Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 4 Part 4

Sindoora comes downstairs in her new avatar wearing a red heavy sari and diamond jewellery. Amba is amazed by Sindoora’s new look. “ Wow Sindoora. I love your new look. It is so exquisite.” Amba says.

“My name is not Sindoora sweetheart. My name is Savitri Mehra.” Savitri says.
“Getting into character I see. Well I am off as we cannot be seen with each other. I see you at the engagement ceremony.” Amba hugs Savitri and leaves. Savitri thinks that today the Modis’ biggest enemy is about to return into their lives in a new evil form.
Ambika and Sona are arranging the decorations. Naiya comes. “ Be quick, the ceremony starts in 2 hours and we need to be ready.” The doorbell rings. Naiya goes and opens the door. She is shocked to see a woman. Naiya drops the offering tray. Sona and Ambika also look and are shocked. It is Kumari. Naiya slaps Kumari. “ How dare you come back to our house after so long? We were happy when you left us alone but you return to our lives after 15 years to trouble us again?” Naiya shouts.

“ Naiya we forgave her 15 years ago. Don’t forget that she used to be this family’s bahu.” Sona says.
“ That was my mistake Sona that I made her my bahu. I was so foolish and blinded by her wealth that I never realised she came to this house to get revenge for her parent’s deaths.” Naiya shouts. Kumari breaks down.

“ Please forgive me maaji. I know I did wrong.” Kumari begs.
“ Don’t call me maaji! You lost that right to call me maaji when you revealed your true colours to us all. What have you not done to our family? You kicked us all out of this house and you took custody of this family’s child for revenge?” Naiya yells. Ambika intervenes.
“ Naiya dadi, please forgive her. See how much she is crying. Please.” Ambika says.
“ Oh you just shut up Ambika. You are the same as her. You are also a naagin in our family. I still cannot believe we let you live here. If you want to stay in this house Ambika, you shut your mouth because I have still not accepted you!” Naiya shouts. Amba arrives.
“ Forgive her.” Amba says.

“ But Amba how can we forgive her? Don’t forget that she is your husband’s ex wife who almost destroyed our family.” Naiya says. Kumari is shocked.
“ This is Ajay’s new wife?” Kumari asks.
“ Yes I am his new wife.” Amba says.
“ Where is Rashi? Only she will understand.” Kumari asks.
“ Rashi is not on this world anymore.” Naiya says. Kumari is stunned and breaks down.
“ How?” Kumari cries.
“ You wont be crying when you find out how she died and why she died.” Amba says. “ She killed Jigar and she committed suicide near the prison site.” Kumari is shocked.
“ Rashi killed Jigar? No Rashi could never do this sinful act.” Kumari says.
“ I know it is hard to believe but my sister did kill her own husband. It was proven in court.” Amba says.

“ Your sister?” Kumari asks.
“ Yes my sister. Rashi is my biological sister and Ambika and Radha are my stepsisters.” Amba says.
“ Why are you talking to her? She will take advantage of this and defame our family.” Naiya says.
“ Naiya dadi, please. Do you have faith in me? I will make sure Kumari does nothing to harm us all.” Amba says. Naiya nods and walks away. Kumari enters the house and hugs and greets the Modi family. Amba calls her to her room. Amba locks the door.
“One minute Amba. I have a CD to play. I will put this in your CD player.” Kumari says. Amba is confused. Kumari puts the CD in the CD player. The video shows Sindoora and Amba killing Jigar and hiding his body. Amba is shocked.
“ What is this?” Amba says. Kumari smirks.

