Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 6

20 years later
In Rajkot India, in the Suviyanshi house, a woman was speaking to her grandchildren. Her name was Vidya.
“ Dadi, tell us a story about your mother.” The granchildren say- Jai, Veeru and Priyal, who were all grown up.
“ Oh you three never grow up. My mother was pure and innocent. She used to care about everyone else. She sacrificed her life for my grandma and now my mother is in a better place.” Vidya says.
“ Was she sasnkaari?” Priyal asks.
“ Yes, when she came to the Modis for the first time, she was illiterate and she was poor, but her heart was gold.”
In USA New York, a big party is going on. A girl called Priya says, “ Where is Gopi? She is always late to parties.”
“ There she is!” Kimberely says. A young girl enters the party . Her name was Gopi Devi(Devoleena). She was wearing a modern dress.
“ Gopi!” Priya screams, she goes and hugs Gopi.
“ Priya, you going to mess my make-up. Is Abir here?” Gopi asks.
“ Yes hes right there.” Priya says. Gopi goes to Abir (Ravish Desai).
“ Hi Ricky.” Flirts Gopi.
“ Hey Gopi, do you want a drink.” Abir asks.
“ Sure.” Gopi replies, Abir puts champagne in for Gopi.
“ Cheers.” Abir says, they both drink. “ You are looking very pretty today darling.”
“ Thank you, you are looking hot as always.” Gopi flirts. The music turns up.
“ Do you want to dance?” Abir asks.
“ Yes please!” Gopi replies. They dance to ‘Balam Pichkari’. Gopi gets drunk.

In a penthouse in New York, a girl wakes up. Her name was Rashi Devi (Rucha Habanis). She goes inside a room and she wakes up her sister Radha (Bhavini Purohit).
“ Radha! Gopi isn’t in her room.” Rashi says.
“ What! Where has she gone?” Radha says.
“ Oh now I remember shes gone to that party. I told her not to go. Get ready, we need to get her before Mom finds out.” Rashi says. Both sisters get ready and go to the party.
Rashi and Radha arrive at the party and are shocked seeing Gopi dancing with Abir. “ This shameless girl! Radha go and grab her.” Rashi says. Radha goes to the dancefloor. A boy called Deepak ( Shaheer Sheik) comes over to Rashi. Rashi gets angry seeing him.
“ Oh, I didn’t know you were at this party. Please, get out of my sight!” Rashi shouts.
“ Please, Rashi baby.” Deepak says. Rashi slaps him.
“ Stay within your limits!” Rashi warns him, Deepak walks away. Radha comes with Gopi.
“ Let go of me, I am Gopi Devi!” Gopi screams.
“ You are coming with me home!” Shouts Rashi, she grabs Gopi.
“ Leave her!” Abir shouts.
“ No! I wont let my sister be with disgusting shameless people like you!” Rashi shouts. The three sisters leave.
Gopi sneaks downstairs in the morning. She goes to the shrine and sings Gopal Krishna. Everyone wakes up. Radha wakes up and joins Gopi. A woman named Aliya Devi (Shweta Tiwari) comes downstairs and smiles seeing her two daughters praying. Aliya goes to a room where a girl is sleeping. She gets very angry. “ Rashi! Your sisters are praying and you are sleeping. I told you not to go to that party.” Rashi wakes up.
“ Oh, ask your ladli Gopi, she went to the party as well, before me. Me and Radha went to get her back. You thought she was studying?” Rashi says.
“ Gopi!” Aliya shouts. Gopi comes.
“ Yes mother?” Gopi asks.
“ Is Rashi telling the truth?” Aliya asks.
“ I only went because Rashi took Radha as well. I tricked them to show you their real colours.” Gopi says. Rashi and Radha scowl at her.
“ Liar! You were dancing there. With that boy as well, Abir.” Rashi says.
“ Gopi! Dancing with boys!” Aliya shouts. Rashi and Radha smirk.
“ Rashi was also with a boy, Deepak. That’s his name. I think that is Rashi’s boyfriend.” Gopi says. They start arguing.
“ He was harassing me. He isn’t my boyfriend!” Rashi shouts.
“ Enough!” Shouts Aliya. “ You three are grounded. You are not allowed to go out now. That is final.”
“ Its not fair. I was going with Priya to the mall today.” Gopi says.
“ Priya is not even your friend. She talks behind your back with that witch Kimberly.” Rashi says.
“ Bagwan, is this my daughters?” Aliya says.
“ I will ask Priya myself.” Gopi says. Gopi, Rashi and Radha sit down for breakfast. They were talking about studies.
“ I am still in high school. I cant wait to go college.” Radha says sadly.
“ I am still nervous about getting admission at Oxford University. We should have received the email now. I really want to study law there.” Gopi says.
“ Same. I wanted to study Medicine there. Lets check on my laptop.” Rashi says. She opens the email- “ I got in!” Gopi and Radha hug Rashi and congratulate her.
“ Oh let me check.” Gopi says, she opens her email. “ I also got in!” They celebrate.
In India Rajkot, Modi family has changed within 20 years. Shashank and Sanjana take over Modi property. Shashank and Sanjana die of old age 13 years ago. Now a woman rules the Modis. A woman walks down the stairs- evil vamp tune plays. A woman wearing a red designer heavy sari. This woman was dangerous- she was Sindoora Modi (Amrapali Gupta)- daughter of the late Gopi and Ahem Modi.
Sindoora opens it and Gaura comes barging in. Gaura came back and she cleared all her differences with Kokila. Gaura was good now.
“ Why are you here?” Sindoora says.
“ I am here for Meera. It is Vidya’s birthday tommorow. I want my granddaughter in law’s sister there as well.” Gaura shouts.
“ Calm. Meera can’t go. She is already burdened with sorrows. She will stay here.” Sindoora says.
“ You wont listen. Meera! Meera!” Gaura shouts. Meera comes down wearing a white sari.
“ Yes?” Asks Meera.

