Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 4

Trishna wakes Kaushika up. “ Where am I?” Kaushika asks.
“ You fainted you foolish lady!” Trishna shouts.
“ Kokila’s ghost!” Kaushika screams.
“ There was no ghost!” Trishna shouts. Suddenly Parvati comes.
“ Trishna? Why are you two here? There is a function going on?” Parvati says.
“ Oh Sita Maa, go away! You annoy me so much!” Trishna screams. Parvati looks at her in disgust and walks inside the Modi house.
“ I want to go inside.” Kaushika says. They both go inside.

Durga and Ahem arrive at an asylum in Mumbai. “ Gopi, Mr Bajaj is here. After Komalika shot him, he was put here for treatment.” Ahem says.
“ Ahem Ji, we only have 10 days left till the challenge is over. Will we be able to help Mr Bajaj by then?” Durga asks.
“ I am sure. We will stop Radha by then.” Durga and Ahem enter the asylum.
Over in the Modi house, Shashank gathers around all the family members after the ceremony. “ I am sorry for my wife and my future granddaughter in law’s foolishness. They defamed us so much.”
“ It is alright.” Rashi says, trying not to laugh.
“ I have decided! I will not let anything stop this wedding! The priest said tomorrow will be acceptable. The wedding will take place tomorrow!” Shashank shouts. Everyone gets shocked.
“ Why? We don’t have enough time to prepare?” Rashi says.
“ My husband decided, we will do the wedding when we wish. It is our personal wedding!” Sanjana says. Rashi goes to her room and calls Durga.
“ Gopi, we have a problem. They want the wedding tomorrow.” Rashi says.
“ What? This isn’t possible!” Durga says.
“ What happened?” Ahem asks.
“ Kaushika and Adi’s wedding will take place tomorrow!” Durga says.
“ What? We need to take Mr Bajaj out of the asylum today then!” Ahem says.
“ I’ll call Sasha to get some people to take Mr Bajaj out of there for the wedding. Then we will get Radha kidnapped tomorrow and bring her to Mr Bajaj so we can trap her.” Durga says to Ahem and Rashi. “ Rashi, I will talk to you afterwards.” Durga puts the phone down.

In the morning, everyone is arranging everything for the wedding. Sanjana walks down and sees Rashi and Sona. “ Look how beautiful the decorations are.” Sanjana says.
“ Yes, we will celebrate quite a lot today!” Rashi says. Sanjana walks off.
“ Saasumaa, how will we stop this wedding?” Sona says.
“ Gopi and Ahem have a plan. Radha’s truth will be revealed today and hopefully we will have Gopi Modi back in this house. I hope so.” Rashi says. Kaushika walks downstairs and ignores Rashi and Sona. She approaches Naiya.
“ Naiya, I am so excited that I will become daughter in law of this house today. It seems some people are not happy.” Kaushika smirks at Rashi and Sona.
“ What rubbish, Kaushika? You know, Durga is so boring that I finally get a sister in law like you.” Rashi says.
“ No flattery please.” Kaushika laughs.
“ Kaushika, I left some things in Kaki Ji’s old room, can you get them?” Rashi asks.
“ Sure.” Kaushika says. She goes to Kokila’s rrom and the door locks. Kaushika panics. “ Open the door, what joke is this?” The lights turn off, Kaushika gets scared. She turns around and sees a candle light in someone’s hand. The face is revealed to be Kokila- which is really Rashi Jr.
“ Kaushika, how dare you enter my room after killing me?” Rashi Jr shouts in Kokila’s voice.
“ Look, Kokila Modi. Please spare me. Gopi killed my mother so I had the full right to kill you.” Kaushika screams.
“ Galat. You are not a woman. You are demon. You deserve to suffer!” Rashi Jr screams. Rashi Jr comes closer and closer.
“ Stay away from me Kokila Modi!” Kaushika screams. She turns around and opens the door which was unlocked now. She runs and falls over an invisible wire planted by Krishna. Kaushika falls down the stairs and starts bleeding from the head when she reaches the ground. She falls on Durga’s feet. Durga gets happy seeing her enemy bow down to her.
“ Kaushika!” Sanjana screams. Sanjana rushes to pick up Kaushika. Rashi, Naiya, Sona, Rashi Jr and Krishna come to help her.
“ Kaushika, you should of looked where you were going.” Durga says. “ Now you are hurt!”
“ Stop scolding her. Let her rest.” Sanjana says.
“ Kokila Modi’s ghost! She is here to haunt us!” Kaushika screams.
“ Kaki Ji’s ghost? Have you lost Kaushika?” Rashi says.
“ No I saw her, she was in Kokila’s old room.” Kaushika says.
“ Why haven’t we seen a ghost then?” Sona says.
“ Let her rest I said. Kaushika go to your room and rest there till night.” Sanjana says. Kaushika goes to her room.