“ I know your truth Amba. I know you killed Jigar and not Rashi. But don’t worry, I won’t let you go jail easily. This video is my key to keep you under my control. It is true that I should hand you over the police but I need your help. I am looking for my son who was kidnapped 15 years ago.” Kumari asks.
“ I will help you as long as you don’t reveal my truth.” Amba says.
“ Don’t think I am friends with you. What you did with Rashi and Jigar was wrong but I have no choice but to blackmail you.” Kumari says.
“ Ok. I will tell Sindoora.” Amba says.
“ Don’t try anything funny Amba. If I find out you and Sindoora are scheming against me then I have hundreds of copies of this CD and I will show it to the police.” Kumari says. Kumari leaves. Amba is scared that a new manhoos is here to trouble her. Kumari is happy that Rashi’s battle had begun.
Flashback- 5 years ago
Rashi meets Kumari in Abu Dhabi. “ Rashi you?” Kumari gets happy. Rashi ignores her. Kumari gets confused. “ Rashi?”
“ Who are you calling Rashi? My name is Ganga.” Rashi says.
“ Rashi, I know Amba and Sindoora killed Jigar, not you. Please do not pretend with me because I know the full truth and I promise I will not tell anyone that you are alive.” Kumari says. Rashi cries and hugs Kumari.
“ How did you find out?” Rashi asks.
“ I have a CD.” Kumari says. Rashi takes Kumari to her house. Kumari meets Raj. Kumari puts the CD on and Rashi gets happy.

“ Kumari, you have proof finally. I can finally clear my name and punish Amba and Sindoora.” Rashi says.
“ Sorry Rashi but we cannot hand over this CD to the police. Sindoora kidnapped Ajay’s son Adi. If we hand over Sindoora and Amba to the police, then we will never get Adi back because we do not know where Adi is. Please Rashi, I need this CD to get Adi back.” Kumari pleads.
“ Ok. But we will begin our plan once I return to India for my revenge.” Rashi says. Kumari agrees.
Ambika arrives in Kumari’s room. “ Gopi you?”
“ Shush, call me Ambika in this house or my truth will be out. I am very happy you are doing this for our family and Rashi.” Ambika says.
“ I want to return Adi back to this family and I will fight with Sindoora to get Adi back. From this family I learnt how to love and I will use this love to get my son back.” Kumari says.
It is the evening and the groom’s family arrive. The old man enters along with two women. Naiya is confused to see them. “ Who are you?” Naiya asks.
“ I am the groom and this is my daughter and daughter in law.” The old man says. Naiya is stunned.
“ Amba!” Shouts Naiya. Amba comes down along with Radha.
“ Yes?” Amba asks.
“ What is this?” Naiya asks.

“ This is Gopi’s future husband.” Amba says.
“ Have you seen his age?” Naiya yells.
“ So? Dharam and Meera got married and they had huge age difference. Why do you care for Gopi anyway? She is nothing to you.” Amba says.
“ I don’t care about Gopi as she is Rashi’s daughter. I am angry because this marriage will destroy our family honour. People will laugh at us! What will we do?” Naiya shouts. Sona comes along with Meera and Vidya.
“ What happened Naiya? Who are these people?” Meera asks.
“ The groom and his small family.” Amba happily says. Meera, Vidya and Sona stay quiet as they get shocked.

“ Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Oh you remembered that I am this house’s malikan. Also, Naiya although I respect you, didn’t you hand over Modi property to me?” Amba says.
“ Yes I did.” Naiya says.
“ Well then. Come in Mr Dixit. Sit down. Buddhi Meera, go and get the food for the guests.” Amba says. Meera runs to the kitchen. 2 hours later, Mr Dixit is ready in his attire. Radha goes and brings down traumatised Gopi Jr who is scared seeing Mr Dixit. Mr Dixit gets happy seeing his young to-be wife. Radha puts Gopi Jr next to Mr Dixit. Gopi Jr starts crying. Sona, Meera, Vidya, Rashi Jr, Kumari and Maliaka start crying seeing Gopi Jr being forced to get engaged with an old man. The guests come and then finally Amba announces to everyone. “Hello everyone. Thank you for coming. Every guest here is special but today I have a guest of honour. The guest of honour’s name is Savitri Mehra!” Amba says. The Modis look carefully and see a strange woman in a red sari entering the house. Lights turn off and glass shatters on the floor. The wind grows stronger

