Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 3

Heer has a weird dream…

69 years ago, Gopi was in jail for murdering Radha. Gopi is praying to Kahna. Her prisoner friend Rudra comes to her. “ It’s been 9 years since you’ve been in this jail. You miss them don’t you? Your family?” Rudra says.
“ Yes I am miss them a lot. My mother in law, my husband and my two daughters. My daughter Vidya must be 17 years old by now and Meera must be 19. I’ve never spent any time with them.” Gopi says.
“ You said you had another daughter? Vidya’s twin sister?” Rudra says.
“ Yes. But I lost her as a child. Who knows where she is?” Gopi says.

In Delhi, Sanjana Modi (Sudha Chandran) is seen in her big mansion. Sakshi Modi (Simone Singh) comes from behind. “ Where is that Divya?” Sanjana says.
“ She is cleaning the kitchen.” Sakshi says.
“ Good. That gawar needs some discipline.” Sanjana says. Both women enter the kitchen and a young 17 year old girl (Sriti Jha) is cleaning the floor. Sanjana gets a stick and hits her.
“ Ow Dadi please.” Screams Divya.
“ Be quick you mahoos! This kitchen needs to be spotless, do you understand?” Sanjana says. The phone rings. Sakshi picks up the phone.
“ Hello?” Sakshi says.
“ Hello. Maa its me Sindoora.” Sindoora (Amrapali Gupta) says. She is a young 18 years old girl.
“ How is your drama going?” Sakshi says.
“ Terrible. They made me the obedient daughter in law. I hate it. I need food.” Sindoora says.
“ Ok I will send Divya to give you the food.” Sakshi says.
“ Ok bye Maa.” Sindoora puts the phone down.
“ Eh Divya! I need you to go to Sindoora’s college and give her food. And don’t get lost and ruin everything!” Shouts Sakshi.
“ Ji maasi ji.” Divya says. Sakshi suddenly remembers something.
“ Wait a minute. I was going in your room and I saw a cake there. Its your birthday right?” Sakshi asks.
“ Ji.” Divya replies.
“ Do you know your parents were destroyed on this day?” Sakshi says. Divya breaks down in tears.
“ You are celebrating your birthday on this day? You manhoos. You are the reason why your parents are now suffering. You are old enough now. I should tell you that when you were 8 years old, your mother’s sister Radha tried to kill her own daughter. You were an orphan living at Omkareshwar….”

