Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 3 Part 1

A man knocks on the door. ” Who is it?” Kumari says. 
” Its me Madam, your secretary. You need to go to your business conference now.” He says. 
” Splendid, let us leave now. It is a very important business conference.” Kumari says. They both leave. 
In the evening, Kajol and Naiya arrive at a business conference. ” Is this a conference or a party? So many guests and this loud music.” Kajol complains. 
” Miss Aurora likes to throw grand parties at her business conferences to please her foreign guests. She isn’t an ordinary person. She is extraordinary than us. I have never seen her in my life but I’ve heard she is one of the most powerful Indian women in the world.” Naiya says. 
” Wow, I hope I can be friends with her.” Kajol says. Naiya and Kajol hear other guests whispering about Miss Aurora. 
” Where is Miss Aurora?” One guest says. 
” She will be making her entry soon.” A waiter replies. A few moments later, lights go off- Kumari arrives in in a carriage hanging from the ceiling- she lowers down with massive lights and fire. Kumari makes grand entry into the party. Kumari’s carriage comes down to the ground and she comes out. Kajol and Naiya are amazed.  
” Hello my guests. My name is Kumari Aurora. As you have heard, I am Miss Aurora, one of the most powerful Indian women in the world. For 11 years, I have been travelling over the world to build my name across nations. I own 20 world class hotels in the world, 550 restaurants and 379 leisure facilities in the entire world. Aurora Industries has become so famous that people know my power. In Diwali, I shine my house with light for the whole city to see my power. On my birthday, my parties become so big that the entire world comes to wish me happy birthday. So friends, enjoy the party and business conference will soon start!” Kumari says. Kumari comes down to greet the guests. Naiya and Kajol go and meet her. 
” Hi, Miss Aurora.” Kajol says. Kumari turns around and smiles. 
” Hi, I don’t think we know each other.” Kumari says. 
” We are from the Modi family.” Naiya says. 

” Oh, Modi Industries. I think I’ve done a small deal with the Modi Industries a few years back.” Kumari says. 
” Miss Aurora, you live alone in this big mansion?” Kajol asks. 
” Yes unfortunately. I live alone. Im 30 years old and still unmarried.” Kumari says. 
” Why don’t you come with us to Modi Mansion? We will be pleased if you come.” Naiya says. 
” I will come. However, I also want to help Modi Industries. I will do a big deal with the Modi Industries. My company is international and my headquarters are in Qatar and New York. But Modi Industries headquarters is in New Delhi, one of the most powerful Indian companies in India. I want to start a big project in India and I want Modi Industries help. But I will only start this deal with one condition?” Kumari says.  
” What is that?” Naiya asks.  
” You make me your granddaughter in law.” Kumari says.  
” But why?” Kajol asks. 
” Because I want to help Modi Industries and me, bahu of the Modis, will make you all wealthy. Imagine you all, really famous like me.” Kumari says.  
” Ok.” Naiya says happily.  
” That’s great. After this party, we will leave for the Modi Mansion. 
After the party, Naiya and Kajol take Kumari to the Modi Mansion. Modi Mansion had changed completely. Both Ahem and Jigar had rebuilt the Modi Industries after Sindoora’s death and brought to great power. Modi Mansion was now even bigger. The Modis moved to New Dehli, and left Rajkot 10 years ago. Rashi opens the door and is confused of seeing Kumari. 
” Jaise Krishna.” Rashi says. ” Naiya, who is this?”  
” Where are your manners? This is Miss Aurora. She is to become my future daughter in law.” Naiya says proudly.  
” Really?” Rashi says excitedly. ” Please to meet you, I am Rashi Modi.” Kumari gets shocked; Rashi was the one who Jigar married. 
” Hi.” Kumari says. ” Can you get me a drink please?”  
” Sure.” Rashi says; Rashi goes. Kumari, Kajol and Naiya sit down in the lounge.  
” I will call all of my family down, the men will also arrive soon.” Naiya says. After an hour, the men arrive from office. Jigar and Ahem had grown a lot older. Ahem had shaved his beard and Jigar had grown a beard, maturing a formal look. Along with Ahem and Jigar, Krishna, Karan, Tolu, Molu and Karthik.  

