Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 4 Part 5


Ganga arrives at the Modi house and gets emotional seeing the mansion after so long with Raj. Raj comforts Ganga. “ Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Don’t lose your strength. Your enemies called you here to weaken you. It is their trap but you must destroy this trap.” Raj says.
“ You’re right. Today, I will appear in the Modi mansion as not their bahu, but their biggest enemy. My own family turned against me because of Amba and now it is time I teach them all a lesson. The pain I kept inside me for 15 years, I will show that pain to them all.” Ganga says.
They come out of the car. Dramatic tune plays. They walk towards the mansion. The security guard sees them and calls Amba.
“ Excellent.” Amba says. She puts the phone down and calls Savitri.
“ What?” Savitri says.
“ Rashi has arrived with Raj. Welcome Rashi Modi. The real fun will begin.” Amba says. Amba orders the Modi women to become waitresses and serve wine to the guests. The Modi women cry but Amba scolds them. Rashi arrives at the door of the Modi mansion. Sad Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays when Rashi sees the Modi women being tortured. Rashi gets emotional after entering the Modi house after 15 years. “ Attention everyone. Savitri was one of the guests of honour but there is more guest of honour and there he is. Raj Malhotra and his wife, Ganga Malhotra!” The guests clap. The Modis are shocked to see Ganga. Meera, Vidya, Malika and Krishna start crying seeing Ganga. Ganga walks towards Amba and she ignores the Modis who are shocked to see Rashi again.
“ Welcome Ganga and Raj. I am so sorry for the trouble I caused in your party and this is my apology. I want you to enjoy my party.” Amba says.
“ Don’t worry. I am glad that you have accepted that I am Ganga Malhotra. I would like a glass of wine.” Ganga says. The Modis are shocked hearing that Rashi is asking for alcohol. Amba and Savitri’s faces dropped. Amba becomes confused thinking why does Rashi want alcohol?
“ Sure. She wants a glass of wine.” Amba says to Sona. Sona sees Ganga and remembers Rashi’s marriage with Jigar, when Jigar’s body arrived at the house, when Rashi was arrested and she remembers Rashi’s funeral. Sona gets angry and hands over the glass of wine to Ganga.
“ God, you are so slow. I am thirsty and you took so long. What if I fainted? Foolish waitress. Amba, why did you hire such a old waitress?” Ganga laughs.
“ Actually, she is my aunt-in law. I don’t like wasting money so I thought this buddi doesn’t do anything so I made her my waitress.” Amba says.
“ Very good. I need to learn things from you Amba.” Ganga says. Sona starts crying. Ganga drinks the wine in front of Sona and the other Modis who are heartbroken after seeing Rashi drinking alcohol.

“ Buddi, why are you crying here? And why are you standing here, looking at our faces? Are you going to eat us?” Shouts Amba, Ganga starts laughing. Sona walks away. Ganga and Raj go to speak to the guests. Savitri grabs Amba.
“ I don’t think this woman is Rashi. She is drinking wine like it is some divine water and she is taunting her family relatives. I don’t think this is Rashi.” Amba says.
“ Its simple Amba. I thought you were intelligent. Rashi is doing everything she didn’t do. She is tricking us.” Savitri says.
“ Our first plan failed. Begin the next plan.” Amba says. “Attention, my guests. On this happy occasion of my niece’s engagement, here is a dance performance!” Vulgar dancer comes along with a man. Sheila Ki Jawani song plays. Savitri and Amba start laughing at the Modi family crying seeing the vulgar dance. They look Ganga who is enjoying herself and clapping. Savitri and Amba are shocked.
“ She isn’t bothered at all! Rubbish plan. She loves her Jigar so much. Tell one of the dancers to remove garland from Jigar’s portrait and pour wine over the portrait. Then I’ll see how she controls her emotions.” Savitri says. Amba goes to one of the female dancers and tells them. The female dancer gets Jigar’s portraits and removes the garland and throws it away. Ganga is angry seeing this. The female dancer pours wine over the portrait. Rashi goes to the dancer and slaps her. Everyone is shocked.
“ Stop this! Stop this now! Are you all animals profaning my Jigar’s portrait? You all should be ashamed of yourselves!” Rashi screams. She starts sobbing.
“ You accept you are Rashi Modi. You thought you were so clever. What are going to do now, Rashi Modi?” Amba shouts.
“ Yes I am Rashi Modi! I am Rashi Modi! Remove all this alcohol. Get rid of this abshagun from my home. I don’t want to see this!” Rashi breaks down and cries. The Modi family also start crying seeing her breakdown.

“ I will call the police and you will rot in jail again, Rashi Modi. Stop the music!” Amba shouts. But it was all a dream. Savitri pinches Amba.
“ What are you doing Amba? Have you gone mad? She is still enjoying herself.” Savitri says. Amba looks and Ganga is dancing along to the song.
“ How?” Amba says.
“ Our plan didn’t work. Nothing is working against her. She has come prepared. We have one final plan and that is the engagement ceremony. We will expose her. Rashi will definitely try to save her daughter from getting engaged to an old man.” Savitri says.

The engagement ceremony starts and the Modi women bring down Gopi Jr again. Kumari and Ambika also come down and see Ganga. Ganga calls Amba. “ Amba, where is the man she is getting engaged to?”
“ There.” Amba points an old man and Ganga gets shocked.
“ You told me your niece was getting married. What is her name?” Ganga asks.
“ Gopi Modi, my dead sister’s daughter.” Amba says. Ganga is shocked and looks at her daughter coming down the stairs. Ganga thinks that her daughter has grown so much and she didn’t recognise her. “ I will let you meet her.” Amba takes Ganga to Gopi Jr.
“ Gopi, there is someone here to meet you.” Kumari says. Gopi Jr looks up and sees Ganga. She gets emotional and remembers her childhood memories of her mother. She gets up and is about to hug Ganga when she remembers that Rashi killed her father and she was tortured by Amba after her father’s death. Gopi Jr pushes Ganga.
“ Stay away from me! Rashi Modi! The days are gone when you used to trick people that you were a devi and sanskaari. You murdered my father and then you married that man there!” Gopi Jr screams.
“ Speak with respect Gopi. This isn’t your mother! She is Ganga Malhotra, not Rashi Modi.” Amba says.
“ I don’t care. I wont spare her!” Gopi Jr shouts. Amba takes her away to her room.
“ Behave! Do you realise how much torture you will get if you carry on? Yes I know she is Rashi Modi but please do not embarrass me in my own party!” Amba shouts. Amba leaves the room. Ambika enters the room with a luggage.
“ Gopi, here is your belongings. Ive packed all your clothes and food. Here is your flight ticket to USA. Ive arranged everything for you. Security guards and transport. Everything. Ive left a ladder outside your window. Get changed and escape from here. I wont let you live a horrible life.” Ambika says.
“ Kaki ji, what if I get caught?” Gopi Jr asks.
“ You wont get caught. You are my responsibility now. Now go! I will go downstairs.” Ambika says. Gopi changes her clothes and escapes from the window. Gopi Jr runs to the car and the car takes her to the airport. Ambika goes to the Ganga.
“ Is it done?” Ganga whispers.
“ Yes.” Ambika whispers back.
“ Thank you.” Ganga smiles. Ganga thinks that she saved her daughter and now she had to make sure Amba doesn’t get Gopi Jr back from the USA. Ganga goes outside. She calls the police.
“ Hi, I am calling from the Modi house. Here there is a girl who is being forced to get engaged to a man two times her age.” Ganga says.
“ Ok thank you madam. We will reach their shortly.” The police officer says. Amba goes back into the party.
“ Ganga dear. Have another drink?” Savitri asks.
“ No Im fine thank you.” Ganga says. The police arrive and Amba is shocked.
“ We are here for Amba Modi. We received an anonymous call that a young girl in this family was being forced to get married. Mrs Amba Modi, you are under arrest.” The police officer says.
“ What? No I wasn’t forcing her to get married. She is happy herself.” Amba says. “ Savitri bring down Gopi.” Savitri runs upstairs and doesn’t find Gopi Jr in her room. Savitri comes down.
“ She isn’t in her room Amba.” Savitri says.
“ What?” Amba says.

