Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 8

“ Sindoora, who is this girl? Is she your servant?” Garima asks. Sindoora and Anjali laugh.
“ No she is Rashi’s daughter, Rashi is my cousin, Radha’s daughter. Her name is Khushi.” Sindoora says.
“ Oh we’ve heard what Radha did to this family. I feel sorry for you all. I pity Rashi for being born from Radha.” Shagun says.
“ No, Rashi is very good and she is nothing like her mother.” Sindoora says.
“ So Anjali, how is your education like?” Shagun asks.
“ It is very good. I’m studying Law at Oxford.” Anjali says. Shagun quickly looks at Garima.
“ Khushi you?” Eklavya asks.
“ I started studying Medicine at Oxford and I wish to return soon.” Khushi says.
“ Very good Sindoora, the children in this family are well educated.” Garima says. “ Our own Shruti and Siddharth want to take care of their father’s business and they have done a MBA at Havard.”
“ That is excellent.” Sindoora says. After talking, the Gargs get up.
“ We have decided that we will make her our family’s daughter in law today.” Garima says.
“ That’s good news!” Sindoora says. Garima goes to Khushi and puts bangle on her.
“ You will be Siddharth’s wife and my granddaughter in law.” Garima says. Sindoora and Anjali are shocked.
“ What is this? You came to see Anjali?” Sindoora says. Anjali cries and runs upstairs.
“ I am sorry but Anjali is not good enough for our family. Khushi is sanskaari and well mannered. She is the perfect bahu.” Shagun says.
“ I think we should leave.” Garima says.
“ Why don’t you ask Eklavya or even Siddharth?” Sindoora asks.
“ I also like Khushi and she will a better bahu.” Eklavya says.
“ I agree with papa, Anjali is a nice girl but she isn’t as sanskaari as Khushi.” Siddharth says.
“ How dare you insult my daughter? It was her big day today!” Sindoora shouts.
“ I am sorry, Jaise Krishna.” Garima says, the Gargs leave. Sindoora grabs Khushi.
“ I wont spare you today. Because of you, my daughter got insulted so much.” Sindoora shouts. She pulls Khushi’s hair and slaps her so many times. She throws her on the floor and grabs a rod. She hits Khushi with the rod. Khushi screams. Sindoora gets cow dung and spreads all over Khushi’s face.
“ Please, I didn’t know.” Cries Khushi. Sindoora continues to hit her with the rod until Rashi Jr arrives and holds the rod.
“ She is only a child. Forgive her!” Rashi Jr says.
“ Forgive her? She committed a big sin today! She made Sindoora Modi’s daughter get insulted!” Sindoora yells. She hits Khushi again with the rod. Rashi Jr tries to stop her but Sindoora pushes her. Meera comes and sees Sindoora beating Khushi. Meera cries and tries to go upstairs but then remembers that she is Gopi Modi’s daughter and she will never tolerate injustice. Meera comes in between, stops Sindoora and slaps Sindoora. Old Meera was back.
“ I have been quiet in this house for 19 years whilst you have been torturing my niece and cousin! But no more! I will wont let this happen anymore! Do you understand, you better understand!” Meera shouts.
“ Meera? You raised your hand on me?” Sindoora says.
“ Yes I did! And I will do much more than that if you cross your limits! I wont let Rashi and Khushi to live here anymore! We are going from here. And one more thing, Khushi will get married to Siddharth and you wont stop her.” Meera shouts.
“ Then get out of here! A manhoos like you doesn’t deserve to stay here anyway! You killed your own granddaughter and you pretend to be a devi. You are no devi!” Sindoora shouts. Meera slaps her again.
“ Don’t you dare call me a manhoos again. It was an accident. I am leaving from here with my niece and cousin.” Meera says. She goes upstairs and returns her in old avatar, wearing a designer sari and jewellery, with luggage. Meera leaves with Khushi and Rashi Jr. Sindoora goes upstairs.
“ Anjali, open the door please!” Says Sindoora.
“ No!” Sobs Anjali.
“ Please, I have kicked out Meera, Rashi and Khushi. I will make sure you get married to Siddharth. If I can kill my own parents and get away with it, then this is surely too easy.” Sindoora says. Anjali opens the door.
“ You kicked them out?” Anjali says.
“ Meera took them. Meera is like a sleeping lioness. She saw the drama and she is back to her normal self. Gopi Modi was very cunning before I killed her. Do you know, Gopi Modi was blamed for Kokila Modi’s death by Radha. Gopi faked her own death and came back as Durga. Meera is the same. Meera is very dangerous and she will be a big threat.” Sindoora says.
“ But what do we do? We cant kill Meera can we?” Anjali says.
“ No we cannot kill her yet. I had the opportunity to kill Gopi and Ahem because Radha had kidnapped Ahem and I had the opportunity to make all look like Radha did it. But we don’t kill her. 15 years ago, I made Ashweriya lose her daughter.” Sindoora says