It is the wedding and all the guests come. Finally, a woman arrives with another lady. One seemed in her 70s whereas the other was in her 30s. Sanjana screams in happiness. “ My bahu Sakshi and my great granddaughter, Sindoora, have arrived!” Sanjana rushes to hug them Durga looks at them both. Durga gets a strange feeling seeing Sindoora.
“ Jaise Krishna.” Durga says to Saskshi and Sindoora.
“ Jaise Krishna. You must be Durga, not Gopi?” Sakshi says.
“ Yes, thank god you haven’t accused me of actually being Gopi Modi?” Durga says.
“ Don’t worry. I am not like that!” Laughs Sakshi. “ Sindoora, touch her feet.”
“ Ok Dadi.” Sindoora says. She touches Durga’s feet. Durga places her hand on Sindoora’s head, getting a strange feeling again.
“ Sorry, I feel like I have seen you before somewhere!” Durga says.
“ Probably on the news, I am renowned for my business work.” Sindoora says. Ahem arrives.
“ Durga, you are looking very pretty today.” Ahem says, Durga gets shy.
“ Ahem Ji, behave.” Durga blushes. Sindoora gets angry seeing Durga and Ahem joking around with each other.
“ Dadi, I want something to drink.” Sindoora says, she walks off in an angry mood. Sindoora comes across Meera and Vidya, who are talking to each other.
“ Oh hello, you are Sindoora right?” Meera says.
“ Hi.” Sindoora says.
“ We are like sisters Sindoora.” Vidya says.
“ Sisters? I have never had a sister.” Sindoora says.
“ Well now you have two sisters. It will be so fun.” Meera says.
“ What is your names?” Sindoora asks.
“ I am Meera and she is Vidya. I am surprised we are talking. Ever since Maa died, me and Vidya never spoke to each other but I have decided to be nice to her today.” Meera says, she hugs Vidya, Sindoora fumes again.
“ Yes Di, we need to forget the past.” Vidya says.
“ Did you love Gopi Modi?” Sindoora says.
“ I am not sure. There was evidence against Gopi Modi for killing my grandmother but I am not sure what the truth is. But before, she was a caring mother.” Vidya says.
“ I love Maa, she has always been there for me.” Meera says.
“ Don’t you think Gopi Modi killed her mother in law for property? In my opinion, Gopi Modi is not a good mother. She only likes to snatch other people’s happiness.” Sindoora bitterly says.
“ Why are you saying all of this?” Meera says.
“ Never mind, I might be wrong.” Sindoora says.
Sanjana says, “ Sakshi, go and get Kaushika. The baraat must be coming.” Sakshi goes upstairs.