“ You need to come with us. If she has ran away, I am sure that you were forcing her to get married.” The police officer grabs Amba and puts handcuffs on her. Savitri is furious and looks at Ganga, who pretends to be shocked. Savitri is certain that Ganga is behind it all. The police take away Amba. The guests leave.
“ Ok Mrs Mehra. Me and Raj are going home. I wish Amba returns home soon. Take care bye.” Ganga leaves with Raj. Savitri is angry at her defeat. Savitri visits Amba in jail.
“ That Rashi is behind all of this. I am certain she is Rashi now. Nobody could of phoned the police except her. We don’t even know where Gopi is right now.” Savitri says.
“ You need to get my bail. I will die in this place.” Amba says.
“ I don’t think you will get bail so quickly Amba. There is strong evidence against you. I will think of a plan but in the meantime, I will take care of Rashi and the Modis, my old enemies. In your absence, I will make sure they suffer.” Savitri laughs and Amba laughs as well. Savitri leaves the jail and goes to her house. Savitri finds her old documents and it says that she is the owner of Modi property, not Amba. Savitri thinks that she will sell the Modi house and Rashi will not do anything about it.
The next day Savitri holds an auction. All the buyers turn up. Everyone bid their prices until a woman calls, “ 250 crores!” Savitri looks and its Ganga. Savitri is shocked.
“ Anyone for 300 crores or is Ganga Malhortra the highest bidder?” The announcer calls out. Nobody speaks. “ Ok, Mrs Ganga Malhotra wins the bid of Modi property for 250 crores.” Savitri’s face drops when she hears the announcement. Ganga approaches Savitri.
“ Congratulations Ganga. I am happy at least a friend of mine has my property now.” Savitri says.
“ Thank you. Now that I am malikan of Modi Industries and Mehra Group of Industries, I am sure I will expand my empire across the world. I am thinking of refurbishing the Modi house as a big international resort.” Ganga says excitedly. Ganga says goodbye to everyone.
At the Modi house, the mailman gives a letter to Naiya. Naiya reads and gets shocked to learn that the Modi house has to be vacated in 3 days.

Precap- Ganga arrives with the workers. She orders the workers to break down the Modi house with the bulldozer. Naiya comes out of the Modi house and confronts Ganga.

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  1. Isaaq

    So Gopi Jr has escaped and now the Hopi marriage track ended with Amba arrest. Sindoora will however have a plan to get Amba released.

    The upcoming track will be between Ganga and Savitri where Ganga has become the new owner of Modi mansion. Whilst fighting over the property, Savitri will reveal to Anjali son that he is Khushi son. Her son will rape his wife knowing that she loves another man. Savitri will use this to trap Rashi in a court case battle. Rashi will battle against Savitri to get justice for the girl. Rashi will win the case.

    After the rape case track, Amba will be released. Amba will ask for forgiveness. Rashi agrees to sell back the property as long as Amba allows to stay at the Modi house for a few weeks. Then the Radha marriage track will begin where Siddharth will enter Radha life and will fall in love with her. However Amba does not want Radha to get married. And Amba will also call Viren to the Modi mansion.

    During the Radha marriage track, Viren will return to claim back Modi property as papers say that the Modi heir only gets some shares of the property. Viren was Ahem eldest son and deserved to inherit the property. Rashi and Gopi will battle against Viren schemes. The track will end with Viren and his family getting kicked out and Radha getting married.

    During The rape case track, a lawyer called Mandira helped Gopi and Rashi. Mandira will return after Radha marriage track and will bring along her husband, who will turn out to be Jigar. Mandira will become negative knowing Rashi was Jigar first wife. Mandira will join hands with Sindoora and Amba. The trio will try to brainwash Jigar against Rashi. However towards the end of the track, Amba and Sindoora will try to kill Jigar again but Mandira will save Jigar. When they try to kill Jigar, Rashi will expose Amba and Sindoora and Jigar will get his memories back. Amba and Sindoora will be arrested for their crimes and Everyone apologises to Rashi. Gopi finally reveals to everyone that she is not Ambika. The Modi family will be happy to have Gopi and Rashi back.
    Jigar lets Rashi be with Raj and their remarriGe happens. But Sindoora escapes from the police van that was taking her to prison and she returns during the wedding. Sindoora shoots Gopi and runs away. Gopi is in coma.

    Rashi will chase Sindoora to North India in the snowy mountain region and Sindoora will force Rashi to kill her. However Raj will come and he will sacrifice his life to save Rashi. Sindoora will be hit in a earthquake and will be crushed to death by a avalanche.

    After a few months, Gopi regains conscious and Rashi gets married to Jigar. That’s season 4?

    Season 5 will begin with the entry of Gopi and Rashi stepmother who killed their biological mother.

  2. Isaaq

    The fan fiction was supposed to end at the end of season 4 with Sindoora death, as she has been the main antagonist of Gopi Destiny for ages now lol. But I’ve decided to continue it into season 5.

    All of you haven’t wondered about a mystery yet. How did Gopi and Rashi separate from their birth mother? That answer will be revealed in season 5, which is the reason why the fan fiction will still go on as one more vamp is left. Sindoora has been the main antagonist of Gopi Destiny for 3 seasons.

    Now the murderer of Gopi and Rashi birth mother, Garima, will enter their lives and cause chaos. Garima will probably be the main antagonist of Gopi Destiny now for 3 or 4 seasons as well now. With the new story around the mystery of Garima, Gopi Destiny will be extended.

    It is possible that after Garima is defeated after 4 seasons, I might introduce a new storyline. So Gopi Destiny might reach 15 seasons?

    1. Isaaq

      Although 15 seasons is not guaranteed? It might end on season 8 or 10. It depends if I have any more ideas to use.
      If you have watched Kasauti Zindagi Ki, I’ll probably follow that storyline in that drama serial as Garima is played by Urvashi Dholakia who played Komolika in Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Which garima in kggk?adi’s wife was garima who was played by an actress named garima

  3. Isaaq

    I’ve decided that Raj won’t die at the end. I prefer Raj over Jigar and Rashi doesn’t love Jigar anymore. She loves Raj now. It’s a love triangle. If Rashi and Raj are together, Jigar will be lonely but he still loves Rashi.

    I’ve changed around the story. Sindoora will come back during the wedding and will shoot Raj and Raj will go into coma. Heartbroken Rashi will run after Sindoora. Jigar will come to the rescue but he will sacrifice his life to save her. He always loved Rashi and this was his final gift to her. Rashi is heartbroken seeing Jigar dead. Then Sindoora will die in a avalanche. Jigar died knowing he could never be with Rashi anymore so this was his only gift to her to make her happy.

    Raj regains consciousness and both Rashi and Raj reunite. The Modis do Rashi bidai.

    I think Jigar dying would be a better story as Jigar would be lonely without Rashi. I love Rashi and Raj Jodi so I can’t end Raj character. Raj is more of a hero who has helped Rashi become Ganga, whereas Jigar was a helpless husband.

