Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 5

Sindoora arrives at the Modi mansion. A storm happens at the Modi house. “ What is this wind?” Hetal says.
“ Mother in law, close the door.” Paridhi says. Hetal tries to close the door when Sindoora comes and kicks the door. Hetal falls on the floor and Paridhi catches her. Vamp tune plays. Divya is shocked to see Sindoora.
“ What is this? Who are you?” Hetal shouts. The other Modis come.
“ I am her sister.” Sindoora points at Divya.

“ Divya has told us everything. Get out of here.” Hetal says.
“ Give me Divya or I will burn this house.” Sindoora says. Sindoora goes inside and pushes Hetal out of the way. She grabs Divya by her hair.
“ Ow Sindoora please.” Divya begs.
“ How dare you run away? I will show you what happens when you do wrong with us!” Screams Sindoora. Sindoora’s goons arrive with guns and shoot in the air. “ If any of you Modis try and stop me, I will tell these people to kill you all.” Sindoora drags Divya out and the Modis helplessly look.
Sindoora throws Divya into the car. They drive the car. “ Madam, it will take a few hours to go back to Delhi.”
“ Good. I am glad Ive got this gawar back. Continue driving.” Sindoora says. It becomes dark and lorry comes and rams into the car. Divya falls out of the car and into the lake. Veer sees this and jumps into the lake. Underwater, he grabs Divya and pulls her out of the lake and she is in his arms.
“ Who is this girl?” Veer says. “ Driver, take this girl and put her in the car. I will sit on the front seat.
Meanwhile, Sindoora survives and her goons die in the car crash. “ Divya escaped again! How dare she? How will find her now?” Sindoora screams.
Veer takes Divya to Chandigarh to his house. Divya had not regained consciousness. Kaushika opens the door and is shocked to see Divya in Veer’s arms.
“ Veer, who is this girl and why she in this state?” Kaushika asks.
“ I don’t know Maa. She fell into a lake and I saved her. I brought her straightaway. Can you call the doctor?” Veer asks.
“ Yes of course. Take her to the guest room.” Kaushika says. Veer takes her.
After several months, Veer and Divya become closer to each other. Kaushika observes this. Divya places Shanti’s ashes at her ancestral home and she settles at Kaushika’s mansion. Divya later becomes pregnant with Veer’s child and Divya and Veer get married.

9 months later, Divya gives birth to a daughter and she named her Anjali. Kaushika was very angry by this and ran away with Anjali. Divya and Veer finally find Kaushika with Anjali in Omkareshwar.
“ Maa please give back Anjali!” Veer says.
“ Why should I? Ever since this girl arrived, you have given your mother less importance. Do you know who this girl is? She is my niece!” Kaushika says. “ My sister’s daughter. When Anjali was born, I did a DNA test with Anjali and I found out that I am related to her. I hate Gopi Modi. Gopi Modi’s daughter will not be my bahu!” Kaushika shouts.
“ So you are Radha? Who destroyed my family?” Divya says.
“ Now I remember. 10 years ago, you was that little girl that helped me trap the Modis. Thank you for telling Kokila Modi where I was. Your mother is in jail because of me.” Kaushika laughs evilly.
“ I wont let you get away with this.” Divya says.
“ I separated Gopi and Ahem 10 years ago. Now I will separate Divya and Veer.” Kaushika laughs evilly. Kaushika stabs Veer in the stomach and Veer falls on the floor.
“ Veer!” Screams Divya. Kaushika slaps Divya. Divya falls on the floor. She tortures Divya until Divya feels weak. Kaushika ties Divya to a rock and throws her in the lake.
“ Divya!” Shouts Veer.
“ Your Divya is dead! First her mother fell down this lake and now she herself fell down this lake.” Kaushika laughs.
“ Please spare my daughter Anjali.” Veer begs. Kaushika laughs again.
“ I have one condition. Since you married my biggest enemy’s daughter, you will have to be punished. Either you die or Anjali dies.” Kaushika says.
“ Please have mercy.” Veer cries.

