Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 7

Heer and Simmi eventually find a driver to take them to the engagement ceremony. “ Thank you so much sir. You have saved our lives.” Heer says.
“ No problem. I will take you to Modi Mansion.” The man says. He takes the girls.
Mandira arrives with Damini and Juhi. Enters along their daughter in laws and sons. First enters Mandira’s two stepsons, Alok (Shakti Arora) and Abshiek (Shabir Alhuwalia), along with Abisheik’s wife Meghna (Shekha Singh) and Alok’s wife Gayatri (Rapuly Gangali). Then enters Juhi’s son Yuvraj (Sahil Mehta) and his wife Soumya (Neha Yadav). Then Damini’s son Sameer (Aamir Ali) and Shruti (Tina Parekh) enter. Ram Kapoor finally arrives as well. Gopi is happy to see them.
“ Shruti, there’s your future sister in law. Your daughter’s future mother in law, Gopi Modi.” Damini whispers.
“ Mom Ji, she looks so middle class. Yuck.” Shruti says. Damini, Juhi and Shruti laugh at Gopi who doesn’t notice.
“ Mandira aunty. Welcome. We have been waiting for you all.” Gopi says.
“ Thank you. This is whole family.” Mandira introduces her family to the Modis. Gayatri, Shruti, Meghna and Soumya get together and sit down where they are serving food.
“ Gross, look what oily food they are giving us. Do the Modis not care about their figures?” Meghna says.
“ You just gave me an idea guys. Since this engagement ceremony is just simple plan, why don’t we spoil the food?” Gayatri says. “ Come on guys.”
“ I agree with Gayatri. I have a bit of laxatives. It will spoil the guests’ stomach.” Shruti says.
“ I don’t know guys. What if we get caught?” Soumya says.
“ Oh Soumya. We wont get caught.” Meghna says.
“ Ok fine. But who will put the laxatives there?” Soumya asks.
“ I will do it. But somebody needs to distract those Modi ladies whilst I put it in there.” Shruti says.
“ Us three will distract them. You go and put in there.” Meghna says. The Kapoor women go to the kitchen. Kumari, Rashi and Radha are cooking in there for the guests.
“ Oh hi. We are from the Kapoor family. I just wanted to speak to you three. We need to develop a strong relationship you know.” Gayatri says.
“ Sure. Kumari, Radha, lets stop cooking for a bit. We can tell Amba to come and watch the food.” Rashi says. Shruti quickly goes and puts laxatives in the food.
“ Now the real entertainment.” Laughs Shruti.
Amba comes downstairs and is shocked to see Mandira. Mandira approaches her. “ Don’t create a scene Maa. What are you doing here? Stay away from my family.” Amba says.
“ But this is my family sweetheart. I am the larki wale.” Mandira laughs.
“ I know what you are upto. Years ago, you sent me here to destroy the Modis and now you have come here yourself. If you don’t go, I will tell Gopi and Rashi the whole truth.” Amba says.
“ Sweety, if you tell Rashi and Gopi, then you wont survive. Sindoora had to die and you left my side. So I decided to play the game myself. It is like chess. The queen sends her rooks and other soldiers to defend herself and her king. Once the enemy has defeated her soldiers, the queen herself will enter the game.” Mandira says.
“ You will never change Maa.” Amba says.
“ Shut up. Now go and pretend you don’t know me.” Mandira says. Amba walks away.
Sanjana arrives in her lengha. Jigar gets happy seeing her. “ Ishika? You here?”
“ What Ishika? I am Sanjana.” Sanjana says. Prem comes and hugs Sanjana. Jigar fumes.
“ What is this Prem? Why are you being so close with my girlfriend? Im getting engaged to her.” Jigar shouts. Everyone looks at them. Rashi and Gopi come. Mandira smirks.
“ What happened Jigar? Why are you shouting?” Rashi asks.
“ Prem was flirting with my girlfriend?” Jigar shouts.
“ Girlfriend? Sanjana is your girlfriend?” Gopi asks.
“ Gopi what are you saying? This girl is Ishika. She likes Jigar.” Rashi says.
“ This is Sanjana Rashi behen! She is getting engaged to Prem today!” Gopi says.
“ Gopi this girl is lying. How can you be so foolish to believe her.” Rashi says.
“ Rashi behen how could you possibly believe that someone is always plotting against us?” Gopi shouts.
“ You have always trusted everyone Gopi and they’ve backstabbed you. You trusted Radha and Gaura and look what happened.” Rashi shouts
“ You have gone mad Rashi!” Gopi cries.
“ Gopi aunty! She is lying. My name is Sanjana!” Sanjana says.
“ No you are lying! I was a fool to trust you Ishika or whatever your name is. Listen, don’t you dare come near my son again.” Rashi warns Sanjana.
“ Rashi behen just leave.” Gopi says. “ This is our family matter.”
“ What? Am I not part of this family anymore?” Rashi says.
“ I never meant it like that Rashi behen.” Gopi says.
“ No I know what you meant. But I am staying here. I wont let Prem get engaged with this girl.” Rashi says.
Heer arrives with Simmi. “ Let’s just drop the food here. Wait theres an argument going on. Let’s what is happening.” Heer says.
“ Heer. Why cant just enter someones house like this?” Simmi says.
“ You are boring Simmi. Im going.” Heer goes inside. She sees Gopi and Rashi arguing. “ Strange people these rich people are. It’s an engagement and they are busy fighting. It’s like a soap opera here.”
“ Rashi behen please leave. I beg you.” Gopi says.
“ Oh madam. If she wants to leave, then let her leave.” Heer says. Everyone is confused seeing her but Jigar and Heer look at each other and sense each other. Jigar has a weird feeling about her.
Aankhon mein teri…
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri…
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