    1. Jasminerahul

      See my prediction was right.raj can’t die

  4. Nandhini

    Lol its funny when before amba was sure dat ganga is rashi when she saw her in abu dhabi party,, but in modi mansion amba said she doesnt think this lady -ganga is rashi?…but savitri is tooo clever to find out about ganga…i loved the back-up plan of gopi and rashi making gopi jr go away to london…at the end will mandira turn positive?? Will rashi demolish the modi bhavan as mentioned in the precap??
    If the next vamp is Garima,, anyways she will be an oldie? that reminds of this vamp equal to Gaura!

    1. Nandhini

      Sorry gopi go away to USA** not london…

      1. Nandhini

        Gopi jr.**

    2. Isaaq

      Savitiri will come to the rescue and will save the Modi mansion from being demolished as she throws Durga Gopi Daughter in front of the bulldozer. Rashi stops the demolishing and goes to the hospital to treat Gopi daughter. While Durga is being treated, Savitri will brainwash Anjali son and Her son will eventually rape his wife. The rape case will distract Rashi. Savitri will make Rashi promise that if she loses the case, then she will have to give back Modi property to Savitri.

      Yh Garima will be like Gaura and Mandira will turn positive towards the end, but after Jigar death, she will be like Mansi. Mandira will go mad and will be in a mental hospital for 4 years and she will return back in Rashi life for revenge, just like Mansi wanted revenge on Gopi!

    3. Isaaq

      I’m looking forward to the ending of season 4 because the old Gopi will be back. She hasn’t been Gopi since she went prison in season 1. She will get her old name back and the Old SNS will return.

      1. Isaaq

        Gopi became Durga in season 1, then she died and became Ambika. And since then, she has been known as Ambika. She hasn’t been Gopi for a long time now

      2. Isaaq

        The song that will be played in Raj and Rashi grand wedding will be Salam-e-Ishq where all couples will dance? It’s going to be a perfect ending until evil Sindoora comes back after escaping and shoots Raj???

      3. Isaaq

        Raj will go in coma and will regain consciousness after Jigar death. The evil Sindoora deserves to die now!!!! She’ll be crushed to death??? a punishment from God

  5. Riana

    Entire episode was superb!!!…Amba n Savitri’s conservation sounds funny…i was laughing to imagine how old meera,vidya n Sona etc. are serving alchohol….Though the storyline is exactly like Kggk but i really liked it…

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I love KGGK so that’s why I’m copying a few storylines? Thank you for commenting and I promise from now on. I’ll comment on your fan fiction too?

    2. Riana

      Pls comment…thanks a lot??

  6. Great Issaq di.i love this fan fiction!

    1. Isaaq

      Thank You! I always aim to please my fans 😀

  7. Nandhini

    Isaaq actually i also wanted rashi and raj to be together…because when you said their love story is inspired from ur own story,, i really imagined them to be the best couple in this fan fic…and yes jigar is a helpless husband…although he loved rashi,, he didnt have much understanding of her like raj has…so thank you for reuniting raj and rashi again?…and please dont separate them again…i havent watched KGGK so all these story lines are new to me! Making gopi’s daughter fall infront of the bull-dozer is an unexpectable twist!?
    I am also waiting for old Gopi to be back soon in modi family…she is on a silent mission against all the vamps! Wondering what kind of problems gopi and rashi will get from garima in season 5…waiting for her entry…

    1. Isaaq

      Yh season 4 is a big season where all the big vamps like Sindoora, Radha and Amba are finally going to meet their end after 4 seasons. Radha is going to get married. Sindoora will die and Amba will go to jail. This is biggest season yet and old Gopi will succeed in her battle she started in season 1. Can you believe it she’s been fighting a battle for 63 years??? She spent 18 years after she faked her death, then she died and was reborn and was way from the Modis for 20 years. Then after her fake death, she pretended to be Ambika for 10 years. Then Rashi fakes her death and Gopi was still Ambika for 15 years. That’s 63 years in total? That’s why this is the biggest season and finally with Sindoora gone, Gopi battle will be over and good will defeat evil after 63 years.

      In season 5, Garima will come from a very rich family. It’ll be one of the richest families in Asia. Garima will be the head of the family. Her husband (Rashi, Gopi and Amba biological father) will be under her control. Garima will keep the secret that his twin daughters are alive.

      Garima will be the stepmother of two sons and the biological mother of one son and Amba and another daughter. Her other daughter is married off and Amba of course will be in jail. Her two stepsons are married and her biological son is also married. She has three bahus in total who will all be negative.

      Durga (Gopi daughter) will get married to one of Garima stepgrandson (from one of her stepsons) and Pari (Rashi daughter) will get married to other stepson’ son.

      And no Durga and Pari won’t get married to their relatives looool. Gopi and Rashi biological father has had four wives- Aliya, another woman, Gopi and Rashi biological mother and Garima.

      Durga and Pari father in laws will be from the 2nd wife of their grandfather. The 2nd wife’s children with another man. So there’s no blood relation between Gopi, Rashi and Pari and Durga father in law.

      Durga and Pari sister in laws, Garima stepgrandaughters, will also be vamps. There will be two of them and they will be arrogant and modern.

      This new family will become the next biggest enemies of the Modis. This time it’ll be Modis vs Kapoors

      1. Nandhini

        63 years and more to come!! And you said garima will be the biggest vamp in next four seasons! So modis vs kapoors will have a long time battle like mahabharatha war!?? And it seems the kapoors have more number of family members (big family tree) than the modis!!

    2. Isaaq

      Yep it will be a big war. I’ve been watching bade ache lagte hai and it’s a really good show. I’m getting ideas from that show lol. The Kapoors will be a really powerful family that the Modis have never faced before.
      There’ll be business rivalry between both families and lots of plotting as well. Garima bahus will be vamps as well.

      Gopi and Rashi will also meet their half brother and half sister. Hopefully they don’t end up like Amba. Garima is determined to get revenge for Amba being in jail. She is the malikan of the Kapoors and she will go to any extent to destroy the Modis.

      It’ll be a brand new storyline. Before in Gopi Destiny I’ve focused on Gopi life in the Modis and how she’s protected them. In this new storyline, it’ll focus on how Durga and Pari will survive at their in laws. Will Durga and Pari overpower Garima? Will Garima lose her power over the Kapoors? The story will be less on Gopi and more on her daughter and niece. Durga and Pari will try to win everyone’s hearts and Garima will see her power fading.

      It’ll be the story of. Typical rich family with no sanskaar. Durga and Pari will aim to teach the whole family about values and love, but Garima will be determined to corrupt her family and care only about wealth.

    3. Isaaq

      And the other biggest evil thing that Garima is the killer of Gopi and Rashi birth mother. Garima killed her. Garima was the reason why Gopi and Rashi got lost and ended up with Aliya. Garima tried to killed Gopi and Rashi as babies but she failed. Sindoora was a vamp from their previous birth but with their rebirth, new entries to come.

      If Garima successfully killed Gopi and Rashi, today Sindoora would still be ruling the Modi family. Kumari would of married Jigar.

      But due to their destiny, Gopi and Rashi escaped from the evil Garima as babies. I’m sure that Gopi won’t spare Garima for killing her own mother.

      Gopi lost Madhu because of Radha (Madhu became blind in her mothers love for Radha) and now she lost her second birth mother because of Garima. Gopi has been a orphan for both of her lives because of the vamps.

      So Garima is the evil villain in Gopi and Rashi past and she is to return back to their lives. She’s even more dangerous than Sindoora. Assume that Sindoora is a little ant compared to Garima.

      Although Amba joined hands with Sindoora, Garima did not know about Sindoora at all. Garima didn’t even know that Rashi and Gopi were still alive.Amba didn’t tell Garima. When Amba was arrested, Garima discovered the truth and then she plotted her revenge.

