Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 4

Divya comes to the college crying and remembering Sanjana’s words that she is responsible for ruining the Modis. She enters the theatre.
“ Sindoora behen!” Divya says. She come son stage. Sindoora fumes seeing Divya on the stage. All the girls are amazed seeing Divya.
“ This is the girl I want to play as the obedient daughter in law!” Sindoora’s friend says.
“ But this girl doesn’t even like acting. She is my sister Divya.” Sindoora says. “ What do you want Divya?”
“ Sindoora behen. Your dress.” Divya says.
“ Thank you. Now you can leave. You have embarrassed me enough.” Sindoora says. Divya leaves. Divya arrives home and sees the ambulance. She is shocked and she goes inside. She sees the medics taking her servant Shanti(Krutika Khan), who looked after her for many years.
“ Ammaji!” Cries Divya. Divya runs to Shanti.

“ Divya, I don’t have long left. I have brought you up for so many years since you were a child. Now I have a request for you. When I die, you take my ashes to my ancestral home in Chandigarh.” The nurse pleads.
“ No Ammaji! You are not going anyway. You are not leaving me!” Sobs Divya.
“ Divya beti, Bagwan is calling me. I have to go. Will you promise me?” Shanti begs.
“ I promise.” Sobs Divya. Suddenly Shanti stops moving and the medics pronounce her dead. The medics close her eyes. Divya is shocked. Sad Saathiya tune plays.
At Shanti’s funeral, Gaura (Vandana Pathak) arrives along with Dharam and young Sharavan. Divya is confused seeing the three. Gaura hugs Sanjana and Sakshi. Divya follows them inside.
“ Oh Divya you are here.” Sanjana says.
“ Oh so this is Divya. Nice to meet you Divya.” Gaura says. “ I have come here for proposal. I want you to marry my Sharavan.” Divya is shocked and she runs into the kitchen.
“ She is blushing.” Sakshi says. “ Poor girl. She is already nervous.” It is evening and Divya listens to their conversation.
“ Sanjana. I need Divya to marry Sharavan. I know that Divya is Kokila Modi’s granddaughter. I want Divya to become Sharavan’s first wife and then Divya’s sisters, Meera or Vidya, will become Divya’s sautan.” Gaura laughs evilly. Divya starts crying hearing this.
“ Very well. The wedding will take place soon.” Sanjana says. Gaura and her family leave. At night, Divya packs her bags and takes Shanti’s ashes with her. She leaves the house. Divya runs to the railway station and accidentally goes on the train to Rajkot as she is illiterate and doesn’t read the signs.
Divya arrives in Rajkot. She is confused where to go. She asks people for directions but people don’t listen to her. She goes into the market when a thief steals her bag.
“ Help! He stole my bag!” Screams Divya. Suddenly Tolu and Molu arrive and grab the thief and beat him up. The thief runs away and Tolu and Molu give the bag to Divya.
“ Thank you. My Ammaji’s ashes were in there. I came here to Chandigarh to leave them here as it was her final wish.” Divya says.
“ This isn’t Chandigarh. This is Rajkot.” Laughs Molu. Both brothers laugh. Divya starts panicking.
“ What? How can this be?” Divya sobs.

“ What? Don’t cry. Look we live in a big house. You can stay there for a few days and we will drop you off to Chandigarh and then we will drop you off to your home as well.” Tolu says. Divya agrees and goes with them.
Divya arrives at the Modi mansion. Hetal opens the door. “ Tolu, Molu, have you been naughty again? Who is this girl?”
“ Dadi. This is Divya. She has come from Delhi. She was supposed to go to Chandigarh but she ended up in Rajkot instead.” Molu says.
“ Don’t worry beta. We will make sure you end up there. Then we will take you back to your home.” Hetal says.
“ I cant go.” Cries Divya. She tells Hetal everything that her family are forcing her to marry against her own will. She doesn’t mention Gaura’s name. Paridhi arrives.
“ Mother in law. This girl has ran away and you want us to keep her here? What if her family comes and tortures us as well. Radha is dead. Gopi is in jail. Kaki ji and Ahem jiju have left the house. We don’t want anymore troubles.” Paridhi says.
“ Paridhi, what are you saying? This girl needs our help. We will protect her. Please stay out of our matter.” Hetal says. Paridhi fumes and goes.
“ Don’t mind her. She is like that. You can stay here Divya.” Hetal says. Hetal takes Divya to her room.
In Delhi, Gaura is tensed. “ Sanjana, how will we get her back? I cant go and find her. The railway people told me she is in Rajkot. If I go Rajkot, Kokila will recognise me and my plan will be ruined.” Gaura says.
“ We cannot go either. The Modis are our relatives and if they see us there, they will get suspicious.” Sanjana says.
“ I will go. The Modis don’t know me.” Sindoora says.
“ Sanjana, are you sure this girl is capable of bringing back Divya?” Gaura asks.
“ Oh Gaura maasi. I am Ahem and Gopi’s daughter. Gopi is very mahaan isn’t she? Well her daughter is very dangerous.” Sindoora says. Vamp tune plays.

Precap- A storm happens at the Modi house. Sindoora arrives and kicks the door open. Hetal falls on the floor. Divya is shocked seeing Sindoora.

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  1. Riana

    OMG…Divya’s life was so saddestic??….But liked the entire ep??…Sanjana n Sakshi are the witches…Achha they too died naa after some incidents…u mentioned that right??…

    1. Isaaq

      Yes Sanjana died of old age and fake Gopi killed Sakshi.

  2. Nandhini

    The stage scene reminded me of first episode of rashi’s intro in actual serial…poor girl divya is illiterate…so gaura had contacts with sanjana earlier and she planned all the plots in advance against the modis…precap looked exactly like bhavani’s intro scene in SNS lol…though i have to say the storm when comes during the arrival of any vamp inside a house is predominantly used by you in ur ff…that scene has been copied from you by the SNS makers?…

    1. Isaaq

      The storm happening at the arrival of a vamp as always been used in drama serials.

      In some drama serials, I’ve seen idols shaking and diya losing their light and glass shattering when vamps enter.

      I remember Trishna re entry in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, it was so good. Parvati protected this diya her whole life that represented the peace of her family. If the diya lost its light, darkness would arise. Trishna blew this diya and Parvati fainted at the same moment.

      Trishna also threw garland on Parvati portrait and poured alcohol on the portrait. That was the best entry I’ve seen so far

      1. Nandhini

        Whoa! That trishna is so bad!

  3. Poor Divya!

  4. Jasminerahul

    divya shanthi scene was very emotional.cant believe that gaura planned to get divya married to shravan n make her vidya’s saut.coincidence is that tolu molu hetal helped her unknowingly.wonder what happened then

  5. Shakaib

    Shanti and Divya scene was nice… Was it was sakshi and sanjana’s plan to kill…Samar…sahir and divya scene was nice…. Wish that we has get same story in sns also. We’ve never get adult meera, vidya, Samar,sahir scene. Its has reached at thrilling point..!!

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