Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 5 (Mega Episode)

Sindoora goes to Kaushika’s room once Adi leaves. Kaushika is shocked to see Sindoora. “ Oh you are Sindoora.” Kaushika says.
“ Oh maasi, don’t play games with me. I am not like my mother.” Sindoora says.
“ Gopi’s long lost daughter. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Kaushika says.
“ You are trying to harm the woman who I am supposed to kill. I am warning you.” Sindoora says.
“ You want to kill Gopi? You hate her that much?” Laughs Kaushika.
“ You will die as well if you do not stay out of my way.” Sindoora warns.
“ You are threatening me? I am the woman who forced Gopi to go to prison for a crime she never did. I can do anything.” Kaushika says.
“ And I am the woman who will do much more than you. I praise you. You know, you are simple village lady Radha maasi. I am impressed by your actions. But you have not done as much as I have.” Sindoora laughs.
“ What have you done? This is the first time you have stepped into this household?” Kaushika asks.
“ I have already trapped Gopi and Ahem Modi. You have been my puppet all this time. Sanjana and Sakshi released you from the mental asylum for me. I was 16 when I discovered the truth of my real parents and then I learnt about you. You have done everything for me and now it is time to finish it off. You forced Gopi Modi to become Durga Agarwal and now Gopi is in my trap.” Sindoora says. Sindoora leaves the room.

In the morning, Mansi arrives. Durga opens the door and gets shocked.
“ You! Why are you here?” Durga shouts.
“ I have some news to tell Ahem. Ahem!” Mansi shouts, everyone comes down. Ahem comes down.
“ Mansi, you. What happened?” Ahem asks.
“ I am pregnant and you are the father!” Mansi says happily. Everyone is shocked. Mansi shows the report to Ahem, Durga breaks down and cries.
“ Oh Ahem Ji, I trusted you!” Screams Durga.
“ These reports are fake! She is lying.” Ahem shouts.
“ I am not lying Ahem. Just because Gopi’s lookalike is here, doesn’t mean you can forget me.” Mansi cries. Sanjana, Sindoora and Sakshi arrive.
“ What happened? What is this?” Sanjana asks.
“ Mansi is Ahem’s ex girlfriend and she is pregnant and Ahem is the father.” Rashi says.
“ Oh no! How could this be? In our family, such a disgusting act! I say Durga you kick him. You know, I will kick him out. His parents are not alive anymore nor is his grandparents. I will not tolerate such a disgusting man in my family. Get out and go with this woman!” Sanjana shouts, she tries to slap Ahem and Durga stops her
“ No leave him!” Durga shouts.
“ How dare you hold my hand?” Sanjana shouts.
“ Maybe Ahem Ji is telling the truth. I believe him because I love him.” Durga shouts. She gets the reports and rips them. “ I am warning you Baa and everyone, you lay one finger on my Ahem Ji and I wont spare you!”
“ But he betrayed you!” Sakshi says.
“ Be quiet! Don’t you dare question my relation with Ahem or I will kick you out of this house myself.” Durga shouts. Sakshi and Sanjana get shocked and go to their rooms. Durga walks to Ahem, who was crying.

