Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 7


Sindoora arrives in New York. She has to trap Radha somehow but she didn’t know how. She calls someone- “ Hello? I’m in New York and I need help.” She puts the phone down. After a few moments, a car arrives with a man in it. It was Abir.
“ Hello mama, it was such a surprise to see you here. I missed you so much!” Abir hugs Sindoora.
“ I missed you a lot as well. I really need your help.” Sindoora explains everything to Abir.
“ I understand, so you want me to do this? My girlfriend isn’t here so I can manage it.” Abir says.
“ That’s my son!” Sindoora says. They both go and then they find the Devi house. “ When Radha comes out of that house, you follow her. Any way, you need to befriend and then you know what to do.”
“ OK mama.” Abir says. After an hour, Radha comes out her house.

“ There she is, go!” Sindoora says. Abir goes after Radha. Radha sits in a cafe on her own. Abir goes inside the cafe and sits with Radha. Radha starts blushing.
“ Hi.” Radha says.
“ Hi my name is Abir Modi.” Abir says.
“ Yes I’ve seen you before at that party. You were with Gopi didi. Are you her boyfriend?” Radha says.
“ No I’m her friend. But when I saw you at the party I fell in love.” Abir says. Radha starts giggling.
“ Really? “ Radha says.
“ Yes I’m serious. Why don’t you go to my place with me?” Abir says. Radha agrees. They both go.
The next morning, Radha arrives home crying with ripped clothes. Aliya is shocked when she sees Radha and starts screaming. “ What happened Radha, where were you? “
“ Maa.” Radha sobs. Aliya breaks down. Radha tells her what happened.

“ Don’t you dare tell Gopi and Rashi. Where is that boys house?” Aliya says. Radha tells her. Meanwhile, Abir tells her the plan is successful. Sindoora laughs in victory.
1 year later
Sindoora calls Anjali, “ I cant wait until you arrive. I am so happy you made sure Gopi and Ahem never met. You are the best Anjali! When Gopi returns to New York, she will receive big news!”
“ Yes, she was so annoying. Khushi befriended her and then I had double trouble. Eventually, I did a lot of plans. Gopi has not met Ahem yet.” Anjali says. “ But I failed to prevent Rashi and Jigar from reuniting.”
“ It doesn’t matter Anjali. My dushmani is with Gopi and Ahem that’s it.” Sindoora says. They continue talking.
Gopi and Rashi return to New York after a year in university. They enter the house and Radha and Aliya are quiet and sad. “ Maa, we are back!” They didn’t speak back.
“ What is wrong Maa?” Rashi says. She looks at an old newspaper saying, “ Radha Devi trapped rich boy Abir Modi by falsely accusing him of rape.” Rashi screams, she shows the newspaper to Gopi, who breaks down knowing her boyfriend was the rapist.
“ What is Maa? Radha?” Cries Gopi.
“ It isn’t true Gopi. That Abir ruined your sister. The Modis ruined us while you were gone.” Aliya cries. Gopi reads the article, saying Abir’s mother was Sindoora Modi. Her photo is shown.
“ That woman is his mother! Shes the one who tried to kill Vidya aunty.” Gopi says. Rashi looks as well. “ I have decided that we all are going to India and show her a piece of my mind.”
“ No Gopi, we have already done that and look what they have done.” Aliya cries.

“ No! I wont let Sindoora win!” Gopi says. Gopi picks up her luggage. Rashi goes along with her.
“ I will also come and help you. Jigar also lives in India, we will go and live at his house.” Rashi says.
“ Ok,let him know.” Gopi says, she goes to Radha. “ When I come back, you will get justice.” Gopi and Rashi go.
Gopi and Rashi arrive in Ahmedabad at Jigar’s house in the morning. Sona opens the door and gets emotional seeing them. “ Gopi! Rashi! I knew you would come!” Sona hugs them both and cries.
“ Are you okay?” Gopi says. Sona wipes her tears.
“ I am fine, come.” Sona says. “ Jigar told me all about you Rashi.”
“ Did he?” Blushes Rashi.
“ Yes, he inside. He will be happy to see you.” Sona says. They arrive in the middle of the house. “ Jigar look who is here!” Jigar comes along with Monalika, Krishna and Tolu. Krishna and Tolu are shocked to see Gopi and Rashi. Tolu comes running down the stairs and hugs Rashi, seeing his mother.
“ Aunty, why is this man hugging me?” Rashi says.
“ My husband is doing this because you look like his late mother. He got emotional.” Sona says.
“ Sorry.” Tolu says. Krishna gets emotional seeing Gopi and remembers the time when she came as Durga and saved his family. Krishna thinks that Mum was right that Gopi and Rashi will also return like Jigar and Ahem.