Aankhon mein teri…
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri…
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

Aayi aisi raat hai jo
Bohat khush-naseeb hai
Chaahe jisse door se duniya
Vo mere kareeb hai
Kitna kuch kehna hai
Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kaheen
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai
wo phir se kahun Ya nahee

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

Tere saath saath aisa
Koi noor aaya hai
Chaand teri raushni ka
Halka sa ik sayaa hai
Teri nazron ne dil ka kiya jo hasharr
Asarr ye hua
Ab inmein hi doobke ho jaaun paar
Yehi hai dua

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

Radha comes downstairs and is shocked seeing Heer.
“ Divya? Alive?” Radha says. She looks around and is stunned seeing Jigar. “ Veer?” Radha realises that the two lovers she killed, are reborn again. The secret she kept that she killed Gopi’s third daughter would finally be out and Gopi wont forgive her ever again.
“ Who are you and why are you here?” Rashi shouts.
“ I am the delivery lady. I came here and saw all of this drama. I was curious.” Heer says.
“ Beta, this is a family matter. Please don’t get involved.” Gopi says.
“ I was wondering if I could help.” Heer says.
“ No please just go.” Rashi says. Before Heer leaves, Jigar approaches her.
“ Listen. I don’t know but I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before.” Jigar says.
“ Oh please. Don’t flirt. Every boy uses that same line.” Heer walks off. She looks back at Jigar and also has a weird feeling. Heer goes. Jigar follows her. Heer and Simmi go on the road. Heer runs on the middle of the road.
“ Heer! There is a car coming!” Simmi screams. Jigar runs and tries to push Heer but Heer is knocked over by the car and Jigar injures himself slightly. Jigar is shocked seeing Heer get knocked over and runs and takes her to the hospital.
At the Modi house, they are still arguing until they get phone call from the hospital that Jigar and Heer have had an accident. They rush to the hospital. Rashi starts crying.
“ Rashi behen, the doctor said the injuries weren’t that bad. Heer has been injured the most. Bechari has to go through an operation.” Gopi says.
“ I hope she is fine. I feel so guilty shouting at her to get out.” Rashi says. The doctor comes and informs them that Heer is out of danger and Jigar is perfectly fine.
A few weeks later…
Heer is living at Rashi’s mansion. Rashi comes into Heer’s room. “ Heer, do you need anything?” Rashi asks.
“ No aunty. I am fine.” Heer replies. There is a doorbell. Rashi goes downstairs and opens the door. It is Jaya.
“ Jaya, you here?” Rashi asks.
“ Yes aunty. I came to meet Jigar and also Heer. Is she better now?” Jaya asks.
“ Yes her health is improving. You can go and meet her.” Rashi takes Jaya to Heer room. Rashi leaves the room. Jaya evilly looks at Heer.
“ Oh hello Heer.” Jaya says.
“ Jaya? You? I thought you hate the sight of me?” Heer furiously says.
“ No. That was only one incident. We can be friends now.” Jaya says.
“ Ok if you insist.” Heer says. Jaya sits down next to her.
“ So tell me? Do you like Jigar?” Jaya asks.
“ A little. I think he is good looking.” Heer says. Heer starts blushing.
“ It is Valentines Day today. I think you should write a card and flowers and give them to him personally. Confess your love to him today.” Jaya says.
“ I’m not sure.” Heer says.
“ Oh come on. I have everything you need.” Jaya says. Rashi comes in.
“ Me and Raj Ji are going for dinner. If you need anything, tell Pari. She is asleep but wake her up if you need anything.” Rashi says.