“ You will come with me right now Meera. It is Vidya’s birthday!” Gaura says.
“ No, I wont come. I have already committed a sin.” Meera says.
“ How many time do I tell you? It wasn’t your fault?” Gaura says.
“ If she doesn’t want to go with you then don’t force her.” Sindoora says.
“ You stay out of it. If Kokila was living here instead of at the Agarwals, she would teach you a lesson. You better listen to me. Just because Kokila is quiet, I wont stay quiet.” Gaura says.
“ This is coming from the lady who tormented the Modis a long time ago. Didn’t you try to kill Kokila?” Sindoora laughs.
“ And I regret that. I have changed now.” Gaura says.
“ Whatever, get out of my house.” Sindoora says, she grabs Gaura’s hand and throws her out of the house.
“ You will pay for this! I will punish you. Gaura Suviyanshi will punish you!” Gaura shouts, she leaves.
“ They cant do anything to me.” Laughs Sindoora. “ I am the woman who has ruled this house for 20 years.” A girl comes screaming down the stairs. Her name was Anjali Modi (Anita Hassanandi). Rashi Jr (Jeniffer Winget) also arrive in a dull sari.
“ Anjali, whats wrong.” Rashi Jr asks. Anjali ignores her.
“ Maa! I got accepted into Oxford University!” Anjali screams. Sindoora hugs her
“ Congratulations!” Both Sindoora and Rashi Jr say.
“ How about Khushi?” Rashi Jr asks.
“ I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her?” Anjali says rudely. Rashi Jr goes to Khushi’s room.
“ Open the door, I will check myself.” Rashi Jr says. Khushi opens the door. Rashi Jr checks on the laptop.
“ Khushi you didn’t get in.” Rashi Jr says.
“ What?” Khushi says, she starts to cry.
“ I’m joking!” Laughs Rashi Jr. “ You got in!”
“ What?” Khushi gets happy, she looks at the email. Anjali was listening. Anjali goes and tells Sindoora.
“ Don’t worry Anjali, soon I will get you married off to a good rich family. Then Khushi will get married to some dirty old beggar on the street.” Sindoora laughs.
“ I wont let her ruin my happiness at Oxford. I will make her life hell.” Anjali says. “That’s my promise.” Sindoora thinks that its weird how Gopi’s daughter is winning against Radha’s daughter. Sindoora was Rashi Jr’s cousin and they shared the same relationship that Gopi and Rashi had, only Sindoora was the ruler and Rashi Jr was the servant.
Not too far from Rajkot, Sona and Tolu lived in Ahmedabad with Krishna and two twins, Ahem and Jigar. In 20 years, Tolu had built his own business and is now wealthy. Krishna (Vivian Dsena) was married to Monalika (Drashti Dhami) and had one son called Karthik (Nakuul Mehta). Sona and Monaika give breakfast to the men.
“ Only two of us and the rest are men. These men are disgusting.” Sona says.
“ I agree Maaji. Krishna and Karthik never value me at all. They never take me out anyway.” Monalika says.
“ I promise I will take you out sometime. I promise.” Krishna says. Monalika ignores him and goes to the kitchen. Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) and Jigar (Vishal Singh) come downstairs to eat. Sona, Tolu and Krishna get happy seeing them. They looked exactly like Ahem and Jigar Modi. Sona knew that Ahem and Jigar were born again and that Gopi and Rashi had to be alive as well.

