Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 8

After a week, Rashi takes Heer to the hospital. Jigar and Jaya come along. “ Aunty I am so glad you are taking me along. I feel so guilty that I couldn’t stop whatever was going on.” Jaya says.
“ Na don’t worry Jaya. This was Jigar and Heer’s fault. Luckily, I am not very strict on our religious rules hence why I haven’t punished Jigar and Heer for their sin.” Rashi says. Jaya acts concerned. Rashi takes Heer to the midwife. The midwife conducts tests on Heer.

“ You can go and wait outside. I will inform you shortly.” The midwife says. They go outside to the waiting room. Jaya thinks that she needs to distract the midwife and plant the fake reports. Jaya calls someone.
“ Hello, enter the building. Do exactly what I told you to do.” Jaya says. She puts the phone down. A woman enters and comes towards the midwife’s room. She holds her stomach and screams in pain. The midwife opens the door.
“ Hello how can I help you? Why are you screaming so much?” The midwife asks.
“ My stomach hurts. I am 2 months pregnant.” The woman fakes to cry.
“ Ok I will take you to the screening room.” The midwife takes the woman to the screening room. Jaya quickly enters the room and swaps the reports with a fake one.
“ Now lets see how my plan will work now.” Jaya laughs evilly. Shesha from Naagin tune plays. Jaya runs out of the room. The woman she called had ran away and the midwife tried to run after her but she failed. Jaya calls the woman and promises her to pay her money. The midwife returns.

“ Disgusting people. She wasn’t even pregnant. Who knows why she was here?” The midwife shouts and she goes back in her room. Jaya goes to the waiting room. Heer is concerned.
“ Heer, you shouldn’t of done it in the first place.” Jaya scolds Heer.
“ Jaya, what is done is done now. We cant change the past.” Rashi says. Heer sits in silence. The midwife comes.
“ Congratulations, she is pregnant.” The midwife says happily. She gives Rashi the reports. Rashi, Jigar and Heer are stunned. Heer breaks down. Rashi is furious. Kokila tune plays. She grabs Heer.

“ Ive been nice to you. I have accepted that you made a mistake. But don’t think I am making you my bahu because I like you. I hate you for ruining my son’s life. I am making you my bahu to save my family’s honour. What will my in laws say? I am making a villager girl like you as my bahu!” Shouts Rashi. Rashi leaves in Kokila style. Heer cries and Jigar tries to comfort her.
“ Don’t worry Heer. Mom will accept you one day. She is only hurt.” Jigar says. Jaya smirks evilly.
Rashi reaches her home. She calls Gopi and tells her everything. Gopi is shocked.
“ Rashi behen!” Cries Gopi. “ Why does history repeat all the time? Why do we suffer all the time?”

“ I don’t know Gopi. Ive already fixed Jigar and Heer’s marriage tomorrow at the temple. I want you all to come.” Rashi says.
“ Are you sure Rashi behen? Will Heer be the suitable bahu?” Gopi asks.
“ I don’t know Gopi. Please come tomorrow. Tell everyone to come.” Rashi puts the phone down. Amba and Kumari come.
“ Gopi, whats wrong?” Kumari asks. Gopi tells them everything. Kumari and Amba are shocked.
“ We have to go tomorrow. I cant believe Jigar could do something like this.” Amba says.

“ Neither could I. Jaya was present at that day. Maybe she knows. Where is she?” Gopi asks.
“ She has been feeling sick all day. She has been vomiting all day.” Kumari says.
“ Oh ok. I wont bother her then. She might need rest.” Gopi says.
The next day, the Modis arrive at the temple. Heer is dressed up in her bridal attire and Jigar is also dressed up in his groom attire. The pandit is preparing the ritual. Radha, Jaya, Daya, Gopi, Kumari, Krishna, Malaika, Amba and Siddharth attend the marriage. They greet Rashi and Raj. Gopi hugs Rashi.

“ Don’t worry. Itll be fine.” Gopi comforts Rashi. The Modis ignore Heer. Gopi approaches Heer. “ Im warning you. If you try to harm Rashi behen, then I wont spare you. We are bringing you into our family because we think you
will change and become good. Don’t disappoint us.” Gopi says. Radha feels sad that Gopi doesn’t know that she is scolding her own daughter. The pandit begins the ritual. Jigar and Heer exchange garlands. Then they get up and Rashi ties the ribbon between both. Jaya steps in between.