“ Choose! You or your dirty daughter!” Kaushika screams.
“ Me.” Sobs Veer.
“ Thank you.” Kaushika takes out her gun and shoots Veer. Suddenly, Divya comes out of the lake with a trishul.
“ Radha!” Divya screams. Divya goes to Kaushika and slaps her. Divya tries to stab Kaushika but Kaushika holds the trishul and pushes Divya. Divya falls on the floor and she drops the trishul.
“ Poor Veer and Divya. In the Ramayan, Ram and Sita united and defeated Ravan. But here Ravan himself is standing up and Ram and Sita are begging on their knees. In this Ramayan, Ram and Sita will die and Ravan will rule forever.” Kaushika says.
“ Veer. I love you. I hope I unite with you in our next birth.” Divya cries.
“ Divya. I love you too. May Bagwan always keep us together forever.” Veer says.
“ Has the drama finished? Good. Today I take Ravan avatar. Today Ravan will win. I will become Kali and I will finish off my enemies for good.” Kaushika laughs. Kaushika raises her trishul and slays Veer and Divya.
Later, Kaushika disposes the bodies of Divya and Veer. Kaushika then leaves Anjali at the temple. Sindoora comes across Anjali at the temple and takes her home.

Heer wakes up from her dream. “ Everything was so blurry. I didn’t understand what was happening.”

Precap- Radha arrives with her husband Siddharth at the Modi mansion.

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  1. Nandhini

    This kaushika aka radha has murdered so many people! Even that sindoora! I remember that radha was killed by sindoora itself right? Isaaq it will be good if all the vamps fight against themselves and kill each other at the end? evil vs evil…at the end both of them dies! Wondering how heer will enter into radha and gopi’s lives again…

    1. Isaaq

      Radha will be scared to see Heer. When Gopi finds out about the death of her third daughter, she will not spare Radha?

      Mandira will use Radha as her greatest weapon to destroy the Modis. I’ve decided not to copy the old Radha track from the show. I’m going to introduce a new track.

  2. Veer n Divya got brutally killed by that witch….Sad??…But Radha positive at present…Siddharth shukla is playing the role of Siddharth right??

    1. Isaaq

      Yep Siddharth Shukla will be playing his role. However, he will be like Umang and he will be using Radha. Siddharth is Mandira son.

      Radha will be negative soon. Gopi won’t forgive her when she finds out that she killed her daughter

  3. Isaaq

    Anjali is also the same Anjali who is played by Anita Hassanandi. Anjali is Gopi granddaughter and it will be revealed during this season.

    When Heer arrives at the Modi mansion, Radha will be shocked to see her alive again and slowly she will turn vamp. She will also be shocked to see Jigar alive as well

    1. Nandhini

      Lol! That means radha will be like “oh my God! I already killed these two people in my previous birth..and they took rebirth along with me, gopi and rashi!!??”

  4. Jasminerahul

    sad that sindoora dragged out divya.but luckily divya escaped.but its kaushika’s stepson Veer who saved her?nice ti know that veer divya became a pair.shocking that anjali is their daughter.shocking that kaushika killed veer divya brutally.Veer is Jigar’s (Leenesh)previous birth?hope Divya Veer themselves will defeat Radha in this life although i don’t like d idea of turning radha negative again as she had turned positive.

    y r u noy updating Kasauti?I like that better than this.bcz kasauti has everything…romance,family emotions,revenge

    1. Isaaq

      I liked Radha as a vamp. Nobody wanted Sindoora to come back so Radha will be the new vamp.