“ I think its time to light a diya. When darkness grows, light must also rise.” Sona says. The woman in the red sari approaches Sona. Sona finally sees the woman and screams. “ Sindoora!” Savitri blows the diya and it gets dark again. Savitri thinks that this diya was the Modi’s hope and she blew this diya’s light to destroy that hope.
“ Darkness will always win. After the sun rests, the moon always rises.” Savitri laughs. Gaura tune plays. Sona faints. The electricity comes back on and the Modis finally see Savitri. Everyone is shocked. The Modis get flashbacks of what Sindoora did to the family, including killing Gopi, Ahem, Jigar, Rashi and Radha. The Modis rush to Sona and the men carry her to her room. The rest of the Modis are too weak to confront her but Naiya is furious.
“ First Kumari returns to our family, then you come back Sindoora. You did so much to our family Sindoora. We thought you were dead but you faked your death. Nothing surprising as your mother Gopi did the same when she came back as Durga. Savitri Mehra! You are fake!” Naiya shouts. Savitri slaps her. Naiya is shocked. Savitri pulls her hair.
“ Listen Buddhi. I am Savitri Mehra! Nobody has ever dared to talk to me like that before! People are scared to look at me but you raised your voice against me!” Savitri snarls. Amba comes quickly and releases Naiya. Naiya walks off to her room in fear.
“ Savitri. I invited you here and I am sorry for my family’s idiocy. They think you are Sindoora Modi. But you are her humshakal. Ok let us go ahead with the ceremony.” Amba says. Gopi Jr cries and prays someone to come to rescue her.

Precap- Ganga gets emotional entering the Modi house again after 15 years.

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  1. Isaaq

    Good news that Sindoora character will be coming to an end at the end of season 4. If you have watched Kasauti Zindagi Ki ending, season 4 finale will be similar. It will be like the Mahabharat- some losses and some victory.

  2. Isaaq

    At the end of season 4, Sindoora will be arrested. But while been taken to the prison, Sindoora orders her men to arrack the police van. Sindoora orders her men to throw the van off the cliff to kill the police and make it as if everyone died in a accident including her. Sindoora returns to the Modi house and shoots Gopi. Gopi is sent to the hospital. Out of anger, Rashi follows Sindoora to North India. Rashi finds Sindoora near a snowy mountain. Sindoora taunts Rashi that first she lost Jigar and now she would lose Gopi. Sindoora tells Rashi to kill her because Sindoora doesn’t need to be alive anymore as she was certain that Gopi would die. Rashi and Sindoora fight with each other until Raj comes. Sindoora is about to shoot Rashi and Raj comes in between to sacrifice his life for Rashi. Sindoora falls off the cliff herself when she shoots Raj and she dies. Raj dies in Rashi’s arms, becoming the saddest ending in Gopi destiny. Sindoora finally dies but she takes away a loved one along with her. She was a brilliant vamp and this was the best way to end her character.
    But Jigar will be returning in season 5!?

    1. Isaaq

      Gopi will be out of danger of course, but Modis will be devastated hearing about Raj death.
      The ending of season 4 will be like this

  3. Isaaq

    I know that I said that Rashi and Raj were soulmates and their love story was based on my own. Raj will always be Rashi true love because he gave her a new life. The same way my lover also gave me a new life. Raj and Rashi love story isn’t over. With Raj death, his love for Rashi isn’t over. He sacrificed his life to save Rashi and now his spirit will always help Rashi.

    In this part, God has decided that Rashi life is now complete and her saathiya Raj has showed his true love towards Rashi and he is no longer needed on the world- Raj was sent as a saviour for Rashi and his death shows the true love between Raj and Rashi. Love doesn’t mean spending your life with that person, love is when you go to any extent to keep your saathiya happy. The season 4 will end on message of ‘saath nibhana saathiya’ with Raj sacrifice for Rashi and their true love being complete❤️

    1. Isaaq

      Now God will return Jigar back to Rashi life now that Raj’s role as Rashi saathiya to defeat Amba and Sindoora is now over.

  4. Isaaq

    I feel this is how SNS should be if it wants to go for the meaning of ” saath nibhana saathiya”

  5. I enjoyed this one today!!

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you! This is going to be my favourite season and I hope you all enjoy the future seasons of Gopi’s Destiny!