“ Gopi and Rashi, this is my son Krishna and his wife Monalika.” Sona says. “ Jigar’s brothers, my grandsons, Karthik and Ahem, are on the way. They are Krishna’s sons. It is Janmashtami and they have gone to get the stuff for the pooja. You two sit down.”
After a few hours, Ahem and Karthik arrive at the house. “ Maa I am here!” Ahem says. Gopi turns around and the lights turn off. She couldn’t see Ahem. “ What happened to the lights?”
“ Rashi, I will go to the temple and light the diya.” Gopi says, she goes to the temple. Gopi lights the diya. She sings Gopal Krishna. Ahem hears her voice and goes towards the temple. Gopi feels a storm coming and the diya’s light is almost blowing way. She covers the light with her hand until Ahem arrives and also covers the light. He looks at Gopi’s face and she looks up to see who is it- they both look at each other. Gopi and Ahem had finally reunited. The lights come back on and Sona gets happy seeing Gopi and Ahem together and thanks Bagwan for reuniting Gopi and Ahem on Janmashtami. Gopi and Ahem start getting blurred visions of their first meeting in their previous birth but are interrupted when Rashi comes.
“ So, you are Jigar’s brother?” Rashi laughs. “ Forgive me, my sister likes to do pooja a lot. Shes also a very silly and carefree girl.”
“ Rashi, be quiet.” Gopi scowls Rashi. “ Hi.” Gopi says to Ahem. Ahem smiles.
“ Hi, I am Ahem.” Ahem shakes her hand. Gopi blushes. Rashi giggles.
“ Rashi!” Gopi says, Rashi stops giggling. Sona comes. “ Aunty.”
“ Gopi, don’t call me Aunty, call me Maaji.” Sona says.

“ Maaji, I need a favor. I need to go to Rajkot.” Gopi says, she explains everything about what happened in New York.
“ Sindoora Modi! She is my relative and I cannot believe she has done this!” Sona says. “ Her family destroyed everything. Now they have done this to your sister.”
“ Please, I need to confront her. Can you take me there?” Gopi pleads.
“ Yes, but Ahem will go with you. I don’t trust that woman.” Sona says.
“ Gopi, I’ll come with you.” Rashi says.
“ No, you stay here. Please.” Gopi says. Rashi agrees. Gopi and Ahem leave for Rajkot.
In the Modi Mansion in Rajkot, Sindoora is excited to see Gopi suffer in her new birth as well. The door bell rings. Sindoora opens the door and is shocked to see Gopi and Ahem together. She remembers when she killed Gopi and Ahem 20 years ago. Sindoora thinks, how could they be together? Sindoora gives Anjali an angry look. “ Gopi, you here?” Gopi slaps Sindoora.
“ How dare you play such a disgusting game with my sister?” Shouts Gopi.
“ How dare you raise your hand on me?” Screams Sindoora.
“ Hey, don’t shout at Gopi like that.” Ahem says.
“ You be quiet.” Sindoora says to Ahem.
“ How could you?” Gopi says. “ My mother and sister are there crying and suffering and it doesn’t affect you at all? You have destroyed my family and you think I will be quiet? Never!” Gopi shouts.
“ As a mother, I will protect my son like a lioness.” Sindoora says.
“ Your son is a monster. He molested my sister!” Gopi shouts.
“ So? We are Modis and your family are nothing compared to me.” Sindoora says.

