Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 6

Gopi opens the door. She sees Radha, Siddharth (Siddharth Shukla), their two daughters Jaya (Aada Khan) and Daya (Kritika Kamra). “ Radha.” Gopi hugs Radha. They got so emotional seeing each other.
“ Gopi behen, how are you?” Radha says.
“ Im fine. But I am very angry with you. You hardly call. You only call on my birthday and Diwali.” Gopi says. Radha holds her ears.
“ Sorry.” Radha laughs.
“ Badmash.” Gopi laughs. “ Devar Ji, how are you? How are you Jaya, Daya?”
“ I am fine Gopi bhabi.” Siddharth says.
“ Jaise Krishna Gopi aunty.” Daya says. Jaya is busy on her phone. Radha nudges her. Jaya looks up.
“ Oh hi whatever. Mom, can we go inside now? Its so hot. I want to sleep.” Jaya says. Radha and Siddharth are embarrassed.
“ Ok Jaya.” Radha says.
“ Come in, I will get you all juice. I will call the others down.” Gopi says. Jaya arrogantly walks off inside.
“ Sorry Gopi behen. She is a bit spoilt.” Radha says.
“ It’s ok Radha. Meera was exactly like this when she was the same age. I understand.” Gopi says. The Dhoshi family sit down in the lounge. Kumari, Amba and Malaika come downstairs and greet the Dhoshi family.
“ Gopi behen, where is Ahem jiju?” Radha asks.
“ Your Ahem jiju has gone abroad. I have to handle his business here for him.” Gopi says.
“ Siddharth Ji is exactly the same. I mean, Jaya and Daya have grown up now and they have less time for me now. Im always on my own.” Radha says.
“ Why don’t you stay with us Radha?” Amba says.
“ How can I? Im a Modi daughter. A daughter cant stay at her marital home.” Radha says.
“ Siddarth please can Radha stay here with us for a few months?” Kumari asks.
“ Ok I will let her.” Siddarth says. “ Waise she is getting a bit too annoying these days.”
“ Siddharth Ji! Don’t embarrass me in front of everyone.” Radha says.
“ Its alright Radha. You can stay here now. It is Prem’s engagement tomorrow as well so Im glad you are here.” Gopi says.
“ Prem’s engagement? Wow! Who is the girl?” Radha asks.
“ Her name is Sanjana. She is from the Kapoor family.” Gopi says happily.
“ Ram Kapoor’s granddaughter?” Siddharth asks. Saraswati arrives and drops her veneration plate hearing this. Gopi looks back and is shocked.
“ Kaki Ji? What happened?” Gopi asks.
“ Nothing Gopi. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Saraswati says. Saraswati greets the Dhoshi family and goes to her room. Saraswati senses that Mandira is up to something. Perhaps Mandira found out that the Modis were supporting her? Saraswati sees her old designer sarees. She takes out her make up. She decides to become a new Saraswati tomorrow. She had to foil Mandira’s plans.

In Chandigarh, Heer’s father Prakash (Alok Nath) is worried. Heer approaches him. “ Babuji, whats wrong?”
“ I have an order for a big engagement ceremony tomorrow and my driver is not available. We run a big food company but I don’t have any drivers to deliver to them.” Prakash says.
“ Don’t worry Babuji. I will go myself. I will deliver them. Don’t worry.” Heer says.
“ No betiya. Your mother will be very angry. I can handle this myself.” Prakash says.
“ Don’t refuse Babuji. Please, I really want to go Delhi. Its always been my dream.” Heer says.
“ Ok, but Im sending Simmi with you. I cant let you go on your own.” Prakash says. Heer hugs her father.
“ Thank you babuji.” Squeals Heer.

In the morning, Heer and Simmi set off to Delhi. On the way, they break down near a park. A big concert party is going on. Heer and Simmi sneak into the concert. The concert performer is none other than Jaya.
Main ruthiya yaar manawangi
Har chilman phoonk jalawangi
Jad patthar Ranjha pighlega
Tad main Kamli kehlawangi
Tad main Kamli kehlawangi
Mere maahiya sanam jaanam
Ki main kariya nami danam
Shab guzri te jag soya
Ni main jagiya nami danam (x2)
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli mere yaar di (x2)
Jheel dil ko kar gaya tu
Dariya dariya mere yaara
Akhiyan de mohalle mein har shaam tera aalam
Shab guzri te jag soya
Ni main jagiya nami danam
Mere mahiya sanam jaanam
Ki main kariya nami danam
Shab guzri te jag soya
Ni main jagiya nami danam
Main toh pehan ke saafa kesariya
Jugni jogan ban jaaun
Surme de kale jadu se keh de to jog bhulaun
Ni main kamli kamli
Ni main kamli kamli..
Main tan seher di thandi shabnam ha
Gulshan ka itar churaaun
Rukh badlun toh sailaab hu main
Parbat bhi cheer dikhaaun
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli mere yaar di (x2)
Bekhudi me tu khudi ka zariya zariya mere yara
Jhaalar main sitaro ka, chand warga tu yaaram
Shab guzri te jag soya
Ni main jagiya nami danam
Mere maahiya sanam jaanam
Ki main kariya nami danam
Shab guzri te jag soya
Ni main jagiya nami danam
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli mere yaar di (x2)
Ni main Kamli Kamli…

