Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 9


In the Gargs mansion, photos arrives with the mailman. “ Madam, here is a letter for you.” He says to Shagun.
“ Ok, you can leave now.” Shagun says. Shagun opens the letter and finds photos of Khushi being intimate with a man. Shagun is outraged.
“ Maa! Papa! Eklavya! Anyone, come down please.” Shouts Shagun. Garima and Eklavya come down.
“ What’s wrong Shagun?” Garima says.
“ You think Khushi is sanskaari, look at this.” Shagun says, showing the photos to Garima and Eklavya; they get shocked.

“ How could this be?” Screams Garima. “ We were going to make this girl our bahu?”
“ Sindoora will pay for this. My son was about to marry such a dirty woman!” Shouts Eklavya.
“ We are going to Modi mansion now! I will teach that Sindoora a lesson now.” Garima says. They all go to Modi Mansion. They arrive at the Modi mansion and Paridhi opens the door.
“ Oh hi aunty. Please come in.” Paridhi says. Garima pushes Paridhi out of the way.
“ Where is Sindoora?” Garima yells. Sindoora arrives with Anjali.
“ Whats wrong aunty?” Sindoora says.

“ Look at this! Look at these photos. I am sorry for choosing Khushi over Anjali.” Garima says, Sindoora gets angry seeing the photos.
“ How dare she?” Sindoora says. “ She left with Meera and Rashi, we will all go there.” They arrive at the Suviyanshi house. Gaura opens the door.
“ Who are you? Why are you here Sindoora?” Shouts Gaura.
“ Where is Khushi?” Shouts Sindoora.
“ Voice lower! Don’t forget you are in my house!” Shouts Gaura. “ Khushi?” Khushi arrives with Gopi and Rashi. Sindoora goes to Khushi and tries to slap her but Gopi holds her hand.
“ Don’t you dare raise your hand on Khushi.” Says Gopi.
“ Release my hand or Ill slap you as well.” Screams Sindoora. Gopi releases her hand. “ Khushi, you think you are very sanskaari don’t you?”
“ Yes.” Khushi says.

“ Wrong.” Sindoora says, she shows the photos to Khushi and everyone. They all get shocked.
“ This isn’t real. I didn’t do this.” Cries Khushi. Garima comes up to Khushi.
“ Don’t shed your fake tears, you disgusting girl!” Garima says. “ I was going to make you my granddaughter in law? Forgive me Bagwan.” Gopi grabs the photos and notices something. Khushi’s face’s complexion was more lighter than her body’s complexion. Then Gopi realises that Khushi didn’t own any modern dresses at all. The photographs were morphed.
“ These photos are fake!” Gopi shouts.
“ How?” Shagun says.

“ I’ll explain to you. Look at Khushi’s face’s complexion and compare it to her body’s complexion. They are different aren’t they?” Gopi says. Shagun realises it is fake when he sees it. “ They are two different people. Someone put Khushi’s face on another girl’s body. And another thing, I lived with Khushi at Oxford for a year. I know she was always afraid of boys. And she doesn’t own modern dresses as she couldn’t afford them nor was she allowed.”
“ You are right.” Garima says, she turns to Khushi. “ I am sorry for questioning you. I made you sad. Forgive me.”
“ Its okay.” Khushi says, she goes upstairs.
“ Thank you so much for helping us know the truth. We caused so much trouble.” Shagun says. “ But I don’t realise who would of morphed those photos.”
“ As far as I am aware. Khushi only has one dushman and she standing here right now.” Garima says. “ Sindoora.”
“ Me? Why would I do it?” Sindoora says.
“ Because you wanted Anjali to get married to my grandson. You wanted to destroy Khushi’s relationship with my family. You stooped so low!” Garima shouts.
“ Ok, we will leave now.” Eklavya says. The Gargs leave. Gopi walks upto Sindoora.
“ When will you stop playing with people’s lives? I don’t understand. Why do you like troubling people?” Gopi says.