“ Don’t worry Ahem Ji, I love you and I know you would never betray me. Don’t think I will ever leave you.” Durga says. Durga turns to Mansi.
“ And tell me, who told you to do this?” Durga says to Mansi.
“ Im not lying about those reports.” Mansi says.
“ Stop lying!” Durga shouts. Mansi takes Durga outside.
“ Look, Kaushika told me to do all of this. Please don’t punish me. I will leave now.” Mansi says. Durga gets angry and thinks that Radha is trying to separate her from Ahem. She wont allow that. Sindoora was listening and grins evilly that soon Gopi Modi will be back and Kaushika’s truth will be revealed.
Durga goes to Rashi’s room. Durga, Rashi and Sona gather in the room. “ So Radha made Mansi do all of this?” Rashi says.
“ Yes. I have plan. Rashi, do you remember when Radha wrote that love letter and made Devar Ji believe you were cheating on him?” Durga asks.
“ I remember and I had to also leave the house as well. We will do the same, Gopi? Right?” Rashi asks.
“ Rashi, you write the letter, I will hire an actor to play as Radha’s fake boyfriend. Radha made a big mistake and now she will be punished.” Durga says. Durga phones a company and hires an actor. Rashi writes the love letter. “ Now Sona, pretend you are cleaning the rooms. Go and put this in Adi and Radha’s room.”
“ Ok, Gopi Maa.” Sona says, she goes to Adi and Radha’s room. And comes back quickly after putting the letter there.
“ Now we have to wait for Adi to come back from the office.” Rashi says. The trio laugh.
The men come back from the office. Kaushika goes to Adi. “ I made you kheer yesterday. Go and fresh up and I will serve it to you.”
“ Ok.” Adi says, going upstairs. Adi goes in his room and finds the letter. The love letter said that the boyfriend will arrive secretly to meet Kaushika in the evening, disguised as a milk man. Adi gets angry and decided to catch Kaushika red handed. Adi goes downstairs. There is a doorbell. Kaushika goes running and opens it. It is a milk man- she goes with the milkman outside. Adi goes to Kaushika and slaps her. Sanjana, Naiya, Shashank and Sakshi are shocked.
“ What is this?” Shashank shouts.
“ Read this letter.” Adi says, giving the letter to Shashank. Shashank reads it and gives it to Sanjana and Sakshi who get really angry.
“ You have had a boyfriend all this time and you didn’t tell us?” Sanjana shouts.
“ No, this letter is fake!” Screams Kaushika.
“ Who is this man then” Shouts Shashank. Durga, Rashi and Sona come downstairs.
“ What happened?” Durga asks.
“ Kaushika had a boyfriend and we have just caught her now.” Sakshi says.
“ Disgusting Kaushika how could you?” Rashi says.
“ You be quiet Rashi!” Kaushika shouts. She turns to the milkman. “ Who told you to do all of this?”
“ What are you talking about? I love you baby.” The milkman says. Shashank punches him and throws him out of the house.
“ You need to get out of our house!” Shashank shouts. He grabs Kaushika’s hand and drags her to the door. However, Durga comes in the way.
“ Please, let her live in the guesthouse. Please give her time.” Durga pleads.
“ Ok, but I do not want to see her face until I have calmed down.” Shashank says. Everyone leaves, except for Rashi and Durga.
“ This was all your plan, wasn’t it Gopi?” Kaushika says.
“ You played the same game before Radha with Rashi. You even tried to make me go against Ahem Ji today.” Durga laughs.
“ You watch Gopi. I will punish you for this. I warn you Gopi and Rashi, I will make your married lives hell.” Kaushika says, she leaves the house.
“ Don’t worry Gopi, Radha cant do anything.” Rashi says, they both go inside.
Durga wakes up in the morning and finds Ahem did not come back from the office yesterday. Durga goes downstairs and finds Rashi missing as well.
“ Sona, where is Rashi and Ahem Ji?” Durga asks.
“ I haven’t seen them around, sorry.” Sona says.
“ Where have they gone?” Durga says. Durga goes to her room, Jigar is waiting outside.
“ Where is Rashi?” Jigar asks.
“ I don’t know, I am looking for her myself.” Durga says. Durga hears a sound from her laptop. Jigar and Durga go to the laptop. Durga received a video. They open the video. It was Kaushika.
“ Oh hi Gopi. You must be wondering where Ahem and Rashi have gone? Ahem is with me where you tried to kill me, Lord Siva temple.” Kaushika says. “ Hurry or they will die. You thought you could beat me Gopi. I want to end this. The Mahabarat will end now- let’s see who will win. 18 days are nearly finished Gopi.”
The video stops. “ You are Gopi Bhabi?” Jigar asks.
“ Yes and I did not kill Maaji, it was Radha. Kaushika is Radha. But what is important that who kidnapped Rashi?.” Durga says. Jigar is shocked.
“ I will go and find Rashi. You go and save Ahem bahi. Please be careful.” Jigar says. Jigar goes. Durga arranges flight ticket and goes to the airport. Parvati drops her off.
“ I wish you all the best Gopi. You will win. Promise me you will come back?” Parvati cries.
“ I promise. Durga will die and Gopi will return, I promise you.” Durga ssays, she hugs Parvati and goes on the airplane.
Jigar arrives at the school building. He found a letter in his room, leading him here. He sees Sindoora in the building. He gets confused. He goes inside and Sindoora is talking to tied up Rashi on a chair.

