Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 3


“ Gopi, I am sorry for not believing you. All this time, I have hurt you. Because of me, you went to jail. I was one of the witnesses and I humiliated you.” Cries Rashi.

“ No, it is not your fault. Get up. Now is not the time to cry.” Durga says. Rashi gets up.

“ Yes, you are right. I wasnt here when you tried to kill Radha. I was kidnapped by Paridhi at that time but now I am here to help you defeat Radha. I vow to you Gopi that I will help you avenge Kaki Ji’s death.” Rashi says.

“ Radha isnt my real sister. You are my sister. Maybe Lord Krishna kept me away from my real family when I was a baby because Lord Krishna wanted to unite me and you. You are my real soul sister.” Gopi cries, she hugs Rashi. There is a knock on the door. Rashi panics.

“ Durga maa? Shashank is calling us all down?” Sona says, Rashi is relieved to discover Sona was at the door. Rashi opens the door and pulls Sona into the room. “ What happened? Why are you crying, saasumaa?”

“ Because my Gopi is back and she did not kill Kaki Ji. Durga is Gopi.” Rashi says happily, Sona cries of happiness and hugs Gopi.

“ Is it true? Are you Gopi maa?” Sona asks.

“ Yes, I am Gopi.” Durga says happily.

“ But you must not tell anyone Sona except Tolu.” Rashi says.

“ Krishna, Meera, Ahem, Kajol, Rashi and Adam know my truth and they are also on my side.” Durga says happily.

“ My Krishna has been supporting you this whole time?” Sona cries of happiness.

“ But what about the rest of the granchildren, Gopi?” Rashi asks.

“ They are on Radha’s side, they have been brainwashed and they helped Radha kidnap me abroad and bring me here to marry that old man but they failed.” Durga says, Sona and Rashi get shocked.

“ Our family has changed so much since you and Kaki Ji left this house. These children do not know anything about values or compassion. This isnt a house anymore. It’s a building filled with people who hate each other. And the person who is responsible for this is Radha. She has come back as Kaushika to ruin our lives.” Rashi says, Sona is astonished by learning this.

“ We will win. We wont let Radha back in this house again.” Durga says.

“ I promise you Gopi maa, I wont leave your side.” Sona says.

“ I promise you that too. Us two sisters will defeat that witch Radha.” Rashi says.

“ One thing I need to tell you is that are you aware that Urmila mami is in Dubai with Sudha Khanna?” Durga asks.refused to give the property papers and Sudha ran away abroad and I gave up searching

“ She is in Dubai? Oh thank you Gopi! Sudha returned and she kidnapped my mother. She said she would release my mother if I gave her the property papers. Ahem jiju for her.” Rashi says.

“ I promise you, we will stop Sudha and bring mami back to this house.” Durga says. The trio go downstairs. Sanjana is talking.

“ Oh look, Durga, Sona and Rashi are here. Now, I have arranged everything. Today, the Sangeet ceremony will take place. Kaushika is so happy.”

“ Why so suddenly?” Rashi says.

“ Why Rashi? I am so keen to have Kaushika as my granddaughter in law.” Sanjana says.

“ Rashi is right. Why such a hurry?” Durga says.

“ My future grandmother in law checked with the priest that the auspicious time will end in a few days.” Kaushika mocks.

“ Am I the elder here or are you, Rashi?” Sanjana says.

“ No, no, I was just asking.” Rashi says.

“ Kajol, Naiya and Sona. Why dont you come and take these sarees I have brought for the Sangeet ceremony.” Sanjana says. “ The men will be here soon. My husband always messes about when he goes outside.” The girls go to Sanjana.

In Rashi’s room, Kajol, Rashi Sr, Sona, Meera, Rashi Jr, Adam, Ahem, Durga and Krishna are sitting down and planning their next step. “ If Kaki Ji was here, all our problems would of been solved. She handled everything with great difficulty.” Rashi says.

“ Yes if Maaji was here, we wouldnt face this day where we are again fighting Radha once more.” Durga says.

“ But we will win. We have all planned. We will ruin Radha’s sangeet ceremony.” Meera says, grinning mischievously.

“ Look how our daughter still likes to trouble others.” Laughs Ahem.

“ It is a shame Vidya does not know her mother is still alive and that her mother is innocent.” Durga says sadly.

“ Don’t worry Maa, I will persuade Vidya.” Meera says.

“ No Meera. I do not trust her mother in law Niddhi. Vidya might blurt out to Niddhi. And what if Gaura comes back and Vidya tells her?” Durga says.

“ Ok, I will not tell her.” Meera says.

“ Ok, ok, stop now. We need to proceed with the plan.” Krishna says.

“ Krishna?” Sona says. “ You are still mischievous, they were speaking.”

“ He is right Sona, we need start our plan.” Rashi says.

“ Ok. Meera and Kajol will go in Radha’s room and put itching powder in Radha’s lengha. Krishna will spike the cold drinks and will make sure Radha and Sanjana drink it. Me and Gopi will not be here as we need to go to Mumbai to meet Mr Rishabh Bajaj. Rashi you will dress up as Kokila Mom’s ghost. Sona, Choti Rashi and Adam, you will keep on eye on everyone. We need to make sure nobody sees us.” Ahem explains.