Flashback-15 years ago
The Modis and Suviyanshis were having a picnic. Ashweriya (Sara Khan) is playing with her three old daughter Sita. Sita wants to go and play near the lake. She pleads to Meera.
“ Maa don’t listen to her. She is being very naughty today.” Ashweriya says.
“ Shes a little child, let her please.” Meera says.
“ No Maa, it is dangerous there.” Ashweriya says.
“ Listen to her Meera.” Gaura says.
“ Ok.” Meera says. Both families go and play cricket. Sindoora takes Sita near the lake.
“ Sita, you play here ok.” Sindoora says. Sindoora goes and hides behind a tree. Meera arrives.
“ Sita, come back. Silly girl.” Meera says. She picks up Sita. Sindoora throws a stone and Meera slips and drops Sita in the lake. Ashweriya arrives with Gaura near the lake.
“ Sita!” Screams Ashweriya. Ashweriya breaks down. “ Somebody go and get her!”
“ Ashweriya, everything will be ok.” Meera cries. Ashweriya pushes her.
“ This is all your fault. You are a killer. You are not my mother anymore. I am ashamed that you gave birth to me!” Ashweriya screams. Meera remembers when she said the same to her own mother Gopi. Meera faints.

“ I got the idea when I heard Radha did the same to Meera. Gopi got the blame then.” Sindoora says.
“ Fate is strange. Years ago Meera fell in the lake herself and lived as an orphan for 8 years. Now, her own granddaughter suffered the same thing and she is suffering now the way Gopi suffered. Poor Sita.” Anjali says.
“ Yes we couldn’t find Sita afterwards. Who knows if she is alive or dead?” Sindoora says.
“ So you did all of this to turn Ashweriya against Meera?” Anjali asks.
“ Yes, Ashweriya will be the one to kill Meera. My sister will die. A daughter will kill her own mother the same way I killed my own mother and father.” Laughs Sindoora.
Back in London, Aliya looks at her daughters’ childhood photos. And she looks at her Radha’s phot. She cries at the fact that Radha was not her own daughter.
Flashback- 15 years ago
Aliya is with Gopi and Rashi who were 5 years old. They were on holiday in India. Aliya sees a little girl crying. Aliya goes to the little girl.
“Where are your parents? Are you okay?” Aliya asks.
“ Mama, Papa!” Cries the little girl.
“ What is your name?” Aliya asks.
“ Sita.” Cries the little girl. Aliya tried her best to find Sita’s parents but failed. Aliya decided to make Sita her own daughter and renamed Radha.