  6. Isaaq

    I am quite sad to end Raj’s character but the truth is that Rashi was always Jigars soulmate and in season 5, the two lost lovers will reunite after 15 years. Raj was just an angel sent to protect Rashi and when Rashi finally got her revenge, it was time for Raj to depart from the world..

    This is probably my best season yet! I don’t know how Garima and Mandira will be able to be stronger vamps than Sindoora. Sindoora is probably going to be the most evil vamp in my fan fiction. Garima and Mandira wont be as evil as Sindoora.

    If you watched the video above, Sindoora will also go crazy like Komolika did. She is determined to end Gopi and Rashi forever. Sindoora will almost kill Rashi but God sends Raj as an angel and Raj sacrifices his life to save Rashi. The fact that God sent an angel to save Rashi shows you all how evil Sindoora is- she is a demon in a human form.

    She is my favourite vamp because despite being Gopi’s daughter, she is the opposite of Gopi. Whilst Gopi protects, Sindoora destroys. She is the perfect villain. Season 5 would be the best ending of Gopi destiny with Jigar’s return. Raji and Gohem would finally live happily ever after…

    But I do not want to end Gopi destiny and I plan for more seasons beyond such as season 6, season 7 and season 8. I will introduce Garima and since Gohem and Raji have finally got their peace after so long, the story will shift towards the next generation.

  7. Jasminerahul

    Sindoora arrived as arrogant n naiyya is a drama queen.always yelling at others.Y naiyya is not getting punished?She is also a criminal.did kajol know her birth secret?Shocking that kumari is back n she has d proof of Amba’s n sindoora’s truth n she has rashi’s help too.Amba deserved tension.Hope kumari will b able 2 find ajay’s child.But how come Ajay have an affair n child when he was married 2 Kumari?
    Sad that Raj is going 2 die,but happy that jigar is coming back.But i feel u may bring raj too in future as all dead people come back in this ff.its thrilling

    1. Isaaq

      The Modis forgave Naiya is season 1 when everyone found out that Naiya bullet never shot Kokila but Radha bullet shot Kokila. Naiya was never part of Trishna plan in season 1 so she isn’t a criminal.

      Kajol knows about her birth secret ages ago in season 1 when she left the Modis after learning the truth- she was sick of the Modis as they were always facing troubles- she left after Gohem and Raji deaths. She came back in season 3 remember after knowing about her birth secret years ago.

      Ajay had an affair because Kumari was negative at the time and she didn’t love Ajay.

      Sorry but Raj won’t come back? He only came to Rashi life to help her become Ganga and give her a new life. Rashi gets her revenge and now Raj must depart from the world. Rashi true saathiya is Jigar who will return in season 5 with a lost memory and his new namesake wife called Mandira. Mandira will be played by Sayantani Ghosh and she will make her entry in the middle of season 4 as a lawyer.

      1. Isaaq

        Although Mandira will be positive in season 4, she will become negative once she finds out that Jigar belongs to the Modi family.

      2. Jasminerahul

        though naiya’s bullet never shot kokila,she attempted murder..i mean she tried 2 kill,so she is criminal minded.yes i remember now.after knowing d truth kajol became rude to modis.hope she will become sweet like b4.I said like that abt raj bcz though u said sindoora ended n u wont bring back gopi u brought them back.i’ve no problem with raj dying though i loved his character n karan wahi.bcz i prefer jigar with rashi

  8. Nandhini

    Raj is gonna die????? Thats bad!! Then their children jigar jr and pari will miss their father…hope jigar on his return accepts them as his real kids when he reunites with rashi…waiting for the dramatic battle between rashi and sindoora…and very soon ganga’s arrival to modi mansion!!

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I thought season 5 would be the best ending to the fan fiction but I don’t think Madira is a big vamp. I can only end the fan fiction with a powerful vamp like Sindoora. Mandira will only be the dusri aurat and she won’t be that dangerous.

      Garima won’t be as brilliant as Sindoora. Nobody can beat Gopi’s evil daughter?