      Garima will also become a vamp in Gohem life and she will possibly try separate them. It’s possible that season 5 finale might end with Gohem separation because of Garima. The idea I had was that Garima kidnaps Durga baby and runs away. Durga blames Gopi. Ahem takes Durga’s side and Gopi leaves the Modi house once again like when she lost Meera

    4. Isaaq

      No I’ve changed my mind- the season 5 finale will end with the Kapoors destroying the Modis and taking over their property. So much bad things will happen at the end of season 5

      In season 6, Modi family will go on the streets. Gopi will become business woman and will get revenge on the Kapoors. Gopi will take her Durga avatar and will try to destroy the Kapoors. At the end of season 6, Modis will get their house back.

      Season 7 Amba will return from jail and will help her mother Garima get revenge for Gopi defeating them. Season 7 will carry on the battle between Gopi and Garima. At the end of season 7, Garima will arrange Sona accident. Sona will be in critical danger and Sona will beg Gopi to switch off the life support machine to end her suffering. Gopi will switch it off and Ahem will be furious for Gopi being responsible for Sona death. Gopi will leave the Modis.

      Season 8 will begin after a 10 year leap where Gopi has adopted a 10 year old and now that girl is 20 years old. Her adoptive daughter name will be Krishna-Tulsi. The end of season 8 will probably end with the revelation that Garima killed Gopi and Rashi mother and Garima will eventually be arrested?

      Season 9 might be a new story?

  8. Jasminerahul

    Rashi reached modi bhavan.amba n sindoora’s plan to expose her failed.ha scene reminded me of kggk.sad that hoping jr is misunderstanding Rashi. Good to see kumari helping gopi jr to escape. Rashi informed police and police caught amba.let sindoora never brings her back. Rashi acquired modi bhavan.superb

  9. Nandhini

    Isaaq i too watched bade aachhe lagte hein serial! For me BALH is such an awesome serial ever produced by ekta kapoor! You said before ekta will produce serials with epic characters dat will stand in people’s heart forever! Ram and priya are such memorable characters especially priya played by sakshi tanwar. Till now i wonder how did ekta shaped up her character in a most adoring beautiful way and completed the serial successfully without dragging it! Priya’s character is one of a gem of a kind! I admire her a lot! And yeah kapoor family is a like one of a big kingdom in India,, even in Asia!
    Sindoora is an ant compared to Garima!?? Its too intimidating to hear dat! I cant even imagine what will be her evil schemes after killing sona and putting the blame on Gopi!

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I’ve started watching and I love sakshi tanwar. It’s just strange how Priya and Ram hate each other but fate always brings them together. Parvati from KGGK will always be my favourite character from Ekta Kapoors drama serials? Parvati taught me a lot of things about life and love. The way she fought to protect her family since the day of her marriage till the last episode❤ I remember the last track of KGGK. She was suffering in mental asylum but then she remembered her dying father in laws last words that Parvati must always protect her family and never allow evil to destroy the family. Then Parvati began her last battle against the evil Trishna and saved her family. The last episode Parvati finally rested as she successfully protected her family- the last episode was so emotional because Parvti suffered a lot but she finally had her happy ending and she fulfilled her promise to her father in law.

      Yh Garima will be a more exciting villain than Sindoora. Garima will be like Gaura. She will be really clever and powerful. After the leap, everything will be destroyed by Garima and the Kapoors. Gopi will return with her adoptive daughter to the Modis to find out that her family has separated. Ahem had left the Modis years ago. Durga and Pari left their in laws and were now living with the Modis.

      Gopi will return and solve all the problems that happened in her absence. Garima will be threatened by Gopi return and will plot more evil schemes. Gopi will be a grandmother by the time she returns after the leap. Her daughter Durga will be the mother of small children.

      Rashi and Raj moved abroad during the leap so they weren’t there to protect the Modis.

      Kumari will be negative, like Paridhi is negative now. She will be elder of the family as Meera, Vidya, Sona and their generation will die of old age after the leap. Kumari will become the new Kokila. Kumari and her daughter in law Komolika will be like Paridhi and Mona in the current show. Ajay will be like Jigar who only cares about work. Aditi got kicked out of the house by Kumari and allowed Komolika to marry Adi again. Adi will be a helpless husband and will listen to Komolika every command.

      Gopi daughter in law Ganga and her son, Anurag left the Modis also because of Kumari dominant behaviour.

      Krishna and his wife Monalika stayed in the Modi mansion.

      Gopi will come back and join her family again.

  10. Nandhini

    Isaaq if ur lover probably wants you to reveal ur feelings to him,, you are gonna do that or have you decided to play along with him in his game?? Even i feel he is little shy to confess his love to you directly now…but its really really soo cute of him when he plays back these games on you!???
    I just want you to get some chance go to london and see him or he can come to India and see you! I cant wait for both of you meeting each other straight away!! I really wish and pray it happens soon!!!

    1. Isaaq

      I’m going continue playing the game as I feel he will respond one day. I live in England Nandi lol-

    2. Isaaq

      Nandi I’ve decided that when I have a chance, I will tell him I love him. It’s been 5 years and I finally he will know the truth. I want my suffering to end and I want happiness. 5 years later, truth will be out

  11. Nandhini

    If gopi is a grand mother when she returns back to modi bhavan,, then garima will be a great grand mother vamp??
    Ohh so you are in england….okay…but anyways i want you and ur lover to meet soon!??

    1. Isaaq

      I had a dream I saved his life loooooool. Like he was wounded and nobody was saving him so me the heroine carried him into safety?

    2. Isaaq

      I just looked up the meaning of my dream and it means that I have true love for him and I will go to any extent to protect him?

    3. Isaaq

      This will be Garima look in season 5 when she introduces herself. She will always straighten her hair and wear heavy saris

    4. Isaaq

      This is Ambika current look

    5. Isaaq

      And finally Gopi grandmother look in season 8?

    6. Isaaq

      And Nandi lol I’m surprised you never figured it out. Gopi adoptive daughter will become the new vamp in season 9. A village girl will become obsessed with luxury and will become evil. She’ll become the new Radha.

      1. Isaaq

        It’ll be emotional for Gopi because the girl she brought up for 10 years will become her biggest enemy

      2. Isaaq

        Her adoptive daughter track will be exactly like Radha track. It will possibly be last track sadly.
        I watching the old episodes of Radha track and her death. I want Gopi Destiny end with a vamp like Radha.

        Her adoptive daughter will become much more evil than Sindoora and Garima. Tulsi will be nothing like Sindoora. Sindoora was just a long lost daughter of Gohem and Gopi never brought up Divya.

        Tulsi was a girl who was given sanskaar by Gopi. Gopi looked after her day by day since the day she found her as a child. But as soon as when she saw the wealth of the Modis, she became corrupted. Just like Urmilla and Rashi corrupted Radha, Garima and Amba will corrupt Tulsi.

        The last vamp of Gopi Destiny will be Tulsi! She’ll go against the woman who fed her and taught her love. The final showdown between Gopi and Tulsi will be exactly like the final battle between Radha and Gopi at the Lord Shiva temple site in the show.

        Tulsi track will last for 4 seasons as well- I’m not sure if Gopi Destiny will end at season 13- it depends if I bring a new vamp in? But the final Radha track in the show gave me an inspiration to bring Tulsi as the new vamp after Garima

    7. Isaaq

      Nandi I had the most excellent idea. My friend follows my lover on twitter. I’ll ask my friend to give the details of his account and I finally get to see my lover profile again. I’m so clever? I think I’ve won the mind game now since I’ve found a way to see my lover profile again

  12. Isaaq

    do you guys want more pictures uploaded on how the characters will like?