” Here are the men.” Naiya says. ” Ill introduce them. First of all, Karan is my son and his wife and children are abroad right now. This is Tolu, my brother in law and Molu, my husband. This is Krishna, Tolu’s son. This is Karthik, Krishna’s son.” Naiya says. Naiya is about to introduce Jigar and Ahem until Kajol interrupts.  
” This is Ahem and Jigar, my sons who I gave birth to but were kidnapped.” Kajol says. Naiya pinches Kajol. ” Ow.”  
” Shut up, we are not supposed to say stuff like that in front of her.” Naiya whispers. Kumari is angry and shocked seeing Jigar for the first time, the man who rejected her for Rashi. Kumari thinks that Jigar will soon be hers.  ” Miss Aurora, I will call the women down.”  
The women arrive. Ambika, Sona, Monalika, Rashi Jr, Radha, Meera and Vidya come downstairs. Meera and Vidya both moved in with the Modis after Gaura’s death. Dharam had also died of old age. Shravan moved abroad with his children years ago for their business in USA. ” This is Vidya and Meera, Their father, Ahem, is stood right in front of them, but he is younger.” Naiya laughs. 
” I’m confused.” Kumari says. 
” Ahem was reborn.” Ambika says. 
” Oh, that is strange.” Kumari says. 
” Yes it is strange. Jigar was also reborn along with Rashi and Radha. Meera and Vidya’s mother, Gopi, is no longer on this world. There is her portrait.” Naiya brings Kumari over to the Modi family portrait. ” This is Gopi, Ahem’s original wife in his previous life. She died 10 years ago.”  
” Died of?” Kumari asks. 
” She was killed, by her daughter Sindoora, but Sindoora got killed herself. Both mother and daughter died on the same day.” Naiya says nervously. Kumari thinks that this family is very dangerous. ” This is Kokila Dadi, she died 7 years ago of old age. That is Paridhi, she died 2 years ago of cancer. She was Jigar’s 2nd wife from his previous life. That’s Hetal Dadi, she died 28 years ago as she was paralyzed after Gopi’s disappearance when she went into coma, although Kokila Dadi was back. That is Baa, she died 46 years ago after Gopi faked her death and Kokila Dadi’s disappearance. Parag and Chirag Dadu died 37 years ago from devastation after what Radha did to us. Gaura Dadi, my grandmother, she died 5 years ago. My father, Dharam, died 6 years ago of old age. My mother, she died 49 years as my Gaura Dadi killed her. Madhu Dadi died 49 years ago as she committed suicide. Urmilla Dadi, she was kidnapped 48 years ago and after Gopi faked her death, Kokila Dadi and Gaura Dadi found Urmilla Dadi, who was kidnapped by Sudha Khanna, who was Urmilla’s sister. Urmilla Dadi died 20 years ago. That is the old generation of the Modis and Suviyanshi.” Naiya finishes. ” Now me, Sona, Tolu, Molu, Vidya, Meera and Sharavan are the families’ head now.” 
” So many devastating deaths. Gopi and Kokila were very dear to this family, no?” Kumari asks. 
” Gopi and Kokila protected this family throughout their whole lives. I cant believe Gopi maa is gone now. She belonged to our family for 63 years. If she was still alive and Ahem was still living in his previous birth, and if Rashi and Jigar were also in their previous birth, all 4 would of celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.” Sona cries.  
” Gopi maybe gone, but her humshakal is still alive.” Ambika says. 