Sona goes to the Lord Siva temple site to investigate what happened. She meets a sage. “ Namaste, were you here when three people were killed here?” Sona asks.
“ I did not see the incident but I did meet a drenched woman, she was fair and was wearing a red sari.” The sage says. “ I warned her that her end will come soon and she ignored me.”
“ Who could that woman be?” Sona says.
“ I all know is that she is from your family. You must protect Gopi, Ahem, Jigar and Rashi from this woman.” The sage says.
“ But they are dead.” Sona says.
“ You will see.” The sage says, and he walks away.
A year later, Kajol gives birth to two twins. Sona figures out what the sage was explaining to her. Ahem, Gopi, Jigar and Rashi were to be born again and she had to protect them. When Kajol was sleeping, Sona takes Ahem and Jigar and runs away with Krishna, Monalika and Tolu to Ahmedabad.

“ Ahem, Jigar, check if you got accepted into Oxford university.” Sona asks.
“ Ok.” Jigar replies, he checks.
“ We got in!” Jigar says. They all celebrate. Sona prays to Lord Krishna that soon maybe Ahem, Gopi, Rashi and Jigar will reunite and the Modi family will be complete again.
In Mumbai, in the Agarwal house, Gaura arrives there. Parvati opens the door.
“ Gaura, welcome. Greetings.” Parvati says.
“ Greetings, is Kokila home?” Gaura asks.
“ Yes she is in at the temple. Come in.” Parvati says, Gaura comes in and sees Kokila at the temple. “ Kokila, look who is here.” Kokila finishes praying and turns around, she gets happy seeing Gaura.
“ Gaura! I am very happy to see you.” Kokila says.
“ I was going to call you but it is better if I come in person. It is Vidya’s birthday tommorow and I wanted to invite you all to come.” Gaura says.
“ Sure we will come. Right Kokila?” Parvati asks.
“ We will.” Kokila says. “ But will the others be there?”
“ I never invited Sindoora and Sakshi. I invited Meera but she didn’t want to come. Sindoora didn’t let her go either.” Gaura says.
“ Well, I will be there for my granddaughter’s birthday.” Kokila says.
Back in New York, Gopi receives an email. “ Look Rashi, an email from Priyal. You know, she used to go to our high school before she went back to India?”
“ What did she say?” Rashi asks, she comes and looks at the email. “ Her grandmother’s birthday party tommorow. She is inviting us, book the flights.”
“ Ok.” Gopi says. At night, they bid farewell to their mother and Radha. They go on the airplane and arrive in India. They go outside and Gopi sees a couple. “ Rashi, when will my raajkumar come?”
“ How about Abir?” Rashi asks rudely.
“ He isn’t special enough. Hes not my type.” Gopi says. Ahem arrives in his car. He drives past Gopi and they both look at each other. Ahem smiles at Gopi. Saath Nibhana Saathiya song plays. Ahem walks out of the car.
“ That boy is so handsome.” Rashi says.
“ I don’t know but I have a weird feeling seeing him.” Gopi says. Ahem walks upto Gopi and Rashi.

