Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 3 Finale


Kumari gets married into the Modi family and she causes problems between Meera and Vidya. Radha reveals Kumari’s truth to Rashi and Radha and Rashi team up to expose Kumari. However, Kumari creates a plan where she spikes Rashi’s drink and puts her in a room with a man. Jigar and the Modi family enter the room.
“ Rashi! How could you?” Jigar shouts.

“ Jigar Ji, someone brought me here. Please believe me!” Rashi screams. Naiya drags Rashi.
“ I don’t want a daughter in law like you. Shameless girl.” Naiya shouts, she takes Rashi downstairs and goes back up. She gets the luggage and comes down. “ Here, get out of our house and never come back!”
“ Saasumaa.” Rashi cries to Sona.

“ Don’t you dare call me saasumaa! I made you my bahu. Imagine if Gopi Maa was alive and she saw this today. Her Rashi behen being so disgusting. I was wrong when I made you my bahu!” Sona shouts. “ Get out of my house!”
“ I will leave this house if nobody believes me.” Rashi cries, Rashi gets her luggage leaves the Modi house and Kumari evilly smirks. Later Gopi Jr cries for her mother while Ambika looks after her. Ambika finds out that Kumari had planned it all and Ambika goes to Rashi and tells her the truth. Ambika and Rashi reunite and they both expose Kumari. Ambika pretends to be Kumari’s friend and Kumari reveals the truth in a video. The Modis see the video and Naiya slaps Kumari. Kokila tune plays.

“ Disgusting woman! Because of you, we kicked out Rashi. I should of kicked you out instead. I was a fool to make a rich woman like you my bahu!” Naiya shouts. Rashi enters the Modi house and Naiya begs to her on the floor. “ Rashi forgive me.”
“ No saasumaa, it was a misunderstanding.” Rashi says.
“ No, I never trusted you and liked you. Forgive me.” Naiya cries and she hugs Rashi. Sona also cries.
“ Never leave this house again, do you understand?” Sona hugs Rashi. Kumari claps.
“ Wow! Do you want to know why I did all of this? I did this because I want revenge on this family.” Kumari shouts, she points at Sona. “ Because of this woman and Rashi, my parents died!” Kumari screams.
“ Wait a minute, Kumari? Now I remember you.” Sona says.
“ Now you remember me?” Screams Kumari. “ You rejected me because Jigar had already married Rashi. My poor parents killed themselves and you Modis did not care at all. I will make you Modis suffer the way my parents did!” Kumari tries to slap Sona but Rashi holds her hand.
“ Don’t you dare Kumari! Your parents died because of fate. Me and Jigar had to get married because of fate. Sindoora killed me and Jigar but still we were born again. Do not blame us for your parents’ death!” Rashi shouts.

“ Rashi! My parents died and you think I would stay quiet! Aren’t we all humans? I did all of this because I lost my parents because of you Modis.” Cries Kumari. The Modis feel sorry for her and Naiya forgives her. Kumari becomes good and is nice to everyone. A year later, a woman comes with a baby, Radha opens the door.
“ Hello, who is this?” Radha asks.
“ Hello, I am from the city hospital. This baby’s mother has died of childbirth and his father belongs to this family. Ajay Modi.” The nurse says. Radha is shocked, Kumari hears and drops the glass on the floor. Rashi, Sona and Naiya come running.
“ What happened? Who is this lady and baby?” Naiya asks.
“ Madam, this Ajay Modi’s son and his mother has just died.” The nurse says. Naiya breaks down and cries. The others also cry and Radha takes the baby and the nurse leaves. Ajay arrives with the other men and Naiya slaps him.
“ Dadi!” Ajay shouts.

“ Shut up! Today you have crossed all your limits! My own grandson brought shame on our family? I hate you! This baby is your son from another woman, who is dead now!” Naiya shouts. Ajay looks shocked at the baby and takes it in his arms. Kumari gets up and starts clapping.
“ I become good and this is how you all treat me. I wont spare you Modis now!” Kumari screams. Kumari gets her luggage.
“ Kumari don’t leave please.” Rashi cries.
“ Leave me Rashi or I will kill you!” Kumari shouts, she pushes Rashi and leaves the house. A few days later, the Modis get a letter for child custody of Ajay’s child. Kumari arrives with a lawyer and police.
“ Modis, we have evidence that you have been abusing a baby in this house. We have decided to take the baby away from you and give to Mrs Kumari Modi as she is the baby’s stepmother and has full right as the baby’s biological mother is dead.” The police says.
“ What evidence?” Ajay asks. The police shows a video of the Modis arguing while the baby is crying for food and nobody is feeding him. The Modis are shocked.
“ We also have medical reports that the baby has been malnourished for a few days. And we also have reports of the baby having bruises.” The police says.
“ Those are false reports!” Cries Rashi.
“ Are you saying we are lying? Mrs Kumari, you can take the baby off them.” The police says. Kumari goes and snatches the baby off Rashi.