” You maybe her humshakal Ambika, but admit it, you are nothing like her.” Rashi says. Ambika pinches Rashi. ” Ow.” 
” Shut up, witch.” Whispers Ambika. Rashi gives her a angry look.  
” Well, I have to announce something to you all. Kumari is to become my granddaughter in law, Ajay’s future wife.” Naiya says happily. 
” Yes! Another wedding.” Krishna says. Monalika nudges him. 
” Calm down, you are a father of a grown man now.” Scolds Monalika.  
” Yes but I bet you are excited for the Sangeet ceremony, we get to romance.” Krishna says. Monalika blushes. 
” Have some shame.” Giggles Monalika.  
” Kumari, that’s so good. You get to be part of our family!” Rashi says. 
” Yes Rashi, you and Ambika will finally get another sister in law to help you in the house.” Sona says. The Modi family are laughing and celebrating. Radha is sad and she goes to the garden. Kumari follows her. 
” Its Radha, right?” Kumari asks. ” Why are you upset?”  
” I have nobody. Rashi has Jigar but what about me?” Radha says. 
” Radha, you will get your prince charming soon, don’t worry.” Kumari says. Kumari thinks that she will turn Radha into an evil vamp like she used to be. She will turn Radha against the Modis once more. Gopi is no longer on this world to stop Radha from destroying the Modis. 
” I hope so.” Radha says.  
” I promise you, I will find you one.” Kumari says. 
” Really, thanks you are already my favorite bhabi.” Radha hugs her. Kumari smirks evilly.  
In Ambika and Ahem’s room, Ambika puts her duvet covers and pillows on the floor, like Gopi used to sleep when she first married Ahem. ” Ahem Ji, do you love me?” Ambika asks. Ahem ignores her. ” Ahem Ji, answer me!” 
” Don’t call me Ahem Ji!” Shouts Ahem in his arrogant voice. ” Only Gopi had the right to call me Ahem Ji and you are asking if I love you? I hate you! Because of you, my Gopi is no longer alive. I only love Gopi, do you understand?”  
” Gopi! I hate this name. You don’t care about me!” Ambika screams. Ahem slaps her. 
” Don’t you dare talk about my Gopi like that!” Ahem shouts. Ahem goes to his bed and goes to sleep. Ambika looks at Gopi’s portrait and thinks that she is dead but her husband still loves her. Ambika sits on the floor and goes to sleep. 
Rashi is in the kitchen preparing kheer. Sona comes. ” Rashi, you should be sleeping now.” Sona says. 
” I’m preparing kheer for Jigar ji, he was very hungry.” Rashi says. 
” Men these days, they never get full.” Laughs Sona. 

” Ok, its done, Im going to my room. Goodnight.” Rashi says. 
” Goodnight.” Sona says. Sona thinks to herself that Rashi is the best bahu in the world and she is very lucky. Rashi arrives in the room and it is dark.  
” Jigar ji? Where are you?” Rashi says. ” Why is the lights off?” Suddenly a hand covers Rashi face. She gets scared. 
” Shush, its only me.” Jigar says. 
” Youre so childish, making me scared like that.” Rashi scolds Jigar. ” You almost made me drop this kheer.” 
” Sorry. Sorry.” Jigar holds his ears. 
” I forgive you. Today, Im going to feed you the kheer myself.” Rashi says. 
” Awww you’re so romantic Rashi. You were never this romantic in our previous life.” Jigar blushes. 
” I love you the same way as I loved you before Jigar Ji. Now sit down and have some kheer.” Rashi says, she feeds Jigar. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays.  
In the morning, Radha gets a text message from Kumari, telling her to come and meet her. Radha goes and meets Kumari in a café. 
” Hello Radha.” Kumari says. 
” Hi Kumari, you wanted to talk to me?” Radha says. 
” Yes, meet Viren (Karan Tacker). He is Ahem and Anita’s illegitimate son.” Kumari says. Radha is shocked. 
” What? How?” Radha says. 
” Before Gopi and Ahem married, Anita and Ahem were together and Anita got pregnant. Viren is their son.” Kumari says.  
” You must be Radha?” Viren says. ” Ive heard a lot about you.” 
” Kumari, what is this?” Cries Radha. 
” Radha, I have called you here because I know you want revenge. Your sister Gopi is dead and you are all alone. The Modis never even bothered to get you married. What is the point being good Radha?” Kumari says. 
” Why you saying all of this? Why do you want bad for the Modis?” Radha asks. Kumari tells Radha her story.  
” Now you understand why I am telling you Radha that the Modis don’t care about you. They let my parents die.” Kumari fake cries. 
” Don’t worry Kumari. I am with you. Radha is back!” Radha says evilly. Vamp tune plays. 
Precap- Radha says to Kumari that she spent 10 years being good to the Modis for nothing. Now she will finish them off and their Gopi bahu isnt there to save them.   

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  1. Isaaq

    Are you stupid publishers- it”s part 2!!!

  2. Nandhini

    Thats what i also got doubt how it could be part 1!!! Kumari’s intro was nice. You brought the next villain karen so soon! Gosh kumari is a successful woman in life but she became evil due to her revengeful thoughts on modis…i think on reading dis update, she is a good person at heart but only bad on modis right? She is gathering all the left-outs and neglected people of modis against the modis! Does Ambika loves ahem really or she is just yelling at him for taking gopi’s name?? I mean does she have soft corner for ahem as his wife??