      1. Isaaq

        So Gopi destiny won’t be ending until I bring in a new dangerous vamp that she will trouble the Modis for a couple of seasons like Sindoora did

  9. Nandhini

    Isaaq i knew you might end raj’s character…because you said modis will be doing rashi’s bidaai and rashi and raj will live together after bringing jigar alive from the clutches of his new wife who is already a vamp..and i thought the story cannot progress like this with jigar being alone…so i guessed right.?

    1. Isaaq

      Yh once Raji has reunited- in season 6 the story will focus on the next generation. Kumari wants a modern daughter in law. However Adi is already in love with a middle class girl. Kumari refuses to allow the middle class girl as her daughter in law. Kumari emotionally blackmails Adi and tells him that he will marry a upper class or she will leave the house. Adi marries a upper class girl and this girl is only after the Modi wealth. The middle class girl is pregnant and the father is Adi. The Modis find out that the rich girl is only after their wealth. Adi divorces his wife and marries the middle class girl. The rich girl will become the new vamp and destiny will bring these 3 together. For the next couple of seasons, instead of the love story of Gohem and Raji, a new love story of Adi will begin where a new vamp will do anything to destroy and separate Adi and his lover.

      1. Isaaq

        Adi love story will be similar to Prena and Anurag from Kasauti Zindagi Ki. The new vamp will be similar to Komolika who will do anything to get her revenge. It will also be revealed that she will be Sindoora granddaughter.

    2. Isaaq

      Revenge poisoned her mind so much. She’s been lonely all her life. She spent all her life trying to destroy her parents lives and she never lived a normal life. In my religion, we believe that everyone is born with a pure soul and we have the freedom whether we keep it pure or sinful. Sindoora soul is sinful and dark.
      She has gone mad because she has no humanity left- she is no longer Divya anymore. Her soul is too dark and evil
      that she has gone mad now and she is a monster. Her soul is destroyed and she is no longer a human being. Her final avatar will be similar to a demon with a sari covered with blood to show her evil soul on the outside. Similar to how Gaura wore black sari when she tried to kill Kokila in the show.

      1. Isaaq

        I feel sorry for Sindoora. If she forgave her parents, she would of been living as Divya with a husband and children. But she chose to stay away from that life. She chose sin over good. Sindoora is my favourite vamp because it shows how a human being can truly become evil from a pure soul. Sindoora represents all evil and if she was Divya, she would of been like Meera and Vidya. It is sad that if Sindoora never chose sin, she would of had a beautiful life as Divya. She would of had a brilliant life. Gopi will be in coma and will not witness the death of her daughter. The Modis will refuse to do Sindoora last rites and will give her body away to the hospital.

      2. Isaaq

        I promise you that after this epic ending, Sindoora will not return. Her death will be too significant that I will not ruin Gopi Destiny by bringing her back lol.
        Amba was also sent to prison but she never escaped like Sindoora did… not sure if I would bring back Amba or not with the new vamp of season 6 making her entry.

  10. Shakaib

    Hi isaaq di! You’re a thrilling and fantastic writer. Sad to know that Raj’s character is to end but happy for Rashi that she will get her soulmate jigar back. Well, I’ve a question. After Amba and sindoora’s track, you will reveal ambika’s real identity before MODIS or not?

    1. Isaaq

      She will reveal her true identity but there will be sad news. When Sindoora shoots Gopi at the end of season 4, Gopi will go in coma. Rashi will get angry and go after Sindoora and then Raj will die.

      Gopi will be out of coma in season 5. I have to put Gopi in coma because the Modis need a big tragedy that Rashi realised that she had to go after Sindoora and end it once and after all

    2. Isaaq

      Thank you! I love writing and I want to be a lawyer and writer. I have so many stories I want to write.

  11. Isaaq

    Sindoora will laugh at Rashi that she will always be lonely as her Jigar died and now her Gopi was in coma. If Rashi killed Sindoora, Sindoora laughs that Rashi will go jail and Raj would be lonely. Sindoora forces Rashi to kill her. Raj will come. Sindoora threatens Rashi to kill her or Sindoora will shoot Raj. Raj intervenes and Raj gets shot and dies and Sindoora falls off the cliff and also dies

  12. Isaaq

    Sindoora will be in a unstable mental state and she will force Rashi to kill her because Sindoora felt her death would bring more destruction to the Modis because Rashi would be sent to jail and Gopi would be in coma.