“ Give my child back to me. You are not his real mother!” Cries Rashi.
“ Neither are you Rashi. Have some shame, torturing a child!” Shouts Kumari.
“ The father will be arrested. Mr Jigar Modi, you are under arrest.” The police arrest Jigar.
“ Please, you have to believe us officer.” Sona begs.
“ Please listen to us.” Rashi also pleads.
“ Rashi, let them take me. We will find a way to get out of this.” Jigar says. The police take Jigar. Kumari laughs.
“ Poor Modis. You did injustice with me and now I will snatch this child off you. You all snatched my parents from me and now I will take away this child from your lives forever.” Laughs Kumari. Rashi falls on her knees.
“ Why are you doing this?” Begs Rashi.
“ Oh look, sita maiya has accepted defeat.” Laughs Kumari. “ The great Rashi Modi has lost!” Viren enters the Modi house. “ Oh Viren, welcome.”
“ Mr Viren, you are here?” Ahem says.
“ Ahem jiju, you know Viren.” Kumari says.

“ Yes, he is our business partner.” Ahem says.
“ Ahem Jiju, I have a secret to reveal. Viren is yours and Anita’s illegitimate son.” Kumari says. Everyone gets shocked.
“ What?” Shouts Ahem.
“ It is true dad, I am your son and Meera and Vidya’s half brother. I am your eldest child. My mother conceived me before you got married to that stupid Gopi.” Viren says.
“ Shut up! Don’t you dare call Gopi stupid!” Ahem shouts. “ If you are with this Kumari in her plan, I don’t want anything to do with you.”
“ Oh I am not here to say hello to my dad. I am here to kick you all out of this house. Dad, the papers you signed confirmed that I am this owner of Modi property now.” Viren laughs.
“ That means Modis that along with this child, I will take away this house from you.” Kumari says. The police return.
“ If Mrs Kumari says leave this house then leave. Go pack your bags or we will arrest you all.” The police says.
“ Officer please listen to us.” Rashi says. Ambika goes upto Kumari and slaps her.
“ Who do you think you are, kicking us out of this house? Where will we go?” Ambika says.
“ Officer, did you see that? She just slapped me.” Fake cries Kumari. The police arrest Ambika and the Modis get shocked. The Modis pack their bags and leave the house. The Modis settle in chawls. Rashi shouts in disgust of living in dirty conditions. Rashi leaves the Modis and goes to Kumari. Kumari opens the door.
“ Rashi? You? Alone?” Kumari says.
“ They kicked me out Kumari. Now I understand how you feel.” Rashi says. Rashi explains everything to Kumari and they both join hands to trouble the Modis. However, it is revealed that Rashi has pretended to be friends with Kumari to get the property back. Rashi successfully gets the property and proves to the police that the reports were fake in court trial. Jigar and Ambika are released and the baby is returned to the Modis. The Modis return back to their house and Rashi returns back to the family where the Modis re-welcome her back into their family. Kumari is defeated again.

“ You are a fool Kumari that you thought you can defeat me?” Rashi says.
“ You tricked me and played with my emotions. I want my child back.” Kumari shouts.
“ The court said that child isn’t yours. Sorry.” Rashi says. Rashi grabs Kumari and throws her out of the house.
After a few months, the Modis go on a picnic and the baby goes missing. Everyone searches for the baby but cannot be found. The Modis accuse Kumari but Kumari doesn’t have the baby either. After a few days, the police confirm that the baby will not be alive. Kumari breaks down.
“ Forgive me Rashi. Maybe God has took away my child because of my evil deeds. He took away my parents because of what I have become. Now he has punished me again.” Cries Kumari. Rashi hugs her. Kumari hugs everyone and bids farewell.
“ Although you have done a lot of bad things to our family, I forgive you Kumari. My blessings are with you. I hope you have a good life from now on.” Naiya says. Kumari says goodbye to everyone and leaves the Modi house. Ajay follows Kumari.
“ Hey.” Ajay says.
“ Hi.” Kumari says.
“ Where will you go now?” Ajay says.
“ I will be leaving India. I need a break. Too much has happened to me here. Goodbye.” Kumari goes. After Kumari left, the Modis were still sad with the disappearance of the baby. But Rashi and Jigar wedding anniversary was coming up in a few days and everyone plans their grand celebration. Rashi receives a call from Aliya.
“ Hello, maa?” Rashi says.
“ Your real maa’s daughter is here. Your real sister.” Aliya says rudely. Rashi drops the phone in shock. The Modis come.
“ What happened Rashi?” Sona says.