  13. Nandhini

    I saw the pics of gopi and garima’s looks…they are all so good!! Hey i didnt know gopi’s adopted daughter will turn negative…how could i figure this fact out??? infact i am very shocked on hearing this…atleast radha,,gaura,,sindoora,,amba,,and garima had their reasons to be negative…but why tulsi??? Just because she has been corrupted by the other vamps and she is greedy?? On gopi’s care?? Its really sad!! Gopi will never find happiness from her family-be it blood or non-blood related…actually when i see the serial,, sometimes i thought gopi would be more happier in her life if she didnt get married into modi family…

  14. Nandhini

    Isaaq you found a way to see ur lover profile again! Thats brilliant! You saw a dream of you and him!! At first you saw a dream of you and ur lover having a son together and now you have dreamed of saving him!! Its a psychological fact whenever you see a person in ur dream,, that means that person is missing you so much so he/she will occur in ur dream…so this thing indicates ur lover is missing you a lot so he is coming in ur dreams now!
    ?The meaning of the dream you mentioned is indeed very true and all these are very good signs of ur love life…you will tell him the truth when you get the chance,, well i am desperately waiting for dat chance to happen for you both!!???
    And who will say “no” to the more pics of new looks of the characters in ur fan fic?? I want to see them more!!

    1. Nandhini

      Really i want you get that chance very soon soon and tell him the truth and make him know that you loved him all these years and still loving him now! I guess what his reaction would be on hearing dat! Because all these days he was thinking that you dont love him…on hearing the true words from you after almost 5 years,, just IMAGINE how that moment in his life would be??!!!!????

      1. Isaaq

        He’ll be really happy by the fact that I love him but also by the fact that the one who has been praying for his future and happiness is me and it’s because of my prayers that he’s safe and happy now. The dream made me realise that no matter how I get annoyed with him, I still have true love for him and will always protect him. When I hugged him and carried, I could actually feel him in my arms.

        What’s so special about this dream is because this dream was part 2 of another dream I had a couple of days ago where I saw my lover in a crowd and we saw each other but a group of people were in between us. Then this dream we came together and I saved his life.

        The past few days has made me realise that I love him. These prayers of mine whilst i cry to God to reunite me with my lover, i just want to spend my whole life with him.

        And I’ve never told you this before but just like how Gopi has a special relationship with the Modis, I have a special relationship with my lover family. I love his parents as much as they are my own parents. I always want his parents to be happy. Years ago before me and my lover met, my future brother in law (his brother) saved me.

        There are some daughter in law who never like their in laws but I love my lover so much. I love his parents because of the sanskaar they gve him. They’re the best parents in the world and I wish they’re always happy. Because of them, my lover is the best person in the world.

      2. Isaaq

        In fact I always drive past his family’s house and always give my blessings towards them every Monday. His family never realise that their future daughter in law gives them blessings every week. That’s how strong my relationship is with him and his family

    2. Isaaq

      Whenever I see my lover happy, I always think how the bond between me and him is so strong. How our love is our strength. Nobody can destroy our bond and we will never separate.
      Whenever I see my happiness, I see my true love for him. I vowed to God to protect him for the rest of my life and I will always make sure that my lover is always happy. And seeing him happy, it shows that mine and my lover Jodi is just like Ram and Sita- in fact my love story is just like the Ramayana.

      1. Isaaq

        See his happiness*

  15. Nandhini

    Woww ur lover’s parents must be so lucky to have you in future! Last time you said you are not a helpless princess who waits for her prince charming to save her,, but you are a strong girl who will protect ur lover and his parents and will make them happy always and save them from all kinds of troubles!! I have never heard these words from a girl in my entire life except you!! I mean seriously which girl will ever think like this?? To protect her life-partner and his family forever!!?? These kinds of things are to be seen only in serials…but you are doing this in real life!! You are a very different girl i have ever heard about…really!! The surprising thing is this boldness didnt come from ur birth but came from the experiences you have encountered in ur life!! Its really a bold act of a girl to think and act in this perspective!! Keep it up Isaaq!????

    1. Isaaq

      This boldness came from my hardships in life. I was never this bold 3 years ago when I was with my lover. The distance from him made me who I am today. He gave me a new life but over these 3 years, the sanskaar he’s given me, I’ve learnt them and I remembered them. 3 years ago, I was only a simple girl who was scared and afraid of the world. But slowly I’ve become really strong.

      I’m the breadwinner of my own family. When my father retires, I become the new head of the family and my family is my responsibility. His family is also my responsibility.

      I always protect my lover. I’ve promised myself and I’m never going to fail. Everyone who I love are my responsibility and I will make sure they are happy all the time. My future brother in law is also studying law and I will also support him.

      And by the way? He was playing mind games with me but the funny thing is, I can still see his profile now- he has no clue? I guess I will be the cunning wife? I hope my children don’t end up as cunning as me otherwise I will have to scold them every single day and they’ll do pranks on me all the time?

    2. Isaaq

      And Nandi, my life has been like a serial. Ive lived a life just like Gopi, Parvati and Priya. I always used to think that my love story is just like the ones I see on tv.

      Look at Priya and Ram, they separated a lot of times but love brought them together. You know the bond between me and my lover is so strong that only God can decide to break this bond. Nobody else can separate us.

      I still remember our first meeting-
      He was an arrogant man like Ahem. He was very proud of his good looks and intelligence. I was just like early Gopi who was shy and simple. When we first met, I never knew I just met my soulmate. It was 5 years ago. His friend said hi to me and then my lover looked at me and laughed in disgust. I was very angry at him laughing at me and I began to wonder who was this strange boy. Fate brought us together that day and I didn’t know. He used to play cricket in the fields and I used to be near the fields and I didn’t realise he wasn’t around of me. Then one day, I came into school wearing modern clothes and I looked different. I came across him again and he noticed me again. I spoke to him but he was so arrogant I just wanted him to go away.

      It wasn’t until a year later, I started my rivalry with him. I also changed a bit. I used to hate him so much and his personality. He used to think he was better than everyone else. We were both running for school captain. I was determined to win and beat him. But he won and he became school captain. Then a few months later, I realised he forgot I was the same girl he mocked a year ago and he saw me enter the hall.

      He began to ask his friend quickly of who was I and what was my name. Eventually he developed feelings for me later on. I remember I caught him staring at me in the computer room. But I still hated him and I couldn’t stand him. The more closer he got to me, the more further I wanted be away from him. I used to mock him for having such a disgusting girlfriend. I remember seeing them romance in front of me. He hugged her right in front of my eyes!!!

      Then after a few months, it was a awards ceremony. He was school captain and was handing out awards. I was determined to make sure he wasn’t the one who handed my award but fate brought me to him and as soon as when shook his hand, I looked into his eyes and smile and I started to like him. The hatred I had for him was finally gone. I suddenly started to think about him a lot and I realised I liked him. But he had that girlfriend. The evil vamp was controlling him. But slowly, I couldn’t help myself and I grew closer to him. The day we first spoke to each other, the next day he dumped the evil vamp and finally I was happy. But the evil vamp made his life hell after that and due to circumstances, me and him separated. I was heartbroken that I thought I lost him. You should of known how I felt when I found out he was going. My friends were concerned about me because I was shattered and I just walked home on my own in the dark.

      But fate brought us together again despite him leaving. We still saw each other. The distance between us turned our attraction into love. I fell in love with him finally. I messaged him one day and we talked so much. But the next day, he wasn’t talking properly. Can you believe it 2 years later, I found out Amba was controlling him and telling him not to talk to me? Amba kept my lover away from me for 2 years and I will never forgive her for this. Amba knew that he loved me but she always wanted him for herself.

      I finally changed my avatar into a new modern avatar like Janki Devi, Durga and Ganga. I was determined to win back my lover and finally he dumped Amba. Amba then stalked me for a whole year and finally she blocked me when she realised that she couldn’t destroy our bond. When she blocked me, I realised that she was responsible for separating two lovers.

