Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 9


my father in law, to ruin the lives of the Modis. When you and Ahem got closer, Anita came and she tried to destroy your marriage. Then you met your parents and Radha after so long, but Umang came back and turned Radha into a monster. You lost Meera for 8 years and you were separated from the Modis. Rashi was then kidnapped by Paridhi for so many years. Radha came back and she made your family suffer so much but then you tried to kill her. You went jail for 10 years and when you returned, your own husband and daughters hated you. Your Meera became your biggest enemy. Gaura came afterwards and made life hell for Vidya and Meera. Then Paridhi’s real face was revealed and Rashi was saved. Then Radha tried to kill Kokila and put the blame on you. You went jail and there you faked your death. 18 years later, you returned as Durga Agarwal and you punished your enemies. But finally I arrived as your daughter, and I killed you and your husband. Now 20 years later, you have returned and now your life story will end.” Sindoora laughs.
“ But one thing you have forgot Divya that every problem I have faced, I have won. Did I give up when I was blamed for the murder of my Maaji? No. So do you think I will let you defeat me. Never. I vow to you Divya. From now on, you are dead to me. The day you killed me and Ahem Ji was the day Bagwan destroyed the relationship between me and you. When a child is born, they develop an attachment to their mother. My atma was attached to yours but 20 years ago, Bagwan destroyed this connection between me and you! Divya Modi, I will punish you and this is my promise!” Gopi shouts.
“ I accept the challenge Maa.” Sindoora says.
“ I will reveal your true face in front of the whole family.” Gopi says.
“ How? Your Maaji still thinks you are her enemy and your Ahem Ji is still heartbroken after you left him and married my son.” Laughs Sindoora.
“ My family will have faith in words.” Gopi says.
“ Then go. Let’s see. I will call everyone.” Sindoora says.
Gopi and Sindoora arrive at the Modi mansion where everyone is waiting. Gopi gets emotional seeing Kokila, Rashi, Sona, Meera, Vidya and the rest.
“ Sindoora called you all here because I have something to reveal. My memories have come back. I am your Gopi Modi. I recognise you all now. You are wondering who killed me and Ahem and Rashi and Jigar, it was Sindoora. She is Vidya’s twin sister!” Gopi shouts. Everyone gets shocked.
“ Didi, is this true?” Vidya says.
“ Yes, it is true, I am your sister. It is also true that I killed them 4 and Radha.” Sindoora says.
“ I knew the truth Sindoora long ago. I was just waiting for my Gopi’s return.” Kokila says. Sindoora gets shocked.
“ You lost your memory though.” Sindoora says.
“ My memory came back as soon as I saw that my Gopi bahu was back in this house after 20 years. What kind daughter are you? You killed your own parents!” Shouts Kokila.
“ Don’t you dare shout at me Kokila Modi! I am not Meera and Vidya who will get scared of you. I am a lioness like you who will go to any extent to destroy their enemies.” Sindoora shouts. Kokila goes upto her and slaps her multiple times.
“ Maaji leave her. Why make your hands dirty by touching a sinner like her?” Gopi says.
“ Gopi, what is this? I don’t understand.” Rashi says.
“ Rashi behen, you will soon understand once your memories come back.” Gopi says.
“ Listen Modi family, you may know my truth but where is your evidence? How will you prove I am the killer?” Sindoora says.
“ I will prove you are because I have the evidence!” Anjali shouts. Sindoora turns around and gets shocked.
“ Anjali?” Sindoora says. Anjali goes upto her and slaps her. “ You slapped your own mother.”
“ You are not my mother! I know the truth. You killed my parents!” Anjali shouts. Anjali shows everyone an old video of Sindoora murdering Anjali’s parents.
“ I brought you up. I made you live such a luxurious life.” Sindoora cries.
“ I have supported you for years but knowing your truth I regret helping you. You made me torture Khushi who I love the most. You evil woman! You don’t have a heart at all! You killed my parents!” Anjali cries and screams. Gopi comes and comforts her.
“ My whole life I treated you as my own daughter. How could I ever hurt you?” Cries Sindoora.
“ You took my parents away from me! That hurt me the most!” Screams Anjali. The police sirens are heard.
“ Look the police are here.” Kokila says. She grabs Sindoora’s hand. Kokila’s tune plays. Kokila throws Sindoora towards the door. The police arrive. “ Officer, arrest her.” The police put Sindoora in handcuffs.
“ You may have won Gopi but theres one thing you don’t know. Where is your Ahem Ji? Hes in a safe place.” Sindoora laughs.
“ What have you done to my son?” Shouts Kokila.
“ He has having a nice time. Watch the video I left you.” Sindoora says. The police take Sindoora. Gopi and everyone rush to the TV and watch the video. Ahem is seen tied up. Sindoora says in the video that if anything happens to her, Ahem will die. Everyone run to the police.
“ Officer wait! All the evidence was fake! Please release her!” Gopi says.
“ Don’t waste our time!” Officer shouts, the police release Sindoora and leave.
“ Papa will be back in a few hours. I knew this would happen. I always win.” Sindoora laughs.
“ But Sindoora, youre the one who brought me up and I know you very well. Your weaknesses and your flaws.” Anjali says.
“ I am sorry to say Anjali but now that you have sided with my enemies, I will forget you are my daughter and now you will suffer along with them!” Sindoora shouts.
“ Now we know who the family has Radha’s roots. You are just like Radha!” Kokila shouts.
“ Can you stop shouting Kokila? It is irritating me.” Sindoora says. “ Send a servant to give me tea. I am so tired after all this drama.” Sindoora goes inside. The Modis get worried about Sindoora.
Hours later, Ahem returns and both Sona and Kokila rush to hug him. “ Are you ok Ahem? Did they not hurt you?” Kokila cries.
“ No Bari Dadi, I am fine.” Ahem says.
“ Ahem Ji.” Gopi cries. Gopi goes and hugs him.

Precap- Gopi is sent to mental asylum. She is given electric shocks. Radha and Anjali arrive there and switch off the power. Radha tells Anjali to call the others so that they save Gopi. Radha is now positive.

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