Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki Season 1 Part 1

It is Ricky and Sita’s wedding. They are sat on the mandap. Meera and Vidya are seen throwing flower petals over the couple as they do the pheras. Gopi is emotional and has tears of happiness. Kokila notices.
“ Gopi bahu, whats wrong?” Kokila asks.
“ Im just happy that my children are settled and have their own families. Meera and Vidya are living happily with their husbands and children. Now Ramakanth is finally getting married to Sita.” Gopi says.

“ I had the same feeling when Ahem, Jigar and Kinjal got married. When three of my children were all happy, I felt victory. Even whenever I see you with Jaggi, I feel so happy as you are my daughter.” Kokila says. Meera and Vidya are listening to their conversation.
“ Maa, why are you getting so emotional? Save the tears when bhai and Sita bhabi have a child and you become a grandmother again.” Meera laughs.

“ Batameez. I am just happy that you are finally a mother as well. You will become a great mother to Medha and Ahem. I cant believe my little Meera is a mother now.” Gopi says.
“ Mama, how about me? Meera di has always been my favorite. Gosh you never appreciate me.” Vidya says. Gopi laughs and hugs her daughters.
“ I love you both. I pray you both live a happy life together as sisters. Always remember my teachings. Promise me you will both stay together at all times and protect one another?” Gopi says.
“ We promise.” Meera and Vidya say. After the marriage ceremony, Tolu takes a family picture. “ Everyone smile!” The Modi family live happily ever after…

10 years later…
It had been 10 years and Meera, Vidya, Dharam and Shravan had moved out of Rajkot and into New Delhi instead in their brand new white mansion standing on top of a hill. Outside the mansion, there were loads of supercars such as Ferraris, Range Rovers and Mercedes. A woman is seen wearing a blue designer saree and diamond jewellery. Rashi tune plays. Meera is shown with long straightened hair and light makeup.
“ Ahem! Medha!” Meera shouts. Vidya with open hair and pink saree.

“ Di? Whats wrong?” Vidya says.
“ It is time for school and they haven’t even had their breakfast! I don’t know where they are hiding.” Meera says.
“ Don’t worry di, I will feed them along with Pihu. Priyal should be coming down for school as well. I need to wake her up as well. She is so lazy these days. You go office. I’ll handle everything.” Vidya says.

“ Thank you Vidya, these kids give me so much stress. I don’t know how Maa did this when she was our age.” Meera says. Meera hugs Vidya and leaves the mansion in her Ferrari. Dharam and Shravan come down. Dharam is seen in a new look with a beard and grey suit. Sharavan is seen no beard and navy suit. Dharam was the owner of Suviyanshi Industries.
“ Vidya, has Meera left already?” Dharam says.
“ Yes, she was in a hurry.” Vidya says.

“ I told her many times to wait and have breakfast as a family.” Dharam says.
“ Papa ji, Meera is just like Ahem papa, she is always concerned about her work.” Vidya says happily.
“ That is true. I am happy that I have a wife like Meera.” Dharam says.
“ Vidya ji, where is my princess?” Shravan says.
“ She is sleeping. Your princess is very lazy these days. Let me wake her up.” Vidya says. Vidya goes upstairs. She storms into Priyal’s room. “ Priyal, get up! Its time for school!”
“ No Mama, I am still tired.” Priyal says.

“ I said get up!” Vidya says. Vidya gets a jug of water and throws it on Priyal.
“ Mama!” Priyal screams and she gets up. Priyal is shown (Jennier Widget).
“ Sorry princess but I have to wake you up like that. Be quick and get dressed. We are all having breakfast.” Vidya says. Priyal fumes and goes to the bathroom. Vidya goes downstairs and sees Medha (Ruhanika Dhawan), Ahem (Shivansh Kotia) and Pihu (Amrita Mukherjee).

“ Vidya ji, I brought all the children down.” Shravan says.
“ Thank you so much, I am exhausted.” Vidya says. She sees Pihu eating aloo paranthe.
“ Mama, look, Neelam made me aloo patanthe.” Pihu says. Vidya looks at Neelam (Neeru Agarwal)
“ Neelam, I told you not to make it for her. She is going fat.” Vidya says.
“ Sorry madam ji, she wouldn’t listen to me.” Neelam says. Vidya hugs Medha and Ahem.
“ Maasi, where is Mama?” Medha asks.

“ She has gone office beta, she will be back soon.” Vidya says.
“ Mama is never here. We never get to play with her. She promised me to get a car.” Ahem says.
“ Don’t worry, we all will go out together one day to the big shopping mall and get a big car.” Vidya says. Priyal comes down wearing modern clothes- short skirt, high heels and blouse. Everyone is shocked.
“ Mama, how do I look?” Priyal says. “ Hot nah?” Vidya covers the children’s eyes. Sharavan rushes to Priyal. Dharam looks away.

“ Besharam, cover up. Have some shame. Shravan ji, look at your ladli. You have done this to her. You have made her like this.” Vidya says.
“ Mom, this is fashion. Gosh you don’t know anything.” Priyal says.
“ Excuse me, I was your age once. Me and Meera di have lived through this stage before.” Vidya says.

“ Priyal, cover up now.” Shravan says.
“ Dad, I need some money.” Priyal says. Shravan gives money to Priyal.
“ Shravan ji! I give up!” Vidya says.
“ Bye Mom! My friends are waiting!” Priyal says. Before she leaves, she opens the door and there is a man (Alok Nath) and woman (Sudha Chandran). Dharam and Shravan are shocked seeing them. Dramatic tune plays
“ Babuji? You are alive?” Dharam says.
“ Babuji? Vidya says.