    1. Isaaq

      Kumari is good but she hates the Modis. She is evil only because of the Modis. She is a insecure character.

      All vamps shown in TV shows are all evil and demons. But Kumari will be more human and will have emotions.

      Ambika doesn’t lobe Ahem. She is like how Rashi used to be- she wants a luxurious life.

      Now the big three villains of season 3- Viren, Kumari and Radha will join together!!! This is why this is the best season!

      1. Nandhini

        Yes this will be the best season as kumari will be plotting more against rashi…kumari vs rashi..they are thinking that only gopi and kokila can protect their family becoz they are Godly souls.Rashi will break this myth and she will save her modi family from all evils?

  3. Jasminerahul

    Grand entry of arrogant.Naiyya n kajol r so stupid 2 take her home 4 wealth.Sad that kumari brainwashed radha n turned her evil.sad 2 c radha turning -ve again to fight with modis.Naiyya doing a blunder by making kumari marry Ajay.will ajay like her?RaJi scene was romantic.ahem luvs only gopi,so ambika is frustrated.she shud change,then ahem will luv her.Viren as Ahem anita’s son was a shocking entry.What is Viren’s age in this FF?he must b very old.right?how did Kumari find him?hard to imagine divyanka as a vamp

    1. Isaaq

      Yes Radha will be negative once more. Without Kokila or Gopi, how will the Modis defeat Radha?

      Even in the show, Radha got away with everything and she wanted to kill her own daughter but Gopi killed her. Radha will do the same torture to the Modis like she did on the show.

    2. Isaaq

      Viren will be 2 year’s older than Meera- he will be in his late 50s.

      Viren family will make their entry when Kumari will be kicked out of the Modi house.

  4. Jasminerahul

    where is Meera’s husband Sanskar?

    1. Isaaq

      He moved away after they divorced when Sindoora made Sita fall off the cliff. He might return although I already have too many villains yet…

      1. Chetan

        It’s just awesome but I want gopi back and will lead the battle……

        Please do comments on my ff also ……

        I do brought ahem illegitimate child…..

        But now my story force more on meera and Rashijr

      2. Jasminerahul

        So now Meera is single.not bringing any new hero 4 Meera?How come Meera is only in 50’s?When Gopi came as Durga Meera,Vidya n Naiyya were in middle age n they had grown up children.Then came rebirth track.So Meera Naiyya n Vidya r very old.They r grandparents.right?

    2. Isaaq

      No sorry Meera is 68 her generation are in their 60s. Vidya is 66 and Viren is 70. So they are very old. Lol I don’t think Meera should have a new hero at 68?

      Sorry for the confusion. When Paridhi track happened and Rashi came back, Meera was 20. Then Gopi came back as Durga 18 years later. Meera was 38 then. Then Gopi was kidnapped and the main characters were reborn-. After 20 years, Meera was 58 years old. Now 10 years later Meera is 68.

      1. Isaaq

        And yes they are great grandparents as Ambikahem and Raji have small children.

        Anjali and Khushi also have children in their family. I will show their entry in the next update.

      2. Jasminerahul

        Right.Meera is too old to have a new hero.But in fiction its possible.Even Gopi was made to marry in old age on d prob if meera does’nt have a hero as i’m enjoying d present generation

  5. Shakaib

    Awesome update isaaq , keep rocking and update soon.Oh no! Radhais changed again. Please don’t turn her into villan

    1. Isaaq

      Sorry Radha needs to be a villain to make the story more interesting. Gopi isn’t alive anymore to stop Radha, Kokila isn’t alive either. So the big problem is, who will defeat Radha this time?

  6. Isaaq

    Sorry Chetan Gopi cannot come back- her story is over now and Ambika is Devoleena- I can’t have two Devoleenas in my fan fiction.

    The purpose of killing off Gopi was to give more importance to Rashi. on, Rashi will protect the Modis

    1. Chetan

      Please comment on my ff also and tell you like or not

    2. Nandhini

      I like this thought of yours…Gopi was only considered a great woman…now its time for rashi to fight for good! Not a good person is always good (gopi) and bad person is always regarded bad (rashi)…if anyone supports and stands for truth, they are considered equally great and important!

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