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah dats what i thought about sindoora…she must be a mad woman to force rashi to kill her…so in season 6 the story will focus on Adi and his love interest…

  13. Isaaq

    Vikas Sethi from Kasauti Zindagi Ki (Prem) will play Adi.
    Seema Mishra from Madhubala will play the new vamp whose name I’m still thinking of.
    Arshad Chopra from Kish desh mera dil (Prem) to play Gopi Jr love interest.
    I’m still thinking of who will play the middle class girl. I loved Vikas Sethi in Kasauti Zindagi Ki as Prem and I think he’s perfect to play Adi.

    1. Isaaq

      And I chose Seema Mishra as she plays a classy vamp. The middle class girls name will be Aditi. I will find an actress to play Aditi once season 5 is over

  14. Isaaq

    People reckon Vikas looks like Nazim. So I think Adi will be Ahem number 2 and Aditi will be Gopi number 2? Any suggestions on who could play Aditi?

  15. Isaaq

    Kajol to be now played by Mrunal Thakur.

    Aditi will now be played by Sajeeda Shiek from England Hasina Thi. Vikas and Sanjeeda will be two destined lovers- Aditi and Adi. Aditi will be the new Gopi and protagonist of Gopi Destiny. Gopi religious meaning is devotee of Krishna and Aditi is also a religious name which means Mother of all Gods- Earth Goddess. Aditi has a lot of vamps coming in her life but she will have a lot of faith in her love and Kahna that she will never separate from Adi

    And the new vamp who will be played by Seema Mishra- whose name I’m still thinking of…

    1. Isaaq

      Ek Hasina Thi**

  16. Isaaq

    I’m excited to have Aditi has the new heroine of Gopi Destiny. Gohem and Raji have had 5 seasons of vamps and villains trying to destroy their lives.

    Now it is time for Aditi and Adi for their love story. Komolika (Seema Mishra) will become their first enemy who will do whatever it takes to separate the two lovers. Season 6 vamps will be Garima and Komolika Basu.

    Whilst Komolika is troubling the Adi-Aditi, Garima will trouble both of her daughters Gopi and Rashi. Rashi daughter Pari and Gopi daughter Durga will both get married to Garima step grandsons. Garima will torture both Pari and Durga. Both cousins will join together to fight against Garima- their evil mother in law. It will be a battle between saas and her bahus. Both cousins will try to win their husbands heart and foil Garima plans.

    Aditi will battle with Komolika and try to protect the Modi family. Komolika will be after wealth of the Modi family.

    Priyanka will also be another vamp who will return in season 6 for revenge of her mothers death. Priyanka will enter the Modi house as a servant in the middle of season 6 and will cause trouble.

  17. Isaaq

    For season 5, Madira will find out Jigar belongs to the Modi family and she will be determined to stop Jigar from going back.

    To distract the Modis, Mandira will call Viren to come back to India and trouble the Modis. Viren will return in season 5 with his whole family to trouble the Modis. Gopi will be out of coma before Viren arrival and she will face her stepson and stepdaughter in law for the first time.

    Rashi on the other hand, will finally meet Jigar face to face at Banaras where he saves her from a car accident caused by Mandira. Rashi confronts Mandira and Mandira reveals the truth that he is her Jigar. Rashi challenges Mandira that she will get her Jigar back. Mandira accepts her challenge.

  18. Isaaq

    Krystle D’Souza from Ek Hasina Thi to play Durga Modi, daughter of Gohem.
    Lovely Sassan to play Pari, daughter of Raj and Rashi

    1. Isaaq

      Krystle D’Souza from Ek Hazaron main meri behna hai***

  19. Isaaq

    Sorry Pari will be played by Sara Khan. Pari will be a fashionista like her mother Rashi and Durga will be sanskaari like her mother. Both cousins will be like sisters and will love each other (unlike Rashi and Gopi did at the beginning) you will see a big bond between both Durga and Pari and they will stay together and fight their grandmother Garima.