      That’s my love story so far…

    3. Isaaq

      This was basically me when I re-entered my lovers life last year and taught that Amba a lesson- I came with a new modern avatar and today I’m still like this until the day I reunite with my lover.

    4. Isaaq

      This episode inspired me to begin anew and take a new avatar. On Eid, I took a new birth and I was a completely changed girl. I was determined to fight my enemies and win back my love. Since that day, I’ve been a new Isaaq and the old Isaaq I once was, was destroyed when she lost her lover to Amba. When I will reunite with my lover, only then the old Isaaq will come back.
      But for now, I’m like Janki Devi. Parvati also suffered betrayal from her family and they sent her to jail themselves for a crime she never committed. The same way, my lover was my life and Amba snatched him from me. She destroyed the old Isaaq but she was responsible for my new birth. I know these are filmy quotes? But this is reality for me lol…

      This is the episode. This episode scored the highest TRP of all time in the history of Indian television. It scored 40.1 (nowadays drama serials have 5 or 4 but this episode scored 40- more trp than the India cricket match)

  16. Nandhini

    Ohh! thank you for sharing ur complete love story Isaaq!?? Dat was soo nice of you!! I mean from the day when you saw him first and how you and ur lover started feelings for each other…it was very beautiful??…i imagined everything while reading it especially the moment when you got the award from him and smiled at him…really those scenes was like a film story,, but it is a real story!! That amba is soo worst!! Its great dat finally ur lover gotta know about her and dumped her…you said you are the bread winner for ur family,, you will take care urs and his family…but you are tensed about ur future kids lol! Actually my thoughts were,, when i get married and have kids,, i wish they must be like you!!! I want my future daughter to be strong,,loving and protective like you! In this world,, cunning mind is needed to beat and overcome some cunning people…so there is no wrong in dat…dont worry…ur kids wont be that cunning,, but if they are, then you have the talent to find out their pranks and get them on the right path!…
    I saw the links isaaq…sakshi looks stunning as janki devi..and so you must be stunning too when you adorned modern looks!???

    1. Isaaq

      He works here and I have decided to apply for a job here in the law department. Its one of the biggest companies in the entire world! I dreamt about him last night and it was so happy to hear him call my name after so long. I haven’t heard his voice in 3 years.

      But of course, as Janki Devi, I’m about to enter his life again very soon. I see pictures of him all the time on social media and i get happy seeing him happy in London. Very soon, I will also move to London after law school. I will also make an entry like Janki Devi as a powerful business lawyer lol. Everythng has changed since 5 years. Who would I thought that one day I will start a mahabharat to win my love…

  17. Nandhini

    Thats quite a big gigantic company!? you will surely get a the job there!?how many more years to complete the law school Isaaq?? In india i think its 3-4 years…you heard his voice in ur dream! Thats nice!! Its sad to hear you havent heard his voice since 3 years but happy that you gotta see him regularly in social media now!?? i wish he too sees you somehow through social media/friends and feel very happy inside before you move to London…i guess he too has some ways up in his sleeve to see you and know about you upto date as he is also cunning like you!??

    1. Isaaq

      LOL Nandi he does check up on me. I caught him viewing my profile on social media. I got a notification saying that he searched my name up on social media and he looked at my profile?
      And sometimes I do indirectly tweet about him of how much I love him (nosy people do ask me of who I’m talking about).
      Yes it’s three years at law school here in England but I’m studying a year abroad in Hong Kong so it’s 4 years for me.
      I do think that he’s happy seeing me like this. Me and him and a few others are the only ones who got admission at the top institutions. I got into one of the top law schools in England and the top 100 in the world and he got into one of the biggest
      companies in the world.
      I’m just like Gopi now? And other drama heroines, getting married to big business men. My lover is going to handle his business and I’m going to be a lawyer. We make the perfect Jodi.
      These days I do miss him a lot but Im confident that I will win this battle. Our love is really strong and I’m sure that nothing can separate me from him. It’s my destiny that I will spend my whole life with him on Earth and heaven❤
      I’ve exams in January as well and I’m stressed out

    2. Isaaq

      Nandi I’m loving bade ache lagte hain. I wish it never ended. I’m starting to think it’s better than SNS. I’m addicted to Bade ache lagte hain. I’m on episode 37 during Ram and priya first wedding. Ram step family are so cruel?

    3. Isaaq

      It’s so weird seeing Mansi in Bade Ache Lagte Hain loool

  18. Nandhini

    Haha he is too checking on ur profile?? yes he is!! I am so happy to hear this! Ohh so you have to study law totally for 4 years! You and ur lover are the smartest people so you got admitted in top institutions!?you will rock ur exams in january Isaaq! Study well dear??
    Ohh yeah i too loved it BALH serial…its 1000 times better than other serials and it was No.1 serial all over India in its time of run due to only Ram and Priya’s characters!
    The marriage episode,, i remember priya was struggling hard to catch a taxi/auto to reach the marriage venue in her bridal dress and after reaching the marriage hall, she even helped Ram to make him too reach the venue! That was a one unbelievable thing! I mean the girl who is getting married is doing every single thing for the arrangenents inspite of people having around her to help her!! Priya is really great!! And yeah mansi comes as Ram’s step mom’s elder daughter??

    1. Isaaq

      It’s so funny… I love the tension between the Kapoors and Sharmas. Nani and Dadi rivalry?? Dadi makes me laugh- she wants everyone to be fat? Nani keeps criticising her daughter Shipra- she keeps calling her buddhi. I love Shipra- over dramatic mother.
      I don’t like Ayesha as I’ve read spoilers that she is going to become negative when she marries Ram after the leap. She reminds me of Radha.
      I hate Ram step brother Sid- he fools Ram telling him that he’s handling business but in reality he’s messing about and just drinking all the time.
      Niharika seems too nice to be a vamp. Sometimes these vamps fool the audience with their behaviour.
      Priya is completely different from Parvati. Sakshi plays different characters very well. Parvati was very cunning and modest, whereas Priya is naive and simple.

      It shouldn’t of ended at all? SNS started off like BALH with Gohem love story- but nowadays SNS has lost that charm that BALH has.

      What I love about BALH is its humour. Every episode makes me laugh- I’m half Punjabi so I love seeing the Punjabi drama in terms of the Kapoors. Dadi just make sure me laugh all the time??

      Apparently Ram biological mother is still alive as well… and apparently Niharika dies. I really need to watch all 600 episodes

      1. Isaaq

        I already know about Juhi, who is going to be the last vamp of BALH.

        And thank you Nandi. I’m going to study hard.

        Well… I’m going to reveal more spoilers after season 9. Season 9, Tulsi will become negative after seeing all the wealth. Her and Gopi lived in a small flat in Mumbai for 10 years and Tulsi never lived a luxurious life.

        Tulsi goes to Durga in laws house- the Kapoors. Tulsi will get jealous of Durga and her rich married life. They will be step sisters. Tulsi will scheme against Durga throughout the season. The season will end with Pari sacrificing her life to save Durga- just like Rashi saved Gopi from Master Ji. It will be revealed that Tulsi ordered the attack on Durga so she could marry Durga husband. Rashi will be devastated from her daughters death and will blame Durga. Gopi will defend Durga and say it was not her fault. Rashi starts to hate Gopi and Durga for Pari death. Rashi cuts ties with Gopi.

        Season 10, It will be revealed that Pari did not die and Tulsi arranged it all. After 3 year leap, Tulsi and Pari husband decide to get married. Pari had lost her memory and fate will bring her back. Pari will get married to her husband once again and Tulsi will be shocked with the return of Pari. However they will be sad to know that she has lost her memory. At the end of season 10, Tulsi secret will be revealed and Gopi gets her arrested.
        However, season 11 Tulsi will return as The surrogate mother of Anurag and Ganga child- Who are Gohem son and daughter in law. The Modis will be shocked to know that Tulsi was the surrogate mother all along. Tulsi will threaten the Modis that she will kill the child. At the end of the season, to save her granchild, Gopi will kill Tulsi.