“ Ok aunty.” Jaya says. Jaya gets excited. Rashi and Raj leave the mansion. In the evening, Heer enters Jigar’s room.
“ Heer! Welcome. Sit down. What do you need?” Jigar asks.
“ I wanted to give you this card and flows. Happy Valentines Day!” Heer says.
In the guest room, Jaya is very happy. Jaya reminisces her childhood.
Jaya finds an old newspaper saying “ Gopi Modi killed her sister Radha Modi”. Jaya is shocked seeing this. Radha enters the room and is stunned seeing Jaya with the old newspaper.
“ Mama, what is this? Gopi aunty killed you?” Jaya asks.
“ Jaya, you are a child. You wont understand. In my previous birth, I did a lot of sins. Gopi behen only tried to help me but I never listened to her.” Radha says.
“ But Mama, she killed you. That is wrong.” Jaya says.
“ No Jaya, I never died. I tricked Gopi behen.” Radha says.
“ Ok Mama, I believe you.” Jaya says. But Jaya went to investigate further. She read newspaper articles about her mother’s past life and the Modis put her in a mental asylum and took her child Rashi Jr away. From then, Jaya began her revenge against the Modis.
“ My revenge begins with Rashi and her children. I visited the old mental asylum Maa used to be in. Maa told the psychiatrist how Rashi tricked Radha and made her believe Ahem’s brother loved her. Rashi made Mama into this state. Therefore, Rashi will be the first to be destroyed by Jaya.” Jaya laughs evilly. Shesha from Naagin tune plays. Jaya leaves the guest room. She enters Jigar’s room.
“ Oh hello. Oh my God, you haven’t had your drinks yet?” Jaya says.
“ Oh thanks Jaya. We will drink it now.” Heer says. Jaya leaves the room and peeps through the door. Heer and Jigar drink their juice and suddenly collapse on the floor.
“ Excellent.” Jaya says. Jaya drags Heer under the bed. Jaya removes Jigar’s shirt and places him on the bed. Jaya then changes into Heer’s clothes.
“ Heer, come here with me. Please don’t go.” Jigar says in his drunk state. Jaya goes into the bed and they get intimate.
In the morning, Jaya wakes up. She changes into her own clothes. And she drags Heer into Jigar’s bed and sneaks out of the room and runs to the guest room. Rashi comes to Jigar’s room with a glass of milk. She opens the door and drops the glass after seeing Heer and Jigar together in bed.
“ Jigar!” Shouts Rashi. Jigar and Heer quickly get up and are stunned to see each other in the same bed. Heer gets out of the bed. Rashi grabs her and slaps her.
“ How dare you? So this was your plan? You trapped my son?” Rashi shouts. Raj arrives and is also shocked seeing this.
“ Jigar what is this?” Raj says.
“ Dad, I don’t understand what happened. I don’t know why me and Heer were together. We drank juice and next minute, I wake up with her.” Jigar says.
“ Who gave you the juice?” Raj asks.
“ I cant remember.” Jigar says.
“ Neither can I.” Heer says.
“ Well if you two have actually slept together, then I am afraid I have to get you both married.” Rashi says. Jaya comes and pretends to be shocked.
“ Jigar? Heer? Oh Heer I told you to wish Jigar Happy Valentines Day. I didn’t tell you to sleep him with him.” Jaya acts concerned.
“ I am sorry Jaya you had to witness this.” Rashi says. Jaya smirks evilly.
At the Kapoor Mansion, Sanjana and Mandira are sitting together. “ Our first plan failed. Because of Jigar’s accident, the Modis had to cancel the engagement. Jigar is supposedly in love with Heer it seems. I think we should target Rashi’s daughter Pari and Gopi’s daughter Durga.” Mandira says.
“ That is the best option. Our plan failed but we have a lot more plans. I think we should call my cousins from abroad. Plan B should start.” Sanjana says.