“ I have a sister.” Rashi says. The Modis get excited.
“ That’s good! You look like you heard bad news!” Sona laughs. Rashi also gets excited. Rashi’s real sister arrives in the Modi house (Mourni Roy). Rashi gets excited.
“ Didi?” Her sister says. Rashi hugs her.
“ Yes I am your didi. Your elder sister.” Rashi says. “ What is your name?”
“ Amba.” Amba says.
“ Your name is as pretty as you are. My name is Rashi.” Rashi says. Rashi introduces the whole Modi family to Amba. Both sisters bond.
“ Your mangulsatur and sindoor shows you are married?” Asks Rashi.
“ Yes, my husband is always out of town. He is a businessman.” Amba says.
“ My husband is also a businessman.” Rashi says.
“ Is your husband romantic?” Amba asks.
“ I think I am more romantic than him. He is too grumpy these days.” Laughs Rashi. They both laugh.
“ My husband buys me anything I want. He brought me a diamond ring a month ago.” Amba says.
“ You are very lucky Amba.” Rashi says. Ambika is irked seeing both sisters bond. Jigar enters the house. “ There is my husband there.” Rashi points at Jigar and Amba is shocked.
“ Jigar? You?” Amba says.
“ Amba, you know him?” Rashi says.
“ Yes! He is my husband.” Amba says. Rashi breaks down and faints. The Modis quickly rush to wake Rashi up. They take her to her room. Rashi wakes up and Jigar tries to speak to her.

“ Don’t you dare talk to me! You married another woman, who is also my sister! Shame on you Jigar Ji.” Rashi cries.
“ Rashi behen calm down. The doctor said you need to rest.” Radha says.
“ How can I rest knowing my own sister is my sautan?” Cries Rashi. Amba also cries and leaves the room.
“ Rashi listen to me. I married Amba because I caused her husband’s death, I accidentally caused his car crash and Amba went into depression. Amba’s in laws would got me arrested but I promised to marry Amba instead.” Jigar says. Rashi calms down and hugs Rashi. “ Rashi, it was a fake marriage. It was only to make her happy, that’s it.”
Rashi forgives Jigar and Amba also settles in the Modis. On the anniversary of Jigar and Rashi, they are planning to get remarried. Rashi is sat on the mandap.
“ Rashi behen is blushing.” Radha laughs.
“ I am not blushing!” Laughs Rashi.
“ When Jigar makes his entry on a horse, then we will see Rashi faint. My Jigar is that handsome.” Sona says.
“ Maaji!” Laughs Rashi. The Modis tease Rashi. A few hours later, the Modis get worried as news says there is a storm. “ Where is Jigar Ji?”
“ He should be coming Rashi.” Krishna says. After a few minutes, the body of Jigar comes and the Modis get shocked. Rashi breaks down and sas Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays. The police also arrive.
“ Mrs Rashi Modi, you are under arrest for the murder of Jigar Modi. We have evidence against you that you killed Jigar Modi.” The police say.
“ How is this possible officer? Rashi was here all day.” Sona cries.
“ She hired someone to kill him. She sent Jigar purposefully so that she can get him killed. We have the killer in custody and he told us you arranged it. Come with us.” The police arrest Rashi. Gopi Jr comes and holds Rashi’s hand.
“ Beta, I will come back. In my absence, look after this family.” Rashi says. “ Promise me.”
“ I promise mama.” Gopi Jr says, she hugs Rashi. Rashi leaves the Modi house. In jail, Amba visits Rashi.
“ I am sorry to hear about Jigar’s death.” Amba says.
“ It is ok. After Gopi’s death, I learnt to move on. This was my fate.” Cries Rashi.
“ It was your fate that I killed your husband.” Laughs Amba. Rashi is shocked. “ What did you think Rashi? I would stay quiet knowing I had sautan? No! I killed your blo*dy Jigar Modi. And I killed him with my bare hands. A married man married me? And when I found out that you were my sautan, I wanted revenge.” Amba says.
“ How could you? My own sister?” Screams Rashi. “ The man who gave his himself to you. He married you to get you out of depression. You killed him!”
“ Yes I killed him. He cried for mercy and he finally died. He took away my husband and I took away your husband now. We are both widows now. I was the one who hired someone so that they could lie that you hired them. The police also have a video of you talking to the killer. I hired someone wearing your mask talking to the killer. Poor you.” Amba says.
“ I still have faith in God. He will save me.” Rashi says. “ This is a mayud that I will win.”
“ You wont win Rashi. I will win and you will lose.” Amba laughs and leaves. In the court trial, the lawyer calls Naiya to the witness box after showing everyone the evidence.
“ Ok, Mrs Naiya Modi. Tell us if you think Rashi Modi killed her husband?” The lawyer asks.
“ Yes I believe she killed him. Her whole life, all she wanted to do was rule us. She is a power hungry woman.” Naiya says. Naiya leaves the witness box. Next comes Sona.
“ You are Rashi’s grandmother in law. Do you believe she killed your grandson?” The lawyers asks.
“ Yes I believe she killed him. In Rashi’s previous birth, she used to trouble Gopi Maa all the time. She always wanted luxuries and always wanted power. She killed my grandson and I will never forgive her.” Sona cries. Rashi cries.
“ This isn’t true.” Rashi sobs. Rashi gets flashbacks when Gopi was accused of Kokila’s murder and Rashi went against her. The same was happening to her now. The lawyer calls Amba. Amba smirks at Rashi.
“ You are her sister. I know you have only known Rashi for a few days but do you believe she killed Jigar Modi?” The lawyer asks.