Meanwhile, Durga and Ahem have Mr Bajaj on a wheelchair. “ I know you need medical attention but we need to do this.” Durga says to mentally unstable Mr Bajaj.
“ Why have you brought me here? Prena must be waiting for me!” Mr Bajaj screams.
“ We will take you to Prena afterwards.” Durga assures. Sasha arrives.
“ We have brought her here. She is unconscious.” Sasha says.
“ Thank you, bring her here and we will leave. The police will arrive and arrest her. Komalika Basu kidnaps Mr Bajaj and plans to kill him here, this is what we told the police.” Durga says. Sasha’s men bring the unconscious veiled bride and put a gun her hand. They all leave when they hear the police sirens. Durga and Ahem leave for the Modi house.
Durga and Ahem arrive at the Modi house and are shocked to see Adi doing pheras with a veiled bride. “ Ahem Ji, who is the bride?” Durga panicks. Adi and the bride sit down.
“ Now apply sindoor to the bride.” The priest says. Adi lifts the veil and Durga and Ahem are shocked to see it is Kaushika who is the bride. Adi applies sindoor to Kaushika. They were married. Radha was now Modi family’s daughter in law once more.
“ I am so happy, Kaushika is now part of our family.” Sanjana says. The police arrive.
“ Officer, any problem?” Ahem asks.
“ We found Naiya Modi in an abandoned building. She claims she was kidnapped.” The police officer says. Naiya enters in a bride attire.
“ It was her!” Naiya points at Durga. “ She dressed me up and was going to sell me off to someone!”
“ Shut up! Durga would never do that!” Ahem shouts.
“ I have proof. Sasha come in.” Naiya says. Sasha arrives.
“ Yes she is right. It was this lady who ordered me to kidnap Naiya Modi.” Sasha says, Durga is shocked.
“ You are under arrest Mrs Durga Modi.” Police officer says, he arrests Durga.
“ Please do not take her!” Ahem says.
“ I am sorry but she has committed a crime!” The police officer says. They take away Durga to the police station.

At night, Sindoora, Saskshi and Sanjana are talking. “How do you like our first act of revenge?” Sanjana says.
“ But she is still alive.” Sindoora says.
“ You want her dead?” Sakshi asks.
“ I want Gopi and Ahem dead. Yes, me, Sindoora Modi, long lost daughter of Gopi and Ahem, twin sister of Vidya, wants to destroy her own parents!” Sindoora says.
“ And we will destroy Gopi and Ahem. You have been waiting for 36 years ever since I found you.” Sanjana says.
“ Vidya, Divya, your mother is here!” Gopi says, she is playing with Vidya and Divya during the years when Gopi left the Modi house after Meera fell from the cliff. Gopi takes the two girls to the park and sits on a hill, where there is a cliff underneath. Sanjana arrives there with a veil on.
“ What pretty children!” Sanjana says.
“ They look like their mother that’s why.” Gopi says, smiling. Gopi puts Divya on a pushchair. A clown comes and Vidya runs to the clown. “ Vidya!” Gopi runs after Vidya. Sanjana pushes the pushchair off the cliff, Gopi sees Divya fall of the cliff. She screams.
16 years later… Sanjana was revealed to have kidnapped the little girl Divya and renamed her Sindoora. “ I wanted to tell you today, Gopi and Ahem did not care about you. Your real parents, so disgusting what they did. They sold you off for money but only I saved you. Who knows what would of happened to you?” Sanjana says.
“ Me, Sindoora Modi, vows to destroy Gopi and Ahem Modi. I will not rest until they suffer. I will kill them by my own hands.” Sindoora says.

Present Day
In the morning, the officers release Durga from jail. “ You have been bailed.” The police officer says.
“ By who?” Durga says.
“ By me.” Durga turns around and is shocked to see that it is Kaushika who bailed her.

Precap- Sindoora says that Radha must be defeated. Sindoora vows that she will not allow anyone else to harm Gopi and Ahem, except her- Sindoora Modi.

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  1. Wow!!…Gopi n ahem’s long lost daughter daughter SINDOORA/DIVYA MODI!!!!….Excellent Twist…But after 36 years she came for revenge….Nice ep.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you like my new twist. Radha track will soon end and the Sindoora track will begin. ? one more big twist yet.

  2. Amrapali Gupta to play Sindoora. Sindoora Modi, will be fierce as her grandmother Kokila.
    Sindoora Modi will be a name to fear and my readers will see Gopi struggle to fight her own daughter.

    1. If you thought Radha and Gaura were evil then you will be shocked to see how much Gopi’s daughter is so evil. Sindoora will be like a demon and monster. She only wants the death of her parents and she will go to any extent to make sure her parents die.

  3. Nandhini

    Ok…so sindoora will finish the story of radha/komalika…she is identical twin of vidya…so soon gopi wil recognise her…i think the real battle will be between sanjana and sindoora even though they are together sindoora wil be spoilt more by sanjana…gopi’s job is to save sindoora/ divya from sanjana’s evil clutches….this gopi’s destiny is getting sudden new twists in each update!!…..