Precap- Heer goes for a pregnancy test. Jaya plants fake reports. Rashi and her family are shocked seeing the reports. Rashi announces that she will get Heer and Jigar married.

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  1. Isaaq

    Jaya has began her revenge against Rashi?? who knows what plans she has for Gopi??

  2. Nandhini

    I am thinking,,thinking and crushing my brain why does jaya have to get intimate with jigar when she planned to make heer and jigar sleep together…she even changed the pregnancy reports…overall an entertaining update!! Waiting for the next plan of jaya…

    1. Isaaq

      She’s doing exactly what her mother did. Remember when Radha made Jigar and Paridhi sleep together but she dressed like Rashi and slept with Jigar instead?

      Jaya wants to get pregnant so she can use the baby to get her revenge. Rashi won’t kick our Jaya as she will be pregnant. Jaya will become Heer sautan

  3. Isaaq

    Assuming I have less comments, nobody likes the current track. I might have to change it and make it seem as if it’s all a dream and nothing bad happened if nobody likes this track

  4. Shakaib

    OMG! What a thrilling and romantic update..!! Please di accept my humble request please post kausauti mohabbat ki also. Please….love the song used for heer and Jigar. Shocking that jaya
    And more sshocking is shabir and shika as wife and Hus….!!!! Can I know which serials you watch? And please post kausauti mohaabbat ki.

  5. Isaaq

    Seriously 4 comments. My TRP has gone low???

  6. Jasminerahul

    I am shocked that you made abhishek shika a pair here.Finally goshi n sons came to know of sanjana’s truth.but glad that it didn’t separate goshi like you said before. jigar seeing heer and feeling connected to her with aankhon was nice.heer’s accident was shocking. luckily jigar has only a few wounds.radha is shocked to see heer jigar.radha killed them in her previous she should not hide it from others.they have to forgive her as its her previous life’s feed.heer just met jigar once and still she getting influenced by jaya to propose to him on Valentine’s day was ridiculous. It’s too fast.without even having a proper interaction with jigar she fell for him.can’t believe it.jaya taking revenge on goshi for what they did in previous life.jaya is foolish. she drugged jigar heer and slept with jigar and made others believe that jigar heer consummated. sad that she trapped them.does shesha have a separate bgm in naagin? I didn’t feel so.hope jaya gets exposed

  7. Jasminerahul

    this ff is very interesting. no need of making it a dream. I think may be because it’s too long you lost some of your readers.but kasauti is more interesting and realistic. I was very happy when you ended gopi’s destiny and started a fresh story-kasauti.but you are totally ignoring it after you resumed gopi’s destiny. I am upset about that.Please concentrate on kasauti too

    1. Riana

      You’re Jas…Kausati is Very Interesting…Isaaq you should end this n continue the kasauti??…Sorry if i am saying something wrong??

      1. Isaaq

        Kasauti will continue after season 5 of Gopi Destiny ends. There will be season 6. I promise

  8. Nandhini

    So jaya is doing exactly like her mom…she will give birth to a child and she wil claim many things for that…
    No Isaaq this ff is so interesting…no need to change it…i was a little busy so i couldnt find time to comment more…
    I am excited with adaa khan’s entry into heer’s life so please continue this track…

    1. Isaaq

      Yh it’s going to be exciting when I remake that famous scene when Radha kicked the rice instead of Paridhi and revealed to everyone that she was Radha.

      Jaya is going to do the same and will announce to everyone that she is Heer sautan and the mother of Jigar child. Jaya will trouble Heer and Rashi.

      Gopi will be fighting with Mandira.

    2. Isaaq

      Jaya won’t die by the Trishul I’ve decided. Instead at Omkareshwar, another twist will happen and Jaya won’t die

  9. Riana

    Sorry for late comment Isaaq??…Jaya is so wicked…but didnt she reacted by seeing the newspaper about her mom radha’s previous birth…Sorry a bit confusing…But Nice episode???….Comment on mine ff’s too…pls?

    1. Isaaq

      I will comment? Sorry I’m just overwhelmed with my studies I have no time. I will comment in the evening

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