“ Yes I believe she killed him. But please, we forgive Rashi. Please give her a short sentence. We will miss her.” Amba says. The judge dismisses Amba.
“ I have decided that Rashi Modi is guilty of murdering her husband. She is sentenced for life.” The judge says. Rashi cries.
Rashi is tortured by other prisoners in jail. Rashi is locked up and at night, Gopi and Kokila’s spirit visit her.
“ Gopi? Kaki Ji?” Rashi says.
“ Rashi behen? It us. Gopi and Maaji.” Gopi says.
“ Rashi bahu, we have been watching you. Do not give up! You cant give up because you promised us to protect our family.” Kokila says.
“ I cant do it.” Cries Rashi.
“ Rashi behen. If I did it then so can you. Kahna Ji will save you. I am sure. Goodbye and good luck Rashi behen.” Gopi and Kokila point Rashi towards a direction where there is passage to escape. Gopi and Kokila go and Rashi breaks through the passage and runs out of prison. The guards run after Rashi. Rashi reaches the cliff and falls off the cliff, she dies. Before Rashi death, she wrote a letter saying that nobody will cremate her and she will cremated by the morgue people only as she felt the Modis had no right. Amba is happy with Rashi’s death. Amba calls Viren.
“ Yes, thank you for your help Viren. Now Rashi and Jigar are dead. The Modi family is now in my trap.” Laughs Amba.
15 years later…
In Abu Dhabi, there is a household where a man and a woman lived with their son and daughter. Son’s name is Jigar and daughter’s name is Pari. Pari (Ruhanika Dhawan) was the youngest child and was 8 years old. Jigar (Siddharth Nigam) was 14 years old and the eldest child. Pari and Jigar come back from school and enter the house.
“ Mama?” Pari calls.
“ Mama? We are here?” Jigar says. A woman walks downstairs holding a birthday cake. It is revealed to be Rashi.
“ I was busy doing these arrangements. I knew it was lovely son’s birthday.” Rashi says. Rashi puts the cake down and hugs Jigar.

“ What about me?” Says Pari.
“ You get a big massive cake.” Rashi picks up Pari. “ Mama is very tired today. I have been working all day. Your Papa must be on his way and I haven’t even made the food.” Rashi says.
“ Mama, why don’t we just go out for dinner?” Jigar says.
“ Brilliant! I will call your papa straight away!” Rashi says. The children celebrate.
“ Your papa is already here.” The man says.
“ Papa!” The children laugh and they hug their father (Karan Wahi)
“ Raj Ji, you came early from work. Who did you miss more? Me or the children?” Rashi teases. Raj puts his arms around Rashi.
“ Rashi, I miss you all equally everyday.” Raj says.
“ Raj Ji, the children are watching.” Rashi blushes. Raj releases her.
“ I will fresh up and you and Pari need to look as beautiful as ever. Jigar, you need to look handsome. Come on, everyone get ready!” Raj says.
In India, Gopi Jr (Gia Manek) is all grown up. She is now 24 years old. She looks at her mother Rashi’s photo and cries. “ I still remember the promise I gave you 15 years go.” Gopi Jr lights a diya in her mother’s memory.