    Jigar Jr (who will be played by Karan Wahi after Raj death) will also get married and Rashi will get a daughter in law.

    Gopi also has a son called Anurag who will be played by Gautam Rhode and he will also get married to Ganga who will be played by Jennifer Widget (Rashi Jr will die of old age so Jennifer will now play Ganga)

    So we will have three new couples in the Modi family in season 6- Anurag and Ganga,
    Adi and Aditi
    Jigar Jr and Aashi

    Kumari, Gopi and Rashi will become saas.

    Malaika (Krishna wife) who is played by Dhrashti Dharmi will be the saas of Gopi and Rashi and Avantika (Karan wife) will be the saas of Kumari. Krishna and Karan will be in charge of Modi industries.

    Meera, Vidya, Tolu, Molu, Sona and Naiya will be the heads of the family and will be the elders of the family.

    That’s the family tree of season 6?

  20. Nandhini

    Woww i like krystal d’ souza and jennifer winget a lott!! Its good karan wahi again comes as jigar jr!! Exciting new casts!!???

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I’m quite excited for the story in season 6. Sindoora death will be the biggest moment in Gopi Destiny! That woman has tortured the Modis for too long now

      1. Nandhini

        Yep!! Sindoora go to hell!!??
        And dont ever reborn again!??

    2. Isaaq

      I’m updating today? Today I will start the Gopi Jr marriage track and it will also end today? After this update, a more dark and sad track coming where Sindoora will reveal the truth to Anjali son that she is not her mother and Khushi is. The boy will become negative and Anjali will get him married. The girl he gets married to loves someone else and so the boy molests her. Savitri and Amba side with the boy. Khushi and Anjali will initially be on the girls side but because of their mothers love, they will try to save their son. Rashi will be trapped as she wants justice for the girl but everyone will be against her.

      This will be an important track because it will raise many issues that are in the world. It will show that women are not slaves of men like they are treated as.

      1. Isaaq

        It will be an exciting track because it will be a big court case! But knowing how clever Sindoora is, she will do anything to make sure Rashi loses the case. Sindoora will also kidnap the girl and torture her but it will be up to Rashi to save her. The Mahabharata started with Drupmati being unveiled . Similarly here a woman will rise and defeat the evil man.

        Mandira to enter as a lawyer fighting for the girls case!

      2. Isaaq


  21. Nandhini

    Woww! Great job! Isaaq i am happy to see you are bringing some real world issues into ur fan fic! Then the fight between the good and evil will be very intense and to see rashi fighting for those issues makes it more interesting to read! I am very eager to see some court scenes in ur story!
    The fight seems to be really tough as it was schemed by saavitri so i am looking forward how the story progresses and reaches its climax!
    I get to feel bad and more angry when i got to read news about violence on women…and women getting justice against such violences is near to being impossible??
    when i read ur story about such issues here i will get some relief the justice being served atleast in ur fan fic…i pray and hope these kinds of crimes get stopped soon and the laws and rules will be imposed more stricter than before in our country…

    1. Isaaq

      Same? I just to think to myself of how evil people are in our world.

      Anyways… After killing Raj, Sindoora will die in a earthquake!

      1. Nandhini

        Thats good! let that moron go inside the earth deep down and rot in hell!!??

    2. Isaaq

      Gopi destiny will be ending in season 4- I’ve decided to bring back Jigar towards the end of season 4 so Sindoora has more plans before her big death.

      Basically Jigar will enter at the end of season 4. Sindoora will try her best to make sure Jigar doesn’t get his memories back. She will team up with Amba and Mandira. However Rashi and Gopi will succeed in getting Jigar memories back and Jigar comes back to the Modi house after knowing Mandira is evil.

      Since Rashi and Gopi are pretending to be different people, Rashi will act like Ganga and Gopi will act like Ambika. Gopi and Rashi will expose Amba and Sindoora in the end. An emotional reunion between Jigar and Rashi- Jigar tells Rashi she can be with Raj. Raj and Rashi remarry.