Security guards see Heer and Simmi. Heer and Simmi run until they bump into Jaya.
“ So, you are the one who is creating such a ruckus at my party?” Jaya shouts in front of everyone.
“ Please, we were just looking for someone to help us. We are stranded.” Simmi says.
“ So? Do I care? This isn’t a charity center. Disgusting people. Have some shame. You came into my party wearing cheap dirty clothes.” Jaya says.
“ Eh! Who did you call disgusting? Makeup shop! You look like a clown!” Heer shouts.
“ Oh hello? I don’t understand your language properly. I was born in Australia. I don’t understand proper Indian languages here.” Jaya says.
“ Eh Angrezi mirchi! I understand English and I can speak English. If you don’t apologise to us now, I wont spare you.” Heer says.
“ I am Jaya Dhoshi! You will try to harm me?” Laughs Jaya.
“ Yes! I will break your arms and legs.” Heer says. She gets into a cat fight with Jaya. The security guards come and stop the fight.
“ I wont spare you! You ruined my party and you put your filthy peasant hands on me!” Screams Jaya.
“ Eh you witch! I will see what you will do!” Heer shouts. The security guards drag Heer and Simmi out of the concert.
“ Didi, why did you attack her?” Simmi says.
“ Have you lost your mind? She tried to humiliate us. Lets go. We will find someone. These rich people are evil.” Heer says. They go.

Precap- Prem and Jigar are shocked to find out they are getting engaged to the same girl. They start fighting. Heer arrives at the Modi mansion.

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  1. Isaaq

    Guys, how do you like the new vamp Jaya? She’s going to be a dangerous vamp. Since you all didn’t want Radha as a vamp, her daughter will be a vamp instead? She will be the next Sindoora

    1. Riana

      Adaa as Jaya is superb!!…well decision

  2. Riana

    Awesome Isaaq….Tremendously Outstanding????????????…..Its Wowsome today…I very much enjoyed the cat fight between heer n Jaya…Heer has a bold character????…i lov it…..Happy that Radha is positive now…Eagerly waiting for nxt update…Once again Superb!!???

    1. Isaaq

      Yep. Fate brought two arch enemies together for the first time. Heer and Jaya will be big enemies for each other. They’ll fight for so many decades. Even when they are grandmothers, Jaya will always be the Ravan in Heers life.

  3. Shakaib

    Hi di…today’s update was awesome and thrilling….surprise to see adaa khan as jaya… I want to ask you, is this name (jaya) is also some god’s name because you once said, you use all god/goddess’ name for evils in your fan fiction. Adaa really suits for this role. Thank you for not turning -ve. I want upcoming track like this that radha tell about her previous birth sin of separating heer and divya and Gopi apologize her. It will more exciting….wow…saraswati has become new saraswati….so much thrilled. Love dance of jaya on kamli song. Heer and jaya cat fight was nice. And can’t wait for next part.

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I chose Jaya name because it was Gods name. Jaya is another name for Durga. Whereas Daya means compassion and love. Jaya is the opposite. She will be as powerful and strong as Durga but she will be evil.
      I know Aada Khan is a vamp in Naagin. I’ve seen an episode and she seems really good. She got the best actress for negative role award so I thought she was the best choice.

      Jaya will be really powerful. She will be Heer’s longtime enemy. Heer and Jaya will be arch enemies till they are old

    2. Isaaq

      For the first time, God brought two destined arch enemies together. The battle between Heer and Jaya begins?

    3. Isaaq

      Radha will be positive but Jaya won’t. When Jaya learns about what the Modis did with her mother, she will get revenge. Radha will try to stop her but Jaya will not listen.

      Jaya will learn about her mother killing Heer and Jigar in their previous birth. Jaya will continue her mothers legacy

  4. Nandhini

    Ohh woww i just love this jaya! Only because its adaa khan! She is carrying forward her mom’s legacy..excellent!?i think while jigar loves heer,, jaya will also plot to love jigar or she will marry prem…right?? As daya and jaya are not really biological daughters of radha,, so they are not real cousins of prem and jigar…i love the face-off between jaya and heer…saraswati will come in her new avatar to stop mandira’s plottings…

    1. Isaaq

      You’ve got it right! Jaya will do exactly what her mom did. She will become Heer’s sautan. Daya will be paired with Prem.