Precap- Amba is introduced in a glamourous avatar.

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  1. Isaaq

    Rashi has been living a perfect life for 15 years but the problem is here, does she have to really go back to the Modis where she will face more troubles…
    Everything has changed for Rashi, a new husband and a new life. If I was Rashi I would never go back to the Modis but Amba is still torturing them so Rashi has to save them.

  2. Isaaq

    The evil Amba will try to harm Rashi new family as well but Rashi has a new saathiya and he is her true love. Love will prevail and Amba will never able to destroy Rashi and Rajs love

  3. Nandhini

    Great update! So gopi jr will call rashi for help and rashi has to go back to modis to save them from amba…i want to know how the love story developed between rashi and raj as you said its inspired from ur own story..i guess you will give that story in next update?.

    1. Isaaq

      Well When Rashi falls off her cliff, she almost drowns but then God sends Raj to save her and Rashi goes into coma for a few months. Raj takes her out of India. There Rashi wakes up and that’s how Raj and Rashi love story started…

      Initially my own lover saved me from torture and suffering and he transformed into the powerful and courageous person I am today. In 15 years, Raj has also cared for Rashi and transformed her into Ganga. Raj loves Rashi and wants her to get justice for Jigar death. He wants her to win in her battle against Amba.

      Gopi Jr won’t call Rashi. Rashi after 15 years, will watch the news and find out that Modi industries queen Amba will be getting her niece Gopi married to an old man. Rashi will be heartbroken and decides to return back to India after 15 years.

      1. Nandhini

        Ok Isaaq! So rashi will come to save gopi jr. from the forced marriage and she will save the modis from her evil sister. I think once she saved the modis from amba, she must return back to abu dhabi with her husband raj and live happily with him and her family…but i guess dat wont happen as radha will turn negative next.

  4. Nandhini

    Kumari has gone back…now amba and viren are the main villains in season 4.

  5. Nandhini

    Is Ajay’s illegitimate child is really dead??

    1. Isaaq

      Nope still alive. The child was kidnapped although I haven’t thought of a story yet.

      Kumari will return although I haven’t decided whether she will be positive or negative.
      Although there is a new spoiler. After 15 years, Radha will be negative. She will feel insecure seeing Rashi back and Gopi Jr will go back to Rashi. Radha will become the new vamp after Amba as Radha brought Gopi Jr up as a her own daughter and is scared that Rashi will snatch her…

      1. Nandhini

        There will again be a battle between radha and rashi..hope radha wont turn completely negative against her and she will turn good on rashi’s efforts…i dont want her to be totally evil like she was in her previous birth…it will be nice if there is a war between amba and rashi (evil vs good ) like there was a big war between gopi and radha and durga and kaushika before…

    2. Isaaq

      One more big secret will be revealed soon in the next update. It will shock you all!

      1. Nandhini

        Ohh really?! Then i am waiting for dat…isaaq you take time and post it later after completing all ur assignments.??

  6. Jasminerahul

    how cheap of kumari to create mu btw jigar n rashi.luckily ambika exposed kumari.i thought after modis 4gave her she changed.but later again she turned -ve.ajay having illegitimate baby was a did ajay have another affair?wjho is that lady?just like shagun of yhm kumari too plaYED dirty games 2 separate d babyfrom modis.she got them arrested too thru fake proofs.oh..but rashi was successful in exposing kumari n getting d baby back.i was relieved but shocking that d baby is lost.wonder where d baby is n i’m sure its alive.kumari left india repenting.but i wonder if she genuine now.mouni as rashi’s real sister amba was cool.but jigar married her as compenation 4 killing her hus accidently was a shock.i was happy 4 raji wedding.but shocking that amba killed jigar n put d blame on rashi.poor rashi got arrested too.glad that kokila n ambika helped rashi 2 escape.but again got shock when she kumped off cliff.but its a surprise that she is living with her kids in abu dhabi.she named her son sweet.but her hus is raj..karan wahi is nice.but y did u kill jigar?is he rly dead?wonder how rashi is alive.excited abt gia being jr gopi,lets c what she will do.i think u r d one who introduced maximum no.of leaps in a ff

  7. Really nice.

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