“ Heer told me her dress is heavy for her so she told me to help her walk around.” Jaya says. Jaya walks along with Heer and Jigar. Then they sit down. Jigar puts magulsatur on Heer and sindoor on her forehead. They were finally married.
At the Malhotra mansion, everyone gets ready for the bride welcome ritual. Heer is about to kick the rice bowl when Jaya enters and kicks the bowl. Everyone is shocked. They look at Jaya. Greyscale effect. Dhin dhin tune plays.
“ Jaya! What have you done?” Radha shouts.
“ This is my right. I am Jigar’s rightful wife!” Jaya shouts. Radha breaks down and remembers the time when she did the same with Paridhi. Gopi also remembers the same.
“ What are you saying? Heer is Jigar’s wife?” Gopi says.

“ Yes but I am his first wife. I am Heer’s sautan. That night, I was with Jigar, not Heer.” Jaya shouts. The Modis are stunned. Jigar gets angry and tries to hit Jaya.
“ Jaya!” Jigar shouts. But Rashi stops him.
“ Don’t Jigar. This girl is mad. I don’t understand her problem. Why are you trapping my son?” Jaya says. Radha comes and slaps Jaya.
“ Didn’t you hear? Why did you do it?” Screams Radha. “ Why didn’t you die when you were born so I couldn’t see this day?” Siddharth also comes.
“ If your mother was alive today, she would have been ashamed to see what you have done today. I am ashamed that you are my daughter.” Siddharth says.
“ Because I want revenge! I am continuing your revenge mama!” Screams Jaya. “ These Modis have always been bad to you. They made you suffer! I am finishing off what you started!” Radha slaps her again.
“ I told you before Jaya! It was all my fault. The Modis were always good!” Radha screams. Radha tries to slap Jaya but Jaya holds her hand.
“ Mama, im not finished. Shall I tell everyone about Heer’s relationship with Gopi aunty?” Jaya says.

“ What nonsense is this?” Gopi says.
“ Do you all remember Sindoora? Sindoora wasn’t Gopi’s daughter. She was mama’s daughter from her previous birth! Gopi’s daughter was Divya. Heer was Divya in her previous birth. Mama killed Divya!” Jaya says. Everyone is shocked. Greyscale effect. Gopi approaches Radha.
“ Is it true Radha? Did you kill my daughter Divya?” Gopi asks. Radha cries.
“ Yes.” Sobs Radha. Gopi slaps Radha and Radha falls on the floor. Gopi breaks down and cries on the floor.
“ You killed my daughter! Because of you Radha, I have been separated from my daughter for so many years!” Gopi cries. Rashi grabs Radha.
“ Rashi behen, what are you doing?” Radha asks.
“ Get out of my house! I know you brainwashed Jaya to destroy our family. She is doing exactly what you did with us! You wanted to ruin Heer’s life again? I wont let you. Get out of my house!” Rashi shouts. Rashi throws Radha out of the door. Jaya tries to enter.

“ Saasumaa, can I come in?” Jaya says evilly.
“ Don’t you dare enter my house!” Shouts Rashi in Kokila style. “ And Siddharth, please take your wife and children away from here. I don’t want to see them here again.”
“ But saasumaa, I have a video to show you on my phone.” Jaya says. Rashi grabs Jaya’s phone and throws it on the floor. Siddharth and Daya walk out of the entrance. “ Don’t worry mother in law. I will be back soon.” Jaya laughs evilly. Jaya and her family leave.

Precap- On Diwali Day, the Modis and Malhotras hear loud drummers. They come out and are shocked seeing Jaya dancing with sparklers in her hand. Jaya had returned.

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  1. Riana

    Jaya n heer both got married to jigar…Marriage is a game or what?????….It will be more good if gopi n Rashi too joins in pheres with Jaya…looool????….Btw…Radha paid for her sins though she’s positive now…Jaya is same as like radha…All knows that she will destroy modi family???….Although modi family should be called as “Unlucky family”…all the time villains n vamps with unwanted revengeful plots??