      During remarriage, Sindoora will escape and will come back to the Modi house to the wedding. Sindoora will shoot Gopi and Gopi will be in coma. Rashi out of anger will run after Sindoora to North India where it is snowy mountains. Sindoora will force Rashi to kill her but Raj will come to the rescue but Sindoora will sadly kill Raj. Then Sindoora will be hit in a earthquake and she will fall off the mountain and she will be crushed to death and her body will be destroyed (God takes her life) Rashi and Jigar will get married again after a few months. Gopi destiny will end with Sindoora death- the ultimate vamp of all time…

      Then I’ll start my new fan fiction which set 4 years after Gopi Destiny. The new fan fiction will be called Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbat Ki. The new protagonists of the new fan fiction will be Aditi, Adi, Durga and Pari. The main vamps of season 1 will be Komolika (Seema Mishra) and Garima (Urvashi Dholika who played Komolika from Kasauti Zindagi Ki).

      So season 4 will be longer with the entry of Jigar and Mandira but Kasauti Mohabbat Ki will be a really good sequel

    3. Isaaq

      This will be Garima when she makes her entry. She will be played by this actress (best vamp in the history of Indian television!)

      Garima will make her entry like this into the Modis lives

      1. Isaaq

        Gopi, Rashi and Amba mother? She will enter like this?

      2. Isaaq

        Garima is going to be a great vamp and hopefully she will remain the main vamp forever in this new fan fiction- she will be more dangerous than Sindoora and Kaushika.

      3. Isaaq

        Gopi and Rashi will be looking for marriage suitors for Durga and Pari. Then they will find a family. Tht family will be Garimas family. Gopi and Rashi believe thT their biological mother is dead. Garima will pretend to be a stranger to Rashi and Gopi. After the wedding, Garima will reveal to Gopi and Rashi that she is their mother and she has entered their lives for revenge on Amba arrest. Garima has been negative from the start. She is a power hungry woman to is after wealth- luckily Gopi and Rashi were never brought up by her otherwise they would of learnt bad deeds from her

        Amba was always favourite daughter and seeing her daughter suffer in prison, Garima wants revenge. She wants to torture Gopi and Rashi daughters the same way Amba is suffering. She wants Gopi and Rashi suffer the mothers pain of seeing her child suffer.

        Another secret is she isn’t even their biological mother. She claims to be their mother. Garima was a dancer and a entertainer. One day she saw Gopi and Rashi father and became attracted to his wealth. She was determined to get married to him. She became jealous of his wife. His wife was pregnant with twins. Once the twins were born, Garima kidnapped them and she tried to kill them but they got lost and Aliya got them and brought them up (Then Sindoora track started)

        Garima swapped the twins with dead babies that were still born and the doctors told Gopi and Rashi mother that her babies had died. Garima mixed poison in their mothers drink and she died. Garima got married to their father. The police then suggested that their mother has committed suicide. So Garima is a big vamp and she hates Gopi and Rashi a lot and after Amba defeat, she hates the twins ever more than before.

        And this track will begin in season 5. It will still be called Gopi Destiny as the story is still about Gopi and Rashi with the entry of their evil stepmom.

  22. Isaaq

    In Gopi Destiny, we’ve had evil sister (Radha),evil daughter (Sindoora), evil daughter in law (Kumari), evil stepson (Viren), evil sister again (Amba), evil granddaughter (Priyanka), evil sautan (Mandira) and now… evil stepmother (Garima) and evil daughter in law again (Komolika)

    1. Isaaq

      I’ve had 9 vamps since Gopi Destiny started? 10 actually if you count my old previous fan fiction “Rashi is alive”, which the vamp was Paridhi

  23. Isaaq

    Everyone can admit that this was the best episode and soon the end of season 4 will be the end of Sindoora terror

  24. Yeah dat was the best episode by the death of gohem and raji and their rebirths again!!…
    Garima’s entry was so funny!???
    While reading the story i wondered how could a mom be so cruel towards her daughters,, then you cleared my doubt by she is not their real biological mom…
    Your ff had the most number of vamps so far!!
    Isaaq congrats once again for crossing 50 comments in gopi’s destiny season 4 part 4!!!?????????

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