“ Yes, Vidya. This is dadi ji. Vishnath Suviyanshi.” Dharam hugs Vishnath.
“ You know how much I missed you my son. Your mother tried to kill me. Gaura tried to kill me but I survived and then I married Yamini here. I heard Gaura has gone to jail for her crimes. From now on, Yamini is your new mother.” Vishnath says. Dharam, Shravan and Vidya touch Yamini and Vishnath’s feet for blessings.

“ This is my grandson and granddaughter in law?” Yamini says about Vidya and Shravan.
“ Yes and this is your great grandchildren. Medha, Ahem, Priyal and Pihu.” Dharam says. Yamini approaches Priyal.
“ What are you wearing?” Yamini says.
“ It is fashion Dadi.” Priyal says. Yamini slaps her. Everyone is shocked.
“ Yamini!” Vishnath shouts.

“ You said yourself! I am Dharam’s new mother and I have the right to tell my children what to do! Disgusting girl, go and change your clothes!” Yamini shouts. Priyal bursts into tears and runs upstairs.
“ She is only a child Baa ji.” Vidya says.

“ Eh, you are my bahu so you listen to me. Is this what sanskaari you teach your children?” Yamini says. Vidya stays quiet. “ Dharam, where is your wife? I don’t see her here.”
“ She has gone to office Baa.” Dharam says.
“ She has gone to office? She should be sat at home and looking after the house. Office is for only men.” Yamini says.
“ These days women can go to office too Baa. It is modern times.” Vidya says. Yamini approaches Vidya. Kokila tune plays.

“ Bas! I warned you before, don’t disobey me. In my house, the rule is that women should only do house chores and look after their husbands and children. These are my rules. Whether it is modern or traditional times, my rules stay the same.” Yamini says. Vidya stays quiet once again and takes the children to school.

Precap- Yamini scolds Meera for wearing a sleeveless saree and no bindi. Meanwhile, Dharam’s stepbrothers enter with their wives and children. A storm occurs and Vidya has a bad feeling.

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  1. Isaaq

    Guys how do you like my new ff with Meera and Vidya as the new leads???

    Yamini won’t be negative and she will be grey character like Kokila was in 2010.

    I called it Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki as it will be based on the show.

    Vidya will be Parvati and Meera will be like Prena from Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

    Both Meera and Vidya will have their own vamps and villains. They will have their own storylines.

    Dheera storyline in this ff will be based on Anuraag and Prena storyline in Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

    Vidya and Shravan storyline will be based on Parvati and Om storyline in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.

  2. your story is interesting.. i loved it.. update soon

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you for commenting!!??

  3. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see a new ff. loved your choice of actors for dheera’s twins.surprised to see Jennifer as priyal.shocking to see dharam’s real father back and gaura had tried to kill him.alok nath is a wonderful choice.on sns dharam’s dad is no more.still gaura wears
    sindoor as her husband wished so.I always wondered if gaura’s husband is bringing back him here was nice.shocking that he marrled yamini. she is so controlling and dominating.but can’t understand if she is over sanskari or bad.happy to see you with a fresh concept. why is it named kggk? is it inspired by kggk too?
    please continue kasauti

    1. Isaaq

      She is over sanskaari like Kokila and she is very strict.

      It’s inspired by KGGK and it’s a nice name because the story will explore the life of the Suviyanshi family and how Meera and Vidya will protect their family.

      Kasauti will continue next week after my exams.

      Gopi and the Modis won’t be shown as they have had their happy ending. Gopi might make a cameo but now Meera and Vidya are the new leads

    2. Isaaq

      This season will have a vamp as well…. main antagonist of season 1 will be introduced very soon

  4. Yamini is the vamp!
    Loved it!!

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you for commenting??

  5. Riana

    Congratulations for ur new ff…Dear?…Lots of best wishes…wish it to go long…???…Beautiful ladies after leap…Kids n jennifer as priyal choice is really awsome…❤??…Meera looks after dharam’s business right??…Soo good…Vidya scolding priyal for short dresses was quite parental!!…??…I liked it…Dharam’s dad n step mom’s entry was dramatic…Yamini is soo like 2010’s kokila…I remember like kokila too did all these!!…Precap seems terrific…??…Hope it will not be filled with revenge…n all…like Gopi’s destiny…Though i loved all ur ffs…??…Updt soon..❤

    1. Isaaq

      Meera helps Dharam in his business. She is like Ahem?

      It won’t be filled a lot with revenge like Gopi Destiny. Although there are going to be vamps.

      I have an interesting track coming up during this season. You have to look for clues in this part. Everything shown in this part will show what the track will be about.

      There will be two vamps during this season???

    2. Jasminerahul

      agree with riana. please don’t add too much of negativity with only revenge like gopi’s destiny.please make it a family ff like kggk

      1. Isaaq

        Of course?? as you wish. I don’t want too much negativity as well.

        It’s called Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki as it explore the life of the Suviyanshi family and how will Vidya and Meera will protect their family.

  6. Nandhini

    Meera and vidya are going to be obedient bahus of yamini? and its gonna be more fun watching watching that? i really enjoyed this update when vidya got scoldings from yamini…while reading i assumed yamini to be new kokila??

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