“ Jigar Ji, save me. She is Gopi’s daughter, Sindoora. She will kill us. Stop her.” Rashi cries. Sindoora laughs.
“ Gopi never told us about her third daughter?” Jigar says.
“ I am Vidya’s twin sister who was almost sold off for money. Sanjana Baa saved me and now I will get my revenge.” Sindoora shouts.
“ Jigar please stop her.” Rashi cries. Jigar didn’t want to lose Rashi again. Jigar moves forward.
“ Hey don’t move any closer. She has a bomb on her chair.” Sindoora shouts. Jigar and Rashi get shocked.
“ You evil lady!” Jigar shouts.
“ Do you want to lose your wife?” Sindoora shouts. Sindoora goes to the door. She takes out a gun. “ You stay there. If you even touch the bomb, it will explode. If you try to attack me, I will shoot you.” Jigar cries and stands still. Sindoora laughs and leaves the building.
“ Rashi I am sorry. I couldn’t save you.” Jigar cries.
“ Jigar promise me we will be together in the next life.” Rashi cries.
“ I promise you.” Jigar cries. They hold hands and the bomb explodes. They were dead.
Sindoora gets on a flight to the Lord Shiva temple site. Durga had already arrived there. She goes to the lake. A man stops her.
“ Stop madam, the water levels will rise. You cannot go there.” The man says.
“ Please, my husband is in danger, I need to save him.” Durga says.
“ Ok, but be careful.” The man says. Durga goes. Durga reaches the same area where she tried to kill Radha and gets frightened by old memories. Durga sees Ahem, Kaushika and a veiled old woman.
“ Ahem Ji!” Screams Gopi. Radha and Ahem turn around.
“ Gopi!” Shouts Ahem. Gopi comes running to Ahem.
“ Stay there Gopi. I want to reveal a little secret.” Radha says. Radha removes the veil from the old woman and Gopi gets shocked seeing Kokila.
“ Maaji, you are alive!” Cries Gopi. She goes and hugs Kokila.
“ Meri Gopi Bahu, for 18 years I haven’t seen you!” Cries Kokila.
“ This saas bahu Jodi is weird.” Radha says.
“ You are finished now Radha.” Gopi says.
“ Why, just because Kokila Modi is alive you think you have won.” Radha says. “ When I shot her, she fell in the river and then Trishna got her. Kokila has been living with us for 18 years and you didn’t even realize. You became Durga to defeat your enemies for who? Your Maaji was alive all this time?”
“ Be quiet! Durga’s journey will end today. Now I am Gopi Modi again and I will defeat you.” Gopi shouts. Gopi attacks Radha and throws the gun on the floor. They both fight over the gun, Radha hits Gopi in the head and pushes Kokila to the lake. Gopi grabs and Kokila and saves her. Gopi slaps Radha and snatches the gun of her. “ Today, you will die. Years ago you hurt my Maaji and I tried to kill you. Today I wont spare you.” Gopi tries to pull the trigger but a gun shot is already heard. Gopi turns around and sees Sindoora with a gun. Sindoora had shot Radha. Radha falls on the ground and dies. Radha was finally finished. “ Sindoora?”
“ Yes I killed Radha. I killed her because she was harming the one who I am supposed to kill.” Sindoora says.
“ You want to kill me. Why?” Gopi asks.
“ Because I am Divya and you are my mother.” Sindoora says. Gopi is shocked. Gopi goes near Sindoora and tries to hug her.
“ Divya, you are also alive. I missed you so much.” Gopi cries.
“ I never missed you! You left me alone and Sanjana Baa saved me. You are the world’s worst mother. And I will kill you. But I will kill my darling grandmother first.” Sindoora says.
“ Gopi you never told me about Divya.” Ahem shouts.
“ She was Vidya’s twin sister and she also fell off a cliff.” Gopi cries.
“ Gopi? You should of told us.” Kokila cries.
“ Be quiet. For 36 years, I knew the minute I would step into your family, I will kill my parents. I have always hated you. You gave Meera and Vidya so much love but you never gave me love at all.” Sindoora screams. Sindoora points a gun at Kokila and shoots. Gopi gets in the way.
“ Gopi!” Screams Kokila.
“ I am ok Maaji. Both Durga and Gopi will die today. Please run from here Maaji. Please.” Gopi pleads.
“ But Gopi? I wont let you die.” Kokila cries.
“ Go!” Screams Gopi. Kokila runs away.
“ I will deal with her later.” Says Sindoora. “ Now Papa.”
“ I am glad that I never met you. A daughter like you, my Meera and Vidya are better than you! You are a demon!” Shouts Ahem.
“ Always Meera and Vidya. Always loving them but not me!” Shouts Sindoora. Ahem grabs Gopi.
“ Gopi, Gopi. We are soulmates and we belong with each other. I love you. Will you find me in the next life?” Ahem cries.
“ I will find you Ahem Ji. I will always be at your side.” Gopi says, she moves her head. She dies in Ahem’s arms. Sindoora shoots Ahem and blood splatters on her. Her parents and Radha were dead. Sindoora thought that she had to go to and wash the blood off. She goes to the lake and washes the blood off. Sindoora runs, searching for Kokila. Sindoora bumps into a sage.
“ Beware lady! Your end will come soon!” Says the sage.
“ What bakwas is this?” Sindoora shouts. She goes to the airport, realizing Kokila had already left. Sindoora arrives in Rajkot. She sees Kokila limping to the Modi house. Sindoora drives her car and runs over Kokila. Kokila gets up and goes inside the Modi house. Sona opens the door and is shocked seeing Kokila.
“ Dadi saasumaa? You are alive?” Sona cries. Sona calls everyone. Naiya, Sanjana, Sakshi and Shashank arrive and are shocked seeing Kokila. The police arrive and get shocked seeing Kokila.
“ Mrs Kokila Modi? You are alive?” The police officer said.
“ Yes I am alive and Gopi Modi did not try to kill me. Radha Modi tried to kill me who is dead now. Gopi and Ahem are in danger…” Kokila faints and falls on the floor. They all take her to the hospital. After a few hours, the doctor comes out and announces that Kokila had lost her memory.
The family gather the bodies of Jigar, Rashi, Gopi, Ahem and Radha. They perform the funeral ritual. Sindoora is happy. After everyone leaves the pyres, Sindoora screams, “ I have won!”
In USA, a woman gives birth to twin daughters. She names them Gopi and Rashi.