Precap- Sindoora, Sakshi and Anjali arrive at Vidya’s birthday party. Sindoora thinks its her birthday as well and she deserves to have a bit of fun today as well.

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  1. Shakaib

    You are good writer.

    1. Thank you it’s my talent.

  2. Get ready for Sindoora, Sakshi and Anjali as the new vamps of my ff.
    Season 1, I think we’ve all had enough of Radha. Now season 2…
    Anjali will be like Rashi and Sindoora will be like Urmila, however Sindoora is also looking for a daughter in law… new twists come

    Eventhough Gopi Rashi Radha Ahem and Jigar have been reborn again, they won’t get their memories back until the end of season 2 if Radha remembers her previous life she will become a vamp so we will see if Radha will turn negative again in her second birth.

    Well everyone must be excited for the next update. Everyone will see Gopi and Rashi enter the birthday party.

    Anjali will be the first to become Gopi”s new enemy soon… If anyone has watched YHM Anjali will be like the evil Shagun.

    1. Just like Shagun doesn’t want Ishita and Raman to unite, similarly Anjali will be instructed by Sindoora her adoptive mother, to prevent Ahem and Gopi from.being together.

      Will anjali succeed by preventing ahem and gopi to reunite in Oxford? Meanwhile Khushi will help Gopi get closer to Ahem. So we will see Khushi vs Anjali in this track!

  3. Nandhini

    Good interesting!…but it sounds like kokila and gaura are living a very long life like ‘baa’… the next birth gopi and rashi are awesome!…like today’s sisters….sona is the smartest character here…lets see if the lead pairs get their previous birth memories….

    1. If they do, Radha will as well. That means more Radha drama again….
      You all must be wondering where Naiya is. Naiya is plotting revenge on Sindoora as Sindoora killed Radha. Gaura will join with Naiya and they will try to destroy Sindoora.

      I’m still not sure who will be the villain of season 3…. I’m still thinking what to do after Sindoora drama. If I end it at season 2 I wont be able to write new ff.

      1. I got an idea who will be the new villain of season 3. It will be very exciting but rn Gopi has to fight Sindoora.

      2. I am waiting dear☺☺

  4. Shakaib

    Why you added gia’s pic? Is she is priyal?

    1. Khushi is Gia Manek.

  5. Shakaib

    What happened to me era ? Which sin she attempt?

    1. Sindoora caused Ashweriya (Meera”s daughter) miscarriage and Meera got blamed. Meera was divorced by Sanskaar and kicked out of the house because of Sindoora.

  6. Awsome…awsome…awsome…i love it…pls. continue it…?????

  7. Shakaib

    Issaq, read my ff sns ahem is alive

  8. Jasmine Rahul

    gopi is so chilled out.sweta tiwari as d mother is cool.drashti as Krishna ie Vivian’s wife was a surprise.gia as khushi..but u pu sanaya as khushi I am quite disappointed with gia being khushi.wish sanaya was khushi n gia is priyal.gohem smile was cute.waiting 4 d sisters 2 enter d party

    1. Isaaq

      Ill change it then.

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