        Season 12, Gopi will be released from jail after 10 years. She will return to the Modi house but will find the Modi family no longer live there…

    2. Isaaq

      So the good news is that Tulsi won’t be the last vamp and there are plenty of vamps left after her. Season 12 will begin Gopi searching for the Modi family and will find out that something bad happened to them in her absence. Gopi will pretend to be Durga once more to find out the truth

      1. Isaaq

        After Tulsi death, the Modis lose all their respect in India because of Gopi. The Modis are left bankrupt because nobody wanted to deal with their company.

        It will be revealed that Radha was responsible for the damage as she told the reporters. It will be revealed that Tulsi was Radha illegitimate daughter. Radha may have married Siddharth and has children, but she wants revenge for her daughters death now. Radha is a rich woman now and Siddharth is unaware of his wife evil plans. Radha never loved Siddharth and she went and had a child with another rich man. She then abandoned Tulsi. Radha only discovered that she was Tulsi mother when she tested DNA match with Tulsi dead body.

        Not knowing where her family is, Gopi will be homeless. Gopi will feel weak until she meets a woman who happens to be Kokila humshakal. Kokila humshakal will take Gopi along with her to her home where Gopi is greeted by the whole family. Kokila humshakal looks after Gopi. Gaura humshakal will be Kokila sister in law in their new births. Both Kokila and Gaura are reborn as sister in laws. Kokila and Gaura will help Gopi find the Modis.

        Radha on the other hand, hates Gopi. The police inform Radha that Gopi had left the jail. Radha informs her goons to search for Gopi fast. Radha wants Gopi dead. Gaura and Kokila will try to protect Gopi from Radha!

        im hope I’m not dragging the fan fiction by making Radha negative

  19. Nandhini

    Yeah Dadi wants everyone to be fat! She will give people her home-made ghee if she finds them pale?…yes Isaaq Ayesha will turn negative but she is nothing compared to Radha…she is just like paridhi who is after money and luxury…even priya’s daughter pihu will have some grey shades but she will turn good at the end…
    In gopi’s destiny,, gopi will kill tulsi!!??thats so bad.!! The girl who is grown under gopi’s sanskaar,, turns evil and gets killed by gopi?? i think in season 12 gopi will be too old! So she is doing plastic surgery again and turn as durga right?? More vamps!?? Gopi’s life goes on and on against many vamps!

  20. Nandhini

    So Radha is tulsi’s real mom!?? no Isaaq this is not dragging…this track looks quite interesting as gaura and kokila are back again and they are with gopi…this is my opinion…dont know the opinion about other regular readers of this fan fic?…more than new vamps i am happy to see older vamps again who have left modis and again they came back especially RADHA again! In my POV, you can continue this plot.??

    1. Isaaq

      Gopi Destiny started with Radha as the main vamp so it probably might end with her as the main vamp lol. She is the one who started this battle with Gopi in season 1 and now this final battle will begin…

    2. Isaaq

      Yh new vamps are all defeated. There’s only one vamp left who hasn’t been punished yet and that is RADHA. Radha will now be the main vamp from season 12 to season 14. She will be the last vamp as she is the one who began the story of Gopi Destiny

    3. Isaaq

      One thing I’m confused about in BADH is… is Natasha Kapoor negative? She seems like she’s getting married to Karthik for revenge. I got a feeling she’s pretending to be nice to Karthik.

    4. Isaaq

      Gopi won’t pretend to be Durga sorry looool. I think I’ve had enough of the avatar drama. Assuming season 4 started 2 months ago, I think Gopi Destiny might end next summer.

      I started Gopi Destiny in May and it will probably end next year in May or June. I can’t believe I’ve been writing this story for so long. Since May, it’s been the Sindoora track. 7 months of Sindoora evil plans loool. If it took me 7 months to write 4 seasons, I wonder how long it’ll take me to write the whole story of 14 seasons in total.
      I don’t know how cvs manage to run their shows for so long. I feel like I am dragging it by making everyone negative. I think I should end it with Garima rather than bringing Tulsi and Radha. Radha has got her happy ending with the husband she always wanted and Tulsi found an adoptive mother.

      Plus at the end of Garima track, Gopi and Rashi will reunite with their real biological father after so long. It’ll be a perfect ending. So I’ve decided Gopi Destiny will end on season 8. If I bring more vamps into the story, it’ll ruin everything.

      Once Gopi unites with her father at the end of season 8, her father always dreamed that he will get his daughters married off. So Gopi and Rashi remarriage to their husbands will happen again and their father will finally bid farewell to his daughters to their in laws.

      BALH ended with Ram and Priya remarriage and in Gopi Destiny. Gohem and Rajshi will also have remarriage and Gopi Destiny will finally end. Gopi will finally have a father and the Modis will finally be safe.

      Not sure if I’ll write more fan fictions after this. I’ll probably write one similar to Riana where she began the whole story again from the start of SNS.

      I started Gopi Destiny from The end of Gaura track.

      The new fan fiction will probably be similar to the plot of BALH. Where Gopi will be a middle class girl and Ahem will be a rich man. Ahem stepmother will want Gohem marriage so that she can claim Modi property

      1. Isaaq

        Kokila will be Ahem real mother but Parag divorces her and marries Niharika. Niharika will be a young woman similar age to Gopi. Parag dies and Niharika will wants Ahem wealth.

        Jigar and Kinjal will be Ahem step siblings. Kinjal will be like Natasha and Jigar will be like Sid. Ahem will also have another step brother and another step sister.

        Hetal and Chirag and their children moved abroad.

        Gopi and Rashi will be sisters. They will also have a brother called Karan. Gopi is simple and naive whereas Rashi will be a supermodel. Their mother Shipra will also be a fashionista.

        The story will be exactly like BALH

      2. Isaaq

        It will be called Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki

      3. Isaaq

        There will be dangerous vamps in this new fan fiction and I’m excited that I’ll start a new one.

        Btw my lover has been acting very moody and strange. He looks really distressed and upset. I always worry when he’s like this but I think he’s upset about me

    5. Isaaq

      I’m actually excited to write the new fan fiction Kasauti Mohhabat Ki as it will be a new story and it will be based on my favourite new show BALH!!! Omg I love BALH so much!!!

    6. Isaaq

      Nandi I decided that season 4 of Gopi Destiny will be the last. Sindoora death will end all of this story. There will be no Garima and sadly we won’t get to see the new Modis.

      But… after the last episode of Gopi Destiny, Kasauti Mohhabhat Ki will begin which I’ve said before, it will be based on BALH. Gopi will get married to Ahem so that her brother Karan gets married to Kinjal. Ahem step family only use him and they are evil.

      Gopi will enter the Modi house and challenge Ahem step family. However, Gopi is about to enter Indias richest family so her enemies will be really dangerous.

    7. Isaaq

      Omg I just read that Pihu gets intimate with her boyfriend and Priya kills him???? And she goes into coma??? I need to watch that episode- it’s shocking literally. I’m on episode 52

  21. Nandhini

    Isaaq Natasha kapoor is not negative…but she is an arrogant girl…her arrogancy is her strongness…she loves her husband karthik so much! Later she will become good and kind due to priya’s love and her family’s care towards her…at one point, her husband karthik will cheat on her with an another girl…when she gets to know this she will be devastated and she will divorce him…then she will become a strong independent single woman throughout her life and she will also take care of karthik’s parents like her own parents…
    Ohh so you will stop gopi’s destiny with Garima as the last vamp…
    I am so excited for ur new fan fac Kasauti Mohabbat Ki?? and its characters! The actors are from SNS but the story is inspired from BALH!
    You think ur lover is upset about you?? Then i suggest you stop this game and talk to him straight about it…

    1. Isaaq

      It’s not fair? Priya gave all her sanskaar to Karthik and he did this. I’m shocked about Pihu when she becomes negative. I will feel sorry for Priya when she finds out that Pihu was committing a big sin by getting intimate with her boyfriend.