Aliya continues looking at their photos. In the Suviyanshi mansion, Meera arrives with Khushi and Rashi Jr. Vidya opens the door.
“ Di!” Vidya cries and hugs Meera. “ After so many years I am seeing you. Why are you here with luggage, and look at the state of Khushi?”
“ Yes I have come here to stay. I have had enough of Sindoora torturing these two so I took them here. That house isn’t ours anymore. Maa and Dad are gone and Dadi has also left that house. So we will stay here.” Meera says.
“ That’s so good! I’ll tell Baa you are here.” Vidya says. “ Come inside.”
“ First, treat Khushi’s wounds. She has been beaten badly.” Meera cries. Vidya takes Khushi away. Rashi Jr and Meera sit down. Gaura arrives. Meera gets up and hugs her.
“ Meera, I knew you would come back in your senses and leave that house. Please tell me why Sindoora thrashed Khushi so much?” Gaura asks. Meera explains everything.
“ That Sindoora, stupid witch. How dare she do that? I don’t understand why Sakshi and Sindoora act like queens of that house? Kokila is the head and she will always rule that house. I will teach that Sindoora a lesson.” Gaura says.
“ I will also teach her a lesson as well. That woman is bad luck. Ever since she arrived at Modi Mansion, everything went wrong.” Meera says.
“ Sometimes I feel like Sindoora and Sakshi are connected to Gopi, Ahem, Radha, Rashi and Jigar’s deaths. Think about it Meera. They all died a few days after she arrived. Radha was also killed along with them all. Someone else caused the accident of Kokila, so she could lose her memory. Sona also told me before she left that a sage saw a lady in a red sari dripping. That day, only Sindoora was wearing a red sari. I believe this because the only culprit can only be from our family.” Gaura says. Naiya arrives.
“ I agree with you Baa.” Naiya says. “ Sindoora is the murderer. Before Radha died, Radha had promised to help Sanjana and Shashank gain Modi property. And also, after the wedding night, I saw Sindoora in Radha’s room.”
“ You are right Naiya. Now all we need is to expose her truth. But first, we have to make sure Khushi gets married to Siddharth. I wont let Sindoora win.” Meera says.
“ Gopi and Rashi are also back as well as Sona told us.” Gaura says.
“ Maa? Maasi? They are back?” Meera says. “ How? I saw their bodies. Did Maa fake her death again?”
“ No they seem really young. No way would Gopi and Rashi faked their deaths. Due to Maa Amba’s blessings, its reincarnation. We need to remind them of their memories. But Sindoora will stop us.” Gaura says.
“ We will also support Gopi and Rashi with their battle against Sindoora. Abir raped Radha on Sindoora’s orders. We will make Gopi into her Durga avatar again.” Gaura says. “ I will call her.”
Gopi and Ahem are in the car. They stop at a café. “ I will order something. You go to the restroom.” Ahem says.
“ Ok Ahem.” Gopi says. She turns around and bumps into Parvati. Parvati is shocked to see Gopi.
“ Gopi? You are alive? I knew you it! You promised me Durga would die and Gopi would return.” Parvati cries. She hugs Gopi. Gopi is confused again.
“ I don’t know you.” Gopi says.
“ Please stop this Durga act. Radha’s truth was revealed 20 years ago and your Maaji is alive!” Parvati says.
“ I don’t know what you are talking about.” Gopi says.
“ Ahem you know who I am? I helped Gopi get justice for her family?” Parvati asks.
“ Sorry aunty.” Ahem says. “ I also don’t know you. I just met Gopi today.”
“ Listen Gopi, listen to me carefully. I know you are my Gopi. Do you understand?” Parvati says. Parvati leaves.
“ Strange people in India. I came here to get justice for my sister but all I have been hearing is people claiming I’m their Gopi. Who is Gopi Modi?” Gopi says.
“ Why don’t we find out?” Ahem says.
“ Ok, we will go and ask your grandmother.” Gopi says. Gopi and Ahem go back to Ahmedabad where nd Rashi Jrthey see
Meera, Gaura, Naiya, Khushi and Rashi Jr sitting with Rashi and Sona. Meera and Rashi Jr get emotional seeing Gopi, but Sona looks at them to not disturb Gopi as she does not remember anything. Gopi greets them.
“ Hello Gopi, when you came to my house last time, I didn’t greet you properly. Come sit. This is my granddaughter in law Vidya’s sister Meera and my granddaughter Naiya and this Rashi and her daughter Khushi.” Gaura says.
“ Hello.” Gopi says. “ Aunty, who is Gopi Modi?” Gopi says to Sona.
“ She was my mother.” Meera says. “ Very courageous and very nice and sweet. She did so much for me and Vidya and Dad. My parents are no longer on this world.” Cries Meera. “ They died 20 years ago.”
“ Why do people address me as Gopi Modi?” Gopi says.
“ Because you are her look alike.” Naiya says. She shows a photo to Gopi, who is shocked.
“ She looks exactly like me!” Says Gopi.
“ Gopi we are more worried about your motive. You are here to punish Sindoora and Abir?” Gaura says. “ Look, Sindoora is a dangerous woman. You cant win this battle against her. You need our help. But you need to help us first.”
“ What help?” Rashi asks.
“ Sindoora wants to stop Khushi’s wedding. We need your help.” Meera says.
“ I will help then. Once Khushi gets married, we will get justice for Radha.” Gopi says. They all agree.