      Jaya will do everything her mother did in her previous birth. Rashi and Raj will face many troubles with Jaya as their second bahu. Jaya will make things hell for Rashi.

      Gopi will be busy fighting with Mandira. Rashi has a separate storyline with Jaya, Heer and Jigar. Raj’s family will be entering soon. The Malhotra family will be shocked to see Jigar having two wives, Heer and Jaya. Rashi will struggle with Jaya.

      Daya will be the opposite and will support Gopi all the time. Daya will also support Heer against her evil sister. Daya will be involved in the Gopi storyline. Sanjana will get married to Kumari’s son Adi. Sanjana will cause chaos in the Modi house.

      Durga and Pari will also have their own storyline in the Kapoor mansion. They will be tortured by Damini, Juhi and Mandira and the other bahus of the Kapoor mansion. They will face many challenges there.

      Four storylines… Gopi, Rashi, Heer and Durga and Pari. This is going to be a long season ahead. Ive never had so many vamps before.

      As you know, Jaya will remain as the main vamp in coming seasons. She is the new Sindoora of Gopi Destiny. She is Sindoora’s step sister. Sindoora’s ghost is back as Jaya. But Jaya will have style and power. She will be extremely cunning and her mother Radha will be helpless. Radha will play the role of the helpless Madhu.

      Daya will be the new Gopi and Jaya will be the new Radha.

      Mandira will be defeated at the end of season 5 as Saraswati will defeat her. But Mandira wont give up at all. Jaya will be kicked out of the Malhotra Mansion and will return to Modi mansion. Jaya will be positive for quite some time. However, Mandira will send a man into Jaya life. He will be like Umang and Sanskaar. He will turn Jaya negative again. Daya will try to save her sister but Jaya wont listen. It will be exactly like the Radha and Gopi storyline…

    2. Isaaq

      season 6 will begin the new track of Jaya and Daya battle and Radha helplessly watching her two daughters fight. Mandira will brainwash Jaya.

      However, Jaya will always be Heer’s biggest enemy. But season 6 will focus on Jaya’s evil plotting against her sister Daya and Prem

  5. Isaaq

    Daya will be replaced by Krishna Mukharjee

  6. Isaaq

    Omg guys I’ve just watched Naagin and it’s so good. Shesha is such a brilliant vamp. I’m so glad I’ve chose Aada Khan as Jaya

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh so heer and jaya both will marry jigar!! Then after jaya gets kicked out of malhotra house,, she will marry a new guy sent by mandira…you said siddharth and radha wil be having 3 kids right…who is the third one??
      Lol! Naagin season 1 was the best! Season 2 is too bad!

      1. Riana

        Hey nandini…I had uploaded the nxt part of SENK…Pls read n comment…n isaaq why didnt commented on SENK…lol???….Pls read n comment???

      2. Isaaq

        Yh I don’t like Rocky. I prefer Ritik. Plus Naagin reminds me of ask Hasina Thi except Shivangi kills the culprits whereas Durga gets them arrested.

        I’m so happy to see Sudha Chandran back in a negative role after so long as Yamini. She was in another Ekta Kapoor show as well about 12 years ago I think. She was also very evil there.

        Season 2 is ok. I love Hindu stories about gods and demons. I never knew about the naagins. I’m going to do some research on the naagins.

        Lol the third one is the youngest. He is their son. He is studying at a boarding school abroad. He is about 13 years old. He won’t be introduced until the next leap in season 8 or 9. I won’t do a generation leap as it ruins everything. It will probably be 7 years leap.

        I’m looking forward to the new vamp Jaya. I like creating new villains. In my writing for fan fiction and my novel, my villains are my best creations

  7. Adda Khan was always my favorite in Amrit Manthan!!!

  8. Nandhini

    Yeah in ur stories the vamps are only created in many different ways…sindoora,mandira,kaushika,paridhi,aaaliya and so on…so jaya and daya have a younger brother…
    Naagins are mythological creatures…they dont exist in real world as of now..if you want to dig deep you must go into hindu puranas or old egyptian histories…

    1. Isaaq

      I have Shesha’s background music stuck in my head?? and that snake charming background music.

      1. Nandhini

        Haha yeah the BG scores of naagin is nice to hear..not only it attracts snakes but humans too??

  9. Jasminerahul

    wow.radha n family r back.surprised to see kritika n ada as their daughters.jaya’s concert is she is a pop star.heer jaya meeting n fight was what will this arrogant jaya do to heer?saraswati going to have a make over 2 fight against going 2 b daya is kritika.but y r u planning to change Daya into Krishna Mukerjie?

    1. Isaaq

      I don’t know. It’s because Daya is supposed to be Gopi number 2. I don’t know which actress to choose

      1. Jasminerahul

        but u have already chosen kritika as Daya.then why to change d actress?

    2. Isaaq

      Ok fine I’ll keep her as the actress

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