Flashback to 78 years ago
Radha puts Rashi Jr down in her basket. “ What shall I do with this girl? I could sell her off for money. Then I’ll see what those Modis will do to me. I come a long way and they still find me.” Radha says. She picks up the basket and goes to the market where people are eating. Radha arrives there and is shocked to see Paridhi and Jigar. Paridhi grabs Radha.
“ Radha, I wont spare you. You wont escape now.” Paridhi says. Radha struggles and she grabs the hot curry and she throws it at Paridhi. Paridhi screams and Radha runs away. Jigar comes.
“ Paridhi? What happened?” Jigar says.
“ It was Radha! She was here and she ran away with our Rashi!” Sobs Paridhi. Jigar calms her down.
Radha puts down the basket again. “ These Modis are annoying!” Radha screams. She looks back at the basket and Rashi Jr was gone. “ What? Where has she gone?” Radha looks everywhere but she couldn’t find Rashi Jr.
Divya (Anaya Agarwal) had taken Rashi Jr. She tried to pamper her. “ No no, you don’t cry beta. You are a good girl. I will find your parents for you.” Divya says. Rashi Jr stops crying.
Afterwards, Radha throws the fake doll into the river and Gopi thinks it is the real Rashi Jr. Radha starts laughing. Radha suddenly sees Divya with Rashi Jr. “ Eh! You stupid girl! So you took my daughter!” Radha shouts. Radha runs to Divya and snatches Rashi Jr.
“ Im sorry madam. I saw her on her own and she was crying.” Divya says.
“ She wasn’t on her own. I was with her. Go away before I kill you right here! If you see four people coming on their way here, tell them to come this way.” Screams Radha. Divya runs away. She bumps into Kokila, Jigar, Paridhi and Ahem on her way.
“ Im sorry.” Divya says.
“ It is ok. Have you seen two women go this way?” Kokila asks.
“ Yes, they are that way.” Divya points towards where Radha told her to say.
Radha beats up Gopi and throws her in the river. “ Now Gopi will stab me with a trishul after I torture Kokila and Gopi will go jail. My revenge will complete and then I will return back to the Modis’ lives to destroy them once again.” Radha laughs evilly…
Flashback ends
“ It was your fault Divya. It was all your fault. You helped Radha 9 years ago. Your mother stabbed her sister. You told Kokila to go where Radha wanted them. She planned all of this. She wanted to torture Kokila so that Gopi will stab her. Because of you, they were trapped in her plan.” Sanjana says. Divya cries and runs out of the house with the tiffin. Sakshi laughs.
“ Bechari must be traumatised by now. Her mother is in jail because of her.” Sakshi says.
“ She should feel guilty. It is because of her the Modis are suffering now. If only Sindoora could grow older and we can get our revenge on Kokila and their family and get their property.” Sanjana says.
In Chandigarh, a large mansion is shown. The malikan of the mansion is Kaushika/Radha (Urvashi Dholakia). Radha was back in her new avatar. Her stepson Veer (Leenesh Mattoo) enters the mansion.
“ Mom! Im here!” Veer says.
“ Are you here beta? How was your flight?” Kaushika says.
“ It was amazing. I love driving planes.” Veer says.
“ That’s good. Go fresh up and I will put the food on the table.” Kaushika says. Kaushika goes to her room. She looks at a 9 year old newspaper saying, “ Modi family daughter in law Gopi Modi murders her own sister Radha Modi. Gopi sentenced for 14 years.” Kaushika laughs seeing the headlines evilly. Vamp tune plays.

Precap- Divya’s nurse dies who looked after her for 9 years. The nurse requests Divya that after her death, she will put her ashes at her ancestral home in Chandigarh. Divya promises her.

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  1. Isaaq

    I went back many years to early SNS to reveal a big secret. Now you all know how Radha fits in the whole story. Divya and Radha are connected.

    I thought of Divya being responsible for everything when something was confusing me. Remember when Rashi Jr went missing and Radha lost her? So how did Radha find the baby again? As far as I am aware, Radha didn’t take Rashi with her when she tricked Gopi in a trap.

    So I thought I would show that Divya took the baby again.

    1. Isaaq

      Took the baby instead*

  2. Shakaib

    Wow! You nailed it di…. Thanks for showing heer’s previous birth story. According to I remember, some goons has kidnapped rashi Jr. However story is great. Sad that sakshi and Sanjana torture divya a lot.Food drama was likely to SNS first episode when rashi ask urmila to send Gopi with dress. Food drama make me remember that episode. OMG! 78 years….!!!!! Its a little bit tough to believe. Like divya caring rashi Jr. Isaaq di, you didn’t tell me how was my suggestion, of Shagun Ajmani of been villain for Heer and Jigar’s love story. I know she is not look to much like sindoora but is a little bit to sindoora. But how Sanjana and sakshi get Radha’s daughter-sindoora. I remember in season 2, sindoora shouted on radha for kidnapping Gohem and torturing them as she thinks she has only this right. I pity on sindoora that she kill her own mother and killed her maasi and mausa Ji, whichshe thought as her parents. Precap is super interesting. Waiting for next. You said that Radha will turn -ve, but why…. Oh I guess… She will avenge MODIS, as she will think that MODIS are responsible for her daughter’s(sindoora’s) death. But she should remember that her own daughter killed her in season 2. Waiting for exciting updates. Keep it up.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Divya’s previous birth story.sad to see her tortured by Sanjana sakshi.shocking that radha used divya to lead gopi to her bcz of which gopi landed up in jail.Anaya as divya was nice.but sad that they r making divya guilty that she is d reason why her mother is in jail.want to know how d vamps got Sindoora n made her believe that she is gohem;s daughter n made her avengeful.Shocking that Leenesh Mattoo was radha’s step son veer in previous life.were veer divya a couple in previous life too?