Back in the Modi Mansion, Sakshi and Vishnu (Ronit Roy) arrives with along with Adi (Hiten Tajwari) and Paridhi (who got married after Radha’s death as Paridhi divorced Vivaan). They see Sindoora and Anjali on the sofa. Sakshi sees Sindoora’s tensed face.
“ Sindoora what is wrong? You seem worried.” Sakshi says.
“ Too much worries. I have triple trouble. I don’t how I will handle this.” Sindoora says.
“ What’s wrong? What happened?” Vishnu asks. “ Where is Rashi and Khushi, I cant see them anywhere.”
“ They are gone. But I will explain that later. Sit down. Our first big problem is that Radha’s sister Gopi, who is my mother’s reincarnated self, is here in India. She wishes to destroy us. If I know my mother well, she might succeed.” Sindoora says. “ Second problem is that Anjali was rejected by the Gargs and they chose Khushi instead. I beat Khushi a lot, however, the third problem is that Meera woke up from her traumatized state and now will try and punish me. So I have Gopi and Meera at my neck and Anjali’s happiness at risk.”
“ Don’t worry Sindoora. Gopi behen always has the habit of being a devi but trust me, you killed her in her previous birth. Surely you will succeed again. And Meera, what is she? You blamed Sita’s disappearance on her? Ashweriya, her own daughter, is her biggest enemy. You are worried for no reason.” Paridhi says.
“ But what if Gopi gets her memories back. What if Rashi, Ahem, Jigar or even Radha, get their memories back. We all will be finished.” Sindoora says.
“ We need to focus on stopping Khushi’s wedding first. Then we will deal with Gopi and Meera.” Sakshi says. They all agree.
“ Gopi Modi, welcome back. I haven’t missed you in these 20 years but now your true barbadi will come. In your new birth, you will see your sister Radha and your daughter Meera suffer. You will cry and beg and you will kill yourself. You will never live a happy life with your Ahem Ji or Maaji. You betrayed me and now your true punishment will come. Bagwan brought you back to suffer more for your crimes! Kahna Ji wont save you at all!” Sindoora laughs. “ Welcome back Gopi Modi!”
“ Your relation with Gopi is so strong. More strong than Meera and Vidya. Not loving relationship but your mother and daughter are so much similar yet opposites.” Sakshi says.
“ Me and Gopi are meant to be arch-enemies. I am darkness and she is light. I am the moon and she is the sun. I am ice and she is fire. I am a demon and she is a devi. I am Ravaan and she is Ram. I am Kali and she is Durga!” Sindoora shouts.

Precap- In the Gargs mansion, Shagun sees photos of Khushi being intimate with a boy. Shagun is outraged.

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  1. Isaaq

    How’s everyone liking the new vamp Sindoora so far?

    1. She’s one of the most wicked vamp of this ff…enjoying it!!!…

      1. Isaaq

        Thank you! I actually don’t want to end her character. She’s too good.

  2. Isaaq

    Well now it is the big face off. Will Khushi get married to Siddharth? It is suspense now. Sindoora will try her best to stop the wedding.
    The love story of Siddharth and Khushi will begin…
    Gopi and Ahem to come closer however Sindoora has a plan to stop them from getting together.
    Rashi and Jigar are already together but Paridhi will try and destroy their relationship as she gets annoyed that her “jigs” had been born again and is now with Rashi.
    Radha is Sita as confirmed in this episode. Ashweriya and Meera to fight against each other.
    Trishna will return soon to get her revenge on Sindoora for killing Radha.

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      Nobody doesn’t even know that Sindoora is Gohem”s daughter

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      Gopi will win. However Radha will be back soon in her vamp self. Sindoora is really evil I agree

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