    1. She isn’t identical to vidya. She’s a non identical twin.

      1. Lol you’ll see the real outcome of the sindoora track. There will be a bug shock. Sindoora is already evil and she will never change.

      2. Sindoora will never be Gopis. Meera and Vidya are Gopis favourite and innocent daughters.
        Sindoora will never love Gopi or the Modis. She is too evil to know how to love. Out of all my vamps and villains, Sindoora will be the first to be heartless and will never love anyone

  4. Nandhini

    But i have a doubt….why didnt gopi mention anything about divya when she was in modi bhavan??? ( not as per the serial but as per the gopi’s destiny fan fic)…

    1. Nandhini

      When she saved rashi and brought her back home,, while fighting wit pari,,gaura,, radha,, while she was in jail and wen she was wit parvati as durga aggarwal,, etc,, i didnt see anywer gopi reminiscing or mentioning anything about divya….

      1. Gopi never mentioned Divya. Remember Ahem already hated Gopi before for losing Meera. What happens when Ahem finds out about Divya? Gopi is too scared to tell.

  5. Nandhini

    Ohh so sindoora is just like radha who never turnsout to be good! She is second radha! She is the one who buries the whole modi family off without sanjana’s help??ok….ohh ok…so gopi was already too scared to tell abt divya to ahem…dis time ahem will become very happy and not angry wit gopi wen he finds out the truth…he wil be like “thank god! all these years our evil daughter was not with us??but came today suddenly ,,how to get rid of her?????”

    1. Sindoora track will be slightly different to radha track. She’ll be too hard to get rid of.

      I’ll give you hint to the next big twist- When Gopi finds Sindoora is evil, it will be too late.

      1. Radha only killed kokila and other bad things but Sindoora will do much more than that. She will change everything for the lives of the Modis.

        Sindoora will now help Gopi fight Radha so she can start her own game soon after Radha is defeated.

      2. Sindoora”s main aim is to kill Gopi and Ahem by her own hands. I know it’s quite bad. Imagine this being on TV. A daughter trying to kill her own parents. But Sindoora will not rest until her parents are dead. She also wants Modi property.

      3. Nandhini

        Ok isaaq…i got it! She is more evil than radha because she is trying to kill her own parents and also she is after modi property! I also figured out the hint you gave??

  6. Jasmine rahul

    why did sasha betray gopi n get her arrested? Shocking that sindoora is gohems lost daughter who is kidnapped n poisoned by sanjana. Sad that sindoora is fighting against her own parents. Hope gopis luv will change her in future. Otherwise mother hood has no value. Which actress plays sindoora?

    1. Sasha betrayed her because he is negative and only wanted money. Parvati will become Janki Devi and fight against Sasha for revenge.
      Amrapali Gupta(Tanveer from Qubool Hai) to play Sindoora Modi!

  7. Shakaib

    Wow , awesome twist and thanks for bringing amarpali Gupta to this. Widya twin, divya , I request you to bring kokila back and radha positive. Please isaaq.

  8. Shakaib

    I request you to reveal truth of sanjana in front of divya . I request you not to kill gohem by divya.

    1. I can’t reveal the twist. What I’m about to do will bring a new fresh story.

      Radha will be positive later on (you’ll see how) Kokila- well I’m going for a leap soon so there’s no point bringing Kokila back as she would die from old age anyway.

      The truth will revealed about sanjana although Sindoora will continue to hate Gohem. Meera will divorce Sanskaar. Both Meera and Sindoora will fall in love with the same guy. The guy will fall in love with Meera, causing Sindoora to vow to separate Meera and the guy.

      Gohem will find out about Sindoora”s intentions and try to stop her, only Sindoora begins her enmity with Gohem again because they sided with Meera.

      More twits aftrewards. After Radha track, Gopi will return. Gopi will battle with Sanjana and find out Sindoora is her daughter. Then Meera and Karthik track and then ( secret track I cannot reveal- which will begin season 3)

      Hopefully season 2 will end with a bang and season 3 will be the best so far.

      1. Gohem will always be the main heroes in my ff. Although I cannot reveal what happens to them at the end of season 2.

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