“ Disgusting woman, she tried to ruin her own niece’s wedding.” Rashi says.
“ Be quiet both of you. This is just the beginning. I am capable of a lot more.” Sindoora says.
“ I like to see you try your kalakaris but they wont work now. I wont let you.” Gopi says.
“ Wont let me? Gopi, listen to me very carefully. I destroyed your family and you have nothing left. Don’t let me go any further.” Sindoora says.
“ Who says you destroyed our family? Families are built on love, not respect or honour.” Rashi says.
“ Whatever, I am leaving.” Sindoora says. She leaves.
Sindoora arrives at Modi Mansion. “ Paridhi!” Paridhi comes down.

“ What happened? Was the plan successful?” Paridhi says. Sindoora slaps her.
“ Couldn’t you find a better girl who was similar to Khushi? They discovered that they were morphed. All because of you, I was insulted again today. Do you know who discovered the truth, Gopi!” Sindoora screams. “ blo*dy Gopi Modi! Always ruining my plans.” Sakshi comes running.
“ What happened Sindoora?” Sakshi says.
“ Will you always come running and get worried and ask me what’s wrong. I am not a child.” Sindoora says. “ Gopi realised the photos were fake and the Gargs apologised to Khushi.”
“ What? Gopi has gone very clever in her new birth. We need to act carefully next time.” Sakshi says.
“ Gopi will suffer, I promise you that.” Sindoora says.
In the Suviyanshi family, Gopi has a plan to get revenge on Sindoora. Gopi wears a modern dress. “ Anjali will be at the club drinking. I have sent a couple of people and they will plant drugs there. I will also be there to record it.” Gopi says.
“ Are you sure the plan will work?” Gaura says.
“ Yes I am sure. I know Anjali very well. She will get caught in my trap. The Modis will face a storm soon.” Gopi says. “ This is my first vaar.” Gopi leaves for the club. She arrives at the club. Gopi wears sunglasses and blends in the crowd. She sees Anjali. After an hour, the police arrive.
“ Everyone round up! Round up! We received news that there are drugs here!” The police officer says. They search everyone and find a few suspects. Anjali and 2 boys and 2 girls. Gopi records it. “ You are under arrest, come with me.” Gopi leaves the club and goes back to Suviyanshi house.
“ Gopi, do you have the video?” Rashi asks.

“ Yes. I sent it to the news reporters. We should head back to Sona Aunty’s house. Big storm coming tomorrow.” Gopi says.
“ Well done Gopi, I will see you soon.” Gaura says. Gopi and Rashi leave.
In the morning, Sindoora puts on the TV and sees headlines, “ Anjali Modi caught with drugs at a club and was arrested”, Sindoora is shocked. Sindoora runs downstairs.
“ Everyone! Put on the TV.” Sindoora shouts. Sakshi puts on the TV and is shocked to see the headlines. The news reporter is talking about how disgusting the Modis are with no sanskaar.
“ Whoever recorded this intended to destroy our family’s honour in this city. Gopi!” Sindoora says.

“ I will get Anjali bailed.” Vishnu says.
“ Quickly.” Sindoora says. After a few hours, Sindoora hears shouting and screaming outside. She looks outside and is shocked to see protestors attacking Vishnu’s car.
“ We serve you. We thought you people were sanskaari. But no more! The Modis are finished now!” The protestors chant.
“ Mr Modi, can you tell us why your granddaughter was drugdealing and why you act innocent in front of everyone.” News reporters say. Vishnu comes out of the car and runs with Anjali. He locks the door.
“ What will we do with these protestors? Anjali how could you?” Sindoora says, she slaps Anjali.
“ Maa, I didn’t know how drugs were in my bag. Someone trapped me!” Cries Anjali.
“ Call the police and get rid of these people outside.” Sindoora says. “ This was Gopi’s plan. I know it. Hats off to my mother.”