Everyone gets ready for the plan. Kaushika is having a shower. Meera and Kajol sneak into her room and put itching powder in Kaushika’s lengha. “ Not too much, Maasi.” Kajol whispers.

“ No. This woman ruined my childhood. Let me enjoy this.” Laughs Meera.

“ She will come, be quick.” Kajol says.

“ Calm down, Kajol. You worry too much.” Meera says. They hear Kaushika’s footsteps and run from the room. Kaushika wears the lengha and starts itching.

“ What’s wrong with this lengha? Why am I itching so much. My jewelry is also itching. Maybe it will stop when I go downstairs.” Kaushika says to herself. She goes downstairs. She greets the guests and starts itching again. Sanjana sees this.

“ What’s wrong with you, have you gone mad? Why are you itching yourself?” Sanjana says.

“ Something is wrong with this lengha!” Kaushika says.

“ Nothing is wrong with the lengha. It is a designer lengha and I spent a lot of money on it. Foolish lady!” Sanjana says. Meanwhile, Krishna spikes the drinks and tells the waiter to give the cold drinks to Sanjana and Kaushika. The waiter goes to Kaushika and Sanjana.

“ Madam, here is some cold drinks.” Waiter says. Sanjana takes two cold drinks.

“ Here, Kaushika, have a cold drink.” They both drink it and get drunk.

“ Baa, are you in the mood for a dance?” Kaushika laughs.

“ Sure! Lets dance!” Sanjana screams. Kaushika and Sanjana dance to Sheila Ki Jawani. Everyone gets shocked. Shashank and Trishna enters and Shashank gets shocked seeing his wife dancing. He goes to his wife and stops her from dancing.

“ What is this?” Shashank shouts.

“ I am having fun!” Sanjana screams, dancing again. Krishna goes to Shashank.

“ Here uncle, have a cold drink.” Krishna says. Shashank drinks it and gets drunk. He joins his wife and they dance to Yeh Kaisa Ishq Hai. Trishna drags Kaushika outside.

“ You are drunk. What is wrong with you? You need to stay out here. It is your sangeet ceremony and you get drunk like this?” Trishna says, she goes back in. Kaushika walks down the road and sees a woman in black clothes. She looks like Kokila, Kaushika thought to herself. The woman walks towards her.

“ Who are you?” Shouts Kaushika.

“ You know who I am.” Rashi speaks in Kokila’s voice.

“ No I do not.” Kaushika says.

“ You killed me. I am Kokila Modi’s ghost and I am here to get my revenge.” Rashi shouts.

“ You cannot be a ghost. Ghosts do not exist. Show me your face.” Kaushika shouts. Rashi comes out of the dark, she has a mask on. Kaushika gets shocked.

“ Why are you getting scared now Radha?” Laughs Rashi. “ You have troubled my family enough. I will always be here to trouble you now.”

“ Stay away from me!” Kaushika screams, she runs away and bumps into Trishna. “ Trishna, Trishna, Kokila Modi’s ghost. She is here to haunt me. She is going to kill me!” Cries Kaushika.

“ You are drunk! Ghosts do not exist!” Trishna shouts. Kaushika looks back and sees Kokila (Rashi) again and faints.

Precap- Ahem and Durga arrive at the asylum in Mumbai to meet Mr Bajaj.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Jasmine rahul

    Rashin sona with gopi.they all spoiling radha’s func.ha ha.rashi as kokila’s ghost was superb

  2. Shakaib

    Your ff is awesome. I have read all your ff,s part, you should be a writer of sns real, then I hope you bring ahem back.

    1. Thank you! I’m already a writer, currently writing a book right now. I wish I was the writer of SNS though. I would definitely bring Ahem back. Gohem is the best couple on Indian TV.

  3. Nandhini

    Very crispy update! Look at sanjana! She is acting like the head of the modi bhavan? disgusting woman! Rashi as per her talent of mimicking others has done a good job! And woww meera is very sweet in dis ff….and what?? Isaaq u r writing a book?? Dats really great yaar!?? Wat genre is the book?? Ok you can reveal abt dat later….Aftr completing the book,, pls publish it…i wil try to get one and read it..

    1. Sanjana will be the strongest vamp so far in my ff. She will do more damage than drama. I just can’t wait for the Sanjana track because the big secret will be revealed.
      And my book genre is fantasy, adventure and science fiction. It’s called Legion of the Eternal Ones- set in a dark future where humanity is almost extinct. I’m quote excited to write it.

      1. More damage than gaura and radha*

      2. The big secret will be something that will completely destroyed Gopi and it will force Gopi to become Durga again!

      3. Nandhini

        Ohh really!! Legion of Eternal ones! Dats so superb!! I am too excited to hear abt dat!??? All the best dear! Complete it with the best story of ur creative lines and come out successfully!??? i will be ur ardent reader of all ur works! And u said abt sanjana as the biggest vamp….i am little scared wat kinda disasters she is going to bring to modi family….waiting for the next update…..

  4. Nandhini

    And i am curious and waiting for the biggest secret too!!

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