Precap- Gopi and Rashi arrive at Oxford University, Gopi says to Rashi when will her raajkumar come. Ahem arrives in his car. Both Ahem and Gopi look at each other.

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  1. Wow! Go hem ‘s recreation and rash I too. Is jigar is birth too

    1. Yes. Jigar and Rashi will also reunite.

  2. Wow! I think u r now starting season 3. Am I right. You write so nicely but how will radha get positive.

    1. Radha will also be born again but this time she will Gopi and Rashi”s younger sister and she will be positive.

  3. Oh no. Gohem, raji are dead. But happy for their recreation. But where is jigar?

    1. After Gohem and Raji”s death Sindoora and her family took over the Modis. Kokila was kicked out so Kokila went to live with the Agarwals.

      Kajol got married. Sona visit’s the sage in the Shiva temple who tells her that Gohem and Raji will return. Ahem and Jigar will be born again through Kajol. After 9 months, Sona takes Ahem and Jigar with her far away to save them from the evil Sindoora, whilst Jigar was no threat to Sindoora. If sindoora discovered that Gohem would return she would kill the babies.

      It is a 20 years leap now and Sona has brought up Jigar and Ahem along with Tolu as their own children. Ahem and Jigar will also go to Oxford University where they will meet Gopi and Rashi.

      Rashi Jr daughter Khushi and Sakshi great granddaughter Anjali. Sindoora favours Anjali and tries to stop Khushi from going to Oxford University but fails. Khushi will introduce Gopi to the Modi family.

  4. Love gopi dying in ahem’s arms. Are you starting season 3?

    1. It will continue onto season 2- season 1 was about Gopi becoming Durga. Season 2 has just started now with a new story.

      Radha was the vamp of season 1. Now Sindoora will be the vamp of season 2.

  5. Shakaib

    Wow! Awesome ending of season 2. When season 3 will started?

    1. It’ll still be season 2 as the the first 5 parts were only an introduction to the new story.

      Hopefully tomorrow

  6. Sindoora has destroyed the Modi family within 20 years. She has caused problems for her sisters Meera and Vidya. Meera is now divorced because of Sindoora. Meera will now be Sindoora servant. Vidya is not allowed to meet Meera.

    Sindoora is the head of Modi industries. She makes all the decisions of the family now. Sanjana dies of old age leaving Sakshi as the elder of the house. Sindoora rule will be challenged when Gohem and Raji return.

  7. Jasmine rahul

    Radha sent mansi with fake pregnancy report to create probs. Gud that she was exposed. Gopis faith in ahem was nice.kokila being alive was unexpected. But sad that sindoora killed gohem n raji.wish she had known the truth n accepted gohem.excited 4 the reincarnation.happy that u will show khushi anjali’s track also.i was waiting for the continuation of a boy coming to see anjali.was waiting to see who that boy is.plz reveal d truth that kajol is not nayya’s daughter

  8. Shakaib

    Thanks isaaq! For bringing koki back

  9. Super twist

  10. Very shocking twist….But nice episode…

  11. Nandhini

    Hi! Sorry for the late comment! I guessed in next episode gopi and ahem will be killed by sindoora because you said by the time they realize abt sindoora it will be too late….so i had a doubt how the story will go forward without gopi and ahem or if the story ends by thier death! But you suddenly brought a twist of their rebirth through the next generation! Thats really awesome!! And there is no illogical or impractical thinking applied here…because rebirths and reincarnations are indeed real and its so brilliant of you to have brought the two loving pairs to life again! I am happy wit the fact that this time they wil be showed as young, adorable, enthusiastic and energetic couples….back to the good old times wit new story ahead☺☺☺

  12. Nandhini

    If this kind of story is shown in the actual serial,, it will definitely be a massive hit wit all kinds of audiences! But due to the lead actors quitting the serial,, it has lost its sheen already…..

  13. Shakaib

    Hye issaq ! When 6 part will reveal? Can you please tell me how to update episode as when I click on submit article and in please select category, there are 3 options, ff’ humour’ epi analysis. So where I update episode? Please tell me issaq.

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