  4. Nandhini

    So Divya already knows she is gopi’s daughter..before she reveals the truth to the modis she must have been murdered…i think she dont hate gopi like meera and vidya used to hate her before…so veer and divya will fall in love but dat kaushika(radha) will separate them…

    1. Isaaq

      Radha is going to be negative again yes. I loved Radha track how she was innocent but then she fell in love with Umang.

      I’m going to the same track where Siddharth will be Mandira stepson. Gopi will find out and she will try to explain to Radha about Siddharth evilness but Radha won’t listen to her. Then Siddharth will die and Radha will blame Gopi for his death and that’s when Radha will become negative again. Radha will be Mandira biggest weapon.

      Radha will separate Heer from Gopi and Jigar. She will separate a daughter from her mother and wife from her husband. Then there’ll be another leap leading on to season 6 where Heer will have lost her memory and with a new identity. Jigar will also go missing before the leap. The Modis will be devastated without Heer and Jigar. After the leap, the Modis will be separated. Gopi will be depressed (like Kokila was) and Rashi will be the of the Modi house (like Rashi ruled after first leap. Rashi blames Gopi for her son and daughter in laws going missing.
      Heer and Jigar will have lost their memories and will reunite. Their reunion will bring the Modis together again.

      It’ll be exactly like the serial Radha track. Instead of Kokila losing her memory after knowing Radha truth, Gopi will lose her memory. Then Radha will go jail. Then Mandira track will continue on to season 7. Then Mandira will be defeated.

      Then season 8 Radha will return and then you obviously know what will happen at the end of season 8- Radha will die

      1. Nandhini

        Ohh so Mandira is the mastermind for everything…she will make radha again turn against the modis…i think mandira will kill siddharth and will put the blame on Gopi…wannà see how heer and jigar regain their memories back…

    2. Isaaq

      No Mandira considers Siddharth as her own son eventhough he is a stepson. She loves her children. She isn’t completely evil. Siddharth will already be married like Umang was already married to Tripti. Siddharth first wife will be the one who kill Siddharth at the end of season 5. When Gopi is blamed for the murder, Mandira will get angry and plan her big revenge.

      Mandira and Radha will join hands and they will completely destroy the Modis. In my ff, for the second time, evil vamps will try to kill Gopi but in process Heer and Jigar will instead get injured. Both lovers will separate and lose their memories.

      Gopi will become depressed like Kokila did. Rashi and Raj will be like Paridhi and Jigar and will rule the Modi house. Radha will act very concerned for Gopi but in reality she is happy seeing her suffer. Rashi and Raj as she will blame Gopi for the loss of her son.

      In season 6, the story will focus Heer and Jigar getting their memories back and their reunion. When they return, Gopi will be out of depression and Rashi will reconcile with Gopi. Radha and Mandira won’t be happy about this and will continue plotting to destroy the Modis. Meanwhile, Siddharth first wife (I haven’t decided on the actress name) will return from jail. She will be the new lead antagonist that will brainwash Radha.

  5. Riana

    Sorry for late comment…Episode was Good…i liked the elaborating story of Heer’s past birth…Updt soon…

    1. Isaaq

      Yh it’s going to be good. The whole point of this past birth story is to introduce the new track of Evil Radha and how she’s going to destroy the Modis once again. She’s the only villain who’s still alive???

      Mandira will brainwash Radha. Radha husband Siddharth is Mandira stepdaughter. Gopi will find out but Radha won’t believe her.

      1. Isaaq


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