      I will update Kasauti soon when I have the time, although Gopi Destiny is my favourite, hence why I’ve given this ff more importance

      1. Jasminerahul

        Radha turned vamp bcz of her misunderstandings towards Gopi.Even after Tripti revealing the truth to Radha after a break Radha coming back as a vamp looked stupid to me.The most innocent foolish girl Radha turning into a clever cunning vamp all of a sudden was also unbelievable.thankfully in the southern versions of SNS after knowing the truth of Umang Rafha turned positive.
        Radha turned positive in ur ff.So again turning her negative is sad.bcz if very happy when bad people turn good,but its very sad when they turn bad again.Sindoora being a vamp through out was sad bcz a daughter killing her own parents was too much,really felt bad 4 gohem.I wished no one had this fate.but I’m happy that Sindoora is not gohem’s daughter,so gohem were not killed by their own daughter.Sindoora was gohem’s fake daughter.So the most convincing natural vamp of ur ff is Sindoora.But she had a glorious death.So bringing her back will make the glorious ending of Sindoora lose its charm.Thats y v don’t want sindoora to come back.but it was better to bring new will add freshness to the ff.same vamps again n again may make it repetitive

    2. Isaaq

      I have to think of a good plot if Radha isn’t going to become the vamp. But Gopi still won’t forgive Radha when she finds out. Radha has never killed anyone before except Divya now. Knowing that her daughter died, Gopi will surely not forgive her.

      I really wanted Radha negative again. She was a brilliant vamp in the show. Mandira is the real vamp here.

      The reason why I want Radha as the vamp is because she hasn’t been punished yet. She is still free from jail. She killed Divya and this truth will be out soon.

      Rashi was the real sister of Gopi. Radha has always been evil. Hence why Radha needs to be punished.

      It won’t be repetitive. I’ve decided to create a new plot revolving around Heer and Jigar.

      Plus Radha will be in a new modern avatar. She’s the ultimate villain.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Radha was negative in her previous life.but after rebirth she was not punishing her for the crime she did in her previous life is sad

    3. Isaaq

      I’m going to keep away Radha track for some time. I want to focus on Durga and Pari track when they get married into the Kapoor family.

  5. This ff is one of the best ever!

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you!!

  6. Shakaib

    OMG! What a fantastic update..!! Hetal to fall but pari holding her was nice… Wow…anjali is Veer-Divya’s daughter…cool…one thing is bothering me..that how sindoora could be Radha and Umang’s daughter as in real sns…. They have never showed…that umang has done something to radha. It will be better if you show its not umang’s but someone else’s child because it will be more interest in in my point of view….it is very sad that radha will turn -ve again…I like radha positive… But it has many twists.. Waiting for them…and when are you going to add “isaaq’s mom’s comment” scene..?? Add it soon also…lol….

    1. Jasminerahul

      I agree with you.even I prefer radha positive.Because it’s due to misunderstanding that radha tortured modis

      1. Isaaq

        Ok Radha won’t be negative. However Mandira will still use Radha. Mandira will target Radha.

        Some time in the season, Mandira will discover the truth about Divya (Heer) and will use this as her revenge.

        Radha will be given more importance in this season. She will have a lead role along with Gopi, Heer and Durga.

        SNS show follows from the perspective of Gopis life and her daughters life. In this season, it will focus on Gopi life, Heer life, Durga life and Radha life.

        Durga and Pari will face their evil in laws at the Kapoor mansion.

        Gopi and Rashi will try to discover the truth about their real mother and survive Mandira plans.

        Heer love story with Jigar.

        Radha love story with Siddharth. Many enemies will enter to try and separate the couple.

    2. Isaaq

      Read below as I’ve decided to make Radha a lead character. She will be a heroine instead of a vamp now

    3. Isaaq

      Shakaib you’ve given me a new idea. I think after Mandira is defeated, Sindoora real father and his family will be the next villains. For the first time, I might have a main male villain.

      Radha met a rich man during the first leap when Meera fell of the cliff. It will be very interesting entry. The rich man great grandson will be the new villain. Radha also married this man during the leap. She was legally his wife therefore she was never Jigar legal wife as she was already married.

      Basically the new villain entry will be brilliant. He will be a brand new character and he will be very powerful. He will possibly be the final villain. His wife will be the final vamp.

      From the start of the show, Gopi got lost from her parents. But the show never told us how Gopi got lost. The rich man will be connected to Gopi first disappearance. He has been behind everything. Eventhough the rich man won’t be alive, the new villain will continue his evil plans.

  7. Jasminerahul

    thanku very much 4 not turning radha a vamp again

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