    1. Isaaq

      Looool they are unlucky. First Sindoora now Jaya? Radha daughters are evil

  2. Nandhini

    Now everyone hates jaya just like it happened with radha…i understood jaya’s plan now..she was intimate with jigar and she gives birth to jigar’s first child so she can claim herself as jigar’s first wife and elder bahu(jethani) of malhotra family and ill-treats heer like her servant…i am sure she wil come back in diwali as a gonna-be mom as she will be conceived dat time and she wil prove to everyone that the baby in her womb is jigar’s child…and she will make heer to take care of her while she is being pregnant…she will take that opportunity to torture everyone and she will threaten the malhotra family she will kill the malhotra’s next heirer(her baby) if they dont obey her…gopi sounded too dramatical in this episode..i mean divya was her last birth child, not this birth child…ok gopi got angry on radha for that but too much crying on that matter is lil funny to read…

    1. Isaaq

      You’re absolutely right. Jaya is going to torture Rashi so much. You’re going to feel sorry for Rashi in this track and you might see the return of Ganga?

      Jaya will leak the video of Jaya and Jigar being intimate to the whole of India news. Jaya will threaten the Malhotras that she will accuse Jigar of rape if they don’t let her stay there.

      Malhotras and Modis reputation will be destroyed. Jaya is even more evil than Sindoora. Sindoora is like a fly compared to Jaya. Jaya will make the Modis and Malhotras cry.

    2. Isaaq

      Jaya also has plans for Gopi? Have you wondered where Ahem is?

      1. Nandhini

        Ahem is in abroad right?? Or did jaya kidnap him????

    3. Isaaq

      Jaya has kidnapped it. You’ll wait and see what happens next

    4. Isaaq

      Big revealing truth here! Jaya has a secret motive of why she wants to destroy the Modis. A new character will be entering. She will be the same age as Malaika (around about 60). She is Madhu’s sister’s great granddaughter. She will enter the Modis lives for her revenge. She will be played by Aashka Goradia and her name will be Yamini. She will avenge the death of her great grandmother. She will play the role of Tripti in season 6. Jaya will blindly listen to Yamini’s commands, just like Radha listened to Tripti all the time.

      Yamini will enter in season 6 after Gopi’s disappearance!

      1. Isaaq

        her grandmother Madhu

      2. Nandhini

        Why does jaya have to listen to yamini?? Do they have any relationship??

  3. Jaya is so evil!

  4. Shakaib

    Osome…love the update…. Precap is thrilling….can’t wait for next one.

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you! This is my favourite season so far. Jaya is a brilliant vamp.

      1. Shakaib

        You’re welcome di. OMG! Jaya has become my favourite vamp also but please don’t make her Yamini’s puppet. I want both have other own evil will be more awesome if two evil minds join for revenge.

    2. Isaaq

      Due to request of a lot of people, Jaya won’t be a puppet. Yamini will be a separate vamp that will become Gopi antagonist.

      Jaya has become Heer and Rashi antagonist.

      Mandira will become Durga and Pari antagonist.

      Since Mandira and Jaya have started evil schemes already, Yamini is the final vamp to enter during this season. She will make her entry as Gopi and Radha relative. She will be Krishna’s cousin (Krishna is Tolu son and Tolu is Rashi son. Rashi father was Yamini’s great grandmother’s brother. Therefore Yamini will be the fourth vamp who is related to Gopi and Rashi after Radha, Madhu and Sindoora

  5. Jasminerahul

    on india forums everyone said that radha becoming jigar’s wife through saatphere was illogical. if that is the case rashi would have been ahem’s wife as she walked with gopi for saath phere. same marriage drama is done by jaya here.but anyways jaya revealed the whole truth. good that the night truth is rashi should apologize to heer for insulting her.gopi is over reaching by kicking out radha.Because she did that in her previous life.this is a new radha.why can’t gopi understand that though she is educated?shocking that jaya is going to be more evil than sindoora.Because on naagin shesha is not a strong vamp.she is just a puppet.shesha is a funny fool too

    1. Isaaq

      One more vamp to enter and she is going to complete the trio of the evil vamps and that is Yamini. Details are above

    2. Isaaq

      She will forgive Radha in the next update.

      Jaya is going to be a powerful vamp. She will join hands with Mandira and the vamp Yamini (who will enter in the next update)

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