      Nope Garima won’t be the last vamp. Sindoora will be the last vamp and her death will end the whole story. Gohem will live happily ever after and the Modis will be at peace.

      And Nandi, I’m unsure about my lover tbh. I just feel like I’ve been blind in love that never thought once that will my parents ever approve? I just have a bad feeling and I don’t want to disobey my parents. My lover is quite modern and he parties a lot. Here in England lifestyle is different. I’m starting to have doubt on his character. I just think he isn’t the ideal person.

      My parents won’t accept him. I just feel I’ll commit such a big sin by marrying him. One thing I should tell you Nandi that he isn’t sanskaari. He doesn’t believe in God at all. He believes in science. I don’t think this man is right for me.

      I’ve started to realise that I love my parents even more than him. I’m their hope and breadwinner. If I leave them, who will look after them in their old age? If I marry this bad man then I will lose everything.

      I’ve cancelled my follow request because I don’t want to play this game anymore. I feel God is saving me hence why he has separated me from him for 3 years. SomeTimes teenagers like me fall in love and forget all their sanskaar and they forget their parents. My lover has ignored me for 3 years. A man who didn’t even try to be with me for 3 years, how will that man ever keep me happy for the rest of my life?

  22. Shakaib

    Hi isaaq di! First accept my heartily congratulations for 80+ comments on your ff. Precap is thrilling. Well,as we know season 4 is last season, so I want end similar to this that amba become positive because from when I’ve start watching Naagin. I’ve see her in +ve character. So, want her positive. And want radha positive too. Because as per spoilers by you. Radha will meet her soulmate. It will be better if you do not bring jigar back because you want to end it. And you say in spoilers that radha’s soulmate will be widow, so if you WL show him as widow, there will no chances of his wife’ s reentry. I does not care about sindoora because she deserves to be kill. She go to hell. Lol. She killed her own parents for revenge.

    1. Isaaq

      Jigar is supposed to come back during this season 4. There will be no reentry of Radha soulmate ex wife. He will be a widow.

      Jigar is Mandira husband who will come at the end of season 4. Mandira will be introduced in the next update where she will be a lawyer dealing with a assault case. Mandira will support Rashi. However she will return at the end of season 4, and find out that Rashi is Jigar first wife. Sindoora will take advantage with the return of Jigar and finally she will try to kill him. But whilst she tries to kill him, she will be caught. Mandira will betray Sindoora and Amba. Amba will make her confession and Sindoora will also confess that she was the one caused Amba ex husband accident not Jigar. Amba will apologise to the Modis and the police arrest both Amba and Sindoora.

      However Sindoora escapes from jail and returns during Raj and Rashi remarriage. Sindoora shoots Raj and Raj goes into coma. Rashi is angry and she chases after Sindoora to North India where it is snowy mountains. Sindoora will go crazy like an animal and will torture Rashi to force her to kill her. However Jigar will come to rescue and sacrifice his life to save Rashi. Jigar says his farewell to Rashi before his real death. Sindoora will be hit by an earthquake and she will fall off the mountain and crush to death as a punishment from God.

      The special last episode of season 4, a 4 year leap will happen where Raj will wake up from coma. His daughter and son will be grown up. Rashi and Raj will get married again and finally live happily ever after. Gopi and Ahem children are also grown up. The fan fiction will end on a happy note

  23. Nandhini

    Yeah Pihu is just a spoiled rich girl…even though she has grown in priya’s sanskaar, she has some traits of natasha(arrogantness)…even priya and natasha has mentioned that many times about pihu…getting intimate with her boyfriend, that was in her adolescent age…but after she grows up,, she will love only one guy in her entire life…that is sameer(i somehow remember his name is sameer but not 100% sure?)…he is vikram’s younger son…but sameer wont love pihu,, he will love an another girl but due to family pressure he will marry pihu…but still he wont love pihu as his wife..he will just consider her as his best friend…this what makes pihu more angry and makes pihu turn negative…and sameer and his girl friend (i forgot her name) will have a one night stand and she will become pregnant…When pihu marries sameer,, then sameer’s girl friend will marry ayesha’s son who is now under Ram-priya’s care (i forgot ayesha’s son name also)…then sameer’s girl friend will murder sameer because sameer threatened he will kill their yet to be born child…and she will go to jail and she will give birth to sameer’s baby and she will hand over the baby to kapoor’s family as the baby is sameer’s blood…then she will disappear from kapoor family’s life…
    And then pihu will take care of the baby like her own child as now she became a widow…then she will be positive…in my opinion,, pihu was never being negative…she did what she had to do to win her love…it was sameer’s fault to marry her and again cheat her after marriage…and trust me Isaaq…this serial was way better before the second leap, i.e., before ram and priya’s children were grown up….after they focussed the story on second generation, the serial lost its interest and it was bit boring…thats why they wrapped up the serial so quickly…
    Isaaq if you think if ur lover is not the ideal man for you,, its okay,, take a break for sometime…focus on ur studies now…after completing ur studies,, get the right job with good salary and get settled urself well…whatever we think or do,, it is only our education and our hard-earned money will help and make us survive in this world with our head held high…after completing ur studies and getting job,, then think about ur love life…who will be the suitable guy to marry you…give time for that… time will sort out all the problems if we just concentrate on ur current works…after ur studies if you still think you love him and if he too loves you then go for the next step to convince ur parents about it…and if not,, if he has changed his mind or if you dont love him that time,, then let it go and you will get an ideal partner later in ur life…whatever ur decision is,, i am there to support you??
    So in gopi’s destiny in the end will come up with sindoora’s death,, reunion of gohem and rajshi and the story will end with that…

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you. I’ve finally thought of a master plan. Until I go to London, I will pretend to hate him and maintain my distance. I’ve cancelled my follow request and he will think that I’ve gone forever and I’ve left him.

      In the mean time, I’ll focus on my degree and education and make myself successful so i can move to London myself. But I’m still following him through my friends account and he doesn’t know this. I want him to think that I’m leaving him now. I want him to understand my pain. I have to pretend to hate him as well.

      I know I should message him and end this game but… I’ve tried to do this before and he won’t stop. So I’ve decided, that I’m separating from him again for his own happiness and I’m leaving him until i go London

    2. Isaaq

      I’ve blocked him as well. I spent 3 years suffering because of him. Now he will understand my pain.

  24. Nandhini

    He is not stopping the game when you tried to stop before! Okay then its good you have stopped that and blocked him…let him come forward straight and ask about it if he really loves you…if he is not asking,, then leave it yaar…let time will tell everything…atleast you will get some peace from these mind games for some days…actually my long time question was why couldnt he even try to come and see you before?? Long time ago you said he was in his home celebrating his birthday…but he didnt notice you when you were there near him…why he has to play that game even when he was nearer to you?? Ok lets forget it…i dont want to ask questions and make it more complicated…whatever happened till now is for good and better…let him understand what you have been through in these 3 years from hereon…

    1. Isaaq

      After watching BALH, I unblocked him and I’ve sent him another follow request. If it’s on pending, I don’t mind. I’ll let him decide.

      Btw, enjoy Gopi Destiny Finale!

      1. Nandhini

        Sure Isaaq!?

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