In Sona’s house, Gopi and Rashi are laughing looking at the news. “ Girls, calm down.” Sona says.
“ How can we stop laughing? Did you see Sindoora’s face?” Laughs Rashi.
“ They deserved it. We ruined their reputation in Rajkot. Sindoora will know not to cross Gopi Devi again.” Gopi says. Ahem and Jigar come.
“ Well done Gopi. Bhai, your girlfriend turned out to be very cunning.” Jigar says. Gopi blushes and Ahem shys away. “ He got shy. Bless him.”
“ He is handsome though.” Gopi says.
“ Oooo Gopi is in love.” Giggles Rashi.
“ Stop Rashi. Focus, we need to see what Sindoora will do next. The sagaai is tomorrow which means Sindoora will do something soon.” Gopi says.
In the Modi mansion, Sindoora sits in her armchair thinking about her problems. Gopi and Ahem were back and Anjali’s happiness was getting destroyed. As a mother, she was worried about her daughter. As an enemy, she was worried about the threat of Gopi and Meera. The engagement was tomorrow and she still has a weapon left. She calls Kokila.

“ Kokila aunty. I want to you to come to my niece’s engagement ceremony.” Sindoora says.
“ Ok Sindoora, I will definitely come.” Kokila says.
“ Thank you.” Sindoora says. Sindoora puts the phone down. “ Gopi, now how will you stop your Maaji now? The problems I will cause tomorrow will be rather tough for you. A lioness like Kokila will definitely stop the engagement. I like to see you try and win this battle Gopi Modi.”

Precap- Kokila arrives at the engagement ceremony. Sindoora says that Khushi is Radha’s granddaughter. Radha had an illegitimate baby called Rashi. Kokila gets angry.

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  1. Isaaq

    Guys please comment- is season 2 good? Tell me what you like and also tell me bad things about it that I can change

  2. Chetan

    Sindoora ……. isaaq I like your ff then me….

    Please comment on my ff “saath nibhana saathiya after 8year season 2

    1. Isaaq

      What do you mean about Sindoora?

  3. Chetan

    Vamp role……and how she hate modies and khushi

    1. Isaaq

      Yes I love Sindoora myself. Unlike Radha, she’s my own made up character. I like Sindoora because she is the opposite to Gopi.
      Just like Raavan is the opposite to Ram, Sindoora and Gopi share the same enmity.

  4. Chetan

    And do you like my ff

  5. Chetan

    I will create gopi as vamp…. against for this season

  6. Chetan

    And Rashi will become positive and like urmila and rashi irritated Gopi earlier now gopi and neha(papu’s wife) will team up and irritated rashi and kokila

    Soon there will be a season 2 track end with ahem and mansi son will enter the show and will create a life hell for gopi meera vidya

  7. Jasmine Rahul

    sindoora’s plan 2 defame khushi got failed bcz of gopi.nice.shocking that they took revenge by trapping anjali in drug case.omg.i’ve commented on d previous part too.plz check

    1. Isaaq

      There will be a court case after the wedding where Sindoora will force Radha to lie that she tried to trap Abir. Radha lies to get married to Abir”s brother Deepak. Radha will become a vamp once more after marrying Deepak. Sindoora will be like Kokila who will want a servant bahu. Radha will slowly get jealous of Gopi and become evil again…

      1. Isaaq

        Gopi will leave Ahem and get married to Abir to save Radha.
        In the coming track, Radha will be like Rashi. Radha will be angry that her own sister married her rapist.
        But don’t worry Gopi and Ahem will be united after this. I’m just adding more drama.
        Gopi new mission will to save Radha from Their mother in law sindoora and get justice.

      2. Isaaq

        Will Gopi battle her evil in laws? Abir will torture her and Sindoora will make her a slave. Gopi will discover the truth of her previous birth and will become Durga again to defeat Sindoora.

      3. Isaaq

        Of course you all know that Sindoora will be gone at the end of season 2. Answering jasmine question about Kajol Vidya and Naiya,
        Kajol becomes negative after she finds out that Vidya gave her baby to Naiya.
        Kajol was tortured all her life by Naiya and is very angry. Kajol will become the new vamp or season 3.
        Kajol will be introduced in season 3 where Gopi discovers that Kajol is now one of the world’s biggest businesswomans.
        Kajol will bring Sindoora husband into the household. I’ve had too many female villains and now it’s time for a male villain.
        Sindoora husband will be the main villain and he will aim to destroy the Modi business.

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