“ No matter what you are, Kahna Ji wont allow this to happen. Evil will always lose.” Gopi shouts.
“ Can you get out of my house?” Screams Sindoora.
“ I will leave but my promise to you is that I will get justice for my sister and I will destroy your family and bring them to their knees.” Gopi says. Gopi and Ahem leave. Sindoora laughs. Anjali comes.
“ Maa, you told Abir bhaiya to do that to Radha? You stooped so low.” Anjali says. Sindoora slaps her.
“ You were supposed to prevent Gopi and Ahem from reuniting but how are they together now? And youre questioning me of my deeds? I will do whatever it takes to destroy Gopi and Ahem, even if it means that I can force my own son to rape a woman. I killed my own parents so I can do anything.” Shouts Sindoora.
“ Sorry Maa.” Anjali says.
“ I forgive you Anjali. The boy is coming today to meet us. Get ready.” Sindoora says. “ Tell Khushi to arrange everything. She is being a bit too lazy these days.” Anjali goes to Khushi’s room.
“ Khushi, Maa is calling you!” Shouts Anjali. Khushi (Sanaya Irani) whimpers.
“ Ok.” Khushi goes to Sindoora.
“ You stupid girl. You know the boy’s family are here to meet Anjali and you havent even started the arrangements yet.” Sindoora shouts, she grabs Khushi’s hair. “ If anything goes wrong today, you will be punished. Understood?” Sindoora releases her and leaves. Khushi starts crying, remembering how the family used to be before Sindoora’s arrival.
It is evening and the boy’s family arrive. Enters the family head, Garima Garg (Shoma Anand). Alongside Garima, enters her daughter in law, Shagun Garg (Pavitra Punia), her son Eklavya Garg ( Karan Grover). Garima’s grandson, Siddharth Garg ( Barun Sobti) and granddaughter Shruti Garg (Garima Bhatnagar). Sindoora comes to greet the Gargs. The Gargs sit down.
“ Where is your daughter, Sindoora?” Garima says.
“ Yes we have very happy to meet Anjali.” Shagun says.
“ She is in her room. Mama, go and call Anjali.” Sindoora says to Sakshi. Sakshi goes upstairs and brings down Anjali, who is wearing a designer sari with a stylish blouse. Anjali comes and greets them. Khushi later comes and serves them tea. Garima and Shagun get impressed with Khushi.

Precap- Garima announces that Khushi will be Siddarth’s wife and her granddaughter in law, not Anjali. Sindoora fumes after hearing this. When the Gargs leave, Sindoora beats and tortures Khushi but Rashi Jr arrives to stop her.

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  1. Isaaq

    I uploaded as part 8 why did they change it go part 7???

  2. Isaaq

    High voltage drama now. Two tracks this time- Radha rape track and Anjali and Khushi track.

  3. Isaaq

    These people are stupid I put a new picture of Sanaya Irani instead of Gia Manek.

  4. Shakaib

    Hye isaaq, I think gia manek is best playing role if khusi.
    And I think that Karen gorver first come in season 1.
    Allover it best.

    1. Isaaq

      I changed the casting- I want Karan Grover as a new character now…

  5. Awsome…pls comment on my ff which gopi ka sansaar…it had took a giant twist…which had destroyed the modi family…

    1. Isaaq

      Ok I will do

  6. Isaaq

    In the Radha rape track, I will take inspiration from Ek Hasina Thi. Gopi will fight Sindoora and get justice for her sister. Gopi will try to discover Sindoora past and will eventually find out that Sindoora killed Gohem and Raji.
    Gopi will become Durga Modi once more after getting her memory back!!! Durga will return!!!

    1. Isaaq

      In the Khushi and Anjali track, both girls will marry into the Garg family. Garima and Shagun will be negative and will torture both Khushi and Anjali. The two cousins will bond and settle their differences.


    so abir was sindoora’s bpy n he trappd radha.Anjali tho negative found it dsgusting.thx 4 making khushi sanaya n barun too is…gohem meeting n sona’s reaction was too good

    1. Isaaq

      Anjali isn’t fully negative she has a grey shade. She will be like Rashi. Rashi tried to prevent Gopi and Ahem coming together but failed. Similarly Anjali tried to stop Gohem but failed.
      Now Anjali will try to ruin Khushi married life.

    2. Isaaq

      Anjali will become positive soon toward the end of season 3. (Nandini is best at guessing. She can guess who the new vilain of season 3 will be, after Sindoora)?

  8. Isaaq

    End of season 2 she will become positive*

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