  4. Shakaib

    Awesome update! First episode rocks. Waiting for next part.Surprise that rashi and Gopi are revealed to be urmila’s daughter. So, It was all that buddhi dadi’s(lol) planning. Well, I’ve not watch kalyani devi before so will surely enjoy in your fan fiction. All characters are so amazing. I hope at least here in your fan fiction, gaura turns positive.

    1. Isaaq

      Yep Dadi true colours will be shown in the next episode. Dadi will be as evil as Sindoora was in Gopi Destiny. She will last long enough to always try and separate Gohem. Dadi will remain the main vamp till Gopi becomes a grandmother.

      Dadi is an iconic evil villain. She will be one of a kind. Although very old, she will be very powerful and dangerous. She is like a lioness that will fight till Gohem are destroyed.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Even when Gopi is a grandmother dadi is a vamp?How can dadi live for such a long time?Anyways Dadi being vamp is a good twist,bcz on BALH dadi was very nice.Actually U liked Niharika Kapoor a lot on BALH.She was’nt a vamp actually.She was only a grey character who was greedy.she herself did’nt know that she loves Ram.

      2. Shakaib

        Waiting for it.

  5. Isaaq

    Gaura will turn positive but I haven’t decided what will happen to her character. It is possible that Gaura might leave the Modis when Kokila returns to the house. Gaura might even die.

    I’m following Bade Ache Lagte Hain storyline in this new ff and the evil stopmother in the show sacrificed her life to save her stepson Ram from her biological son, who tried to kill Ram.

    I’ve thought of a big storyline that Jigar plots to kill Ahem. However, Gaura sits in Ahem car instead and dies from accident.

    However since Dadi will remain the main vamp for a long time now, she will somehow think of a new plan

    1. Isaaq

      It is possible that we see another Durga storyline where Gopi fakes her death in season 2??

      1. Jasminerahul

        On BALH too Priya had to fake death

    2. Jasminerahul

      I thought since u chose Karan Wahi as Jigar,Jigar won’t be negative.But here Jigar is negative.

      1. Isaaq

        since Jigar is like Sid from BALH, Jigar will be negative until he is arrested for his crimes.

        Rashi will also be negative like early SNS. In season 2, she will be Ahem second wife and she will try and stop Gohem from reuniting.

      2. Jasminerahul

        in BALH Ayesha just disappeared n they did’nt show where she is.hopefully you will close that loophole in this ff

      3. Isaaq

        Rashi won’t disappear. She will most likely exit in season 2 and will return in season 4 when Jigar returns from jail as well.

  6. Jasminerahul

    ur SNS version of BALH is interesting.I love BALH.But they spoiled the leap suddenly making Suhani’s character a murderer of her own luv interest Sammy.Unlike in the show here Gopi meets Kokila n knows her family nice that she even tried to make kokila meet Ahem.loved gopi bashing ahem for talking ill of his mother believing his stepmother.she even brought the homeless kokila home.nice to see Kokila Gopi bonding.In BALH Ram’s real mother was strong n independant n she was introduced much later n her bonding with Priya was’nt as sweet as Kokila Gopi’s bonding in this ff.Without Kokila Gopi bonding how can a SNS ff be complete?Gopi is young,beautiful n qualified unlike Priya who was’nt young n beautiful.Then why Urmila is worried abt gopi’s marriage n others r taunting Gopi?on BALH Ram’s eldest younger sis was’nt focused on.But here u r starting off with Shagun’s wedding.Will shagun be getting more importance than BALH’s grey sister?

    1. Isaaq

      They ruined it with Aisha turning negative lol. I skipped episodes to when Pihu is a grown up because I was sick of Aisha drama.
      Suhani is a nice character so I’m shocked. Isn’t she the same girl from Mere Ange Main?

      Nobody wants to marry Gopi because her best friend Shruti plotted against her. On Gopi wedding day 2 years ago, Shruti brainwashed everyone that Gopi was having an affair with another man. Gopi wedding was called off and the whole society didn’t want Gopi as their bahu. They think she is a disgusting woman.

      Even though Ram sister wasn’t given any focus, Shagun will be given focus. She and her husband will live at her maternal home. Shagun and Gaura will team up and trouble Gopi. Dadi will pretend to be on Gopi side, but in reality she will planning a big trap for Gopi.

      Shagun in YHM is a great vamp and she will be a vamp in this ff. She is the one who made Kokila homeless. Gaura has spoiled Shagun so much, that Shagun is even more evil than Gaura. Gaura will realise her mistake at the end of season 1

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes suhani is in mere angne main now.suhani was such a nice character.sammy suhani made a nice pair too.but they spoiled everything suddenly by making suhani killing sammy.

  7. Jasminerahul

    I loved the title of this FF.Since its Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki will u be concentrating on romance too unlike ur previous FF?

    1. Isaaq

      Yep this ff is only focused on romance. Gohem will try to be together, but evil will always try to separate them. Hence the meaning of the title- Kasauti Mohhabhat Ki- which means test of love. In this ff, Gohem love will be tested a lot of times through battles with evil.

      Just like Priya and Ram separated two times but they still united.

      1. Jasminerahul

        raya got separated only once actually.2nd separation regarding pihu was only for a few days.but due to coma they cud’nt live together

    2. Isaaq

      Yh Gopi might be in coma in season 3 and 4. Because I’m following BALH storyline so Meera will be the negative daughter like Pihu, who will lie to her parents and trap a boy in a rape case. The boy will commit suicide and Gopi will be shocked to know Meera truth. Gopi will have an accident and will go into coma.

      Season 4 Sindoora who will be like Juhi, has looked after the Modis for 7 years. She was Gohem daughter in Gopi Destiny but she will return in this ff as Ahem third wife. Season 4 will also focus on Meera and her twin brother and sister, Vidya and Varun and their love lives.

      1. Jasminerahul

        In balh pihu’s siblings had no importance. Balh didn’t have any strong villains. Only juhi was negative till the end.ayesha made a sudden exit too when she was negative. So no idea what they planned for her character

    3. Isaaq

      Yh in this ff, the only permanent vamp will be Dadi. Gaura will die to save Ahem and Jigar will also become positive in season 4.

      There’s Sindoora who will also be permanent vamp. Dadi will bring Sindoora into the house whilst Gopi is in coma. She will play the same game she did with Kokila. She will get Gopi divorced and she will get Ahem married to Sindoora.

      I have big plans for season 5 when Gopi becomes a grandmother.

  8. Really Isaaq i must say its Fabulous….Awesome….Out of the world…Gohem’s introduction was so simple…i very much liked it…You should continue this ff with more Seasons??????…Dont forget to comment on my ff??

    1. Isaaq

      This ff will continue with longer seasons. Since this ff is based on love, it will be even more interesting.

      Gopi Destiny was based on revenge and good vs evil which is what it made it interesting. This new ff will focus on Gohem and their journey together through life and their battles together. Gohem will separate many times but in the end they will be united

  9. Krkavita

    this story is very much interesting. Kokila’s character is very much different here. She accommodated gaura after she lost her husband but Gaura lured Parag with an illegitimate relationship and made him divorce Kokila. As of now, they are so cruel that Gaura snatched Ahem and the land from Kokila. Gopi is qualified why Urmila is worried about her?

    1. Isaaq

      2 years ago, Gopi was to marry a local man in their society. However her best friend Shruti plotted against her by telling everyone that Gopi was having an affair with another man. Since 2 years, the society hates her and Gopi has a bad reputation in the city because of Shruti and nobody wants to marry Gopi

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